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A passionate, yet moderate view on all things rugby. "grass is the basis of all rugby" Sometimes ref, sometimes coach, rubbish player and always will believe in the rugby family.



So true! Wallabies will correct that good habit with our gold standard bad habit! :0

Tom Banks, Nic White named to start as Wallabies side to play South Africa is revealed

Brett, “It’s certainly a nice problem to have, but it absolutely underlines my point about depth. Having now adjusted their eligibility policy to select players from wherever they’re playing, Erasmus can be both pragmatic and strategic with his selections during the Rugby Championship.”
This will be Cheika’s Legacy! Australia needs to move on from a controlling elite’s view of how we are and be honest with ourselves and select the very best Australian player where ever they are. That way we might just be able to give our mates across the ditch a run for their money. Should Australia put in a dud performance, a breakthrough is on offer.

In a RWC year, what are Cheika’s future-proofing obligations?

Yeah Actually I think they are different to us. I would like to think that we are strong enough to do that. But honestly, we are not like them. The code is struggling on multiple fronts and yet still popular in a few. But health check is poor. So let them go get and good overseas and pay them for their value when and if we need them.

Talk of a million too much for Tupou

Jacko just for you here is Gilmore CV.
(Tahs Board please read twice)
Rugby Australia
National Academies Coach/Junior Wallabies Coach
Company NameRugby Australia
Dates EmployedNov 2018 – Present
Employment Duration8 mos
Queensland Rugby Union (Queensland Reds)
Company NameQueensland Rugby Union (Queensland Reds)
Total Duration4 yrs 1 mo
TitleReds EYD Coach/Junior Wallabies Coach
Dates EmployedNov 2017 – Nov 2018
Employment Duration1 yr 1 mo
TitleAssistant Coach
Dates EmployedNov 2016 – Nov 2017
Employment Duration1 yr 1 mo
Show 1 more role
Anglican Church Grammar School (Churchie)
1st XV Head Coach & Athletic Development Coordinator
Company NameAnglican Church Grammar School (Churchie)
Dates EmployedJan 2013 – Nov 2014
Employment Duration1 yr 11 mos
Toowoomba Grammar School
1st XV Head Coach
Company NameToowoomba Grammar School
Dates EmployedOct 2010 – Nov 2012
Employment Duration2 yrs 2 mos
Queensland Rugby Union (Queensland Reds)
Company NameQueensland Rugby Union (Queensland Reds)
Total Duration7 yrs
TitleJunior Reds Head Coach
Dates EmployedJan 2008 – Oct 2010
Employment Duration2 yrs 10 mos
TitleState Development Manager
Dates Employed2003 – Dec 2007
Employment Duration4 yrs

Talk of a million too much for Tupou

Jacko, Agree mate will send and SMS to Mr Hore right now with his phone number. This bloke is not unknow to RA ha had a pretty good run at coaching ask a few 7’s players.

Talk of a million too much for Tupou

TWAS, your point is fair. But if I was Raelene? (don’t think I want her job anyway) I would kill the Giteau Law. Kerevi is a great player, $900K per year is a lot of cash. Would suggest he is saying no because Hooper is over the 1M, Topu is almost there, so to speak. I think its a parity/face issue. But I digress, kill this Giteau Law madness, bring our tourists back on a match fee basis if good enough when and if needed. Lock in our U20’s for 4-5 years and see how that works. Do that each year and see how 80 fastastic U25 players work for us? Rugby is a young mans game after all.

Talk of a million too much for Tupou

Will, I wonder what RA is feeling at the moment? They have been largely criticised for every decision they make. This one is just a long line in many gafs, seriously I wonder. We all know the story about limited earning times, the threat of going overseas to the big money etc., But can they not see the problem lies within. Topu had many choices of National Squads, OZ, Tonga & Kiwi. But he chose us? Why? That needs to be explored and answered. Cash is always king in contracts but culture and a sense of opportunity are also key. $250K over the price I would have thought. Topu is Young and has the opportunity to play 100 tests for the Wallabies so he is valuable but we need to work it out. We pay too much for Pocock (end of his useful careeer due to injury) Hooper we could have saved 1.5 million on that. I think it was just paraity call, but on who? Leaves me dumb founded. My real focus today is to tie up the U20 squad for 4 years if possible. Looking forward you need a new? 1-15 watch a few games! Standouts are Longian, Frost, McRight, Lucas just to name a few, others are just fanstatic and have all shown the values we so long for in Gold. I would want to incubate them further, prevent them from becoming a brat pack by over adoring them ( Cooper, O’conner & Beale – remember) then let them loose on belting our old mates across the ditch. Their lies the secret, is they have already belted the junior All Blacks in the Oceania Champs and kept their score line intack. I can’t remember a Wallaby side doing that in living memory. Some would call that a winning Culture. I not sure what that is in test footy but I do like the sound of it….

Talk of a million too much for Tupou

Cheers Gibbo! A good bloke to all accounts. However the head coach space is a tough one and with a results sheet like this season, best to go on your terms. Good luck with the future. Back onto the Tahs, is being the Coach of NSW a poision challace? I think so…….

