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Wonderful news all round. Only 29 years old and 60 Tests for Australia. Any team would love that in a new player. If there was any doubt about the serious of the Force to be competitive going forward, and indeed Rugby Australia including the Force, then that should be put to bed now. Coach and Captain re-sign for two years, and three Wallabies far from the twilight of their careers joining, bodes well for the Force and Australian Rugby. As others have mentioned, the Force still need a quality Lock, and a 10 if Lance leaves.

Western Force announce major signing of Tevita Kuridrani

Corne I have an article drafted which leverages in part of your recent one. But I wanted to know how Saffas and Kiwis feel about this fundamental change in the calendar. I think it works in many ways. Will submit to ROAR after a few more comments. Cheers.

European clubs throw spanner in global rugby talks, because of course they have

A question to our South African and New Zealand contributors, would there be any appetite in your respective countries for the Currie Cup and Mitre 10 Cup to start in say February, and then be followed by some sort of shorter son-of-Super Rugby? All the top players would then be available for these competitions.

European clubs throw spanner in global rugby talks, because of course they have

Understand your concerns, that’s how we got here in the first place. But this would be a hard number, no more teams. We should be embracing Japan and the Pacific islands, but at your proposed ‘Super’ level, not at Test level yet.

The blabbering of an old rugby fan

Thanks Corne, a very useful think piece which addresses key issues. As you say, for a tournament (Super Rugby) that was envisaged as preparing players for Test Rugby, ‘You don’t need 18 weeks of competition’. One change I would suggest is to bring one Japanese team, and a combined Pacific Islands team, into your ‘Super” level Rugby now, and later bring them into the rugby Championship.

The blabbering of an old rugby fan

‘…falling away like glaciers in a global warming documentary.’ Great line Corne! descriptive and (unfortunately) accurate.

The blabbering of an old rugby fan

Another excellent piece on this topic Geoff, thank you. It would be inaccurate to say all Australian Rugby ills emanate from NSW, or that it is ‘the root of all evil’, but as you say solving the NSW puzzle must be the focus. But is that a bridge too far?

The Wrap: Overreach stops Rugby Australia coup dead in its tracks

Yes, understand that, as someone who played with both (not at any significant level). But I haven’t seen Wallabies Backs with the ability to draw and pass like that for a long time. To me it really is 101 Rugby. If I can get the Under 14s to do it, then …

When we were kings: Is there still room for rugby’s Quade Coopers?

And a real stand out for me was the catch and pass style of the Wallabies in the highlights reel, and the ability of all the backs to draw and pass. I understand somethings change, but surely this is not one of them.

When we were kings: Is there still room for rugby’s Quade Coopers?

Thanks for the article Nick, and really appreciated the highlights reel. Brought back some wonderful memories. Was great to see Brendan Moon and Roger Gould in action again.

When we were kings: Is there still room for rugby’s Quade Coopers?

A real coup? A failed coup? A faux coup?

Michael Lynagh withdraws signature from captains' letter as Eales, Shaw voice their support of Rugby AU

The NRC is fulfilling its role, is cost neutral and appears to be supported by all participating groups apart from Sydney Rugby Union. As many have commented, the hypothetical model proposed would be cost prohibitive and be unlikely to achieve what the NRC is delivering. One possible solution is to keep the NRC as is, with the exception of the two NSW teams being replaced by the top 4 Shute Shield teams at the end of each year’s preliminary rounds. That would make a 10 team NRC round robin. Those 4 teams would get extra support from RA and the Waratahs as required. By all means telecast the Shute Shield and Hospital Cup comps as they are.

RA confirms national club competition in the works; NRC future unclear

In that case its Petaia, followed by JoC. Either would be better than the other alternatives.

Wallabies (lineout) rising: Rugby World Cup quarter-final hope against England

Yes could be ok. Certainly could be a lot worse!

Wallabies (lineout) rising: Rugby World Cup quarter-final hope against England

Did I miss where the results are posted?

VOTE: Wallabies DIY Rugby World Cup player ratings vs Georgia

I’d go with:
9) White
10) CLL
11) Koroibete
12) To’omua
13) Kuridrani
14) Hodge
15) DHP
Bench: Genia, O’Connor (6/2 split)

Just their best performance of 2019: the Wallabies' simple quarter-final assignment

Agree Peter. For this weekend I’d go with To’omua and Kuridrani in the Centers.

Just their best performance of 2019: the Wallabies' simple quarter-final assignment

Congratulations Wales. Better prepared, better executed. We lost before we took the field. I enjoyed this article Nick, thank you. Neither strategy, nor tactics, seem to be Cheika’s strong suits. And thank you for the response to my comment on your previous article, I understand what you say, and agree, but we don’t seem to be making the most of our supposed threats out wide. No matter your walk of life, we can all learn from Sun Tzu.

