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I rather see a coach getting rookies to run around than a coach getting old players in the small box to defend. In the long run, the latter coach has closed his entrance into the list of great coaches.
In this season, noticeably there are at least two teams have rather old players. One is WU and the other Glory. The other two teams that are likely to win the premiership and championship are Sydney FC and Melbourne City.
Talking about two, Melbourne Victory has 2 marquee players while Brisbane Roar has none. No mistake, none not one.
If playing conservative style, defend-and-counter-attack, is so unbearable, Melbourne Victory’s fans and officials are just being positive and patient. They have not just 2 marquee players but also more than two senior national players. They are Kenny Athiu, Jakob Poulsen, Elvis Kamsoba, Migjen Basha and Adama Traoré. And they have more than 2 World Cup players: Ola Toivonen, Robbie Kruse, and Andrew Nabbout. Plus, there are numbers of U-xx national players. Plus, plus, another overseas player, Kristijan Dobras. Anyhow, how can they have so many good and overseas players?
Nonetheless, Marco should be given at least 2 years to get his ideology right, same as Ange Postecoglou, same as Robbie Fowler.
Hope the saying here can kill the pain of many Brisbane Roar’s fans and officials for 2 years.

Is attacking football more important to the A-League than winning?

O, there is such a report before the final,

Postecoglou's J.League title makes him the greatest Aussie coach of all time

Maybe! Maybe, a club can sacrifices one season for an ambitious coach to instill his style but a federation cannot sacrifices one World Cup qualification.

Postecoglou's J.League title makes him the greatest Aussie coach of all time

Who’s the interpreter? Will he/she be the next Asian version of Jose Mourinho?

Postecoglou's J.League title makes him the greatest Aussie coach of all time

Once the owner has decided to go with a non-experienced coach there should be “positive and patient” remained. See what Fowler can do next season (2020 to 2021).

Robbie Fowler fuming after listless loss

We can see Tottenham Hotspur’s ambition, doubling the stadium size and hiring top coaches. But there are sayings recently that a smaller stadium fits better in A-league.

Mourinho meets Spurs squad already

Three day ago, Mark Bosnich: “It will soon be raining goals for Brisbane Roar …”
I hoped only.
Did you believe?
Mark is a wonderful guy.

Brisbane Roar's win in Redcliffe was the A-League at its finest

Congratulation to all!
Beating the league leader, Melbourne City, in such a circumstance makes the prospect of BR this season mysteriously interesting.

Brisbane Roar's win in Redcliffe was the A-League at its finest

Remarkably, Fowler picked 16 y.o. defender Jordan Courtney-Perkins and midfielder 19 y.o. Rahmat Akbari in the starting line-up.

Robbie Fowler makes dream debut against Sydney FC

Fowler’s Roars got 2:0 win over the defending champ Sydney FC an hour ago.

Will Robbie fall fowl at the Roar?

Yes, Gallop should go. I remember well what he said in this fiasco.

FFA board member apologises to Stajcic

Will it be the greatest?

This will be the biggest A-League grand final of all time

Three goals down away before the come back. This is bigger than the Liverpool has gone yesterday.

Tottenham steal Champions League final spot with some last gasp magic

Tony Grant

LISTEN: Why Brisbane Roar are right to give Robbie Fowler a chance

He has “full European coaching credentials”?

Any reference? Any webpage shows that?

Robbie Fowler appointed as new Brisbane Roar coach

“Not once during their time together as Liverpool team-mates did Western Sydney Wanderers boss Markus Babbel believe Robbie Fowler would one day become a coach.”


Why employed an unsuccessful coach JA?

Why employ a no experience coach RF?

Six talking points from A-League Round 21

How much space was given to Mitchell Duke to score in the 15th minute?

Where are the Roar’s mid field players at that time? Where is Mckay? He is hard working but just running around trying to cover others? Right before that goal, Henrique opened the arms/hands. Probably, he meant no forwards moved back. A simple tactic was to mark once losing the ball. But no one did.

While Mitchell Duke was left unmarked, no centre back or left back moved up to mark. No attackers tracked back. And Mckay was not there. Should Jade North was still playing he would be one moved out of position to mark Duke. North did a lot before. Even there are other midfield or track back players there.

This first match of this season had not seen Mckay playing. There was a reason as he probably too old and nearing retirement.

Ever since JA took over, the defense had been a problem continuously. As for now, the new coach should consider total overhaul, replacing the 4 defenders and the 2 mid-field players for the next season.

Talking about the new coach, because of the continuous defending problem, Mark Warbuton should be chosen instead of Robbie Fowler. It is because that Mark Warbuton has a defender background while Fowler a forward. JA could not coach defense well as he had a forward background suspiciously.

Maybe, Fowler has better knowledge about Queensland and A-league. But he has not got solid coaching experience as compared with Mark Warbuton.

Roar and Wanderers go blow for blow from long range

This case remains bizarre.

FFA have lost control of a narrative now threatening to consume them

In two days, I change my idea again for the second time as I have read more.

