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Maybe have another look, Ladhams was tackled around the shoulder and let the ball go (or it was jarred loose). Typical play-on situation. Unnecessary at that stage of a close final and kept Port alive. Then there was Hartlett getting a free for being collected by his teammate and feigning head-high contact where there was none (staging, anyone?). And Ebert made front-on contact while effecting his courageous spoil. The final count was 24-19 Port’s way but people will see what they want to see.

Lambert's last-quarter strikes put Tigers into the decider

Richmond hasn’t lost twice to an opponent in one season since 2016. 16 teams did it last year.

Lambert's last-quarter strikes put Tigers into the decider

At least put your name to the article. There were six “deliberate” frees for the night, with that against Hartlett one of the more obvious. I would say a lot less controversial than the free to Ladhams right in front which earned no adjectives from you. But well done on identifying Nankervis as a major influence, which most of the mainstream press missed.

Lambert's last-quarter strikes put Tigers into the decider

When Harry finished at Collingwood, he praised Buckley saying he hoped he would continue to be part of Harry’s life. Unless Harry can cite something Buckley or Collingwood have done to him since late 2014, he has forfeited any cause for grievance.
Unfortunately his admission about drug use opens him up to all sorts of speculation about why his mind is all over the place. I reckon he needs help alright, and giving him the attention he seeks isn’t it.

Why I stand with Heritier Lumumba

Garbage, Hardwick’s rarely even employed so much as a tagger. Richmond is stoppage-averse and has been #1 for BOTH attack and defence over more than three years.

AFL coaches should learn the rules before complaining about them

In my experience the people that make the most noise often contribute least to a solution.

Tigers and Pies to kneel for Black Lives Matter movement

Where is the evidence of racism in the Floyd case? One of the coppers was Chinese/Korean and another Vietnamese. I’m sure if Chauvin had been posting on white supremacist sites, it would be in the public domain by now.

Tigers and Pies to kneel for Black Lives Matter movement

There’s a word for people like that. Liar.

Malthouse slams Buckley over Lumumba

There’s a suggestion that Collingwood had promised him media opportunities after he finished playing which (surprisingly after burning the president!) didn’t eventuate. Something certainly seems to have happened to make him unhappy after he left Collingwood.

Malthouse slams Buckley over Lumumba

“Bucks and I have known each other for 10 years. Even when he was not at the club, he was a huge resource for me, and I am sure he will continue to be. I look forward to still having him in my life. There is no animosity at all.” – Harry 2014. Unless something has happened since, Harry needs to STFU.

Heritier Lumumba wants public admission from Magpies

Far be it for me to defend Collingwood or Nathan Buckley, but this was Harry in 2014 after leaving Collingwood: “Bucks and I have known each other for 10 years. Even when he was not at the club, he was a huge resource for me, and I am sure he will continue to be. I look forward to still having him in my life. There is no animosity at all.”
Unless something has occurred since, Harry needs to pull his head in. These non-specific smears aren’t fair.

Malthouse slams Buckley over Lumumba

Supporters knew Phil Egan as “Jacky”, but within the club he was lumbered with “Flagons”, which he hated. That was a long time ago, and it was pulled up by people within the club.

Former Magpie calls out "culture of racist jokes" at club

Very similar to a kickout by Jimmy Jess at Moorabbin in 1981, going towards the grandstand end. Bounced in the same area of the ground and continued bouncing to half forward just like this one, albeit with an old-fashioned gale helping it along.

Aussie Rules fullback launches arguably the longest torpedo ever from the goal square

Probably more interesting and pertinent to ask who is the better coach now.

The AFL's coach of the decade: Clarkson vs Hardwick

Very informative, well done.

Richmond: The long march to conquest

Geelong managed its older team superbly in 2011 so that no player entered the grand final with more than 15 consecutive games.
This GF team is at its peak, but Houli, Edwards, Riewoldt, Rance, Cotchin will be 30-32 next year, and it’s likely that this combination will never be as good again. Richmond will need to manage the transition to younger players carefully.

Geelong and Richmond set the standard for excellence, precisely a decade apart

Maybe Richmond could’ve been given a ton of AFL assistance like Gold Coast and other clubs? Or maybe they could drag themselves up the ladder under their own steam with a bit of patience and smarts.

Why do Richmond bother?

Clearly the best-performed club of the past three years – eight wins ahead of the other top clubs which are in a cluster; best attack; second-best defence. Perhaps the Tigers will adopt Hawthorn-style trading to stay ahead, though they haven’t neglected the production line at the bottom of the list.
Collingwood adopted much of Richmond’s 2017 blueprint, but otherwise that flag was widely seen as a serendipitous quirk, perhaps encouraged by the club’s happy-go-lucky outward demeanour. There is more to be learned from the current pacesetters than at first met the eye.

Win flags, not trades: What Richmond's rivals need to learn before the 2019 AFL trade period

An honest article from a Carlton supporter. As rare as hen’s teeth. But oh so on-the-money.

Is the Carlton rebuild a miracle or a mirage?

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Matildas exit reignites toxic coach debate

More to this than meets the eye. Collingwood is not so virtuous that it would willingly cut off an arm over a handful of inconsequential wagers.

Was Stephenson's punishment fair?

Ever been at a racetrack when a jockey returned to scale on a heavily-backed beaten favourite?
People go to the footy in the hope of celebrating a win for their team. Anything that gets in the way of that is a pain in the bum and likely to be met with disapproval. That’s how it was, is, and always should be.

Why I support the AFL's fan crackdown

Mention of Goodes was gratuitous, but the rest is spot on. The AFL have created a problem out of thin air.

Why I support the AFL's fan crackdown

I don’t agree that Ablett deserves to be booed, but I fully support your right to do so.

Why I support the AFL's fan crackdown

I’ve never been to a game where I didn’t hear swearing. Never.

There is certainly a limit to what should be tolerated, but you’re not going to stamp out swearing at the footy where people’s hopes are thwarted.

Make the AFL a safer place for everyone