Daryl Gibson resigns as Waratahs head coach after dismal season

Northern Pom a good read. I like the ideas of us locking our bright young stars in on incentive/performance contracts. Allow the NRL converts to cross over any time they want and if young enough move them onto the same style contracts. But more importantly the benefit of Lucas playing in the Reds has lit up the U20’s. So the Super Rugby should be a place for them to hone their skill. Hiding these players in the back 22 is a bad idea. Look at Mason in the Tahs, no game time and his form drops. Understandable really, but we need to set him up with game time and that should be the role of Scott Johnson to figure out. Good luck with this?

The Junior Wallabies offer RA a way forward – just don't call them a 'golden generation'

Nic, thanks for providing a Wednesday morning diversion. Great topic btw. Australia is in such strife with it’s game; the way forward seems a lot more confused to me. I fail to see the issue in opening selections for our World Cup team to overseas contracted players. I would expect that you would offer them a match selection success fee and a train on squad fee so they earn something. Should it be excessive or even like an Australian resident marque player, no I don’t think so. Players are young, their time window is limited and earnings are crutial for later on. Wallaby success is important to us all. We are certainly in no place to accept some losses because we have such excessive talent it does not matter. Last time I checked we where a long way behind the boys over the ditch and even the Poms belted us. So lets not pretend (something that is inherrantly “rugby” in Australia). Nic and Will are playing at their peak at this point in time. Maybe its because they matured overseas, or they connected with coaching staff but really, who cares. They are worthy of consideration by the selectors and we should consider making them an offer. The Giteau Law is a rubbish idea and we need to see it as such and get on with winning a game for a change. RA needs to find clarity and get on with it. Give Johnson, Chieka and their team the tools so they can excell. Is it really that hard?

Will Australian rugby become a farm for the north?

ever listened to the refs during a game? They do all what you say anyway. They refer to themselves as a team of three. Ref’s are a product of their country, personality and Union.
All different always different and thats the colour of rugby.

The constant cry for consistency

ZC, For a Rugby Pro I am left a little underwhelmed. The Cry for Refereeing Consistency will never ever ever stop. The sheer fact it’s screamed out from the tree tops seems that it is quite consistent. In the hundreds of elite games that are refereed each week the refereeing is by all standards very high. Rugby is one of the most dynamic games played, based on a comprehensive law book that is balanced by an overarching need to have freedom and fluidity to play in a way the team chooses all the time the referee is managing this dynamic fluid approach with a sense of creating a symphony that the crowd pay big money to come and see. The teams (coaching machine) scheme ways to graft advantage in a way that allows them to live in the grey spaces between Black Letter law and a material effect that should not impede the fluidity of the game/spectactical. Richie McCaw possibly the greatest of all players managed this on a level which only real rugby boffins would be in awe, most of the crowd would simply miss. Referees for which I am would tell you that errors in refereeing happen, televised ones are always held up as massive errors (shock, horror) but in reality not to many issues arise. As a some who has also thrown their shoulder behind the wheel of being a coach. You always want to play in a way that keeps the ref out of decisions that control the outcome of a game. The highlighted fau-pars you illustrate are those high impact moments that change the possible result.
The amount of work of the referee that goes into reducing the poor judgement calls in a match is phenomenal and the systems that WR and all tiers down go through is extensive. The Game Management Guidelines that are published by WR and each country are clearly testament to this drive for consistency. I would suggest it’s been achieved for years now. A process that is statistically well within acceptable margins.

The constant cry for consistency

This is the story that keeps on giving after its given its all. I feel for the pro journo’s who must be as bored with this as I am reading it. But its still here and we are still writing about it. (go Figure) But, on your point will Raelene survive this? Absolutely, she has navigated a pretty course through this so far and I hope she makes it to the end without too much personal damage to her. However, sadly I think Nick Taylor will be calculating his options. I am sure the keyboard warriors are already seething about my comment. But any CEO dealing with type of HR issue would be on the ropes. But my take-outs are, RA has been seen in a more positive light than negative through this whole affair. No press are out there screaming for RC head (I EXCLUDE ALAN JONES ALWAYS).
My read is she tried to handle the issue with understanding the first time and received acknowledgement that all was good. Contract issues, I just don’t know what really did happen etc so lets not speculate. Then after assurances the issue re-occurs and RC is painted into a pretty tight spot. No winners from this point forward only dignity and scars. To be fair Raelene has treated IF with dignity and RA public and sponsors as such. There is an issue which is being dealt with the best way possible. Ideally, IF should have come back into the fold, but that looks like its not possible, so settlement is the only answer, out of court preferably. I saw RC the other day leaving RA, she has worries and plenty of them, but I felt she was growing into her role. So would I give her a pass mark? For the Issie issue 8/10. So lets get back to the RWC topics like who who in the Rugby Camp Zoo! Cheika, Johnson, O’connor 4 x 10’s, 3×15’s, Is Kurtley our man???? I just want to get excited so can we move on?

