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On October 23rd 2018 @ 10:15am, I wrote:

“It is good to see three marquee players are mentioned here.

Del Piero is a real marquee player. He plays good football and famous to a celebrity level.

Honda, I watched him played in the derby last week with attention. I have ideas but it is too early to call.

As for Bolt, he cannot play good football. He is just a commercial product. Probably, some players have learnt a bit from Del Piero but there is nothing worth to learn from Bolt.

For decades, Bolt has just been trained to run fast and straight for 100 m or slightly curved 200 m.

If money is just out of Mariners’ pocket that is fine. Let’s watch he plays with joy.”

Bolt may be a cow on ice, but it looks like he’s here to stay

Now, it is time to tell what my observation was; I suspected he had injuries. It was because that he just jogged in the first few matches of this season.

Then, he could not play.

Some players are just wise to hide hidden injuries.

Keisuke Honda nearly misunderstood for dropping F-Bomb in press conference


Mistake again.

Theo (28)

Franjic (22), Smith (27), Susak (26), Stefanutto (30)
Paartatu (23), Mckay (27), Nichols (20)
Barbarouses (19), Solorzano (22), Broich(29)

Average age was = 24.8


Corica still keen on top spot despite slip

Okay, compare 11 with 11.

The starting team of Brisbane Roar in 2010 to 2011 according to wikipedia is:

Theo (28)

Franjic (22), Smith (27), Susak (26), Stefanutto (30)
Paartatu (23), Mckay (27)
Barbarouses (19), Solorzano (22), Broich(29)

So, the average of the usual starting XI of Brisbane Roar in 2010 to 2011 is = 253/11 = 23

I have just found out. Funny! The average squad age of Brisbane Roar 2010 to 2011 = 23.05 while the average age of the usual lining up of the same season is 23. What a coincidence!

Corica still keen on top spot despite slip

(26+22+26+31+25+36+21+33+16+20+32)/11 = 26.18

That means a 3 years difference of age comparing the invincible squad of Brisbane Roar with last night’s team’s average age.

Corica still keen on top spot despite slip

The invincible squad of Brisbane Roar in 2010 to 2011 had an average of 23.05.

Theo 28
Matt Smith 27
Stefanutto 30
Franjic 22
Paartalu 23
Barbarouses 19
Murdocca 25
Solorzano 22
Henrique 24
Matt Mundy 22
Visconte 19
Matt Mckay 27
Daniel Bowles 18
Mitch Nichols 20
Luke Brattan 19
Chris Bush 17
Andrew Redmayne 21
James Meyer 23
Thomas Broich 29
Milan Susak 26


Ange Postecoglou adopted a very young squad as he knew about the salary cap. Simply, he got the players to use a high pressing tactic. That meant also fast and energetic. Whenever the ball was lost, the closest player moved up to guard and press. Simple! That wore out many teams and Brisbane Roar used to win in the last 15 minutes.

However, JA wanted the salary cap removed

That was the catalyst of his failure as he had already been alleged of having the liking of recruiting and playing experienced players.

Salary cap favours big and rich clubs. However, it is said to be a restriction to ACL success.
Okay, maybe, rich clubs can hire players just for the ACL competitions. WSW did.

Should the salary cap be scrapped, it is possible that A-league would be like the SPL in which only two teams are competitive.

Whatever, the 2010-11 Brisbane Roar is history and milestone. The average age is just 23.05. With that, it yester night’s winning team very young?

White 28
Nigro 27
Pepper 30
Lopez 22
Taggart 25
Matt Mckay 36
Wenzel-Halls 26
Henrique 33
Powell 17
Caletti 20
Mikkelsen 32

Average = 26.90, around 27.

Mathematics does not lie, only the interpretation may.

There is a 4 (four) years difference. That is to say that yester night’s winning team is not very young. Just some individual players are.

Darren Davies was forced by the unavailability to play young players or not? Difficult to say, buy he has changed the formation a lot to find a better one, 3-4-3 to 4-2-3-1 and 4-4-2.

In his 3-4-3, he played two more defenders (Ingham and Nigro) in the left and right flank of midfield. The guess is simple. He wanted to plug the easy leak of goals.

Then, he tried 4-4-2 in which there were 4 attackers. When the midfield flank players moved up, it was like a popular 4-2-4 formation in the 1970s.

Those 4 attackers are Henrique, Adam Taggrt, Wenzel-Halls and Bautheac. In this formation, the two forwards are not fed by long high balls (as usual in the first division of England long time ago).

Four attackers? If win, praised. If lose, criticized. Three goals up but lost 3-4 to Adelaide United. Heartbreaking! The balance of attack and defence remained problematic. However, the same attacking 4-4-2 led Brisbane Roar to a win last night.

Somehow, he has been trying, trying to find a good formation.

No one would believe Brisbane Roar would win last night, excepting the ghosts of Lang Park and God. Of course, Darren Davies was included. That was why he prepared to announce that he is not interested to apply for the Brisbane Roar’s new coaching position in the post-match interview. That is understandable as he anticipated 9 matches without a win. But now, he has won one out of 9, same as JA did in this season.

