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A LONG time Chelsea supporter, an original AUFC fan, member and season ticket holder. Life member of Salisbury Utd, past player, ref, coach and administrator. Yep been there done that.



So in fact you don’t think ALL boomers are hostile towards football and only come onto the football thread to be negative?

Well why didn’t you say so.

You do realize of course, those same ‘Boomers’ are the same people, who like me helped to change the face of football that you now know and love.

If you don’t think you should apologize, then please don’t breed.

Football has lost its soul in Australia and only the fans can save it now

Mate, do you hire out your crystal ball?

‘Unfortunately, here is what is going to happen. Ratings will continue to drop over the next few weeks and Saturday night game will move to a multi channel….and then fall further.’

That is just like anyone else saying the exact opposite.

So here it is ‘fortunately, this is what is going to happen. Ratings will continue to improve over the next few weeks and Saturday night game will move up the ratings chart to out score every other channel.’

Kettle – black comes to mind.

Just agree to disagree and move on.

Football has lost its soul in Australia and only the fans can save it now

Chris, I’m one of those you call a ‘Boomer’. Born in the early 1950’s, I still follow a club in the country I was born in, became a player at school, when you were ‘beaten up’ for bringing a soccer ball to school, when you got the cane because to talked back to a teacher who called you ‘unAustralian’ because you wouldn’t play cricket or Footy for the school.

I played well into my 30’s both as a semi pro and amateur. Coached my son’s school team. Became a referee for the local amateur league, sat on the board of my local club, made damn sure my kids could play their chosen sport without fear or favor.
Supported the NSL even though I didn’t belong to either of the Adelaide teams. But my wife and I love the game.

When Adelaide United came along, we became members and season ticket holders and have remained so, even though we lived in Sydney for 5 of those years.

So why am I bothering telling you all this, simply because most ‘Boomers’ [as you choose to call us] are not like anything you have described. Yes I am offended. Just like I won’t or I refuse to brand every child born this century, with the same brush, not all of your generation are like you. Some in fact are genuinely nice people, who with an open mind are able to listen to two sides to an argument and contribute with logic and empathy.

I suggest you try it.

And here is the BIG news, this sport isn’t yours or mine, or any one persons, it is for all of us. We all have a place in it, we all have a say in it.

If you want to man up do so, and yes I will accept your apology in advance.

Football has lost its soul in Australia and only the fans can save it now

When I cast my mind back to the heady days of the RBB in full voice, the atmosphere was fearful. The question is how do we entice those people back. Same as the Victory fans who walked out on their club/game in an act of defiance.

Sending a message. Which wasn’t heeded.

Has anybody from those clubs actually asked those same fans, why they are no longer at the games?

I can hear all of the the BS stories about them being thugs, and how much damage they were doing. In reality, the only the sports they were hurting weren’t our football code.

People on here have, as is the custom these days, tell us about the low quality of the game and players on the park. These same ‘millennials’ [I suspect] would say the same things about any other football league they weren’t emotionally involved in.

There is the problem in a nutshell. So many who choose to criticise the ALM aren’t actually involved with their clubs, maybe they don’t feel they can become emotional about a club that is owned by someone else.

Deep down, the biggest problem facing the APL will be, how do we re-engage with the passionate fans, who want to sing, shout, stand up, use safe smoke as THEY see fit and just be loud and down right noisy. Without the fear of them being thrown out of a stadium, plastered all over the front pages of the mainstream papers [Murdoch media in particularly] branded as terrorists and criminals.

I wonder if the clubs are willing to travel that route once again?

Rebuilding active support is the biggest key to the A-League Men's success

I got off to a pretty good start last week. I saw the writing on the wall for most games, well some games.

WUN 1-1 PERTH – Perth were disappointing at home against Adelaide last week. Or maybe they were just out played by a pretty smart coach in Carl Veart. Whatever the case, they are good enough to grab at least a point maybe the whole 3 against a very dull WU.

WEL 2-1 CCM – The Nix proved once again that playing away from home, in the pouring rain, won’t slow them down. Even though Mariners did pull off an upset in grabbing 3 points I can’t see them getting any change this weekend. [NSW derby #1]

ADE 1-0 MCY – SNL comes to the home of football. This has the hall marks of being a teaser for the rest of the season. I rated Adelaide’s performance last week. With more game time in the legs of Mauk and Goodwin plus young Yengi proving he may well be the Young Player of the Year, don’t be at all surprised by this being a Grand-Final preview.

