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A LONG time Chelsea supporter, an original AUFC fan, member and season ticket holder. Life member of Salisbury Utd, past player, ref, coach and administrator. Yep been there done that.



Well said Stuart. I am like you in that I firmly believe that the current crop may well out perform our golden generation when it comes to the world cup next year. I don’t think a lot of us really appreciate just how good we are.

I would go one step further, when discussing Australian football. The A League is frowned upon by many, stating it isn’t worth the money to go and see. I always speak up, rather loudly according to my wife and family, in defense of the A League. I sincerely believe it is better than some things we see on TV. I have watched some SPL matches, also some lower leagues from England as well as the Bundesliga and Serie A games. I am not suggesting that the A League can be compared to any of the major leagues anywhere in the world, obviously the talented players playing at the highest level against their peers, will always look better. However, comparing the A League to some of the games I have seen in the SPL and the Championship in England, I know what I enjoy more.

Why do some people enjoy rubbishing the Socceroos?

@Paul2 – How long have you been following football mate? These question marks were around from day 1. Where were you then?

I think you don’t really have an ‘honest’ take on it but rather you may well be a supporter from either another code or ‘heaven forbid’ from Amnesty International. Which is fine by the way but be honest about it.

Big in Japan, unloved in Australia: Will we ever respect Asian football?

I will declare my bias up front. Most of the NSL clubs let the game down. Their pettiness knows no bounds. Nothing any of them say or do will surprise me. They should all be kept as far away from the running of the game as is possible.

In my mind the next set of criteria should include the owning of a stadium/sporting complex. Should we be looking at the likes of Canberra, or Wollongong or an Auckland, sure, as soon as they can come up and meet any new criteria. Pressure must also be put on existing clubs to go to that next level of stadium ownership. I can hear all the fans screaming now, he’s a dreamer, tell’em he’s crazy. But unless you set bigger goals for everyone, you are going to be stuck where we are.

I think this is the perfect time to start the ball rolling, it may take a generation or two for it to happen but unless you actually start on a journey, you won’t ever get to where you want to be.

Tonight on the ABC will be another watershed moment. It will be interesting to see what these investigative journalists come up with. I would love to know who is hiding in the back ground, at all clubs, even at my own beloved Adelaide United. Nothing to be afraid of, if there are some corrupt individuals involved at club level shouldn’t we want to know about it? If everyone is clean and there are no issues, then why haven’t the clubs and these individuals come forth and told us openly and honestly who they are and what they have done wrong in their past.

Football Australia needs to acknowledge two big mistakes

Nailed it mate. People have short memories where the old NSL clubs are concerned.

Make no mistake, the only reason these clubs want a NSD is so they can get a leg in the door. I believe that we do need a NSD however it shouldn’t be so cheap and the levels so low that it is used as a stepping stone once P/R is introduced down the track. [way down the track, I hope]

One thing the APL and the FA must not do is lower the license fee structure for any new clubs, be those who win promotion or those who win a tender.

Football Australia needs to acknowledge two big mistakes

‘Football needs TV ratings FACT, its what they(APL,FFA) are getting paid for to get people watching what don’t u get about that?’

This is where we will start to disagree. The FA’s job is to govern the sport Australia wide, not to be pre-occupied with how any of the National teams rate. I’m not sure where you got that idea from. The sport existed and prospered long before there was FTA TV and will continue to do so after FTA TV slowly peters out.

‘Ratings are importin if something doesn’t rate the networks usually dumps that program from its channel/main channel ala SBS.’

I think you may have missed the statement that Paramount + now actually are part owners of the sport here in Australia. So, as an owner, they will be in a better position, than say SBS ever was, to offer ideas and suggestions as to how this should look on :-
(A) FTA TV ;
(B) Paramount + ;
(C) Streaming platforms in the future.

Live sport isn’t treated the same as a 30 minute series, it is a long term project.

Again we will have to disagree about comparing numbers, you are saying [I think] it is the be all and end all to any decision about the sport. While I am saying the money people will be taking a longer term view.

