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Why thesis again?

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Match Week 10

Management has a change.
Victory foundation director quits, fires parting shot

How bad are Melbourne Victory? How good is Jamie Young?

Poppa, he is available now.

How bad are Melbourne Victory? How good is Jamie Young?

No money in Covid 19
Stop it.

VAR technology is the worst thing to ever happen to football

“only bring a magnifying glass to the obvious deficiencies!”

Quote of the day!

Quote of this page!

VAR technology is the worst thing to ever happen to football

Why there is VAR?
The very original idea is to let the referee see what TV viewers and spectators can see but he cannot.
In rugby and cricket, the video replay technology helps a lot because there are views that the referee cannot see. As for tennis, it is what he umpires can see better because they are closer. So, technology was bought in to let the spectators and TV watchers to have a good look.
Being not a rugby fan, there is no idea about how the video review has helped. However, how can the referee see good when half a dozen of rugby players crowded at the base line. Try or no try! From time to time, the rugby commentators challenge the interpretation of the referee even with video replay.
Probably, the video replay worked more good than bad in rugby. Otherwise, the Australian call to Blatter, the then FIFA head, to have video replay would not be as big sometime at the end of 1990’s. The urge and call was not big enough until Le Hand of God by Thierry Henry in the match vs Ireland in the World Cup preliminary. At that time the technology had advanced so much more (than the technology in the time when Maradona used the hand behind his head to score) that FIFA had no accuse not to study.
With that background, the VAR should not intervene if the VAR team knows that the referee can see better at his angle.
The particular problem is that, on Friday night, the referees, including the VAR, made 3 mistakes in a row, in a single match. Some say 2, some say at least one mistake. I say 2.5, as the last one is controversial. THERE MISTAKES.
In general, VAR would not work if the pool of referees does not have good quality.
The idea of VAR is to give the main referee more perspectives.

VAR technology is the worst thing to ever happen to football

The first penalty for Adelaide did not need VAR if the main referee is good enough.

The VAR is not a main referee and VAR can only remind or advise.

After all, if there is a mistake after a VAR review, it is a mistake by both the main referee and the VAR.

Conclusion: again as said before, VAR cannot work well if the pool of referees does not have good enough quality.

VAR technology is the worst thing to ever happen to football

There is a confusing point. “second-highest scorer in A-League history” but then there is “already the A-League’s all-time top scorer”
The second saying is right as he is the top A-league scorer according to wiki. However, who is the highest soccer player if Berisha is the second-highest scorer? Is there a player who has scored more goals than Berisha in the history of soccer in Australia ever? Who is he?

Besart Berisha relishes latest milestone

Fox Sports’s heading: “‘There is no football god’: Utter ‘disgrace’ as THREE ‘ridiculous’ calls mar A-League”

VAR blunders produce yet another A-League comedy act

“Mauk has any conscience he gets up talks to the referee and says ‘he never touched me’”
Haha, haha, why would a diver (intentionally) gets up to say that?
There should be one more prize at the end of this season, best actor on field (not on stage).

VAR blunders produce yet another A-League comedy act

I have time to watch the replay this morning.
The first one should not be a penalty. Tongyik’s foot did not touch the ball because the ball did not change direction. However, Tongyik’s foot did not contact Mauk’s foot neither too. Mauk’s body contact Tongyik’s body afterwards and he Mauk fell to avoid big injury.

As for the second penalty, I tend to think Mauk dived.

For the 3rd penalty, I think it is a penalty. It is because that if the hand was not there, the ball might fly into the net. I know the third one is controversial

VAR blunders produce yet another A-League comedy act

Here, people talk about promotion and relegation. But some have given good perspectives of the problems too.
From that, we can think why the more popular Rugby League has a fixed group too. Automatically, the a linkage can be made to AFL, the most popular in Australia, of which again is a single group competition.
Then think why relegation can be successful and common in soccer in other countries?
One of the interesting view from one of the bloggers here is polarity. Imagine, but Melbourne City and Melbourne Victory are both relegated in one or two seasons. Then, there would be no teams from Melbourne.

Suddenly, an idea of meeting both “single group” and “hierarchical” system appears in mind. A “semi-single-group” system, a “semi-fixed group” or a “1.5 single group” system as one likes to call it.

In such a system, there are fixed clubs and non-fixed clubs.

