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Brett McKay, for an ugly game of Rugby the contest was there. Rebels need to have a real naval gaze about dominance at the breakdown and illegal play. Every team does it to some extent, its pretty much how you win the game on the ground. But the Rebels are not adapting and learning how to turn off the over competitive (naughty) play. If they fix that then they could go really close to a GF.

Discipline the only thing that will prevent a Rebels’ Australian conference title

Geoff, not so confident on the Foley V Cooper contest. Given Foley’s F/Us in the first half at test level the game would have gone to God! So to speak. One intercept, as good as it was in not the way to judge a player.

The greazy conditions and both teams inability to adapt was my real concern. The only real take home point for me was the Rebels are being to involved in the contest beyond the clinical thought process giving away too many cheap penalties and meters because of it. Wessels who has been the best coach this year has to manage this facet of the Rebels game.

For me, the best contest was in the Hookers with Fitzpatrick throwing well all night and holding together a pretty good scrum. Rangi didn’t seem to forge his usual dominance and lost a couple of lineouts.

On the side bar, Banjo Travis, Sydney Uni’s 1st grade halfback played a cracker game with accurate flat and fast passing off the deck in Uni’s belting of the Warringah (50-0). Jake Gordon was there to watch, his Uni team play and must be thinking life is pretty competitive up and down the Rugby ladder.

The Wrap: Foley TKOs Cooper as Australian conference tightens up

With hindsight! I hope he gets tonsillitis every week if that’s how he plays!

Foley says Folau is hurting the Waratahs

Sacking will be tricky. Next week the code of conduct people have there say and they will make a recommendation that will be at least the next week after that. RA will then suggest to IF resigning is a better way to go. His lawyer will say court please what you got to loose. Six months with a court result or a settlement in 4 months I guess

Raelene needs to be a mum and look after her kids

I found Kafers public statements bizarre. I thought he was an RA employees amongst other things. I cannot see how he has managed to enhance the game. I get all the exwallaby commentary but he should be sitting on his hands on this. His mine field of fox and ra is hard to understand

Raelene needs to be a mum and look after her kids

Tad tough on RC and labeling her is close to hate speech. But I do agree there is a lot of keyboard warrior stuff. Cool heads need to prevail. Would like you to offer a possible solution?

Raelene needs to be a mum and look after her kids

Personally I have a special place in my support for the convicts over many years. No more than one day last year when playing a Div 6 game they told me that they are more than happy to have straight players because to be inclusive is to be inclusive! That is just so impressive! But we all agree that Izzy has not been good with this style of call out. He is not calling ng on mass bashing’s or death etc. So keep it in perspective, but that still does not make it ok. In a perfect world we want him being more inclusive and scoring tries at the RWC. My challenge to Roarers is to find out how to get there!

Raelene needs to be a mum and look after her kids

Andys I run a company and in my day I often feel like I am all of the above. Leaders of people/ company’s need to be humans as they manage many humans working together. It’s dynamic and challenging, especially if you want them to want to work for you organisation.

Raelene needs to be a mum and look after her kids

Folau has not been sacked and I guess he won’t. But that does not mean he gets off scott free with a pat on the head and a promise to be good. Rather RC has to hold the line with the playing roster and not break the law so RA does not get sued and maximise Australia’s chances at the work cup. I bet Cheika’s not saying that Issy is not in the reconning for the RWC squad.

Raelene needs to be a mum and look after her kids

Drew the author used the title as a play on the rugby family something in my time in rugby I hold close. Have played in a number of countries (poorly as a amateur) rugby has been welcoming in every respect. The CEO for Australia is the head of that family! RC has been pretty good in dealing with this issue so far. I would like to back her to get this right. But could you find a way outa this impass?

Raelene needs to be a mum and look after her kids

Sure, say the tough stuff and I believe terms of his contract were breached. I don’t know his contract details so I am speculating. But we all know this the point is …. if you think the team would be better for him being in the squad than out? My test for this is if you wrote a team from one to 15 of prospective Wallabies a month ago would Izzy had been there? 95% of rugby smarts would of had him in the team somewhere. That means he is a player of value and we have an issue with him. So which way forward from now?

Raelene needs to be a mum and look after her kids

Fionn what inspirational means is that he is driven by beliefs outside of just wanting to be a pro footballer. He is both, but what drives him as a person would be his relationship with his religion and God. The issue at the moment is all based on a literal view from the bible that gets him trouble. But he calls on his beliefs to play the Rugby at the level he does. Fundamentally you would have your core beliefs and why you played the game. For most of us they don’t link up. Me, I played because of my mates and beer! But my core beliefs are not those. It’s common for inspirational players to see there rugby as an extension of their beliefs. It’s what makes them special.