Sure lets see how the FAA Cup rates tonight, I suspect that only the real die hards even know it is on. So I am thinking in the 20,000 – 50,000 mark.

I guess you will be gauging how Channel9/Stan rate in the mornings round of the European Champions League as well.

Women’s football in Australia: Start making noise now

I don’t have an issue about stating facts, as long as they are selected ‘facts’. As I understand the ratings system, if it is a system. There are certain types of ratings, FTA, numbers of TVs on a certain channel at a certain time. Of course they don’t take into account the number of people who choose to watch it on some other appliance or those who record it to watch at later more convenient time.
Now I am not saying you are wrong to tell us that the numbers of TVs that are on at a certain time on a certain channel are more or less than at another time, but to draw a conclusion from it to say said sport or team is more or less popular because of those numbers is a tad unfair.
Until they can show me comprehensively that the number of people watching a sporting event equates to it’s overall popularity, all those numbers are, are just a talking point, no more or less.
To imply I or others live in a bubble but not the real world shows a lack of understanding and really reflects poorly on you.

Women’s football in Australia: Start making noise now

That may or may not of been the past Blaze, I’m not going to accept it as our future. You shouldn’t either, if you are serious about the game.

Are you serious about the game?

Women’s football in Australia: Start making noise now

I can’t work you out NoMates, I really can’t. Maybe you enjoy sticking the boot in, is that it?

Can you recall the last time you said anything positive about football, I mean really positive? here is a challenge for you, for every negative comment you make, you but me a beer and for every positive comment you make I’ll be you a beverage of your choice when we are at Hindmarsh together. Of course you will have to use your real name on here so I can find you.

Women’s football in Australia: Start making noise now

Andy, you are contributing to the negative cycle mate. YOU are now a part time journalist, like it or not. Yes report facts, and if you are going to voice an opinion make it a positive one.

Can I strongly recommend a couple of thing to you. DROP the anonymous pseudonym and use your real name, Yeah we know you can be controversial at times, we all know you are one eyed Adelaide United, but I believe hiding behind a false name, won’t protect you. You’re love ones know who you are.

Women’s football in Australia: Start making noise now

Glass half empty Redondo? Yes that has been the pattern in the past, and you have every right to feel down hearted by those past records. The difference this time round will be the likes of you and me, not accepting the past as our future.

So my challenge to you my friend, is from now on, only positive takes on the most down heartening situations. Don’t accept any negative comments without putting a positive prospective it to.

Can you do it?

Women’s football in Australia: Start making noise now

I’m on board Texi, I am just a mere amateur at this caper, but I want to contribute. So my goal will be to submit one article on the our girls playing football, per month. Not sure how I can do it but it is a start. I encourage every other reader and writer of articles to match or better me.

Women’s football in Australia: Start making noise now

So in effect, we hold two opposite views on what a sporting landscape should look like.

We will agree to disagree, until the cows come home.

Good chat, only thing missing was the beer and sharing a shout or two.

Priority picks, draft concessions and compromise: How to overhaul the draft

I think it will depend on who you ask about the La Liga comparison. Ask any Spaniard or American and you will no doubt get two distinctive and different answers.
I will agree with you that expressing an opinion is never a going to win an argument. In truth it was never my intention to try and persuade an AFL fan that the system they use is unfair, as a sporting contest.
In such a small market that Australia is, the likes of Celtic or Rangers scenario taking hold I believe is extremely unlikely. There are too many individuals at various other clubs to allow that to happen.
I am certain that in a free sporting market, the likes of Collingwood, West Coast, Adelaide, Port Adelaide, Richmond, Geelong would share the majority of the Premierships, then you throw in Carlton, and or Melbourne who also have serious money people available to them, and the Premierships will still be shared around.It may mean the Northern clubs may have to either stand on their own two feet or disappear, but in a free market, that is what should happen.

Priority picks, draft concessions and compromise: How to overhaul the draft

the beauty of this comment Chopper, is that until you mentioned it, I had no idea the NRL was still running, let alone being installed in Qld.

