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I swear the images didn’t get released on twitter first. First was on GAGR.

Leaked Wallabies jersey attracts plenty of critics

The Game of Rugby started at the toff school by William Webb Ellis, named for the town next to English Rugby Powerhouses Leicester Tigers? The one with a completely linear history of organisations that founded and ran the game to this day after the merger of the International Rugby Football Board and Fédération Internationale de Rugby Amateur.

Just clarifying.

Rugby union's dirty tactics in the UAE

WCR if your source wants to pass me on to his sources to get some branding for these teams feel free to support an unemployed recent graduate ;P

Professional rugby to land in the USA

cheers for the insight mate. Hopefully some of this will spur some action. From what I’ve heard the attempts by people to invest in rugby has been difficult.

Professional rugby to land in the USA

you forgot to mention the competing pro league trying to establish in the APRC and then the challenge of the NRFL effectively being run as a racket by NFL people to control the growth of rugby in the US

Professional rugby to land in the USA

was told there was no budget for marketing the nrc.

The NRC wrap Round 4: First semi-finalist locked in?

The High performance unit already exists at the ARU. Lead I think by Ben whitaker whos been handling alot of the NRC stuff so far and can probably slow down with being the public face. I suspect Andrew Fagans role will verge on that of the CEO’s of the other comps in Australia such as previously andrew demetriou and David Gallop when he was at the NRL.

The biggest difference of course is that Rugby in Australia isn’t the controlling body of the sport and so has many different levels. This probably means Pulver can focus in on the higher performing grades like super rugby and the wallabies and even community rugby whilst hopefully avoiding alot of the responsiblities which will come from a competition that is allowed to experiment WITHIN the structures of the IRB and ARU.

ARU appoint Andrew Fagan as 'GM of National Teams and Competitions'

contrary to others opinions I think this is a good decision. Fagan is a talented and proven person and that specific position is needed. It means that Pulver et al can in actuality focus on running the game rather than the wallabies.

ARU appoint Andrew Fagan as 'GM of National Teams and Competitions'

indeed, dissapeared for a bit to other websites then was out with uni and Solar Car racing, was fun but happy to have time for sport again!

National Rugby Championship to launch in 2014

designing a logo as we speak, will I see you at the christmas drinks?

National Rugby Championship to launch in 2014

you lodging an interest pablo? 😛

National Rugby Championship to launch in 2014

you’ll always have a few people pop up here and there. Look at what happened with the rebels, one millionaire who has the right point of view and you’re done. Brisbane and Sydney have plenty of millionaires! 😛

National Rugby Championship to launch in 2014

very excited

National Rugby Championship to launch in 2014

Tahs and brumbies have a good chance of rejuvenating but it will take a year or two to change cultures overall. Reds need a period of regrowth under richard grahem but it is unlikely and they have probably plateued, for one thing they are straining under the weight of their group of disjointed “superstars”.

Force have pretty much lost most things and rebels are steadily building to be a ground up force in time. But their time isn’t now.

Five of the big questions that will be answered in 2013

I come out of my self imposed hibernation to say that the one thing I am told by leagueys who also watch rugby is that

“Rugby is a game you have to understand to watch, and its quite hard to understand all the rules”

This is the most confronting issue rugby has in Australia. Overcoming it will be the toughest battle, only then can rugby go on to win the war.

Is rugby confusing or just misunderstood?

They did a study on brain damage and the various football contact sports at USyd I believe, the conclusion was that the helmets actually dmaged the brain more. besides if you introduce helmets, it means everyone has to wear helmets, which aint gonna happen considering most of the plays pointed out where only used by forwards.

The case for real helmets in rugby

Mostly twitter and GGR, also busy with uni.

Rugby in America spreads its wings

I return from my new found hovel to comment on north american development, and what in my opinion should happen.

Whilst the growth of American and Canadian rugby is essential and very possible, it is important to harness the growth trends in that region to bring up a tertiary team, to create meaningful competition. As I have posted previously, I see Mexico, however hard it is, an essential ingredient in the development process. For 1 thing, there is the large hispanic influence which could be used, for both sides in developing this. I know it would be hard with a difficult social, economic and political terrain, but I think having a meaningful competition between the three countries would make the rest of the region finally pay attention. the south american countries are simply not an option.

imagine if you had, say 30 years down the track, the Six Nations, Quad Nations (Aus, SA, NZ, Arg), Tri Nations (USA, Canada, Mexico), A5N (asia) and Eastern European league, all with meaningful competition, not neccessarily between the competitions, but inside them, growing at a steady rate, you have coverage of every place which matters, meaning everywhere else will put in. It would lead to compound growth, rather than flat growth.

Rugby in America spreads its wings

Whilst I agree that the A-league will continually survive, saying it’ll get more money than super rugby is something else.

Football survives to thrive in Australia

“You should be able to spot them if you look for words like ‘appreciate’, ‘mutual’ and ‘Sheek’.”


but its fun sometimes….

has this place been turned over to Ten Media yet?

Oh boy, let's start a real Australian Code War

They don’t ban rugby league, they just don’t take it up, mainly because they believe they don’t adhere to their traditions and values, which are important to these schools. Also most don’t ban them from playing league on the weekends, except perhaps the 1st 15 ., and they would be banned from most sports.

Is Australia a country divided by sport?

Cheers fro clarifying the irony in that statement Chris.

@trumpetblower, really don’t care, but I think chris clearly saw my point at Nick’s statement. You people are just as arrogant and underhanded as well as ignorant of the facts as any Rugby supporter would ever be, the exact situations occur in both codes.

@NF The stereotypes will always exist slightly forever unless there was ever an amalgamation. But I may add that its not only the private school elitists that conform to this image. In fact, the image of the blue collar worker in Australia, is so symbolic of Australianism in some cases, that Leagueys are just as likely to be elitist in being blue collar.

TPN is Tatafu Polota Nau, waratahs hooker, very genuine and awesome person.

You’d be surprised at the lack of support for communications knowledge for pro players in many of the codes.

as for the old boyd brigade in general. Whether people like them or not, they are the pioneers and leaders in this country, and those who go anywhere join them eventually.

Is Australia a country divided by sport? “how to lose friend and alienate people” theatrical poster…

Ewen McKenzie saw Andy Friend's sacking coming

should take you to meet TPN.

I too hate league simply for the high and mighty-ness that the league people have just because they percieve themselves to be true blue and blue collar. The fact that the players use rugby as a toy to puch up their prices, and seem to have no interest in tertiary education or good communication skills.

Is Australia a country divided by sport?

Have you heard of texas and california, then the rest of america, even new england (of america) divides itself off from the rest of the states.

also in england you have the north v south divide, france the same thing in terms of culture, ireland is a definite, though they’re doing good things to fix that, wales is the same, new zealand its the two islands and on the north wellington v auckland, canada you have the french versus the rest, then the east versus the west.

Our country as a federation has the same divides and points of agreement as any other country.

Is Australia a country divided by sport?