Why selection cost the Wallabies their Rugby World Cup game against Wales

Nic, an appreciation worthy of Sun Tzu. I think most of us can see where you are coming from in your comments, but then I believe you ‘fail’ to understand ‘your own side’ (that being Australia in this case). Can you explain why we need an additional ‘threat’ out wide (with a wide-running Loose Forward), with the other players we have available? And this is not a dogmatic comment from me! Flexibility in attack is critical, but if you can’t secure quick access when you have the ball, or delay the use by the opposition, what do you gain by more wide attacking options when good options already exist?
What does this wide-running Loose Forward bring that Kerevi, Kuridrani or O’Connor don’t? Noting how starved Kuridrani (a large and I would say threatening body) was in his last start, could we have not made more use of him in this scenario? And surely O’Connor offers more speed, guile and passing ability? Also, what do we lose in either securing ‘our’ ball to use to our advantage, or by ‘denying’ (slowing) the ball to the opposition advantage by lessening our ruck presence?
Secure your own ball
Speed of delivery of own ball
Multiple options for attack
Flexibility in switching attack
Tactical kicking
Finishing ability
Delay oppositions use of ball
Speed of defence
Flexibility in reacting to threats

Samoan selection Sudoku for Michael Cheika ahead of the Rugby World Cup

I think it important that every player in our First XV should get at least one week off during the RWC, for both a physical and mental rest. That means you need 3 Hookers, 5 Props, 5 Locks, 3 Halfbacks and 3 5/8s. It looks like Cheika will take TPN as the third Hooker, which I think is a bad idea as the third Hooker is the one you want to start against Georgia and Uruguay and play the whole game if possible, to give your first and second choice Hookers a rest. I’d take BPA or Ulese instead. Likewise, your fifth Prop should run on against these teams as well and hopefully play 65 minutes or more. I’d rather Robertson than Kepu in this case. My Locks for these games would be Simmons and LSL. In the Backs, these are the games where Powell and Foley start.
Hookers: Tolu Latu, Folau Fainga’a, Brandon Paenga-Amosa/Jordan Ulese.
Props: James Slipper, Allan Alaalatoa, Taniela Tupou, Scott Sio, Tom Robertson.
Other forwards: Izack Rodda, Rory Arnold, Adam Coleman, Lukhan Salakaia-Loto, Rob Simmons, Luke Jones, Isi Naisarani, David Pocock, Michael Hooper, Lachlan McCaffrey/Pete Samu.

Halfbacks: Will Genia, Nic White, Joe Powell.
Stand-offs: Christian Lealiifano, Bernard Foley.
Other backs: Matt To’omua, Samu Kerevi, Tom Banks, Reece Hodge, Kurtley Beale, James O’Connor, Jordan Petaia, Koreibete.

VOTE: Pick your Wallabies squad for the 2019 Rugby World Cup

ah, ok. I thought it was Jones for the Rebels. Thanks.

Bledisloe blowout overshadowed Wallabies' subtle improvements

Trying to guess Cheika’s team selection is always fraught with danger, but I’ll give it ago again. Before hearing of Arnold’s injury I was thinking, like Rhys (and maybe others), that Cheika will go with a 6/2 split. Here’s why.
1. Pocock will be selected on the bench.
2. There are only 2 lineout callers in last week’s 23, Rodda and Jones.
3. The Selection Panel will want at least 2 lineout callers in the 23.
4. The Selection Panel will want at least 3 genuine lineout targets on the field.
But now, if Arnold is out, I can see Cheika going with this:
Rodda, Coleman and Jones starting, with LSL and Pocock on the Bench. This will allow a 5/3 split which I feel is best against NZ.

Bledisloe blowout overshadowed Wallabies' subtle improvements

Very good article Peter. Well thought out and argued. Horses, and game plan, for courses! Particularly like your Back 3, always think it’s a good idea to have at least 2 of the Back 3 Fullback capable, and you have all 3. Just hope JOC still has some pace.

White and Toomua have experience together, so that would normally go in their favour.

Agree we need a strong LO, but I think 3 first rate jumpers is enough, which you have. I would not be too concerned with the LO ability of 7 and 8, if your 4,5 and 6 are good.
I got some figures ready for an article, highlighting who is and isn’t utilised as a LO target.

Following from Fox Stats – games/takes/steals:
Arnold 14/67/4
Coleman 10/37/2
LSL 15/44/0
Jones 14/39/9
Simmons 15/41/4
Rodda 14/28/10
Naisarani 13/8/2
Dempsey 9/5/0
Hooper 14/0/1

So your lineup provides for a good offensive and defensive LO. Part of me likes starting with LSL at 6, but I can see the value in your approach.

My Wallabies team to take on the Springboks

Thanks Nobody. Always important to acknowledge one’s errors. Happy to acknowledge mine. Never-the-less a good stat to have. Cheers

To play-make or distribute, that is the question: The final insult

PeterK, I suggest you review Robbie Dean’s comments during the Rebels game against the Sunwolves. He highlighted a number of DHP’s positive attributes (and this was about him in general, not just that game), amongst them his speed ‘when it was needed’, and ‘he was able to move to another gear’ or words to that effect. He also talked about DHP’s ability to get his arms free after the talk to distribute. It’s possible you’re a little closed minded on this one …

To play-make or distribute, that is the question: The final insult