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Loved watching the Lions get up, their pressure on the Hawks was amazing. They took their chances and their tall forward line really troubled the Hawks defence. Charlie Cameron was amazing again and would have to be in the conversation for the best pickup for the season.

Brisbane's best day of 2018

Ronke and Hayward both performing over the last three weeks while Buddy’s been out would have to have cemented their spots now. Ronke plays like a young Tom Papley, loves a goal but loves a tackle even more. Hayward has been so composed for only a second year player, 9 goals in the last 3 games, plays way taller than what he actually is.

'Lost' rookie Ronke guides Swans to victory

In 5 years time Cripps and Charlie Curnow could easily both be in the top 10 players in the league. We’ve seen glimpses of what Curnow we can do and he will only improve still only in his third season. We all know what a beast Cripps is as well and only just turned 23 and starting to head into his prime. Good win for the Blues, persistance pays off, good on Bolton for sticking to his guns.

Carlton rallies to first win of AFL season

Bit rough to say GWS can’t win the premiership this early, have you seen their injury list? They only just got back Cameron and Lobb against the Eagles. Josh Kelly, Brett Deledio, Tom Scully, Zac Williams, Toby Greene and Will Setterfield thats six of their best 22 out. We should see how they’re going after all these boys get back near the end the season before big calls like that are made especially about a team who has made the last two preliminary finals.

AFL Round 8 2018 round up

Good win for Carlton in 5 years time it is possible they’ll have two of the best players in the league with Cripps and Charlie Curnow who showed us again on Saturday what he is capable of. Yes Brisbane is stuck on the bottom but in recent weeks since getting belted by the Tigers they’ve really stepped it up and have been in games at times, especially last week nearly knocking off Collingwood.

Ronke and Hayward are the two players who have really benefited and shone through with Buddy being out of the lineup and should have cemented their positions for the rest of the season. Ronke plays a lot like a young Tom Plapley a pesky small forward who loves a tackle probably more than a goal. Hayward is so composed for second year player and is so consistent playing bigger than what he is, and has kicked 9 goals in the three games Buddy has been out.

Six hot takes from AFL Round 8

Khawaja has a good one day record and should be considered, Starc and Cummins both struggled against England in the recent ODI series in Australia but both should be walk up starters. Kane Richardson is overrated and he’s very expensive. Cooper is past it, if we’re looking forward to the World Cup wouldn’t you be looking more at the younger group of players like under the age of 30 besides the already established guys. If not injured which he usually is Behrendorff should be considered has a great white ball record in Australia and he’s a second left arm option. Also where’s the two Marsh boys both have great one day records.

Australia's ideal ODI squad

I agree with this the only team I could see dropping out is the Demons with the Giants to come in. The Giants and North Melbourne are 9th and 10th respectively and play against each other this weekend. Even though so early in the season this game could have a big effect on who could potentially move into the top 8. The Giants have their injury struggles and I believe with a full strength lineup are top 4 material. North have defied expectations already this season but I believe 2019 will be their year to make finals.

The best eight teams of 2018 are already in the top eight

The Warriors still have the most talented roster in the NBA. But after three straight finals campaigns and two championships and more wins in the last four seasons than any other team you can understand why people are starting to question them. It would be hard to stay motivated for the amount of time, complacency has crept in to their game. Also all of their stars Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green missed significant time this season with injury.

They will come out all guns blazing against the Rockets in game 1 especially after all the trash talk already from Houston. If the Warriors can put them away early in game 1 we could be looking at a short series no more than 5 games, Houston won’t have the mental toughness and experience this deep in the playoffs to keep with a warriors team which is firing.

Even if the Warriors lose game 1 I still see a series win to them I just don’t think Houston is ready and has the playoff experience to contend with the Warriors.

A Golden dynasty coming to an end?

They have no hard nut midfielders, guys that will put their head over the ball and win the contested footy. They also just look like they’re in second gear all game and they’ve become complacent after making finals last season and gaining some experienced players in the offseason.

Saad and Stringer have struggled and Stringer looks nowhere near the player we know he can be. With McGrath pushing up the ground more onto the wing and into the midfield Saad has had to play more as a lockdown small defender and has been unable to use his run and dash from half-back which he is known for,

Devon Smith has done well though after moving from the Giants, he has pushed into the midfield and is a real workhorse averaging 20 disposals and 8 tackles a game so far this season.

There will be some big changes at the selection table this week I think and I believe whether it be the draft or free agency they need to go after some inside midfielders to help them out so guys like Merrett, Heppell, Smith and McGrath can get first use on the outside.

Why have the Bombers gone backwards in 2018?