According to (, “Indeed Mr Stajcic, by his own admission and in the presence of an FFA lawyer and the FFA CEO David Gallop, said that the team environment was ‘dysfunctional’ and was ‘always going to be this way’. In those circumstances, we decided to act in time to put the team’s FIFA Women’s World Cup campaign back on track. It’s the Board’s duty to make these decisions.”

Keywords: FFA lawyer

WoW… Why a meeting for a matter (the result of a survey) had to have the lawyer there?

Yesterday, I did not read that a lawyer was there. It seems that the meeting was a setting up.

I have never been a CEO nor a broad member of a big organization. However, I don’t quite understand why a lawyer had to be ready. Unless, something was imminent.

I think whatever the matter, there should be a number of meetings to try to find a solution. However, a lawyer was already there in the first meeting. This inference is based on Alen Stajcic’s say that he had never heard of any bad comments from Gallop before.

With the review of Alen Stajcic’s sacking going on now, it is likely that Gallop will leave FFA nicely in the foreseeable future. It is because that one of the supporting reasons is that he is the remnant of the old FFA.

Why can’t the FFA come clean?

Yesterday, I started to read and the report got me to focus on gender issues. However, after reading this report, I have new ideas.

Key words/phrases:
—breach of contract
—toxic culture
—unhealthy environment
—dysfunctional Team

Has Alen Stajcic been paid or will be paid in full on termination of contract. By the “breach of contract”, there is a possibility that he is not paid in full. Why?

Every year, there are lots of coaches fired around the world. Firing a coach is not rare. Therefore, the natural thinking is linking the questionnaire as a tool to terminate the contract without full pay. Then, can the conclusion of the questionnaires be used legitimately as a good reason to sack?

To answer the above question, the two key terms “toxic culture” and “unhealthy environment” are to be examined below.

In researching “toxic culture”, a more relevant term “Toxic workplace” was found. By that term, it would simply mean: infighting; manipulation; non-professional conduct; or bullying.

With a toxic workplace, a dysfunctional team is very likely the outcome. That means the team lacks trust; the team members fear conflict; the team is not committed; the team does not focus on the results; and the team members avoid taking accountability.

After considering the above, there is nothing special in this case, just full pay or not full pay.

The more intrigue part in this report is: “Nikou repudiated that claim, saying Stajcic, in that meeting, admitted to a ‘dysfunctional’ team environment that was ‘always going to be this way’”.

With that, it seems that Alen did not want to share any finding in the survey. Was that wise? Would it be better that Alen responded to the boss saying, “I will look into the matter and report back to you later”? Very simple! Hold some meetings with the players. Talk to players pair by pair (not one-on-one as they are female). Have a barbie or morning tea with the players.

FFA hits back at Stajcic's claims


Alen Stajcic speaks on sacking from Matildas: Says he was terminated without cause, may launch legal action

This comment has been removed for breaching The Roar’s comments policy.

Alen Stajcic speaks on sacking from Matildas: Says he was terminated without cause, may launch legal action

Updated 22 Jan 18

“Stajcic’s position became untenable after the FFA received the first instalment of a report by Our Watch — a group tasked to change cultural behaviour that underpins violence against women.”

Keywords are: cultural behaviour, violence women

“It’s a misconception that the decision in relation to the head coach was solely based on surveys, it was based on a range of reasons and a range of information,” Mr Gallop said.”

“Mr Gallop confirmed work on the Wellbeing Audit began in August 2018, looking specifically at the needs of Matildas players.”

Wellbeing Audit? Never heard of. I ve a lot to learn.

“While not directly addressing the work being done with the FFA, the CEO of Our Watch told ABC Newsradio the organisation’s mandate is to stop violence before it happens.”

Key phrase: stop violence before it happens

Violence would happen? Alen Stajcic would use violence?

“”We work collaboratively … to help other people change the cultures, norms and practices that disrespect or devalue women,” Patty Kinnersly said.””

Change cultures? What cultures?

Devalue women? How? This is a female team. The coach cannot replace a player with a male player. This is not about people in an office, in which males and females working together, when someone alleges a female cannot take an important role (CEO for example).

If a coach is not happy about a particular player’s performance, he is comparing her with the rest of the female players in the team or the opponents, or the players in any other female team. The coach is not comparing a female player with a male player. Then, how come devaluing women? I just don’t understand. Any advice?


It is not about sexual harassment. It is not about any thing that would make it a criminal case. It is because that no law enforcing parties are involved.

It is just, probably, that the coach had not had been tender and gentle enough to interact and deal with female players like treating a girlfriend.


Women teams should be coached by women?

Alen Stajcic should find a male soccer team to coach?

Further Comments:

This is jokingly interesting.

When this fiasco happened, I was never interested. And I did not follow any news. I always thought of sexual harassment or the coach had a couples of shouting towards some players. However, those are not seemed to be the case.

Alen Stajcic speaks on sacking from Matildas: Says he was terminated without cause, may launch legal action

Ah… Grand Finale is FFA’s match not Glory’s match. By rule, Glory has a home match but still it is FFA to decide in which stadium to play.

No one will stop Perth Glory from winning the premiership


No one will stop Perth Glory from winning the premiership