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Thanks, Kersi.

Unfortunately, details regarding man of the match are not available. There may not have been such an award for this game after all, but I’m sure Mr. Extras would have been the worthiest contender.

A Franco-German cliffhanger that made it to a Wisden list

Indeed. Rahul needs to be more consistent if he is to press for a regular spot in the Test XI.

Best of the ODIs: India versus Zimbabwe

Cheers Kersi. Zimbabwe have a great chance of toppling India this time.

Best of the ODIs: India versus Zimbabwe

Yes. The ICC just cannot realise that depriving the Associates will only lead to lack of motivation amongst the budding cricketers. If there is no motivation to play at the World Cup, more and more youngsters will ultimately move away from cricket – which is totally at odds with the ICC’s supposed objective of globalising the game.

I keenly follow Associate cricket and will be looking forward to the early fixtures in 2016. I believe Scotland hold the edge in the FC fixture while Hong Kong will back themselves in the limited-overs formats. Thanks for enlightening about the Braidwood Cup, it will indeed be a landmark for HK cricket.

Wish you a happy new year as well.

Associate cricket’s best moments from 2015

Thanks Sideline.

Ireland should have been playing Tests for quite some time now. It is a shame that they are being asked to go through hurdle after hurdle.

Associate cricket’s best moments from 2015

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the feedback, it is great to have you commenting here.

Completely agree. It is deeply saddening that most of the fans – the biggest stakeholders in the game – are being repeatedly taken for a ride by the powers that be. Be it the ten team ‘World Cup’, the unnecessarily complicated ‘pathway’ to Test cricket or the ’16-team World T20′, every recent decision of the ICC has reeked of insecurity of the elite. Besides the financial aspect, I believe there is a fear among the top brass because of the increasing growth of the Associates.

The ‘status’ bias too should be done away with in my opinion – though it is asking for too much. A country v country should be an international and nothing else. With the current scheme of things, cricket can forget about being a truly global sport. Football and rugby are both expanding, while cricket is moving in the opposite direction.

Definitely, Chapman is a real talent and I do hope he stays with Hong Kong – I read he might move to play for New Zealand. I feel Hong Kong are steadily developing into a good limited-overs unit and they have it in them to make the top ten in the upcoming World T20. It is disappointing that the likes of Hong Kong and PNG are being deprived of official ODIs even after having ODI status.

During the Rugby World Cup, I had written on my blog about how cricket should learn from rugby union in order to be a true global sport. You may like to have a read :

Cheers and best wishes.

Associate cricket’s best moments from 2015

Hi Kersi,

I would like to add an instance of two batsmen in the same innings, each outscoring both the opposition totals.

This happened when Sri Lankans Marvan Atapattu (249) and Kumar Sangakkara (270) both outscored both of Zimbabwe’s totals (228 and 231) at Bulawayo in 2003-04.

Would be interesting to know if there is any other such instance. I reckon there might be a few where two sub-100 totals are involved.

When one batsman outscored the opponents

‘The Big Ship’ Warwick Armstrong perhaps deserves a mention? Can be good skipper material too.

The larger-than-life XI


Cricket would do well to take a few lessons from rugby

Well said Russ.

Cricket would do well to take a few lessons from rugby

Well said Camo. Thanks for your feedback.

Cricket would do well to take a few lessons from rugby

Hi Lachlan, thank you for your feedback. Glad that you enjoyed the article.

Cricket would do well to take a few lessons from rugby

Hi Kersi, nice post. Interesting to note that there were no two dayers between 1946 and 2000.

Also interesting that none of the post-2000 instances feature early-2000s Bangladesh, as they were at the receiving end of many a thrashing during that period.

I recall that Zimbabwe were bowled out twice in a day in the Harare Test against New Zealand – the second such instance after India at Old Trafford in 1952.

The third instance also incidentally involved Zimbabwe against New Zealand, at Napier in 2011-12.

The best two-and-a-half-day wonders in Test history

Thanks Don.

Indeed Alderman was a master in swinging conditions. Unlike 1981, in 1989 the batsmen supported him as well and there was no Botham magic to rescue England.

Alderman and McGrath bowling in tandem on an English greentop would have been an exciting prospect.

Unsung Ashes heroes over the years

Thanks for the feedback Pope. Some very good additions in there as well.

I had considered both Sleep and Taylor and had it not been a dead rubber match, would have certainly included at least one of them.

Unsung Ashes heroes over the years

Hi Kersi,

It is indeed disappointing that such a prestigious series has been reduced to a two-match affair shoehorned in less than a fortnight. We have seen the Frank Worrell Trophy go from five Tests in 2000-01 to four in 2002-03 to three thereafter and now for the first time, to only two.

Hopefully this is just an aberration. Three Tests should be the bare minimum for every Test series and thankfully, the return Frank Worrell Trophy in Australia later this season is scheduled to have three Tests.

Looking forward to a good two Tests though. I reckon Australia will be tested, just as they were on their previous Caribbean sojourn in 2012. It has been twelve years and twelve matches since the Windies beat Australia in a Test, so even a drawn series result will be of great significance for the hosts.

Will Australia retain the Frank Worrell Trophy for the tenth time in a row?

Thanks Sideline.

The very best of Richie Benaud's playing career

Hi Jarijari,

Great to know that you had the privilege of working with Benaud.

I chose Calcutta over both Johannesburg and Old Trafford as I believe that the India series was Benaud’s coming-of-age as a Test bowler, and his efforts were all the more impressive considering it led to a milestone series win. Twice beating the Indians at their own game must have been a top achievement.

Thank you for your point of view, for sharing the anecdote and also for mentioning the Scarborough innings, was not aware of it.

The very best of Richie Benaud's playing career

Nicely penned tribute, apt for a true legend and a gentleman of the game.

RIP Richie Benaud, your voice will be missed.

Richie Benaud was a spinner, skipper and commentator extraordinaire

Well said Jack.

Time to get our Cricket World Cup back

Great result today at Nelson, best part is that it wasn’t an upset. Expecting Scotland and Afghanistan to give their best as well.

Time to get our Cricket World Cup back

Pat Malone, do you work for the ICC?

Time to get our Cricket World Cup back

Thanks Allanthus. Indeed both Harris and Southee were considered. But Anderson was selected primarily due to his series winning bowling against India. Since England played only one away Test, thought it would not be fair to overlook him on that count.

2014 Test cricket in review

Great point by Gillespie, how I wish the so-called custodians at the ICC had the same foresight. Test cricket needs Ireland more than Ireland needs Test cricket.

I have no doubt that the Irish would do a lot better than what Bangladesh have managed to do so far since gaining Test status. Ireland are yearning to play in whites and it will be a shame if the likes of Ed Joyce and Paul Stirling are deprived of representing their nation in the highest form of the game.

Unfortunately, they are being given a raw deal by the myopic ICC, who are in fact busy restricting the game rather than spreading it – case point being the pathetic decision of reducing the number of World Cup teams to just ten from 2019.

The Irish have great Test potential, and the ICC should make every effort to encourage them in the greater interests of the game. But it is not happening at the moment as the ICC are obsessed with going after quick cash.

Whatever happened to the ‘meritocracy’? Wake up ICC, enough of your hypocrisy.

Give Ireland Test status: Gillespie

It is always nice to hear stories of old- time cricketers from someone who actually knew them.

I guess there was always the possibility for him to have another shot at Test level had it not been for world war two.

Eleven Test records that may never be broken