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Based between Thailand, Ireland and Australia, Ronan travels the world as a photojournalist, contributing stories and photography to 70+ magazines and newspapers including CNN, BBC, Forbes, The San Francisco Chronicle, Toronto Star, The Independent (UK), The Guardian, Irish Examiner, Australian Financial Review, South China Morning Post, Singapore Straits Times, The National, News Ltd etc. Ronan has been a reporter for 15 years and his photojournalism work has taken him to more than 60 countries. Before becoming a freelance photojournalist he spent nine years working at daily newspapers in W.A. where he variously was a chief crime reporter, political writer, health reporter and features writer.



I agree, pitches that have a par score in the 270-310 range are perfect.

And there were plenty of those in England two years ago for the Champions Trophy in England when the ICC were overseeing the pitch preparations so who knows?

Uber-flat English pitches would mar World Cup

“Australia have picked the wrong batting options to be a serious threat to England in these conditions.”

We’ll have to wait and see what “these conditions” actually are once the ICC takes over supervising of the WC pitches.

Uber-flat English pitches would mar World Cup

Hey Nudge apparently Pattinson has a sore side so they are being careful with him. Not a great sign.

England will unleash two 150km/h quicks in The Ashes

England’s Test batting is suspect, their top six is very vulnerable with only one batsman who averages 40+ in Tests (Root) compared to three for Australia (Smith/Warner/Khawaja) over a decent amount of Tests.
But their batting strength from 7-10 often makes up for their top six.

England will unleash two 150km/h quicks in The Ashes

I only saw highlights of Wood’s latest Test but the UK media reports suggested his new longer run up had helped make him frightening.
Agree on Archer, he is so naturally talented it is unreal. There’s maybe only two bowlers I’ve ever seen who can make bowling 150kmh look really easy – Starc and Archer.

England will unleash two 150km/h quicks in The Ashes

Cummins hit 154kmh in the ODIs in England four years ago, would be great to see him pushing that high again in the World Cup.

England will unleash two 150km/h quicks in The Ashes

Wood has recently lengthened his run up and that was credited with his searing pace and success in England’s last Test in the Windies.

England will unleash two 150km/h quicks in The Ashes

I’m still unconvinced by Wood, I mean he does average 37 with the ball in Tests and 45 in ODIs.

But England’s hierarchy clearly rate him very highly and when he gets its right there’s no doubt he’s a real handful. He just doesn’t get it right that often, in part because of his creaky body.

England will unleash two 150km/h quicks in The Ashes

“as for the article, been a while I suspect since St Patrick clocked 150?”

No, Cummins actually hit 150kmh in his last ODI for Australia, in Abu Dhabi.

But you’re spot on about England’s willingness to change around their bowlers within a matter of Test, they even dropped Broad in the Windies recently.

I think Anderson will play all 5 Tests if fit but I don’t think Broad will, unless he really gets on a roll. Because Wood was Man of the Match in his last Test, Archer is impressing a ton of people, Curran they love because of the batting depth he creates and ditto for Woakes.

England will unleash two 150km/h quicks in The Ashes

“D’Arcy Short’s average is inflated by the one 257 he scored last year, so his average is a number that definitely lies. “

That’s a weird argument. You want to penalise a player for constructing the most destructive one-day innings ever played in Australian domestic cricket?

I would argue that, if you really need to deconstruct Short’s List A record, a far more relevant way to deconstruct Short’s List A record would be to consider how he has fared since he’s started playing as a batsman, batting in the top order, rather than as an all-rounder batting at 6/7 which is how he started his List A career.

Short’s List A record:

Batting in top four – 811 runs at 51

Batting down order – 79 runs at 20 from eight matches

To suggest Short’s List A record is a lie is an odd statement. He’s been the best batsman across the past two domestic One Day Cups, without question.

