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A LONG time Chelsea supporter, an original AUFC fan, member and season ticket holder. Life member of Salisbury Utd, past player, ref, coach and administrator. Yep been there done that.



Is this about the local Association being delisted? What’s the story to it?

The Roar's A-League Men tips and predictions: Match Week 11

Would love to be in on that meeting trying to get a consensus to agree to a format.
I am of two minds, I like the Champions League format, you get to play home and away, against 3 other opponents. As long as they don’t do it on the cheap. As in NSW clubs play NSW clubs etc etc, do an open draw, publicly, then if South Melbourne get drawn up against Sydney Olympic, Marconi, and Adelaide City so be it.
I can just hear all the different arguments already.
There will be those in NSW who will tell everyone that the 4th best team in their league is better than the best team in SA or WA. LOL
The side show that will present will be worth watching all on it’s own.

Transfer rumours: Chelsea start to make moves, Dybala furious at Juventus and who replaces Benitez at Everton?

Some interesting points in the article Nick. Access to the NSD will be a hot debating point. How best to select said teams.

Would the 4th best club in Sydney be a better choice the the third best club in Melbourne? Or what if the top club from Queensland doesn’t come from Brisbane? What if the top club in Adelaide isn’t from either of the Italian or Greek communities?

I can see the chatting on ROAR become quite vocal and hostile at various points.

Transfer rumours: Chelsea start to make moves, Dybala furious at Juventus and who replaces Benitez at Everton?

I would like to add into the discussion the AUFC women’s team.

In seasons gone by, it would be fair to say that the team didn’t figure in anyone’s finals predictions.

But these past two or three years things have changed. We have gone from a development program run by the local Federation to being run by and for the club, bringing them into the fold and making them feel part of a bigger organization. You can call it culture if you wish, I won’t argue the point, but now, they are a joy to watch, with a lot of good, talented players being given a chance to excel.

OK not very many local NTC players getting important minutes, but some are, and they are around an fully professional club and people.

That is the difference for us. Fingers cross they will get their chance to play a final series for the first time this year.

Setting the right culture is the key to success in any sporting environment

Good point, if they find themselves in the same position they are now in, this time next season, then maybe a microscope can be brought into the discussion to see where the problem is.

Setting the right culture is the key to success in any sporting environment

Thanks Mike, an interesting topic.

Firstly I think the whole showing of matches on the new platform has been passable – NOT great by any standards and NOT poor either. Just passable.

The unfortunate situation I find myself in is that we watch a lot of football on Optus. What we see there I think should the be the level we aim for here. I am certain the budgets for both broadcasters are as far apart as the budgets are for the football teams in each of the leagues. So it is completely unfair of me to even try to compare them.

The biggest gripe I have is this. My wife and are absolutely invested in both the ALM and ALW we watch as much as possible on any device that is at hand. Which means we watch on our phones when not home, or on our smart TV in the bedroom when we are. I will go and rewatch AUFC matches, and our Lady Reds as well, but, and here is the kicker, trying to keep up with when they are being played is an absolute nightmare.

If it is hard for us, who are totally committed to the game, how hard is it for someone who isn’t as committed? Point in question, everyone in my family ring us most Thursdays or Fridays to find out where and when AUFC are playing and on what platforms. And they follow the game!

There in lies our fundamental problem, it shouldn’t be that hard for a non-committed person to find out how to watch a match of their choice.

Once we get that issue resolved [Thank you COVID] we can then put extra pressure on 10 and Paramount+ to improve their coverage.

How do you rate the A-Leagues' new broadcaster so far?

ATM Andy, we’d taken him in a heart beat. I thought some of his moves on Saturday were pretty special.

It's time to remind certain fans there's no place in the A-Leagues for homophobia

Death threats???? I hope you reported it. Some people have no sense of humour unfortunately.

'They crucified Jesus and now they're trying to crucify Novak': Tennis dad's astonishing attack on Australia

This side show will be a comic’s life blood over here for the up coming 12 months. It is a shame the great John Clarke, Brain Dawes and Gina Riley are together to make a show similar to The Games out of it.

'They crucified Jesus and now they're trying to crucify Novak': Tennis dad's astonishing attack on Australia

Would make a good replacement for Jorginho, if he leaves, which atm is unlikely.

Transfer rumours: 11 United players 'disillusioned', Newcastle set to raid Arsenal’s stocks and Guardiola determined to keep CB

The early part of the month of January is always interesting, not sure what is more fun the rumours or the actual players that move.
Inside 24 hours Chelsea were going to lose their 4 back four, now it seems it might not be as bad as all that. Silva has resigned, Christensen looks like he will do the same.
But the interesting couple of names have come up over night. With Ben Chillwell ruled out for the remainder of the season and Reese James injured, Lucas Digne has hardened, also the Barcelona midfielder Gavi [Chelsea are reportedly ready to pay the release clause of Barcelona teenager Gavi.] with Werner [who is injured atm and Ziyech going the other way. {highly unlikely}
just in – Hungary manager confirms Attila Szalai is joining Chelsea.
As I said, just got to love the first week of January.

Transfer rumours: 11 United players 'disillusioned', Newcastle set to raid Arsenal’s stocks and Guardiola determined to keep CB

Another good question. Thanks Jordan.

As explained by Janakan, the APL is jointly owned by all clubs playing in the AL, Silver Lake, ViaCom and the FA. So yes any club that gains promotion would have to ‘pay’ a license to play.

Once a club gets relegated, it would have their fee returned. In years to come it may be that an original club gets relegated ie Adelaide Utd, who may have paid just $5mil for a license, so they would only get back what they paid to be part of the APL.

I don’t think the APL could or should be open for clubs who are not playing in the A League.

Where should the A-Leagues expand to next?

