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Maybe Manly couldn’t afford the bus fare BL?

BREAKING: Preliminary final kick-off DELAYED as Brisbane's traffic pins Manly

My side is well gone for the year. But I’ll barrack for Manly – on a completely irrational basis. I had mates in Manly in the 1970s, and I used to stay at the Bombora Motel when on business in Sydney at 46 Malvern Avenue in Manly. Also, while acknowledging Bennett’s coaching record, I’m not sure that he’s the sort of bloke I’d have a beer with. Yes I know. He doesn’t drink. But you get my drift.

All the pressure Friday night is on Wayne Bennett's Rabbitohs. It will make them or break them

I used to turn up to job interviews at least three bus or train trips in advance to make sure I got there on time. Clearly getting to the church on time is not a priority for footballers paid a lot more than I ever got. If my interview was successful that is. Why don’t they start the game on time and see how many points Souths get on the board before Manly arrive. Probably none.

BREAKING: Preliminary final kick-off DELAYED as Brisbane's traffic pins Manly

jcm, I always like and respect your comments. But I’m not sure about this post of yours. Of course, you’re right that the contest for the ball continues in Rugby Union when the tackle is made. This is a crucial point of difference between both codes. And you’re right that Rugby League stops for a time when there’s a tackle. And I can’t argue with protection of players. This is essential. But there’s no need for the complexity we see these days at the tackle zone. Or at any other phase of play. Referees may not be killing the game by themselves, but the author is right that a combination of administrators, law makers, TMO, and referees are reducing the quality of the spectacle. It comes down to the question, are you not being entertained?

Refereeing is ruining rugby

Henry, your title is “How the Sea Eagles can beat the Rabbitohs”. I would say relatively easily. My side is out of contention for the year. But I will be barracking for Manly for historical personal reasons. They’re mostly entirely illogical. For example, I used to stay at the long gone Bombora Motel at 46 Malvern Avenue, Manly when I was in Sydney on business. Great place back then. So Manly it is. Plus Manly seems to be hitting their straps at the right time. And Uncle Wayne really hasn’t won a premiership for 11 seasons. And Souths are only slightly impressive. They might miss Mitchell more than they think.

How the Sea Eagles can beat the Rabbitohs

Paul, I’m just a few years behind you in age. I went to a rugby school, and I played club rugby. Quite badly actually. But I enjoyed it. You reveal that you’re from the Sunshine Coast. I’m not too far from you. As you are of my age group, you will know that Queensland rugby used be played on a borrowed field at Gilchrist Avenue in inner Brisbane. Then the deal was done with rugby league to swap to Ballymore. I paid to see matches at both locations for years. I loved going to the games. But now I rarely go because of cost, but mostly because of your points.

Why would anyone want to pay to go to a game where players are in action for less than half the allocated time? The parliamentary debate between the referee and the TMO in last night’s game between Oz and the Boks went on and on like a mother-in-law’s lecture. Even all those decades ago, I always thought that RU was more enjoyable to play, but league was better to watch. I played rugby on Saturday, and went to Lang Park for the league for years. I still think the differences between the codes make RU well worth watching. After all, I watched the games in recent weeks. But the game of rugby as described in Tom Brown’s Schooldays hasn’t been played that way for 100 years. It changed. It’s time for the modern version to change again.

Refereeing is ruining rugby

“How to influence referees without actually speaking to them” by WB. Available at all good media outlets. Hurry. Stocks are limited.

Wayne Bennett takes a massive swipe at the NRL

Calling in an aging player, whose past performances have been hit and miss, looks like desperation by Rennie. The Boks are not a side to use for experimentation. And apart from a good number 10, we really need a much better number 9.

CONFIRMED: Quade Cooper returns for Wallabies at No.10, Rodda starts, two debutants

Good suggestions BF. Moore also made the point after last weekend’s grand final that no-one involved was paid a cent. There’s too many people these days whose only vested interest is in keeping their snouts in the trough.