The Socceroos and West Ham United winning should make football fans very uncomfortable

@k2K – you have generalized re the European situation, but that’s OK most of the leagues over there last season and there are 55 different leagues we are talking about now, didn’t have a ‘traditional’ winner of their league. Yes England did, and Germany did, Spain and France and Italy did not. Many will argue that those seasons are the exception not the rule. That would be a fair comment.

I still say that their system is a much fairer sporting contest than we have here in the AFL. Under the current AFL system it would be fair to assume that North Melbourne, Adelaide FC and the GC Suns will win a flag within the next 18 years, so in fact their turn will come around sooner or later. Not by them doing some development of any players who they can retain, but simply because it will be their turn, and the AFL system thinks it is better that it is shared around rather than them doing something for the game.

I know i am not going to convince anyone of that, just like it is most likely no one will come up with a sound proof argument to prove me wrong.

Priority picks, draft concessions and compromise: How to overhaul the draft

@BT – You do realise we had the ball in the net 3 times don’t you. I have no like or dislike for Arnie, he is just the guy in charge at the moment. All he has to do is win. HEY Guest what, he is doing just that.

'We can outplay any team': Socceroos off to a flyer after back-to-back wins

Yet for all that, Park still lost.

'We can outplay any team': Socceroos off to a flyer after back-to-back wins

On top of that, given how bad Japan is [only beating China 1 nil] and how good Oman is [only losing 1 nil at home to the Saudis] This group is wide open.

Fingers crossed we will actually get to play in Australia next month. Most likely is ideal conditions for football, on a decent playing surface. One day we will treat others as we are treated.

'We can outplay any team': Socceroos off to a flyer after back-to-back wins

Having just watched the Vietnam game, none of their players stood out to me. Same could be said of the Chinese players last week. not that any A League club could afford any of those players on the park last week or tonight. Every time I look at games like this, I get to thinking that we are VERY harsh on our own players here in Australia,

A-League clubs should recruit South-East Asian players

Job done, 1 nil – now we wait. not a pretty match, but if you win ugly 1 nil away from home every time you step out, that is all you have to do.

We can all dissect the team Arnie put out, but we won, so he was right.

Is Arnie dicing with death if he tweaks his Socceroos starting eleven against Vietnam?

West Adelaide are, but like a lot of both the Greek and Italian communities there are various regions involved. From Memory there are 3 distinct Greek community clubs now in the SA NPL.

FFA Cup Round of 32 preview: ESC Joondalup SC vs Adelaide Olympic

Andy, I am surprised and a little disappointed you let Maximus Insight get away with such a simple and obvious error. I am certain with your back ground knowledge [far greater than mine] of the many indigenous players who have graced the the playing surfaces around the country, but in particular here in Adelaide.

Fred Agius
Travis Dodd [The first indigenous player to score for Australia]

These are just two that come immediately to mind.

The Socceroos – Australia’s perfect yet somewhat incomplete metaphor

All of a sudden the conversation took a sharp right turn and now we have the old debate about ‘The CODE WARS’.

I must admit reading the banter between some posters has definitely livened up a rather dull old day.

The Socceroos – Australia’s perfect yet somewhat incomplete metaphor

What a great article Stuart, thank you. For anyone who is preparing a trivia quiz night for their local junior football club I don’t think you could find a better question than this.

Q: – What does Bosnia, Romania and Dandenong have in common:
A: – Hjdin Hrustic:

Now that will be a great tie breaker question. 🙂

The Socceroos – Australia’s perfect yet somewhat incomplete metaphor

Two wins, it doesn’t matter how or why, just get the points in the bag. Big Harry at set pieces may be our ‘surprise’ package. Aaron M to start [obviously] and when he tires in the heat over there, bring on young Riley. The Keepers may be our weak link, having said that, in the past when they are needed to step up they have.

Can not wait.

How the Socceroos should line up with pressure on from the start in WCQ campaign