Not the sort of ‘names’ that put ‘bums’ on seats. But are pretty useful squad type players. So I believe.

Where should the A-Leagues expand to next?

You raise an interesting point, re Entertainment value and the Quality on the park. I can be totally entertained by watching a team I am invested emotionally in [AUFC] regardless of how they play and then by the same token, turned off the Leeds vs Burnley game the other night as ‘boring as bat s*** .

So depending on how you feel about the two teams playing, whether you see the plus’s or minus’s of both games.

A-League licence fees are not as lucrative as you might think

Andy, did you hear what Ross A had to say in his presser yesterday afternoon, about their incoming players?

Where should the A-Leagues expand to next?

I hope you aren’t suggesting we ‘Fish where the fishes are’? 😉

Of course all that theory goes out the window once P/R is introduce. Who knows we may find over time that there are less and less football teams in both the NSD and the A Leagues from the East Coast or all the two leagues are based in both Sydney and Melbourne..

Where should the A-Leagues expand to next?

Thanks Blood – Reading the current situation in the Liga MX is extremely enlightening. I like what they are doing over there. And I agree with you, the likelihood of FIFA demanding we introduce P/R by 2026 is extremely remote bordering on [it won’t happen] but I was putting that forward to make a point.

Off Topic a Bit.

Most interesting to me was the statistics on attendances, some of their games don’t draw much more than some of ours. Mind you that would be their regional teams I suspect. (Pachuca) lowest attendance 2747 the city has a population around 277k. The highest attendance was a match between America’ vs Guadalajara 42,862. America’ is based in Mexico City which has a population of around 22mil.

So a city in a mad football nation like Mexico, with a population just shy of ours and nowhere near as large geographically, draws 42k to one of their top matches. It makes interesting reading.

Where should the A-Leagues expand to next?

Again you have an interesting take on the choice of names Beograd = White City, just in a different language. but you knew this already.

The name changes go back to the mid 1980’s, not too sure how many African Australians were in our community at that time. But I see your point, re ‘White City’.

I’m sure those 3 clubs have the 2.5mil the FA say is required to run a team in the NSD but don’t the PFA have a different opinion on that. I can only assume it would be about players wages.

Agree Frogger does had the nouse and cred to be a coach at the top level, one wonders why he hasn’t made the jump yet?

Where should the A-Leagues expand to next?

On another point Blood, explain to me why it is absurd not to expand the league on the East Coast. I understand you make the point that the East Coast is more than just Melbourne and Sydney. But shouldn’t we be thinking wider than just the East Coast?

It seems you have immediately closed the door on every other region West of the Great Divide. That doesn’t seem fair to me. Yes I am biased as I live in one of those regions West of the Great Divide.

Where should the A-Leagues expand to next?

interesting point you make Blood. So if FIFA say to the FA guys you need to P/R operating by 2026 or we will stop the movement of players to and from Australia. What do you think will happen?

OK yes the courts would be busy and lawyers would be making a killing, but Australia has been banned by FIFA before for doing their own thing. It isn’t beyond their means to do it again.

I’m not privy to the exact license conditions for all APL clubs, even if they are the same [I suspect they aren’t] but where there is a will there is a way. First there must be the will to change.

Of course you guys may be totally correct in that a fully P/R system is archaic and not in the future thinking of all nations, leagues, and or associations. After all the European Super League was something similar to what we already have. There is still a long way to go for all fans to accept a closed shop arrangement.

Where should the A-Leagues expand to next?

that’s interesting about Beograd. I understand why but not sure it is a smart move in the long term.

If I were asked by the APL how to help them instigate a P/R to help protect the visual image of the ALM/W I would be saying that any club from Adelaide promoted to the A Leagues must use Hindmarsh. It starts to get messy, down the track, if either of AUFC’s sides does get relegated, how that impacts on the other side of the club.

It comes back to me that most of the clubs interested in the NSD get their ambitions and capabilities confused. Most want to play in it but on the cheap or if others pay their way.

Where should the A-Leagues expand to next?

Jimmy – You make fair points, but none of us are asking common sense to be used where FIFA are concerned. I mean who in their right mind would seek to both expand the World Cup to 48 country’s and then play it every two years.

Whatever inside information they have on the future, sure looks pretty weird to me.

Where should the A-Leagues expand to next?

Good question, in fact it is a great question. A-League Fan. The license actually is owned not by the club at all, but by the APL. The $20mil is held [independently] in an account and returned to the club should they get relegated. A bit of a ‘parachute’ payment for failing.

It sounds ‘weird’ but there are some clubs in the EPL who thrive on that type of existence ie Norwich

Where should the A-Leagues expand to next?

We are a funny lot, us football fans. Mention the word Expansion and the juices start to flow. Creative juices that is. Here is my take.
I have no taste for more sides on the East Coast, yes I can hear you all sighing now [ECB again] and I know that’s where the population is. But lets be a bit more adventurous shall we? Let’s start to think out side the square.
Lets have a rock solid plan for expansion, the NSD and P/R. First and foremost, make certain the NSD is in place next season.
1. – Expansion up to 16 teams before 2030. [that’s up to 7 years to sort through the issues]
2. – P/R starting from the end of 2026 season. [I know there are people who will say it can’t happen because there are agreements in place, but this is football, nothing is set in stone. If FIFA tells the FA to implement it by 2026, or get ostracized, it will happen].
3. – Each promoted club HAS to buy an APL license set at $20 mil. If the promoted club refuses to accept that, it gets moved down the list until they all say no. Then the APL can invited whoever they chose to.
4. – Stick to the plan.

Where should the A-Leagues expand to next?

Adelaide City, Campbelltown City and Metro? All eastern side of town. Hasn’t either Raiders or White City put their hands up or Croydon even?

Where should the A-Leagues expand to next?