Will Raelene Castle survive the Folau scandal?

AG Don’t agree about your first line but do think he could show himself in a better light. So basically we are not too far apart 😉

Is there any clean way out for Rugby Australia?

Wax I get that line of thought. Now put yourself in the position of IF. On a 1 million per year, life’s great, the world great and then WTF its not now, what happened? Some guy who I don’t know, hates me! Why what did I say? I am a horrible person now,??? Why what has changed I give 100K away to church and charity I love all like God says.
Now someone wants all this gone (my life) and the smart people (who I paid to make sure it all stays good) say they are wrong don’t worry we will sort it.
Sorry mate for the colourful response, but it’s just not one person. To be clear most lawyers want to go to court cause that’s what they do. Issy will just take their advice. Probably the problem in the first place. But let’s not excuse him. His is an adult and that’s the gig we all have.

Is there any clean way out for Rugby Australia?

JJ-D I consider my article balanced and objective. Don’t believe that Issy is a dangerous mind unlike some of the vitrole I see/read on social media. But I do think that he has kick a bee hive down the street naively. Resulting in the angry crowd crowing for blood. Little if any improvement in the whole situation will come from this.

Is there any clean way out for Rugby Australia?

RR thanks for adding to the discussion. My small interactions with IF would definitely support Humble and Considerate and Uncomplicated. Unfortunately his life is extremely complicated as a high profile Rugby Player/Preacher/Brand Ambassador/Money Machine and although I believe his intentions are by his measure thought to be good. He has tripped up (twice) causing a bunch of others to react in ways he could have never imagined. I get this. My challenge is how does one find their way through this maze.

Is there any clean way out for Rugby Australia?

Turn it down Reedy! the players only ever cheat on the edges. Close that out and then they will move onto something else. Maybe even playing rugby.

Thomas du Toit’s yellow card was spot on and there should be more of them

Geoff, Good to read the mind is still active on this topic. My utopian plan has the angle of the clubs in capital cities being allowed to become successful by keeping the focus on tribalism and finding ways to get money into their world. Sydney Uni leads the pack with Warringah Rats developing quickly. As these guys hit their optimum, then the Draft begins and feeder club networks so player call up options can be sorted out and players find their way to Two Blue and West Harbour. This is essential to get the western sydney and the newcastle and illawarra regions working.”Worthy of Noting” that a number of the Sydney Premier clubs have large stocks of colts who they struggle to find game time for and the Subbies comp admins prefer they sit out rather than play feeder structures sort this stuff out. Net result – we lose players at a key time. Following on, I do like the idea of a shortish Shute Shield and a knockout comp following. Open to all clubs (country wide)aka FA Cup Style comp.

The Wrap: Is Rugby Australia about to kill off the NRC, and if so, what happens next?

Brett McKay, for an ugly game of Rugby the contest was there. Rebels need to have a real naval gaze about dominance at the breakdown and illegal play. Every team does it to some extent, its pretty much how you win the game on the ground. But the Rebels are not adapting and learning how to turn off the over competitive (naughty) play. If they fix that then they could go really close to a GF.

Discipline the only thing that will prevent a Rebels’ Australian conference title

Geoff, not so confident on the Foley V Cooper contest. Given Foley’s F/Us in the first half at test level the game would have gone to God! So to speak. One intercept, as good as it was in not the way to judge a player.

The greazy conditions and both teams inability to adapt was my real concern. The only real take home point for me was the Rebels are being to involved in the contest beyond the clinical thought process giving away too many cheap penalties and meters because of it. Wessels who has been the best coach this year has to manage this facet of the Rebels game.

For me, the best contest was in the Hookers with Fitzpatrick throwing well all night and holding together a pretty good scrum. Rangi didn’t seem to forge his usual dominance and lost a couple of lineouts.

On the side bar, Banjo Travis, Sydney Uni’s 1st grade halfback played a cracker game with accurate flat and fast passing off the deck in Uni’s belting of the Warringah (50-0). Jake Gordon was there to watch, his Uni team play and must be thinking life is pretty competitive up and down the Rugby ladder.

The Wrap: Foley TKOs Cooper as Australian conference tightens up

With hindsight! I hope he gets tonsillitis every week if that’s how he plays!

Foley says Folau is hurting the Waratahs

Sacking will be tricky. Next week the code of conduct people have there say and they will make a recommendation that will be at least the next week after that. RA will then suggest to IF resigning is a better way to go. His lawyer will say court please what you got to loose. Six months with a court result or a settlement in 4 months I guess

Raelene needs to be a mum and look after her kids

I found Kafers public statements bizarre. I thought he was an RA employees amongst other things. I cannot see how he has managed to enhance the game. I get all the exwallaby commentary but he should be sitting on his hands on this. His mine field of fox and ra is hard to understand

Raelene needs to be a mum and look after her kids

Tad tough on RC and labeling her is close to hate speech. But I do agree there is a lot of keyboard warrior stuff. Cool heads need to prevail. Would like you to offer a possible solution?

Raelene needs to be a mum and look after her kids