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Cheers, Pat. Indeed, the 1973 victory was a strong indication of what was to follow for the best part of the next two decades.

West Indian Test wins in England: Part 2

Indeed, that was the all-conquering team. Marshall’s 35 wickets in the 1988 series remains a West Indian record. The result against Australia at home was 3-0 in five Tests though, not 5-0 (the first two Tests were drawn). In Australia, it was 3-1.

West Indian Test wins in England: Part 4

Indeed. Some real heavyweights in those West Indian teams. Sobers of course the superstar, plus the likes of Hunte, Kanhai, Butcher, Worrell and Nurse forming a potent batting line-up. Hall and Griffith as a fiery pace duo were as good as any on their day, and if they did not get you, then the parsimonious Gibbs surely did.

West Indian Test wins in England: Part 1

Taylor and Sleep were both edged out by Such for the spinner’s spot.

An international XI of Peters

Honorary team member would be Peter, the Lord’s cat (1950-1964), who has been the only animal to have had its obituary featured in Wisden.

An international XI of Peters

Yes, there is some issue. I am reproducing the eleven here:

Aaron Finch (Australia)
Jack Heron (Zimbabwe)
Stork Hendry (Australia)
Martin Crowe (New Zealand, captain)
Aminul ‘Bulbul’ Islam (Bangladesh)
Robin Uthappa (India, wicketkeeper)
Ilyas Gull (Hong Kong)
Jackson Bird (Australia)
Joe Partridge (South Africa)
Mason Crane (England)
Glenn ‘Pigeon’ McGrath (Australia)

I had gone with actual spellings of birds, whether actual name or nickname. Hence, near-misses like Umar Gul and Graeme Swann were ruled out. In case of Crowe, it is his first name that qualified, as martin is a bird.

High flyers? An Avian XI

Interesting read. I had compiled an Avian XI two years ago, which was quite distinct from your side. Here’s the link:

High flyers? An Avian XI

Nice one, that is quite a formidable team indeed.

An international XI of Davids

Thanks, Tiger. Yes, Johnson was one of the faster Indian bowlers in the 90s, but played only two Tests.

An international XI of Davids

Cheers, Jon. Prior to this, I had made a Steve XI more than two years ago. Here it is:

An international XI of Davids

Hi, nice suggestions in there. Davidson unfortunately does not qualify as its not his first name, otherwise he would have been a shoo-in.

An international XI of Davids

Thanks for your suggestions, Paul. Agreed, a bit harsh on Hookes – shows that the batting line-up is pretty solid. As mentioned, Houghton to keep so that the batting can be bolstered. Holford is in there at seven.

An international XI of Davids

Yes, terrific show, that. For good measure, Gilmour picked up another 5/48 in the final.

The best all-round show in an ODI

Indeed. That Australian side had some serious depth with both bat and ball.

The best all-round show in an ODI

Good one, thanks for sharing. Always thought that Bevan was the MOTM in that game.

The best all-round show in an ODI

Cheers, Spruce. Bangladesh beating Australia was special indeed.

The best all-round show in an ODI

Indeed. Zimbabwe had the wood on England in their early head-to-head ODI fixtures – they won six out of the first eight, including a 3-0 clean sweep at home in 1996-97.

Zimbabwe's best ODI performances in Australia

This has been a highly enjoyable series of articles, Jon. Appreciate the research you have put in to form the teams.

Born to rule: The top two cricketing birthplaces

Indeed, a Test between Australia and Ireland would be great. Here’s hoping that Australia play one in Ireland on their next Ashes tour.

When Ireland ran the World Cup champions close

Yes, Zimbabwe were at their best in the late nineties and the early 2000s. This was a golden opportunity lost to beat the West Indies, but they had their moments against them in the following season in the ODI format – for instance, they famously defended 138 in a tri-series match at Sydney; WI were 31/8 at one stage before folding for 91.
Ambrose retired a few months later, after the Test series in England. Walsh carried on for one more season, going on to become the first bowler to take 500 Test wickets.

Rewind to 2000: A stunning turnaround in Trinidad

A nice description of the opening day. Zimbabwe’s next ODI win over Australia would come a good 31 years later.

The opening day of the 1983 Cricket World Cup

Cheers, Paul.

When Kenya defended 134 in an ODI

Yes, Dodemaide remains one of only two bowlers to take a fifer on both Test and ODI debut, the other being West Indian Fidel Edwards.

Best ODI bowling debuts in Australia

Yes. Jayasuriya and Anwar in particular used to have a special liking for Indian bowling.

Revisiting the 2000 Asia Cup

Yes. Pakistan won their second title in 2012, when they beat Bangladesh in the final by just two runs.

Revisiting the 2000 Asia Cup