'We can’t sugarcoat this': Bring it in tight, Australian rugby

Isn’t the real story that the QRL wanted a coach solely dedicated to the Queensland Origin side, but Green made it clear that he wants to coach an NRL side? The QRL wants a coach for Origin with no other distractions. Green was honest about what he’d like to do, and both parties agreed on a future path for both. Isn’t as simple as that?

Paul Green punted as Queensland Origin coach

This is a good and fair summary Geoff. I don’t pretend to have the in-depth knowledge that many Roarers have. But what bothers me about this Wallabies team is that I don’t think this current ABs side is all that much better than the Oz side. They just do the simple things consistently better.

It seems to my admittedly untutored eye that our forwards more than held their own yesterday, and have done so in recent matches. Although I do think that our rucking and counter-rucking needs a lot of work.

But I find it hard to accept at this highly paid professional level that the Wallabies do things like kick poorly for the line; have box kicks charged down; miss penalty kicks, particularly easy ones; and still can’t stop allowing intercept tries. Our backs just don’t seem to know what to do.

Rennie and his supporting coaches seem to be OK. So I wonder if some of our players should be in the squad. On the other hand, I don’t know who else should be considered. I have to say that I enjoyed yesterday’s grand final in Brisbane between University of Queensland and GPS much better than the Bledisloe Cup game. And as Stephen Moore pointed out after the game, no-one was paid a cent.

I can’t recall which Roarer it was yesterday, but one of us published a list of statistics at one stage. It showed that the Wallabies were having the best of the statistics, but failing on the scoreboard. At this level, how could that be? And NZ was a man down for a while too. Quite frankly, I fear for the next match against SA. It could be a massacre.

The Wrap: Rinse and repeat as sharply focused All Blacks sweep the Wallabies

What’s wrong with that?

'We want to back Noah': Every word Rennie said on Quade, Fainga’a, Kerevi and Tate calls

In the end kk, you’re right. Parents might not be able to recall the details of Mitchell’s action this time next year, but they’ll certainly remember the press photographs of Manu’s face. About the time they’re enrolling their child at their local soccer club.

Reynolds insists no intent in Latrell hit

I agree that rugby struggles in the financial stakes Backrower. But it matters how you use what you’ve got too, and I don’t think RA has been smart about doing this. Look at how full the bank account was after, what was it, the 2003 World Cup (should have checked this)? What benefits were obtained from having all that money? Not much in my opinion.

I certainly agree with you about the complexity and technicality of the laws. Your “swing” fan isn’t going to be attracted by a game where they don’t know what’s going on. And the potential to contravene the laws several times in a game contributes to a game supposed to go for 80 minutes being less than half that.

The other thing is that rugby doesn’t get anywhere the same amount of publicity that league does. And it doesn’t seem to work too hard to get it either. The recent change to offering more free to air coverage of union on Channel 9 is a good step forward. Although RL can offer a number of NRL matches every week and RU doesn’t have the same structure or potential. The amount of press coverage of union here in Brisbane is very sparse, but league attracts several pages and stories every day.

The out-of-the-box strategy to boost rugby depth in Australia

Very well said JA.

Hit for six: Latrell done for season as verdict lands

Agreed Tony. I watched the footage a few times. It might not matter whether Mitchell used his shoulder, or whether his chest made first contact, or whether Manu was in possession of the ball. What I saw seemed to be a premeditated attack to Manu’s head, and Mitchell lined him up over quite a distance. The outcome of the hearing will be interesting.

Another crazy chapter in the Book of Feuds as Mitchell's moment of madness stuns Manu

It might not matter whether it was a shoulder charge or whether the contact was with Mitchell’s chest. It doesn’t look good because it looks like a deliberate attack to Manu’s head.

Things get intense after Latrell Mitchell's hideous high shot on former teammate

Great riposte Midfielder. Thanks for an interesting story. I was actually in a ruck long, long ago twice where my own team mates were trying to get me off the ball. There are no friends in a ruck.

Are Australian rugby's administrators courageous enough?

