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Thanks everyone for your comments. A consolidated reply:
– I like Meakes just don’t see him being selected. However didn’t know he can play 13, which might change things.
– Personally I’d go with CLL instead of Foley, just can’t see that happening.
– I think some of Cheika’s “Preferiti” won’t get selected because: results have been so bad and Cheika’s future employment is on the line, there are (supposedly) other selectors now, and players are now available that weren’t previously.
– I think Matt Philip would do well, but again don’t see him being selected. Can he play 6 as well? if so replaces Salakaia-Loto .
– If Hodge can get extended time at 13 he may be the answer as he is a better distributor than Kuridrani and I want his boot on the field from the start, not in the last 20 or so.
– I don’t think Koroibete deserves to be selected.
– Feauai-Sautia could well be there. Has some flexibility.
– No problems with Uelese if he can show form in a limited time, but no Latu
– I think English is a very good 13 with the skills I am looking for, just don’t see him being selected.
– Petaia would have been in my squad but for injury.
– I think Rangi deserves selection, but again just don’t see that happening.

Predicting the 31-man Wallabies World Cup squad

Crucial weekend for the Rebels. If they don’t win this I don’t see them topping the Australian Conference.

Super Rugby Round 13: Lucky for some?

I’m calling out all the journalists and Rugby commentators to come out tomorrow and absolutely crucify this non-event! What utter rubbish and treating the Australian Rugby public with disdain and contempt. Alan Jones, Wayne Smith, Spiro, Brett McKay, Bob Dwyer, etc looking forward to your savage critiques tomorrow!

Rugby Australia chairman delivers short update on Wallabies coach

Brett a huge thank you for your continuing efforts to showcase and improve the NRC. I think it’s a great (little) comp. Your suggestions will certainly help it.
I know you are highlighting the outstanding newcomers, but will you do an NRC Team of the Competition, so including even senior players?
Also will there be a comp next year?

Another great NRC season, but we know it could be better

Cheika is like that German bloke in his bunker as the Russian tanks are at the gates, “we can still wins this! Why can’t you do what I tell you to do?”. With his loyal lieutenants shouting in agreement.
Take self-belief to far and you end up with pig-headed arrogance.
It also takes a big person to say they were wrong and gracefully walk away. I haven’t seen anything to indicate Cheika is that type of person.

An open letter to Michael Cheika: Sir, please step down

For all the talk about players’ ‘reload times’, it doesn’t count if you reload quickly if all you are firing is blanks!!!

Five talking points from Springboks vs Wallabies

Isn’t there a maximum a Super club can pay a player, and RA pays any top up? I saw your (maybe wasn’t you) suggest Quade’s 650000 is 325000 paid by QLD and 325000 by RA.

The Wrap: No Super Rugby off-season while World Rugby gathers in Sydney

Thanks Geoff. Gee if you didn’t have a contract for next year by now you’d be worried.

The Wrap: No Super Rugby off-season while World Rugby gathers in Sydney

Thanks TWAS. Bit short on Locks and Hookers I think. I forgot Rangi. Is he still there?

The Wrap: No Super Rugby off-season while World Rugby gathers in Sydney

Hi Geoff, what is the Rebels roster for next year? This is what I have so far:
Jermaine Ainsley
Ben Daley
Mees Erasmus
Pone Fa’amausili
Tetera Faulkner
Fereti Sa’aga
Sam Talakai
Laurie Weeks
Hugh Roach
Jordan Uelese
Adam Coleman
Matt Philip
Sam Jeffries
Angus Cottrell
Richard Hardwick
Ross Haylett-Petty
Luke Jones
Rob Leota
Brad Wilkin
Isi Naisarani
Will Genia
Harrison Goddard
Michael Ruru
Matt Toomua
Jack Debreczeni
Reece Hodge
Bill Meakes
Tom English
Sione Tuipulotu
Semisi Tupou
Marika Koroibete
Sefanaia Naivalu
Dane Haylett-Petty
Jack Maddocks
Quade Cooper
Campbell Magnay

The Wrap: No Super Rugby off-season while World Rugby gathers in Sydney

You need to recant! RA is good! RA is right! Or failing that sent to a re-education camp, and upon successfully re-education reinstalled to your former rank.

Australian Rugby shouldn’t fear structure

No doubt Hooper will have to do more work at the breakdown tonight, even with Samu on the field.

Michael Hooper is at a career crossroad tonight

Even with Folau also now out, the Wallabies really should win this one. Both teams will be desperate for a win, but we have the great motivator! While our losses to the ABs were convincing, they weren’t unexpected. The Boks loss to the Pumas was. I expect it to be tight, but a Wallabies win.

Wallabies vs Springboks Rugby Championship preview and prediction

We should immediately extend Cheik’s contract through to the 2023 World Cup, as we have with Hoops. This will give us great continuity and ensure we are well prepared with Captian and Coach in place for the next 5 years.

Will Cheika be sacked before the World Cup?

Matt the problem with Provincial sides playing touring teams during the Super Rugby competition is that Coaches are loathed to risk injury to their stars. Look at the Force last year against the Lions! Yes good exposure for up-and-comers but the best team wont be on the field. Without the star the spectacle will be lessened unfortunately. And of course it won’t be on free to air 🙁

Australian Provincial Rugby Championship 2016-2020