The Aussie team’s biggest weakness

“Dear me! It must be company policy to pot Stoinis. “

Regardless of your observations from the BBL stands Wesman, the facts are that Stoinis has averaged 24 with the bat across his past 20 ODIs, and his bowling has also been very ordinary in that period.

He’s only played 33 ODIs in total, so this form slump covers almost 2/3 of his ODI career. It’s hardly a conspiracy, then, that pundits and fans are discussing this issue.

Lessons learned from Australia's World Cup failures

In 10 ODIs batting down the order (at 6/7) Carey has made 231 runs at an average of 32 and a strike rate of 97.

That’s very presentable. A lot of us (myself included) have been too harsh on Carey in ODIs, partly I think because he hasn’t played that one really impressive innings yet, the type of eyecatching knock that convinces people he’s class.

Smith and Starc shine as Kiwis beat Australia

So this is your batting order for the World Cup:

1. Carey
2. Finch
3. Maxwell
4. Smith
5. Stoinis
6. No one …. batting spot abandoned
7. Warner

Well it’s certainly different.

WATCH: Warner out for a duck in disastrous return to top order

Abbott is very hot and cold – he has days where he bowls really well but also plenty where he sprays the ball and goes for a lot of runs.

He is a long way from being good enough to represent Australia IMO.

Neser, meanwhile, is a good Shield bowler but a very ordinary one-day bowler – he has a career bowling average of 37 after playing List A cricket for nine years.

Smith and Starc shine as Kiwis beat Australia

Carey has been solid so far in ODIs, yes he lacks that raw hitting power that is so valuable in an ODI number 7, but he does seem to be adapting to that new position down the order.

Smith and Starc shine as Kiwis beat Australia

I agree Nudge I think Handscomb should at least have been in the squad, would have added some handy variety to the batting unit.

Smith and Starc shine as Kiwis beat Australia

Further to this consider Henry’s ODI stats in places where pitches don’t help the quicks – he averages 47 in Aus/Eng/India with a horrendous economy rate of 6.9 runs per over.

Henry is cannon fodder on flat pitches, but excellent on more seam-friendly decks.

Smith and Warner return as Australia pip New Zealand

Henry is fantastic on pitches with a little bit of assistance for the quicks, he nibbles the ball around really nicely, which is why he does well in ODIs in NZ.
But Henry is way less effective on flatter surfaces, he was murdered the last time NZ had an ODI series in Australia,
he took 2 for 165 and went at an incredible 8.25 runs per over.
So I’m not sure how well he’d do on the roads in England.

Smith and Warner return as Australia pip New Zealand

I think Khawaja will have a good World Cup if he is allowed to stay as opener, but if he’s asked to bat out of position I think he will struggle.

Smith and Warner return as Australia pip New Zealand

I think Warner is such a versatile batsman that he would be successful anywhere from 1-6 in the order.

He is excellent against pace, very good against spin, runs brilliantly between wickets and naturally scores quickly without needing to take major risks – there is no significant hole in his game in ODIs.

Khawaja is not nearly as versatile IMO, he is much more reliant on boundaries early in his innings to get going and so opening with the field being up really helps him build momentum.

When he’s batted at 3 in ODIs he often gets stuck in the mud in his first 20 balls because there are no easy boundaries on offer and he’s not a natural strike rotator.

Smith and Warner return as Australia pip New Zealand

The ball before that Zampa hit a six but it bounced off a fern leaf back inside the boundary for a dot ball.

Kiwi corruption!

The Cricket World Cup is wide open

Now SMarsh is out, Australia are 6-154 chasing 216.

The Cricket World Cup is wide open

Australia 5-153 chasing 216.

The Cricket World Cup is wide open

Viv was miles ahead of his peers at that time,particularly in terms of strike rate.

If you translated his ODI SR into modern terms it would be 110+

The Cricket World Cup is wide open Twitter feed.

Bad news for Aussies is that NZ have collapsed to 8-181, they would have hoped to be chasing a sizeable total to test out their batting lineup.

The Cricket World Cup is wide open