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apart from all that fuss, i reckon jayawardene would be a great choice for a white-ball coach, or even just a t20 maybe

'Desperate move from a desperate nation': England ridiculed for chasing Ricky Ponting as coach

I like your thinking, but I’d add that sometimes leaving the ball can be a tactical decision to test the bowler’s patience, to goad them into bowling it closer to the stumps where your strength may lie

2022 Sheffield Shield season review

Yep but not on that Sydney occasion. He took 6/9 in India, I think on debut?

The end of all things: Looking at Test cricket’s finishes

though i think i agree with you that in terms of cricket physiology isn’t changed much by money, in general athletic terms i don’t think you’re right. track and field is a very clear indicator, about as objective as a sport can be, that physiological performance does improve and change when money is pumped into research and facilities

'It bores me, so I don't know how anyone else can watch it': England star's staggering take on women's cricket

And there’s that story of a young kid wanting a pic of him and finding him smoking at the back of a stadium during that duplicitous smoking period. The kid didn’t care or probably know about the smoking thing, he just happily took a pic of his “hero”. The lovely Warne slapped the kid’s camera out of his hand so nobody would find out about his smoking and told him not to take anymore pics. What a guy 🤢 Not to mention the fraudulent “charity” he set up

BRETT GEEVES: Warne doco needed more Waugh, less puff piece to match MJ's Last Dance classic

Don’t think I’m outraged at your opinion – I disagree with it, but I’m fine with you having it (and expressing it) and am keen to discuss it if you are.
Why do you think sporting contests should not be vehicles for other causes/movements? I’d argue that things can be more than one thing, that being a sporting thing doesn’t mean it can’t also be another thing, simultaneously.

Why the Sydney Pink Test means so much to me

To sidestep the issue of choosing the bowlers, would be fun if, perhaps in Hobart, they just unleashed all the quicks and gave a few of the batters a rest. Cummins, Starc, Hazlewood, Neser, Richardson, Boland and I suppose Lyon if he wants to. They’d get enough runs to cover England, and that would be some insane bowling

'He's been titanic': Cummins names player of the series, targets world No.1 ranking and reflects on Ashes 'madness'

all good! i thought i’d missed someone

Stokes, Woakes and Foakes: Why England should dump Buttler

Who on earth is Majeed?

Stokes, Woakes and Foakes: Why England should dump Buttler

and rubbish on top of that, so double the pain!

FLEM'S VERDICT: 'Five years ago he'd be stressed' - Warner's big mentality shift, England's selection self destruction

that was an ironic and completely self-aware absence of a full-stop…honestly

FLEM'S VERDICT: 'Five years ago he'd be stressed' - Warner's big mentality shift, England's selection self destruction

I agree with Huss, those constant glove changes and unofficial drinks breaks really are a blight – batters are somewhat to blame.
I wouldn’t agree with the free hit idea, but not because it’s against tradition, just because it’s not the simplest solution. Docking runs seems much simpler
And it’s terrifying to think that Shane Warne is on the MCC world cricket committee (whatever that is). Hopefully they just pat him on the back while he prattles on about pizzas and flicks between muttering curses at Starc and advertising hair products, then turn around and ignore everything he says

Test cricket needs free hit rule to cut down on no-balls and time wasting

Yep, they just throw baguettes and cheese at them while they ride past non-stop, their meal is whatever sticks. Probably why they’re so skinny

Brutal banter or total bulls--t? The myths and reality of the greatest Ashes sledges

On your last point, I wonder if it’s because they release the ball from a wider angle, so you feel it’s coming in at you more directly? I always felt more comfy against them if I took a leg-stump or even outside leg stance – that way I’m basically playing either only a cover drive or it’s on my pads and I’m safe

Agar's 2022 prospects, India-NZ draw: Talking points from the world of cricket

He dropped one chance. Otherwise he was fine – in fact his pickup of the Maxwell throw which nearly ran out Neesham was very clean

MATCH REPORT: Magnificent Marsh outdoes Williamson epic as Australia claim World Cup glory

I have to disagree with you, and mainly because i think the rose-tinted glasses are speaking for you. i don’t begrudge them doing so, it’s understandable, but i don’t think they speak of accuracy

i’m 27. when i did my L’s driving test (just a few years ago, was lazy getting round to it) i asked the instructor roughly what % of the people he sees are manual vs automatic. i expected much what you’re saying, but was surprised to hear that it’s 60/40 in favour of manual, and growing

i recently stopped coaching a cricket team of 7/8 year olds. if any of them wear a cricket jersey to training most likely it’ll be a big bash uniform, but when i asked them if they’d prefer to play tests or t20s, only 2 in the team said t20s.

even though it looks it, things don’t always change as radically as they appear. the values and the reasons behind the things you cherish still exist for kids growing up now, and will do so for kids growing up 30 years from now. sure there’ll be new things and everything will get a bit messier, but i don’t think there’s any reason to think that there’ll be a total revolution in the things we value and enjoy

MATCH REPORT: Magnificent Marsh outdoes Williamson epic as Australia claim World Cup glory

Right, I thought you were referring to CSA’s decision as hypocritical, not the Aussie’s broadcaster’s words. Nevertheless, I don’t think media identities, nor many people at all, are considering academic legal definitions when throwing around words like ‘racist’, so it’s not entirely reasonable to hold them to that standard.
On the other hand, who cares what the broadcaster said. I think most people here are discussing Quinton’s actions, a South African person in a uniquely South African context, hence the confusion with the reference to Australian law. Fundamentally you’re right though, discrimination can be thrown both ways

'How racist do you have to be?': ABC presenter stunned by de Kock decision as cricket world divided

Well to be annoying that’s an Australian law, not South African, so it’s irrelevant to CSA’s decision.

But you’re probably right in assuming they’ve got something similar. Still, it’s not an uncommon idea that human rights as an idea are a tool, not a universal truth. So it shouldn’t be surprising that the tool is used for slightly grubby purposes as well as the more noble ones

'How racist do you have to be?': ABC presenter stunned by de Kock decision as cricket world divided

It’s ironic, but with all these bizarre ideas CA is actually the only cricketing body treating t20s as their originally were intended to be: pure irrelevant entertainment. Does anyone else remember the very first t20s, with the players joking around and having a laugh? We’re coming back round to that, only now it’s the administrators doing the joking around

There could be some very weird diamond ducks in the Big Bash with huge rule tweak

That was hilarious. Thanks for the article!

'Every game I left two tickets for Ferris Bueller': Australian cricket's underrated comedy genius

Actually Siddle didn’t execute it as he planned. I remember him saying afterwards that he was aiming for the top of off! Not a bad mistake though

My top ten Ashes dismissals: Part 1

Seems overall a good XI, agree on dropping Starc, not as sure about Harris over Pucovski.
If they’re going to keep picking Head, he should be swapped with Green. Green has a better defence, starts slower, and could do with the extra rest if we want him bowling. Head barely has a defence but likes to start quicker, which would be better suited at 6

It's on: England players agree to Ashes tour after CA calm COVID restriction fears

I think Broad and Anderson

Fresh setback puts Stokes in doubt for the Ashes

Thumbs down from me too for the strange inclusion of gambling odds. Doesn’t add anything to the discussion.

But is the roar a site of professional journalism?

The six men who could replace JL for the Ashes if player unrest becomes full-blown mutiny

Why does a line need to be drawn?

For the sake of argument, what constitutes a sport?