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Sorry Nobes, posted my comments about Kellaway before I read your post.

The Thursday rugby two-up: Standout players of TRC

Forgot to mention. Kellaway Brett .. man oh man, does he ever know the way to the tryline.

They say that wings are picked to finish and score tries, Kellaway ticked every box what a great tournament this kid had, he’s going be a wallaby for a while!

The Thursday rugby two-up: Standout players of TRC

Very subjective Brett but it’s hard to not agree generally with the panel’s selections which by and large were back up by readers comments.

As GP pointed out, the AB’s had no absolute standout but Jordie for his kicking off the tee was invaluable. Having said that I thought Brad Weber stood up to partially fill the unfillable shoes of Aaron Smith.

Montoya of course for the Puma’s who I reckon showed so much resilience, getting beaten week after week after so much time on the road, the only team who never had a home game, yet no complaints on that front. Credit to them.

Hard to disagree with the locks as being the most influential for the Boks and I went to Eben. He was very good in particular against the AB’s in both tests. SA have a lot of depth with locks but listening to Parsons on Aotearoa Pod, he felt they AB’s equivalent were not ‘far behind’, he felt they did some good things.

I thought they were well off the pace and missed Whitelock immensely. Anyhow if your your horse gets done by a nose, it still got done!

Hard to select against Hooper, Cooper, Kerevi and Valetini but had to go for Hooper. I feel he has come of age, perhaps through playing overseas for a bit, but more likely under Rennie’s influence his standing as captain of the Wallabies has climbed this year and not only in the RC. Even getting thumped in the Bled games, his persona has imo changed ..

In fact if I had to pick a player of the tournament, for sheer consistency alone, where his standards never dropped, I’d select Michael Hooper.

The Thursday rugby two-up: Standout players of TRC

Just ‘by the way’ … I ‘re-rated’ SBW when in 2011, following the disasterous earthquakes that claimed so many lives, it was reported that he donated $100,000 of his own money to the earthquake relief charity. He didn’t have to do it and certainly didn’t make a song and dance about it but I am sure that is helped in some small way to those who lost so much.

SBW has many detractors not imo for all the right reasons but I believe his heart is in the right place. Having stated that I also think he has a huge band of admirers, I am one of those.

Rugby World: What SBW owes to Mundine and Wilkinson, McMahon out of Japan clash, Faf's woe

Luv it Tony …. 😊

Thanks for this .. can I assume that it will be posted each Wednesday?

Rugby World: What SBW owes to Mundine and Wilkinson, McMahon out of Japan clash, Faf's woe

No one player will win a World Cup, that is stating the obvious but it certainly helps to have a decent playmaker.

QC has matured, he himself has owned up to his wayward years, he should be admired for his skills and dedication the the game.

The same could be said of JOC. Along with QC, I’m sure that both of these talented players regret some of the antics of earlier years which both have visibly have left behind, more power to them.

Quade Cooper on the 'electrifying mavericks' transforming rugby, and the rule he wants changed

Thanks Brett, all very interesting but I’m just old fashioned (maybe just old!) I’m all for the continued development the 15 a side game.

I recall the days when a single test series for the year was basically it for the international game, touring nations had a lot of appeal to the rugby masses. Sometimes less is more.

Then the 1987 World Cup came into being, sure the game was officially amateur then and even remained so for a few more years (at least that was what was shoved down the throat of the population in those days gone by), but the winds of change were not to be denied. In less than a decade from the first RWC the game became at least transparently professional.

It, the RWC in itself has been great, with bragging rights as the world third biggest sporting spectacle. But it wasn’t enough, never was, .. never is. So we roll into the next period to see the game imo being challenged to be bastardised with another variation and all for the almighty dollar.

The HK Sevens was a diversion for me. Sure I am a hypocrite as I attended the HK Sevens 6 or 7 timee. Business trips always seem to include Hong Kong around the Cathy Pacific 7’s, funny that.

Once a year March we would descend to Happy Valley (aptly named), but I confess, it was always more about the comradeship of like-minded friends than the 7’s rugby, an excuse to test one’s liver for a few days each year.

At the end of the day 15’s is, in my opinion the only game. .. 12’s what’s that really??

Club World Cup a decent idea on paper, but no chance of finding room in the calendar

Thanks Geoff, very interesting details about Sam Cane, a player I have the utmost respect for. I have on concern however. Cane has had serious injuries, possibly the most serious one when he broke a bone(s?) in his neck and he could not travel back to NZ with his team mates. He, I believe is lucky to be walking.

In his own words he was concerned about how physical the game has become and his own concern over the number of concussions he has himself has had. Cane has a young family and if he feels himself the concerns as specified I wonder what doctored are advising him to consider .. a scary thought

With the “Super 12”, I’m old school .. above all I like the 15 man game

The Wrap: Why Sam Cane and Kieran Read are poles apart and why it matters

ANZAC day is very meaningful in our household too Carlos, but we cannot begin to understand what the diggers went through and yet we complain.

We have been bought closer as our only son is a member of the Australian Defence Force.

The Thursday rugby two-up: One bio-bubble too many for the ‘Boks and Pumas?

Thanks Carlos for sharing…

The Thursday rugby two-up: One bio-bubble too many for the ‘Boks and Pumas?

Thanks Brett,

Not sure about the mental effect but it must be tough for the players and I certainly would not be castigating any of them if they wanted to pull out of this tour. Staying in hotel rooms also is not a lot of fun when it drags on for weeks and months.

However, while understanding the situation, I do look forward to the oncoming basket of matches, in particular of the matches of the Boks and Wallabies against Eddie Jone’s English squad.