Thanks for a good reply Midfielder. I know that others on these boards have shrunk from the issue of private ownership of teams. But I think you’ve got a good proposition. Look, I’m just an old bloke watching all this from the bleacher seats. But I’ve wondered for a long time how rugby can keep going with its current fragile financial model in a country with limited sponsorship and broadcasters paying stupidly high prices for product. There aren’t many Twiggy Forrest’s in Oz who are prepared to pump money into a franchise.

By the way, your comment about being in the bottom of a ruck resonated with me. I was never a player of any consequence but, like many Roarers, I played in an era where the referee was required to check whether we’d filed our aluminium studs to a point to persuade someone lying over the ball in a ruck to be successful elsewhere.

Are Australian rugby's administrators courageous enough?

This is a thought provoking article Midfielder. You ask whether RU administrators can demonstrate courage. I don’t disagree, but I’d like to see more sound judgement and business acumen instead of greed and protection of power. I know that’s strong language, particularly because most of us, including myself, are not in any position to know what is really going on. But I’d be interested to know what happened to the $40 million garnered from the World Cup in, what, 2003. How did the Folau fiasco unfurl the way that it did and cost RA a reported $4 million it couldn’t afford? How will the private equity loan be paid off when the sport is bleeding money? How did the faceless people who run the code get away with the way Raelene Castle was treated? Growth is not RA’s problem. It’s working out how to sustainably keep what we have.

Are Australian rugby's administrators courageous enough?

Glenn has been a great servant for the club both on and off the field. Unlike some of his peers, Glenn plays his heart out in every game. But it seems that he won’t be entirely lost to the Bronx. Today’s press in Brisbane says that he’ll have some sort of ambassadorial job with the club next year. Wishing him and his family all the best.

Broncos skipper Glenn hangs up the boots

Australia has held the cup for more years than the record suggests, although it wasn’t because the Wallbies won several series. Spiro Zavos wrote a detailed and excellent history of the Bledisloe Cup for The Roar on 17/8/2017, exactly 4 years ago today. Spiro reported that interest in the Cup was so low at one time that it went missing for several years. Some very good detective work found it in a storeroom of the NZ Government Tourist Bureau in Temple Court in Melbourne. Spiro also reported that it’s doubtful that Lord Bledisloe ever showed any interest in the Cup, and that he merely allowed his name to be used and did not donate the Cup personally. I suggest that interest might nosedive again because the chances of Australia winning a series are so poor.

The simple, infallible way the Wallabies can stop losing the Bledisloe Cup every year

Macca, your article may be more interesting for the points not mentioned than for those that it does. For example, why is such a large commentary team needed for a match. What with presenters, experts, analysts, side line spruikers, and other hangers on, the media contingent is almost as large as playing rosters. In times gone by when rugby league was on radio, only one caller was sufficient. In Brisbane, I’m thinking of George Lovejoy and Billy J Smith. But Sterling will be missed as a voice of reason, experience, and knowledge in a sea of fools.

Channel 9 might have had the broadcasting rights for the last 30 years. But times have changed. In fact, the NRL should be planning for the day when no-one wants to pay for broadcasting rights, because I think that time might be approaching. For example, some media reports suggest that broadcasters don’t make much or any money from broadcasting football of any discipline, and that includes the Olympic Games. If that’s even partly true, then paying squillions to broadcast games may not be an attractive proposition in the future. Especially if it includes Freddie’s weekly report. Thanks for a constructively provocative article.

'Eats at the NRL product': Sterlo was right to call full-time at Nine

Well said Tony. I couldn’t agree more. These so-called trainers are just pests who add no value to the game.

Commentators break out the 2019 GF gags after rare 'trainer interference' moment

Geoff, I’m sorry to be hitting this thread so much. But your comment about the RLPA being incapable of recognising the need to act for its members on the concussion issue struck a chord. I don’t think that the RLPA is of much use at all about anything, and I write as someone who was a union member for about 50 years. I’m aware that there’s been a debate about whether the RLPA is a union or a common interest group. Whatever, I wish players good luck with getting constructive representation from their Association – on any issue.

'No transparency': Is NRL's concussion crackdown going right over SafeWork NSW's head?