Can Davies win another 4 to equal Postecoglou’s 5 in the 2009 to 2010 season after taking over a team? If Davies does, it is incredible as that means winning 4 out of 9 matches later.

Corica still keen on top spot despite slip

Get rid of VAR. Soccer means continuous excitement without interruption. Maybe, VAR is to be used in tournaments and finals, not for league matches.

The A-League has six months to save itself from oblivion

On 26 Jan, I had already said that Qatar had been very impressive.

Actually, Korea played even better (on 25 Jan) than Japan last night. However, Korea lost 0-1.

The result last night is as expected but journalists use the word “stun” or “stunning” in various media.

Should people have watched some of the matches that Qatar played in this tournament, they know that Qatar deserve for the win.

This is a remarkable result for the coach, Félix Sánchez Bas because he has made a big turn around. In 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification – AFC Third Round, Qatar was last in Group A and got only 7 points. Qatar has got 13 goals and lost just 1 goal in 7 matches in the whole tournament of this 2019 Asian Cup.

Qatar win Asian Cup after stunning upset of Japan

Watched 3 matches yesterday, Brisbane vs WSW, South Korea vs Qatar and UAE vs Aus, of those, the Qatar team was very impressive. After 5 matches, Qatar has got 10 goals and lost 0 goal.

That impressive result made me check on the coach. He is Félix Sánchez Bas. In his history, there is nothing special. He seemed not a professional player either. However, Qatar has hired him for a long 6 years.

The team he has managed:

1996–2006 Barcelona (youth)
2006–2013 Aspire Academy
2013–2015 Qatar U19
2014–2017 Qatar U20
2017 Qatar U23
2017– Qatar

FFA should find a better coach for the Socceroos.

Australia's Asian Cup defence comes to a bitter end

Graham Arnold is the worst Socceroos coach ever.

Australia's Asian Cup defence comes to a bitter end


Roar Rookie
January 22nd 2019 @ 9:45am

Sainsbury did a good job on a tricky customer, he had the pace to get across and stop him getting the ball most times. If it had been Degenek instead he would have let him have the ball every time and then got beaten straight afterwards.
DeGenek had yet another shocker, he was pressured into some big mistakes later in the game.”

Why Arnold would keep him?

Australia's Asian Cup defence comes to a bitter end

Yes, I remember that.

Roar Rookie
January 26th 2019 @ 7:09am

Just Desserts. DeGenek the one man disaster zone eliminated the team as I predicted.
I wouldn;t even have him in an A-league squad, he just is not good at anything.”

Right after Ange Postecoglou’s socceroos failed to win the Thais in Thailand in the 2018 World Cup qualifying match, Graham Arnold put his hand up for the coaching job. He thought it would be easy. However, after 12 years, Graham Arnold remains as bad. Why would FFA give him a second chance?

Australia's Asian Cup defence comes to a bitter end


What in the world happened to the Wanderers, Roar and Mariners?

There are many reasons in Mulvey’s sacking, including poor results.

One of the other reasons was that Mulvey had a 5-stars journey in Europe in search of a recruit to fill up the vacancy after Berisha’s departure but ended up with a player who played in the junior team for most of the time during Mulvey’s remaining time in BR. He was Mensur Kurtiši.

What in the world happened to the Wanderers, Roar and Mariners?

There is not enough defenders now. This is shown by the fact that a 19 years of age has to play a very important position, centre back.

Whatever happened to supporting your team no matter what?

On 16 October 2009, Ange Postegolou took over Brisbane Roar coaching job. Then, BR had lost 10, drawn 3 and won 5 only.

In his second season with BR, Postegolou had only lost one match, 0-3 to MV.

What is saying here is that don’t expect a new coach to make good results immediately. Give him time.

Mathematically, it is quite okay if Daren Davis can win 5 from the remaining 14 matches. Just wait and see.

What in the world happened to the Wanderers, Roar and Mariners?

“Mike Mulvey was sacked for not playing the Brisbane way”


What in the world happened to the Wanderers, Roar and Mariners?


What in the world happened to the Wanderers, Roar and Mariners?

“training pitch was too hard”


What in the world happened to the Wanderers, Roar and Mariners?


Avram is 34 and about to retire.

Luke DeVere is good. His style of play is similar to that of the retired Jay North, very destructive. Should a coach wants the team to play out from the back, DeVere may not cope with the tactic totally.

The concerns is about backing up and injuries as the money saved from JA’s departure is limited. So, better to sign another good defender. Also, if the opponent is not leading they push up more. As such, Adam Taggart and his teammates have more space to do attacks in front.

By the way, no one knows when Avram Papadopulous can return and when will there be another centre back got red carded.

Probably, the Indonesian conglomerate, the Bakrie Group, has set a budget. So, there is no point in asking for big money to hire a high profile coach. With the current squad, even Jose Mourino cannot help, for sure. Then, why not just sign a good defender for the rest of the season?