SYD 3-1 MAC – Sydney will have a stroll in the park. Mac showed nothing, and have nothing. Lucky to get the point they got last week. [NSW derby #2]

MEL 2-0 BRI – Unfortunately Victory will be 2 zip after their round 2 game this weekend. Brisbane on the road are not the same side as the team when at home.

WSW 2-0 NEW – WSW will show a little bit more of their class against the Jets in yet another of the NSW derbies this weekend. [NSW derby #3]

Here is hoping the weather gives us a bit of a break this weekend.

The Roar's A-League Men's tips and predictions: Round 2

Thank you Justin, for being polite, it is appreciated. However, I didn’t say we fans don’t mean anything, what I said is none of us have ever scored a goal.

We are all interlocking, as FIL says in the next post, without us, there is no sport. We all saw how anemic the game was without fans. Even the best comps in the world, with the best players, it just wasn’t the same.

However, membership numbers won’t win you the Championship, if it did, then every club would be signing members not players.

Poppa takes just one game to prove he’s still got it

When was the last time any of their supporters scored?

Membership numbers mean nothing. It is all about points on the board. I hope that is the only point they get this season.

Poppa takes just one game to prove he’s still got it

I disagree wholeheartedly with that bizarre statement. It would do the whole of Victoria and the eastern states in general, the world of good, if Victory spent time as a wooden spoon specialist. It would knock the bloody arrogance out of them and any of their supporters.

Give them nothing!!!

Poppa takes just one game to prove he’s still got it

Ok let the season begin.

How does this work again? Oh yeah you have to pick the winners, something I got wrong last season.

The first few rounds will always be difficult. So after reading what everyone has said, I will stick to my proven system of wishing, hoping and finally ‘guessing’ the tips.

City 3 vs Brisbane 1 – City will have too much firepower going forward. J Mac will finally get on the park, then prove he is a proven goal scorer at this level.

WU 2 vs Victory 3 – Unfortunately Victory will bounce back from last seasons record breaking performances. It will be tight, but the Victory will scrape home with a 96 minute VAR penalty.

Wanderers 3 vs Sydney 1 – Welcome to Saturday Night Live hang on a sec, someone’s already using that. What a shame because that would be a great opening line. WSW will prove that they still own Sydney, in every sense of the word. A large crowd and a noisy, smoke filled extravaganza will kick off this FTA broadcast and the people will be happy. Unless you follow SFC.

Perth 2 vs Adelaide 2 – Match of the round in my opinion. AUFC will once again prove to people outside of South Australia that you write them off at your own peril. A lot on no names pulling together. Hopefully Daniel will get on the park, and thrill the large crowd. Expect to hear YNWA at least 100 times over the course of the broadcast. He will make a cameo I suspect, not being match fit just yet.

Newcastle 2 vs Central Coast 0 – I’m predicting the Jets to do what CCM did last season and surprise us all. Yes it’s a derby, yes these two clubs are both rebuilding, but the Jets are better placed atm.

MacArthur 0 vs Wellington 0 – I have absolutely no idea about this one. Are there still some players from MacArthur refusing to be vaccinated? Have Wellington arrived in the country yet and are out of quarantine? These and many other questions will be answered by KO time.

After saying all that. I am genuinely looking forward to our ALM kicking off and having Ten and Paramount+ leading the way. Now for the people to turn up.

Simon Hill joins our panel: The Roar's A-League tips and predictions, Round 1

Good question. I don’t think we have had a ‘prolific’ international goal scorer, ever. People will point to ‘Dukes’ or Timmy, even Archie but at this level have they always ‘turned up to play’?

'Stupid choice': Does Graham Arnold trust Jamie Maclaren?

Don’t hold back Waz, tell us what you think…. LOL

Like you, I think they belong in the past, there is no place for them in the current set up. Same goes for all old NSL clubs. Thank you for what you did back then, but we have all moved on.

City see off South Melbourne in FFA Cup


City see off South Melbourne in FFA Cup

Who is FIL?

Dear AFL and NRL fans: Will we be seeing you at the A-Leagues this season?

Robbie, NoMates enjoys throwing out bait, hoping for a bite. In truth it doesn’t matter what he thinks, the people who count are happy.

End of discussion.