Naitanui has 20cm and 25kg on Amon, he had the momentum and just happened to land in his back and Amons head landed in an awkward position soft. He’s being punished for being the bigger bloke, free kick sure, a week suspension no way.

Nic Naitanui cannot - must not - be acquitted for his heavy tackle

Dropping Lynn is a big call, one of the best strikers in World Cricket especially in T20. I know injuries have let him down lately but if he’s fit and available he would be one of my first selected. Not many players have his ability to change the course of a match in 2-3 overs.

Five talking points from ODI and T20 selections

Defenitley defying expectations Gaff, Masten and Shuey are all in fine form. Redden is finally getting comfortable in an Eagles guernsey and youngsters Duggan, Waterman, Nelson and Rioli are really playing important roles. Darling is in career best form kicking 18 goals in the first 7 games, himself, LeCras and Kennedy are all in the top 20 in the Coleman race.

Getting Nic Nat back is another major boost, not just what he can do on the field just his presence has a major effect. They’ve already turned Optus Stadium into a fortress for them winning 4/5 and that one loss they really tested the Swans.

The next few weeks will be the real test with GWS, Richmond, Hawthorn, Sydney and Adelaide in the next seven weeks with 4/5 of those games away from Perth. If they win most of them I’ll really start believing. But they’ve already surprised me so far.

They're flying high: West Coast are a genuine premiership threat

We keep talking about the state of the game like it’s in disarray, a few years the game was in great shape was fast, intense and exciting. Then the AFL kept changing the rules and they want to keep changing the rules, here’s an idea stop tinkering every year and let the clubs just play the game. The change I hate the most is capping the interchange saying it opens up the game, and this hasn’t happened if anything it’s getting more congested. Players are spending longer out the ground and the more fatigued they get it makes them less likely to push away into space that’s why sometimes you’ll see at times like 30+ plus players in the 50 arc at once congesting it up. It’s also shortening players careers due to the more stress on the body and teams spend most weeks just trying to get their players to recover and less time out training on the track.

The promotion/relagation rule will never work you’ll kill clubs and clubs coming up will not be ready for the standard and then they’ll be relagated again. I’m also not a fan of the midseason trades, you spend months getting your list ready for the season and that should be your list for the season just manage it and sometimes with injuries and suspensions you will get to that point playing players that aren’t ready for AFL standard but you got to think this will help future development maybe if these youngsters and rookies get a chance and not just play in the 2’s all season.

Here's how to make the AFL go global

It wasn’t just that LeBron played so well in this series its that the Raptors All-Star guards Lowry and DeRozan weren’t up to the task and even with that the Raptors still gave the Cavs a challenge especially in the first three games. Game 1 the Cavs won by a point in Overtime, Game 2 LeBron had his best game of the series with 43/8/14 Game 3 was won on a LeBron buzzer beater and 3-0 down the Raptors got blown out in game 4. But the first three games they challenged the Cavs and kept it close with their two best players struggling. The story could have been very different if Lowry and Derozan had stepped up, so I believe its an unfair statement to say the Raptors can’t be taken seriously they were the number 1 seed for a reason.

The Toronto Raptors can't be taken seriously anymore

With a starting lineup most likely of Simmons, Mills, Ingles, Baynes, and Bogut it would have to be the best starting lineup the Boomers would have ever rolled out with. Off the bench, other quality players should include Exum, Dellavadova, Goulding, Broekhoff, Bolden, and Maker with maybe young Josh Green or Mangok Mathiang to fill out last roster spot. This would without a doubt be the best Australian lineup have used in an international competition so if we’re going to win gold this is the Olympics to do it.

Can the Australian Boomers contend in Tokyo 2020?

Why the Giants played Patton as the sole ruckman and had a healthy Dawson Simpson in the NEAFL is beyond me. It threw out their whole forward structure, the Giants had no target up forward. De Goey is upping his value every week, a goal kicking inside midfielder is every club’s dream, the sky is the limit for this kid.

Seven hot takes from AFL Round 7

All their wins are against teams that missed the Finals and most of these teams are again struggling this season Brisbane, Carlton and Fremantle. But I will say this they’re playing the best at the moment when it comes to the modern game. Unlike the Dogs after their premiership Richmond look to have no hangover, their hunger and pressure is still there making it hard for other teams to get out of their backline.

An in-form West Coast at Optus Stadium in round nine will be the first real challenge this season for the Tigers. Then again after the bye when they play Sydney, Adelaide, and GWS in successive weeks. After this, if they win these I’ll be convinced. This is especially with the league so open this season everyone can win on their day and upsets happening every week.

Can anyone catch the runaway Richmond?