For example, all the current 12 A-league clubs remain in the fixed group because franchise-licence paid. Add another 4 promote-relegate clubs. That means there are 16 clubs in the top league. The 4 promote-relegate clubs are subjected to relegation by ranking. For example, if the rankings of those 4 clubs at the end of the season are ( Club A – 7; Club B – 2; Club C – 3; Club D – 10 ), Club A and Club D relegate to low tier.

Can relegation make the league more popular?
Why fixed group competitions in AFL and Rugby League can do well?
How about a “semi-fixed” system?

Has the A-League finally converted the 'Bring back the NSL' crowd?

“How does an EPL club connect with a fan from the other side of the world?”

I had a British passport before the Australian passport and I used to watch FA Cup a lot.

Has the A-League finally converted the 'Bring back the NSL' crowd?

You said, “possession for possessions sake”.
How about changing to 3-5-2
DWH shadowing Golgol
……….Trewin, Aldred, Gillesphey………
McDonald, Daley, Danzaki, O’Shea, Brown

The 6’2 Matt Simon in CCM can play well this season. Mebrahtu of 6ft 1in should do the towering to avoid passing back. Just feed Golgol with high ball and let him to decide direct header to the goal or header to the ground players like DWH, Danzaki or Mcdonald.

Redcliffe is Brisbane Roar's not-so-secret weapon

A website tipped BR beating MacArthur at 80% but the result is not. So, do not be so optimistic.
As for the Jets vs BR weeks ago, Jets actually played better. So, I think that there must be changes and improvements.

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Match Week 8

Both Wenzel-Halls and D’Agostino were not Fowler’s favour. But D’Agostino scored 7 in Glory and Wenzel-Halls has shown even better ability, that header in the match vs Adelaide United and the dribbling pass 2 Victory’s defenders before scoring.

Coincidentally, Fowler claims his foundation making for BR today,

His legacy is the 3-4-3. But has Fowler laid a wining foundation?

Dylan Wenzel-Halls - I told you so

The one who feed Wenzel_Hall last night was Hingert who used to partner Ivan Franjic in 2013 to 2014. They did over lapping at the right side interchangeably. After Franjic left in 2014 to 2015 season, Hingert took Franjic’s place as the right back. Ever since, Hingert did quite alright. However, there came the double right back in 2019 to 2020 season, Hingert partnering Scott Neville to do over lapping. Don’t know why Scott Neville has been loaned out. Because of that there was a weakness and that made the 0-1 loss to City weeks ago in the season opening match. Maybe, Hingert should partner Kai Trewin for the rest of this season as Hingert is better as an winger.

More to come from Dylan Wenzel-Halls

Broich to Berisha; Borrelo to Maclaren; ? to Wenzel-Hall

More to come from Dylan Wenzel-Halls

Stephen Lucas is the worse A-league referee.
He gave silly penalty in a match in Perth years ago.
He penalize Theo when Theo was disturbed by the opposition in the box.
For this latest incident in this MAC vs WEL match, the card should be given to Genreau for stepping onto Rufer’s ankle. However, a yellow card was given to Rufer. Then, after VAR intervened, Stephen Lucas did not reverse the action but punished the victim harder with a red card. Silly.
What is the good of VAR?
Again, referees keep making mistakes even after reviewing on the screen over and over again. Sick!

'The worst decision I've seen': VAR, ref savaged for baffling red card decision

Giacomo Bruno’s only reasonable guess is Sydney FC.

A-League 2020-21 season predictions

Off topic!
Brisbane Roar is the most widely supported A-League club

Wanderers mysteriously move on Jean-Paul de Marigny as pre-season looms

The author makes a mistake.
You may see Andrew Durante plays today.

A-League finals preview: Your side's chances

According to John Greco, updated: 05:53pm Aug 21, 2020, Roar has a 64% chance of winning over WU,

A-League finals preview: Your side's chances

At the start of the season, I felt both Glory and WU had an old team. We have seen that Andrew Durante have cramps towards the end of match sometimes.

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Elimination finals

Western United has to play 3 matches in 8 days. So, will likely not winning City tonight. Then they have to play elimination on 23 Aug 2020. That means 4 matches in 12 days. I guess this old team cannot endure a boring but practical match vs Roar in the elimination.

Nix should win Glory. That means City vs Nix and Roar vs Sydney FC in the semis

I hope Roar wins Sydney FC because the last time they met it was close.

As for the other semi, no clue. Maclaren holds the key perhaps.

Who really is the favourite heading into the finals?