'A reminder to football’s staunchest critics': The Socceroos can help lead the code's renaissance

@ AGO74 – You are 100% wrong. There is something that could be done, but won’t be. Just as we are asking, no sorry, TELLING Wellington to relocate, lets tell the NSW teams to relocate to Perth. Problem solved. End of Nov SA opens up so the Vic teams could relocate to Adelaide. 2 hubs. Just explain to me in a rational way, why this wouldn’t work. If they all relocate now, do their 14 days in Isolation and bingo, we can have a reasonable normal season.

So What if the Sydney games are on a 10pm on a Saturday night on the East Coast. What is their problem?

A-League fixture mayhem: Big teams heavily favoured

No theory about it, just look at the draw, and I guarantee that even you could come up with something a lot fairer for all concerned.

A-League fixture mayhem: Big teams heavily favoured

I agree with you Mark. A simple Home and Away season isn’t that hard to organise, even in the current state of COVID border closures.

Both WA and Tas have come out and told the rest of Australia that they aren’t ready to open up until they get their population at 90% vaccinated. Now that might be January or it may be December next year, who knows. Definitely not their governments.

What is disturbing is that the AFL managed their draw and games in those two states, reasonably well. For some reason our code are unable to.

With OS travelers now allowed back into the country, and SA opening up as of the 23rd November, I can’t for the life of me work out why this draw is so heavily biased towards the NSW clubs. I know AA hasn’t said it yet but you don’t have to Einstein to work it out.

A-League fixture mayhem: Big teams heavily favoured

When you mention talent like that the rest of the ALM shake their collective heads in despair, apart from AUFC, I would think that most other clubs will be lining up to secure some of their ‘not good enough’ youth lads for a regular starting spot.

They are by far the most frustrating sporting club in the land, so many riches at their finger tips and they allow them to slip through their fingers time and again.

Sydney FC look to youth to shake off 'Bling FC' tag

I am a very proud Adelaide United fan, supporter and member. We [the football family, world wide] stand United in our support for Josh. Being a white, old, middle class, male, I have absolutely no idea of the courage it took to do what this young man has done.

I like many people have been absolutely astonished by the favorable response the football world has shown towards Josh,

I doubt any active supporters from opposing teams will dare to make mention of it when at a game, especially at Hindmarsh.

There is a down side however. I read today from one of the moderators monitoring Josh’s twitter account for him. The poison in some people knows no boundaries. But even they need a break from it, as it gets too much. 😢 😢 😢 😡 😡 😡 The cowards who hide behind an anonymous account are allowed to get away with anything, and still these organisations do nothing to stop them.

'You are a champion': Football legends deliver powerful tributes as world unites behind Josh Cavallo

you are right Ben. These fringe players, the ones not in a starting 11 OS need to have more game time at home. The expansion of the A League women, is a start. One of the biggest challenges for the APL is how to do that in a timely and cost effective manner.

Matildas vs Brazil series gives fans a glimpse of 2023

AAARRRHHHH the haters are just gonna hate. 😊 😊 😊

Lionheart, fear not with time and treatment you can recover. 😛 😛 😛

Tony Gustavsson knows new blood is required if the Matildas are to be a World Cup threat

Fact is AA is totally correct. He isn’t stating they are all South Australians, just that we do a fine job in improving players. Credit where it is due fellas.

Tony Gustavsson knows new blood is required if the Matildas are to be a World Cup threat

Yes. For some reason players that spend time here with us, mature as people and players. As AA stated, we improve the raw product and help them on their way.

Tony Gustavsson knows new blood is required if the Matildas are to be a World Cup threat

I agree, and with her Chelsea experience added to her game plan now, she is able to sit deeper and still get forward to get on the end of some decent crosses.

Tony Gustavsson knows new blood is required if the Matildas are to be a World Cup threat

Andy we agree on a lot of things and disagree on a lot of things.

The way to solve the Top 6 play offs, [in my opinion] is simple, first past the post are named the Champions and gets a barrow full of money. While the winner of the Grand-Final gets called the Premiers and a lot less of the money. A win win situation.

As far as the fitness of the current NPL players, it is obvious for all to see and has been from the first year it was played. But the improvement in NPL sides has been so slow as I haven’t noticed it, maybe you have as it is part of your job.

Right now the CUP is a good and solid comp. I did hear Rowie and Cornesy talking about having something similar for their footy code, on last Thursday’s sport show. They suggested that the biggest stumbling block would be the AFL themselves. Which is a good thing.

Don’t mess with the magic of the FFA Cup as Matildas give us hope