I love this, you’re right it is a bit of a roller coaster and to have no idea what to expect from the Swans this season. The win over Geelong was great for the team’s confidence knowing that they can find other avenues to goal through the likes of Papley, Hayward, Florent and Rohan for example and they can be not so Buddy reliant.

No matter what happens this season I do expect the Swans to have a bit of a cleanout, they’re a few players that have been overtaken by these youngsters and could be moved on. Florent, Ronke, Hayward, Melican, Fox, Hewett all look to be players of the future. While others such as Foote, Aliir, Marsh, Robinson, Rose and Dawson the Swans could try to move on, still young enough but can’t crack a regular game in the seniors.

The pros and cons of barracking for the Sydney Swans

They won 2017 from being rank outsiders and as its been pointed out they haven’t beaten a top 8 team yet from last season. I wouldn’t say Richmond are a champion team but have a team with some players who will go down as champions. These are players such as Dustin Martin, Alex Rance, Jack Riewoldt and Trent Cotchin.

I would say Richmond at the moment has the most balanced list a good mix of youth and experience, players know their roles and they have real depth so if any injuries or suspensions they have ready made replacements waiting in the wings. To go along with this they probably play the modern game the best with the amount of pressure they put on opposition sides.

Are Richmond truly a champion team?

Langer is a great appointment and in some aspects might bring back some of the sledging his team he played in 2000’s played with. It’s right to say we’re going to cop a lot for the next few years and we need to be ready stand up and hit back.

As for the appointment in general he is a great coach and has been for WA for years. He’ll back the players 100% and give them the confidence they need to perform.

Being the most successful T20 coach in Australian domestic history gives you the impression Australia now might have a chance to win the T20 World Cup the only trophy Australia has never won. In ODI a lot of work is needed to first find accord group that you want to take to next year’s World Cup and then find a game plan that can keep up with other nations and that uses our squad as best we can.

In the test arena it’s getting the confidence back for the squad after a unsuccessfull South Africa tour. The bowling unit looks set, it’s just in the top order now losing Smith, Warner and Bancroft finding the right players to come in and perform. I like Renshaw and Maxwell just the second opening spot now. Even that involves moving Shaun Marsh up the order.

Justin Langer must let Australia sledge

Russ needs to learn to change his play. Keep his aggression that’s what makes him well… him. He needs to know when to use he’s skill set depending on the situation like early on get guys involved, he needs to learn when to attack and not settle for jumpers because that is when he is the most dangerous.

George and Russ can work together, he’s a good complementary player to Russ. He’s an excellent defender and can hit the three ball at an efficient rate. Anthony is the issue, he was probably a bit lost this season not controlling the ball as much and playing as just a spot up shooter. He may need to move to the bench and hep lead the second unit he could be more effective that way.

If Anthony and George both stay I say the missing piece would be a stretch 4 that can defend and knock down then three. Then you add to that Russ at the point, Roberson back in as a gritty defender at the 2, George at the 3, and the big Steven Adams at the 5. Move Anthony to the bench to lead the second unit. That could be a better option for OKC moving forward.

What is next for the Oklahoma City Thunder?

The teams I’ve been most surprised by are West Coast and North Melbourne, both I didn’t expect to make the top 8 and both are performing at such a high level. Even after losing a fair bit of experience at the end of last season West Coast hasn’t had the drop that most expected. North have probably the most in form key position players in the league at the moment. Up forward Jarrad Waite is finding a lot of the ball and Big Ben Brown is leading the Coleman medal after six weeks. Down back Robbie Tarrant is reliable as ever and Majak Daw may have finally found his calling playing as a key back.

This AFL season has me pleasantly surprised

Great article, everyone stood up without Buddy and Ronke on debut got in and had a crack. Reminds me of a young Tom Papley the way he attacks the ball and the goals at his size. Kennedy showed us even after a few lean weeks why he is still one of the best midfielders in the game, being brutal around stoppages, getting clearances and giving the Swans forwards first option. I’m tipping the Swans to go two from two without Buddy.

No plan B? No worries for the Swans

It will be interesting for the second week in a row how the Swans forward line will function without Buddy Franklin. The weekend was a revalation giving the other forwards Hayward, Rohan, Florent, Ronke, Papley etc a chance to show what they have.

This should give give Longmire more confidence in these boys in the future and the Swans have a more even spread of goal kickers and be less Buddy centric. Buddy is a match winner but the load needs to be spread. Let’s see if the Swans can go two from two without Buddy.

Nine hot takes from AFL Round 6

Finlayson and Doedee both been revelations this season, both playing as that third tall down back. Not just affecting the contest and taking intercept marks, but also pushing out of defence with many rebound 50s. Finlayson has already been handed the kick out duties for the Giants over other more experienced defenders.

The AFL's best young players, part one