There should be a better defender than the un-experienced young Aaron Reardon at least. He is just too young.

Why Aaron Reardon had priority over Devere? Only insiders know.

Anyway, sign a good defender in case there may be more injuries to come.

Whatever happened to supporting your team no matter what?

So, next time, when you write, write an introduction, a body and a conclusion such that your idea is real explicit.

Do you need to do that, writing an essay? Do we have to do that in a blog in The Roar?

What you have confirmed with your original writing is that “JA, his brother and D Davies should all resign together”. Thank! No one will misinterpret your original writing for sure.

If you were JA would you ask all the member of the coaching team to re-sign all together? If so, why and why not? What are the implications?

Until the cause of JA’s resignation is known. All are speculations. It is okay to do speculations as long as they are reasonable.

“Confirmed Roar fans tell me that much has been accomplished off the field and I cannot argue with that …” What has been accomplished? Can you reveal it? If not, why you tell people there is such an achievement in your original writing if it cannot be revealed?

Regarding the socceroos’s long ball, there was the wording “There is an example here”. Read the writing again, please. This is not “jumping to a comment”. It is about “copy the multitude of systems being used elsewhere using players not skilled enough to carry out instructions and the fan will soon let you know” in your original writing.

“it is not only a centre-back they need, two top class fullbacks,two fast ,mobile, clever midfielders and at least one winger would be a good start to getting them back to former glory,but there has been very little evidence of that class of recruitment these last 4 years”
Can the money saved from JA for the rest of the season be enough to cover for 4-years?
Simply, the money saved for the rest of the season can sign a better defender.

You are talking about long term remedy while I am talking about the rest of the season.

Let me bring up some data I have quoted before.

“Take a look on the data:

2014/15 Victory’s GA = 31 (lowest) and won the premiership.
2015/16 AU’s GA = 28 (lowest) and won the premiership.
2016/2017 Sydney FC’s GA = 13 (lowest) and won the premiership.
2017/2018 Sydney FC’s GA = 22 (lowest) and won the premiership.
2018/19 Glory’s GA = 10 (lowest) and leading on the ladder after 10 rounds.

The data set suggests working from the defense first.”

Whatever happened to supporting your team no matter what?


“copy the multitude of systems being used elsewhere using players not skilled enough to carry out instructions and the fan will soon let you know”

That has one more interpretation. Brisbane Roar should prefer to hire a coach who has good proven Australian league coaching experience (whether A-league, State League or Women League) rather than a coach overseas who needs high pay and good players. Unless the owner is prepared to raise the budget to do so.

By the way, is it not usual to sign a coach with a 3 years long contract?

Whatever happened to supporting your team no matter what?

“much has been accomplished off the field”
What is that?

“Firstly a manager resigns ,not unexpectedly , but at least two of his support staff have stayed in their jobs. Strange. ”
What is strange? Can you give more than a numbers of examples that a head coach would resign with other coaches together?

Probably, high officials visiting Jakarta is about bigger splash of money for a high profile coach. Ange Postecoglou, as a coach, went to Indonesia to seek for money to strengthen his squad after poor results in ACL before.

The money saved from JA’s resignation should be used to get a good defender. When a team has good defense, the front third will open more. Hence, there are more space for the strikers. I just wonder why Roars did not sit back when they were 2-0 up. The same happened to the Mariners in the match vs Phoenix.

“Play attractive,exciting ,winning football and fans will turn up”.

“copy the multitude of systems being used elsewhere using players not skilled enough to carry out instructions and the fan will soon let you know”
There is an example here. Socceroos played possession based football in the match vs Jodan. Then an expert said that that was like licking an ashtray. It is easy. Long ball!. For a while there was a nick name called “long ball Luke Wilkshire”. Long ball is not necessarily bad. It just depends. Subsequently, Socceroos got 3 goals in the match vs Palestine by using long balls.

Whatever happened to supporting your team no matter what?

You are okay, Drew. Maybe, you are new here in “The Roar”.

Could Olympic become Brisbane's next A-League club?

This is a very difficult tournament. Firstly, the golden generation has left no remnants.

Secondly, there will be many good competitive opponents because the Arabian teams will play extraordinarily well home. It is more difficult than Ange Postecoglou to qualify for the 2018 World Cup because the qualifying process was home-and-away. So, should Graham can defend the Asian Cup, he is the best Socceroos coach.

According to record, Arabian teams have won 5 times from 8 numbers of Middle East hosting.

Good luck to Graham Arnold.

What have the Socceroos learned from previous Asian Cup campaigns?

What have the Socceroos learned from previous Asian Cup campaigns?

Over confidence!

No strategic approach!

There will be no easy match at UAE.

Arabian teams will play much better in their territories. The home effect is shown by Al-Ain’s winning over Team Wellington, Espérance de Tunis and River Plate in the Club World Cup last month.

What have the Socceroos learned from previous Asian Cup campaigns?