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Pat Malone, do you work for the ICC?

Time to get our Cricket World Cup back

Thanks Allanthus. Indeed both Harris and Southee were considered. But Anderson was selected primarily due to his series winning bowling against India. Since England played only one away Test, thought it would not be fair to overlook him on that count.

2014 Test cricket in review

Great point by Gillespie, how I wish the so-called custodians at the ICC had the same foresight. Test cricket needs Ireland more than Ireland needs Test cricket.

I have no doubt that the Irish would do a lot better than what Bangladesh have managed to do so far since gaining Test status. Ireland are yearning to play in whites and it will be a shame if the likes of Ed Joyce and Paul Stirling are deprived of representing their nation in the highest form of the game.

Unfortunately, they are being given a raw deal by the myopic ICC, who are in fact busy restricting the game rather than spreading it – case point being the pathetic decision of reducing the number of World Cup teams to just ten from 2019.

The Irish have great Test potential, and the ICC should make every effort to encourage them in the greater interests of the game. But it is not happening at the moment as the ICC are obsessed with going after quick cash.

Whatever happened to the ‘meritocracy’? Wake up ICC, enough of your hypocrisy.

Give Ireland Test status: Gillespie

It is always nice to hear stories of old- time cricketers from someone who actually knew them.

I guess there was always the possibility for him to have another shot at Test level had it not been for world war two.

Eleven Test records that may never be broken

Agree on the fitness part. Tendulkar had both, longevity and consistency, which enabled him to play 200 matches.

Speaking of Cook, his recent bad patch notwithstanding, he still has a chance of getting close to Tendulkar if he finds some serious form in the next few years. Currently, he has 8423 runs in 109 Tests.

He is 30 at the moment, and has rarely been injured in his career. Assuming he plays for even six more years and since England play the most number of Tests, a further 80 matches, there remains a possibility.

Of course, for that he must be willing to play on and able to score heavily at every opportunity. England play 17 Tests in nine months starting from April, by the end of that we should know where he is headed.

Eleven Test records that may never be broken

That is a nice little anecdote.

Yes I am from Mumbai, where I’m presently studying law. Writing about cricket is a passion of mine.

Eleven Test records that may never be broken

Hi Kersi, glad that you enjoyed it. Yes indeed I’m a Parsi as well.

I also enjoy reading your posts on this forum. Here in India, I have often come across your articles in the Mid-Day.

I believe you are related to the former Indian cricketer Kharshed Meher-Homji?

Eleven Test records that may never be broken

Carnivean, a line has to be drawn somewhere. Cricinfo – arguably the most reliable stats database – uses the 20 innings cutoff. Test Cricket Lists, which is a comprehensive guide to Test records, has applied the ten Test cutoff.

If you say Ganteaume has the highest batting average, then Desmond Haynes has a bowling average of 8.00. Have you ever seen his name topping an all-time bowling average list?

Moving further, Peter Lashley averages 1.00 with the ball. Barely anyone here would have even heard of him.

I hope this is convincing enough.

Eleven Test records that may never be broken

Thanks for your feedback James.

Eleven Test records that may never be broken

Thanks Sheek, glad you liked it.

Eleven Test records that may never be broken

Thanks JGK.

I believe Tendulkar’s run tally can be achievable someday, and I seriously thought Alastair Cook to be that batsman until the beginning of 2013.

Barnes’ series tally is a good addition. Hard to see a bowler pick 50 wickets in a series today.

Eleven Test records that may never be broken

Hi Carnivean, the criterion considered for the average is a minimum of 20 innings, which I believe is reasonable.

I have mentioned in the first point that there are three other players who have played at least ten Tests and averaged more than 60. As it turns out, there are two more, though both of them played less than 20 innings:-

Stewie Dempster (NZ) – 65.72 in 15 innings
S.G Barnes (Aus) – 63.05 in 19 innings.

Eleven Test records that may never be broken

Rob, this list is solely about Test records. Tendulkar has 100 hundreds across all international cricket.

Tendulkar has 51 tons in Tests, which I believe is breakable. Kallis came pretty close, and until 2013, I really felt that Cook had a great chance to beat the record.

Thanks for your feedback.

Eleven Test records that may never be broken

Good addition Chris, thanks.

That match was played in 2008-09, with Hughes scoring 93 and 108.

Here’s the scorecard -

Recalling the best of Phillip Hughes

Thanks Mark.

Recalling the best of Phillip Hughes

AZ_RBB, fair point there. The second century was definitely the better one considering the series situation.

I possibly gave weightage to the fact that his first century came on debut, and no Australian had done that previously.

Thanks for your feedback.

Recalling the best of Phillip Hughes

Thanks Bob Sims.

Recalling the best of Phillip Hughes

This is so distressing and unfortunate. A dark day for the entire cricket world.

May God give strength to his family, friends and loved ones.

Rest in peace, Phillip Hughes. May God bless your soul.

Phil Hughes passes away, age 25

Thanks Sideline. The wicketkeeper was Kamran Akmal. But in spite of the suspicions and investigations, nothing concrete was found against him as regards the drops and he was eventually picked for Pakistan again. He has been a below-par keeper for most of his career.

Incidentally, Asif, Butt and Kaneria – three players who were respectively the top performers for Pakistan in the first three innings at Sydney – were all subsequently indicted and banned for spot-fixing in the U.K.

Best of the Tests: Australia versus Pakistan

The common thing in each of these Tests was that the team in control on the final day went on to lose the match in engrossing fashion.

Yes that was an oversight from my side; indeed it was 1978-79 (March 1979). Thanks for pointing it out. Any idea whether I can get one of the editors to notice and correct it?

Best of the Tests: Australia versus Pakistan

By all accounts, it does seem that Laughlin never played hockey after all.Though I wonder why more than one source has mentioned his name under cricketers who played hockey.

Test cricketers who played international field hockey

I find the term ‘batsman’ for a woman odd and inapt, and thus prefer using ‘batswoman’ whenever I write. Just like chairwoman, spokeswoman.

Test cricketers who played international field hockey

As regards Laughlin, besides the above-mentioned article, the Daily Telegraph Test Cricket Lists (1998 edition) also mentions his name in the list of dual internationals.

Although I must say that I did not come across his hockey record anywhere on the web.

Test cricketers who played international field hockey

Definitely agree with the fact that Charlesworth is a sporting legend. But the criteria here was that the player should have played at least one Test match.

Test cricketers who played international field hockey

Thanks Atawhai.

Gordon was the last one among those who played Tests before the second World War.

Besides Close, following are the players who made their debuts in the 1940’s and are still alive – Australia’s Arthur Morris (1946 debut, age 92), the above-mentioned Lindsay Tuckett (1947 debut, age 95), West indies’ Andy Ganteaume (1948 debut, age 93) and South Africa’s John Watkins (1949 debut, age 91)

Norman Gordon: The timeless Test cricketer