Regarding the All Blacks, I would like to see them undefeated on the Spring Tour but like Digger, think that France might have something to say about that. I feel that in the AB’s case, this is a real test for Foster.

The Thursday rugby two-up: One bio-bubble too many for the ‘Boks and Pumas?

By the way he is playing, it looks as though he had been playing for the Wallabies for years Brett, not just a handful of games. Sure know where the tryline is

Kellaway’s bolt from nowhere highlights Wallabies sudden rebirth

Oh Chester I do, I do indeed, as I support Australia unless they are playing the All Blacks 😂

Kellaway’s bolt from nowhere highlights Wallabies sudden rebirth

I’m a big fan of Rennie Muzzo (bloody turncoat he is 😂 ).

Quite seriously I just think he will leave a favourable legacy. There is going to be the “odd” disappointment but depending on the draw and how other games play out, I feel the the Wallabies will be there at the business end of the 2023 tournament.

Kellaway’s bolt from nowhere highlights Wallabies sudden rebirth

I might need to wear my Wallabies jersey to the next Bledisloe Cup game (which might make the missus happy)….

But then again with the passing of time until ‘that next game’ I might have come to my senses and remain an arrogant AB supporter 😛

Kellaway’s bolt from nowhere highlights Wallabies sudden rebirth

It’s really good at the moment for Wallaby supporters Brett … just hope the curve continues upwards.

Kellaway’s bolt from nowhere highlights Wallabies sudden rebirth

Hi Carlos, probably more than a bit of nonsense but the main thrust of my post if you read between the lines was to show more than anything, my mistrust of the AB Coach and my distain of his premature remarks about ‘grand slam’ etc.

On a very sad note, a very young Argentine player died yesterday from a broken neck in the last ruck of the game. Lucas Pierazzoli was a lock or back rower for the Hurling Club.

Sad indeed Carlos, my condolences.

The Wrap: Rugby Championship rediscovers its DNA and ends with a thriller

Just Google “The Good Life of Rugby Tragic” 😛

The Wrap: Rugby Championship rediscovers its DNA and ends with a thriller

I’m definitely in that category as well. Preferred to see a win but was really happy to see such a competitive match. Also given the pandemic was delighted to be in the crowd for a couple of the double headers.

The Wrap: Rugby Championship rediscovers its DNA and ends with a thriller

Hi W_L, re DMac … brave player who looks good with his running but tends to run a lot of metres laterally. Not his fault but a tad too small today especially against teams like SA, England, France and even Aussie.

Who is he going to cover or replace from the bench and make a difference?

Not 15, Jordie Barrett owned that, especially after R5

Not 10 as Beauden B and Richie M were always going to be 1st 2 choices as playmakers with BB able to also cover 15.

From the bench I just don’t think the AB’s can afford to have BB, RM and DMac in the same 23

Take the last test, DMac replaced Havili who got a proper working over by de Allende and had no impact other than making the highlight reels for getting smashed. But the clincher for me is that he is chasing the Yen and leaving NZ for a spell, surely to have Quinn Tupaea on the bench would have given the AB’s better value. Quinn is a young up and comer who won the final penalty against the Boks in R5

Anyhow that’s my opinion for what it’s worth W_L.

The Wrap: Rugby Championship rediscovers its DNA and ends with a thriller

Yesterday, for fun Geoff you posted an article on team of the tournament…

Here’s my view with a different slant.

Coach of the tournament ..

1st – Dave Rennie. Really uncontested. After his Wallabies got hammered by the AB’s, owned the losses, made selections that were available to previous coaches (but who wouldn’t pull the trigger) and imo have pulled the Wallabies around in a very short period of time including twin victories against the World Champion Springboks

2nd – Mario Ledesma… was always going to under the pump with a squad who haven’t played at home for 2 years and never beefed about it. How Ledesma kept them all together (well he didn’t really, losing 6 rebels Pumas who thought their own needs were greater than the squad). Only squad who had no home games. Also gained a little respect for his ability to put up with Cheika 😛

3rd – Jacques Nienaber.. could have topped Mario if not for the waterboy incident in the final match but outcoached imo Ian Foster in both matches v AB’s with his no nonsense game plan which worked against the AB’s and almost worked against the Wallabies in R3

4th – Ian Foster.. his squad were unbackable favourites following the hammering of the Wallabies lulling him into a sense of security, then dumb selections eg selecting DMac when he is off to the land of the rising sun realising his ship has sailed.

Foster then could not be rated higher due to his arrogance in talking about a clean sweep before the final game was played and not walking the walk. Apparently wiser men than some AB supporters decided to lock him in as Head Coach until after 2023 RWC. AB’s game against France is going to be interesting.

If Roarers think I’m bias, I’ll own up to that 😊

The Wrap: Rugby Championship rediscovers its DNA and ends with a thriller

That’s great news BS, thanks

Seven Wallabies, five All Blacks and three Boks in our Team of The Rugby Championship

Yes I think so too. Tuipulotu’s (28) better days might (or might not) be ahead of him but the top 3 locks are presently Whitelock, Retallick and S Barrett. Lose one through injury, lose 2 and red lights start flashing.

It will be interesting to see what young Tupou Vaai brings, at 21 years of ages already he has played 6 tests for the AB’s and score a try.

MATCH REPORT: Springboks edge All Blacks in one of the GREATEST Tests

Jonny, the Wallabies beat us last year! 😊

The Wrap: Rugby Championship rediscovers its DNA and ends with a thriller

Right on half way of the ocean side (east stand). Extremely good game to be at. Some I know fell asleep before they game at there home, they missed an epic!

The Wrap: Rugby Championship rediscovers its DNA and ends with a thriller