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Ronan writes about cricket in his spare time. Based between Asia and Ireland, his day job is as a journalist and photographer, contributing stories and images on travel and current affairs to dozens of magazines and newspapers including CNN, BBC, Forbes, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Toronto Star, The Independent, The Irish Examiner, The Australian Financial Review, South China Morning Post, Singapore Straits Times etc. Ronan has been a reporter for 17 years and his journalism and photography work has taken him to more than 60 countries. Before becoming a freelancer he spent nine years working at daily newspapers in W.A. where he variously was a chief crime reporter, political writer, health reporter and features writer.



Nice article Ben.

I think balls faced per dismissal is a really under rated stat, especially in this era where batting lineups are flakier than ever, and prone to collapses.

Soaking up pressure, by batting time, is very valuable.

That’s one reason I think Green’s debut series was so encouraging – he soaked up 83 balls per dismissal, which was the 2nd highest of any Aussie, after only Labuschagne.

Green’s defence is very solid, and his ability to withstand periods of pressure is tremendous for such an inexperienced cricketer.

Pujara's version of a Don Bradman stat won India the series

So Australia have used five different openers in this series – Burns, Wade, Pucovski, Warner and Harris.

This must be a record for them.

In the 2018 series in SA they used four different openers because of the sandpaper bans, with Burns and Renshaw flying in to open in the 4th Test.

Will Pucovski ruled out of Gabba Test as Australia confirm XI

This series:

Nathan Lyon: 4 wickets at 58

India spinners: 17 wickets at 21


Last 5 Tests between India and Australia:

Nathan Lyon: 9 wickets at 62

India spinners: 29 wickets at 22

It's not just Steve Smith - India are dominating Nathan Lyon too

Merry Christmas to all you Roarers, hope 2020 wasn’t too bad for you and that 2021 proves to be an absolute cracker!

Forget Test tons: Tim Paine is Australia's 'Cameo King'

Flashback to 13 months ago – pretty happy with this call.

Cameron Green is a generational cricket talent

Hi Nudge, how are things mate? I’ve been busy with my day job but back on The Roar for the summer, it’s gonna be fun. Cheers!

A heavy T20 diet's given Steve Smith's batting an extra gear

G’day Roarers, cheers for the warm welcome, it’s good to be back!
I hope this strange year hasn’t been too dark for any of you, but the fine news is we’ve got a cracking summer of cricket just dawning. Very excited for it.
I’ll be writing two pieces each week (Thursday and Sunday) throughout the summer, looking forward to all your feedback and banter.
Shameless plug … to see what I’ve been up to this year check out my website:
Here’s a couple of my favourite recent articles:

A heavy T20 diet's given Steve Smith's batting an extra gear

Nice piece David, there’s no doubt Langer deserves significant credit for the way he’s made Australia a more malleable side, one with far less rigid tactics.

And Cricket Australia deserve praise for the way they’ve tried to make Australian cricketers more rounded by exposing them to the Dukes ball in the Shield, organising plenty of “A” tours and, where possible given tight fixtures schedules, offered the Test team decent training camps to prepare for foreign conditions.

Egos shelved, sleeves rolled up: Langer, Paine instil blueprint for success abroad

Hi Riccardo,

I’m not sure why you think I’m saying 1) This Aussie team is anywhere near the level of the Golden Era team 2) That England can’t come back (of course they can)

Nowhere in the article do I state or even hint at either of those things.

The article, very clearly, is purely about the resilience Australia showed in 3 times bouncing back from being well behind the 8 ball at Edgbaston.

That’s it.

No suggestions they’re suddenly a great side… or that they have minimal weaknesses… or that England are gone… or that they’re all suddenly Warne and McGraths and Pontings reborn.

How Australia rediscovered their golden era mojo

Spot on tdlan. Siddle’s pressure was crucial at Edgbaston.

Australia needs to take the same XI to Lord's

Haha I love a good pun Sheek.

While I was at uni I spent a while working as a second-hand pun dealer. I made no money, though, because I sold myself short.

Australia bulldoze England in first Ashes Test

Actually I call myself Huxley, but let’s not delve into my foibles.

Why does Joe Root get mentioned with Smith, Kohli and Williamson?

Sorry mate I always call Ryans Ronan, and Ronans Ryan, and when I meet a Rhian or a Rowan or a Rohan, I get so muddled I just faint.

Why does Joe Root get mentioned with Smith, Kohli and Williamson?

I think Australia’s ability to maintain pressure with the ball in England’s 1st innings (run rate only 2.75 per over) was the difference between England making 374 or batting Australia out of the game with 450+

It was a subtle but significant factor.

Australia first Ashes Test player ratings: Steve Smith and Nathan Lyon star in stunning win

Interesting article Ronan, it’s interesting what an impact that one article by Martin Crowe 5 years ago has had on the way these four cricketers have since been analysed:

In Tests Smith is miles ahead, Kohli and Williamson neck and neck, and Root way behind that pair.

Why does Joe Root get mentioned with Smith, Kohli and Williamson?

Because Michael Neser isn’t considered a batting all-rounder by the selectors. They’ve said that. (Almost) everyone knows that.

Australia bulldoze England in first Ashes Test

Siddle had two absolute sitters dropped off his bowling last night.

He should have had 4-80. Good match from him.

Australia first Ashes Test player ratings: Steve Smith and Nathan Lyon star in stunning win

Because Marsh is in the squad, and is in the squad as an all-rounder, and I was discussing the options if Australia decided they wanted an all-rounder?

This is pretty basic stuff mate.

Australia bulldoze England in first Ashes Test

That miss off Siddle from Roy was bad, no doubt, but Paine otherwise kept very well.

Paine took 2 sensational catches off Lyon that a lot of other keepers would miss.

Australia first Ashes Test player ratings: Steve Smith and Nathan Lyon star in stunning win

Buttler is a worry with how badly he struggles against Lyon, and the way he was bossed by Cummins at Edgbaston, but his Test form over the past year is still better than Bairstow’s.

Both Buttler and Bairstow have shocking records against Australia so it’s the lesser of two evils really.

Australia bulldoze England in first Ashes Test

I agree James if the Lords pitch looks a bit juicy I’d stick with Patto if it looks decent for batting I’d give him a rest.

Australia bulldoze England in first Ashes Test

“There was Arti Choakes in the 1950s”

Nonsense, there is no record of that player on Cricinfo, Rowdy.

There has never bean a cricketer named Arti Choakes so peas don’t lie.

Australia bulldoze England in first Ashes Test

Oh absolutely, England have massive problems with their batting and have had for a long while.

I couldn’t understand pre-series everyone saying Australia’s batting lineup was as bad as England’s because Australia at least have 3 batsmen averaging 40+ over long careers whereas England only have 1 in Root.

I don’t see how England can really strengthen their batting but what they can do, by dropping Denly for Curran, is keep their batting at the same level while boosting their bowling significantly.

Australia bulldoze England in first Ashes Test

“But it still doesn’t make Warner better than anyone else in the list”

That’s… a really odd comment

Australia bulldoze England in first Ashes Test

“But Stokes at 4, instantly makes it look like a pretty weak batting lineup.”

As opposed to Denly at 4?

Woakes is a better batsman than Denly in English conditions, and I think Curran is every bit as valuable with the bat as Denly.

Meanwhile, I think Stokes is the 2nd best batsman in this England team after Root so why not have him at 4.

That team I listed above has 6 bowling options so no need for Stokes to bowl more than 10-12 overs an innings unless Australia bat really long.

Australia bulldoze England in first Ashes Test