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Good work Jaeger, excellent idea to include ACT Rugby who run the southern regional NSW comp. The Brumbies involvement means that players regularly visit country clubs for training sessions and that not only promotes the Brumbies brand but gives clubs valuable external ideas.

Are other clubs too busy, maybe some players don’t like traveling or maybe they are just too precious, but players who have been promoted to glory through the club system could get into this idea and repay the game.

The Western Force brought in the community connection from day 1 with players aligned with suburban clubs. The Pindan Cup is the WA Rugby Premier Grade competition by the way and it comprises 14 clubs.

I’m not sure if Twiggy Forrest should be hit on every time funds are needed for a rugby game, but WA Rugby should be included in competitions such as Jaeger’s concept to ensure sustained growth of the game in the west.

Administration could be an issue, does anyone believe current keepers of the game are competent enough to look ahead and get behind innovative ideas?

Are there more rugby philanthropists out there – maybe they prefer anonymity – but now’s the time to show your love of the game and players and supporters around the country will love and thank you in return. We need you now.

Give Super Club Rugby a crack?

Enthusiasm playing for your country is a big call when around half the Wallaby squad weren’t born in Australia.

The ongoing recruitment of anyone who’s pulled on the boots for any Pacific Island game doesn’t work for supporters and although the words of our national anthem are probably on their kit locker, lip syncing out on the paddock before kick-off gives it away.

There’s no connection with players who don’t seem to be at club games or get involved with the rugby community, the grassroots community that is, not the corporates who fill up most of the seating at Super Rugby or Test games.

The game is on a downward spiral in this country and the controlling body has lost control.

The same lack of enthusiasm on the paddock is reflected in the interest and support shown by crowd attendance, press coverage other than issued media reports, and television viewing numbers.

We’ve all lost interest.

Cheika’s enthusiasm not washing over Wallabies