Raelene needs to be a mum and look after her kids

Figuratively speaking

Raelene needs to be a mum and look after her kids

I would have thought RC end game is to keep Issy and smooth over the issues and win the RWC. I am unsure how not having IF improves the circumstances

Raelene needs to be a mum and look after her kids

Inspirational is Issy’s profile. Recognise that and if you want to judge the treat that as separate

Raelene needs to be a mum and look after her kids

Wessels humility about the Moon Doggies face off is truly a beautiful thing. It sets the tone for the team and fans that they are no easy beats. (BTW WE ALL KNOW THAT BY NOW ANYWAY) Rebs have chosen to go for their strongest team for two reasons. 1: belting the Moon Doggies produces a solid 5 points which puts them in a really strong position on the SR ladder. 2: Another win on the trot for team building into the middle of the season will make it easier for the run home to the quarter finals plus give the fans something to be really excited about. That is something the Horra-tahs have always struggled with and Red and Brumbies can only work towards. If Wessels can get a number of his players into the Wallaby squad, the team will also be a good place for future aspiring players to gravitate towards. All in all, Rebels are on the front foot and going in a direction that can only make RC and her team at RA extremely pleased.

Rebels wary of wounded Super Sunwolves

Coached it for years with great success. You need to create a team that thinks and adapts on field. The spine is the concept of the key players thinking collectively and leading their own groups to act as one.

Halfway to heaven: The Will and Quade show rolls on

Success always breeds stronger connections between players. Rebs have the chemistry set out brewing up the magic potion that’s called winning culture. Hats off to all the mexicans they are doing a great job.

Halfway to heaven: The Will and Quade show rolls on

It appears to me that the teams can’t see the forest for all the trees. Teams (select players) appear to not comprehend what the plan is and how to engage as a team. Everybody in Australian rugby wants to score on the current phase of play. The recycle and build pressure concept in my view is the foundation of attacking play, until options for the other present themselves. But in the RedsVRebs game two things key things emerged. 1: Reds team is tough and improving. Short the odd position but you could see where the Thorn ideology is going. This year will be encouraging for the QRU, next year will be good. 2: Wessels has the brain, his game plan and harnessing the skills of Genia and Cooper with good backs is a delight to watch even if you are not a Rebs fan. The Rebs Pack has many standouts with Rangi, Jones, Philip and did I say Rangi and Jones? On form Rangi line out throws is superior to all other 2’s in the country. Jones once shunned by Australian Rugby, they now need his defence effort and work ethic.

The Wrap: Super Rugby finals spots still open for all teams

Ok Roar!
You own me!

Scott Johnson picks Quade Cooper as his preferred Wallabies playmaker

A real pleasure to read and think on positive issues in Rugby. I have sat through a few seminar/discussions on short/push pass concepts over the time. However the key issue is the motivation versus patience. We all know that if we can generate a 2 on 1 the games major goal is achieved and try is likely follow.
This is where patience comes into play. Players are coached to reach for the extra bit and more often than not they only remember the miracle pass, the chip and regather which gets the result/reward. This is far more juicey than the grind and graft approach to winning a game through the minute segments of the match. Afterall, it’s the numbers on the board at 80 minutes on clock that count. Players and coaches need to balance the quick fix versus forge a place of power than attack. We all know what the fans want. They want Quade to throw the blind cut 3 pass with two defenders hanging off him and the journos love it too as it give them a chance to chortole!

Why even Rebels have to follow the rules

TF you and I could drink together as I mostly agree. However What is stark to most Tahs fans is that Snorter Hunt is shaping up to be a cracker 12 in D and straight running. He created a turning point which sent the second string Saders to the sword. with a crash ball that sent a player to the bench and an offensive tackle which sent all things a drift in my inner coach feelings and sent another player to the bench! While ever his form is there so should he. TK & Kerevi are great but as a pair its a no. Kerevi is a 12 and TK has to earn his spot at 13. Too many young’ns on the scene. Also Meakes has been putting his hand up and needs to be given a train on spot this season.

The Wallabies team that can bring home the World Cup

Well Done Will Knight! Touched the “Quade” button and the clicks go wild! In OZ rugby today we need a messiah to lead us from the wilderness. It could have been Raelene, Clive and or Michael. But alas it’s our old mate Quade Cooper. Love or hate this bloke and I am more than guilty of both. But in the world of Northern Hemisphere “rush defence” the Genia and Cooper fast and flat passing is a delight to watch as our backs learn to run onto passes and through gaps. Just can’t ignore it “Quake” Cooper is shaking the ground. So lets see how he goes against the Saffies and those ugly number 6,7 & 8 all of which will get and extra strip of BILTONG for belting Quade. I believe he will acquit himself well and not end up as BOEREWORS all curled up on the ground.

Calm down over Quade

Fionn, last weeks game for me was revealing about Toomua. He is a good footballer but he Rebs had the Brums locked down and MT didn’t really get the cut through as 10 and captain. He tackles well but I think SR is hes level.

Straight lines the Waratahs’ blueprint to simple but effective attack

NB, on the money again. TK cannot be picked on future form, he like all the other players running around must be picked on CURRENT form. At this stage TK needs to step up the same goes for Beale and Hodge. I am looking forward to seeing TK, Beale and Hodge all assert themselves for selection on the paddock. For me, and I find it’s strange being such a Quade sceptic, that by line looks like
9. Gennia then Gordon
10. Cooper then Foley
11. Folau
12. Hunt then Kerevi
13. English then TK & Rona
14: Korebitie
15: DHP then Maddocks & Beale
(big questions: Nic White, JOC? I really want the OS players to be available)
Its quite strange in a nice way to see some serious depth.

This World Cup is shaping up for the Wallabies to a very scary outsider option! Perhaps Rae’s has had her special prayers answered?

Why the Wallabies should be on the midfield K-trail