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A former West Aussie now living in Brisbane. Fomer lower grade Aussie Rules player, and lover of most sports.



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“Why are we playing India in the ODI series again? They were here this past summer before the World Cup??”

Simple. Because of the millions of dollars of TV money CA gets from Star. CA would love to host India in Test and/or ODI and/or T20 matches EVERY summer if it could.

“Can we not get a 5 match series against the Black Caps or anyone else in the world?”

This has been explained on The Roar previously. Test match series are often planned up to 8 years in advance. Only in recent seasons has the NZ team become competitive again. Test series against fellow southern hemisphere nations in the last 20 or so years have never been more than 3 tests, as each nation’s summer cricket program is obviously on around the same time. The last NZ tour of Australia was only for 2 Tests. A 5 test series v NZ this summer would be more anticipated than 3 v NZ + 3 v WI series, but CA is obliged to host the West Indies under the so-called “Future Tours Program”, and it’s highly unlikely NZ Cricket would have agreed to a 6-7 week, 5-Test series anyway, especially when they want to host a Boxing Day Test in NZ each summer as well.

Hope that makes sense.

2015/16 Australian cricket fixtures announced

The AFL is NOT a junior footy competition. It doesn’t need the competition split up after a certain number of rounds, where all the “good” teams go into “Divïsion 1”, and the “mediocre” teams get put in a separate comp so that everyone gets a chance to play finals and feel good about themselves. (Certainly that does happen here in the junior competition here in Brisbane, I’d imagine it does elsewhere as well).

What you’ve proposed isn’t as bad as some of the (often deluded) ideas others have thrown up on this site and elsewhere recently – usually those involving State of Origin concepts. But there won’t be as much interest in a “Bottom 10 finals series”, from fans and players especially. Footballers play the game to experience the ultimate feeling of winning a premiership and the glory that comes with it. The motivation just won’t be there for players to play in a second-rate, finals-based comp solely to achieve the highest possible draft pick for their club.

AFL State of Origin: An alternative


East Fremantle = Blue & White, South Fremantle = Red & White.

That said, what might make East Fremantle slightly more appealing to you is their team song: “Cheer, Cheer the BLUE and the white” !!!

I’m an East Perth man, and I hope they win the GF this Sunday. Up the Royals!

Port vs North grand final would be great result

She will be missed.*

*Said no Matildas player ever.

De Reus leaves Matildas coaching job

Also Sean, did the device you posted this article on auto-correct Iqbal? Or has that cricketer changed his name to Iquarterbackal?!

How long will Australia’s dominance last for?

I’m not sure if we’re exactly dominating, nor am I sure how long the good times will last.

When the likes of the underperforming Shaun Marsh gets a national call-up, it shows the selectors have doubts over the current crop of Shield cricketers. Remember when the Haydens, Lehmanns, Langers etc would score well in excess of 1000 runs in a season? Nowadays, a 700-800 run season (complete with TWO centuries) is considered a “good season”.

I think the bowling stocks aren’t too bad (though the constant stream of injuries remains is a worry), but batting and wicketkeeping depth remains a concern.

How long will Australia’s dominance last for?

I know this is off-topic, but when The Roar publishes AAP articles, are they contractually obliged to use the accompanying headline word-for-word? The only reason I ask is due to the incessant and unneccesary slotting in of “AFL” in most AAP headlines for articles on Australian Rules Football. Recent examples include:

“AFL Tigers focus on helping Cotchin”
“Cats fire up for huge AFL clash with Hawks”
“Magpies aim for more AFL goals”
‘Dons appoint officials in AFL overhaul”
“Demons determined to build on AFL win”

Et cetera, et cetera.

It appears to me that the AAP sports editor is clearly not an AFL fan, nor takes enough pride in his or her work. How else can you explain the awkward and intentional placement of “AFL” in their headlines? Does AAP think the readers of its articles aren’t clever enough to know that an article with Pies/Demons/Bombers/Hawks etc in the headline is about AFL?

Sorry to ramble on, but this just really irks me!

AFL Tigers focus on helping Cotchin

“Perth poached all our stars” is incorrect.

Cal Bruton came to the Wildcats from the Brisbane Bullets, not directly from Geelong. James Crawford played a season in Canberra before heading west. Vince Hinchen, well, he was useless as breasts on a bull in his time at Perth, and went back to the Supercats after one season. Greg Smith landed at the Wildcats after the Supercats exited the the NBL. Shane Heal certainly never played for Perth.

To suggest Perth has bought it’s success is an ignorant statement. The culture of the organisation, the great support from the fans and the Perth community – and the WA lifestyle – is the reason why the Wildcats are successful (and why a number of former imports and interstate recruits continued to live in Perth after their playing days.) In the last 2 Championship wins, the Wildcats have not had players on it’s roster who had claimed an NBL title elsewhere (unlike the Breakers, Dragons, Bullets, Tigers and Kings championship teams before them).

The Wildcats have had their challenges over the years, but where other organisations from bigger cities have folded meekly, the ‘Cats have survived – and thrived.

How great can the NBL be?

That’s often been the criticism of Steve Carfino’s commentary, particularly this season.

He’s often sounded downcast – or negative in his commentary in 2013/14. It makes you wonder if he’s still enjoying calling the game, or if there are other reasons.

In the GF series, he very much came across as pro-Adelaide.

Grand final series highlighting the difference between NBL and NBA

Duncan Spencer – another WA speedster who played a bit of Shield cricket in the early 90’s. Spent a bit of time in the wilderness mainly due to injury. Made a return to the Western Warriors fold somewhere in the mid-to-late 90’s – though that was shortlived after he tested positive to a banned steroid (I believe it was).

Honouring the doyens of domestic cricket

Ah yes, Mark Harrity. A very quick outswing bowler who was touted as a Baggy Green prospect.

His undoing was that he didn’t have a good temperament (he would get easily frustrated simply because the batsman got bat on ball), and was too erratic with his bowling (which may have coincided with his temperament). Only lasted in the SA set-up for a few years, and never realised his true potential.

Honouring the doyens of domestic cricket

Nathan Adcock from SA. Apaprently his nickname was “Never”. I’m not sure why…

Honouring the doyens of domestic cricket

I’m surprised no-one has chimed in with “It”s called the Melbourne CRICKET Ground, blah blah bah” as yet.

I think most footy fans out there – particularly the Melbourne-based ones – would have copped having a split round if the ‘G was available in the 2nd week (ie this weekend), but it’s not.

Using the “We’ve kicked off the season earlier so as not to give the NRL a free kick” line is a cop out.

Like most here have already posted, the absence of a game at the ‘G in Round 1 hasn’t irked me – nor not having Carlton v Richmond as the season opener, which has often been a complete fizzer – but the split round does. The split round was designed to allow players to have a physical and mental break MID-SEASON. It is not needed for the players – nor liked by most of the fans – in Round 1.

AFL season must start at the MCG

There’s suggestions that Cronulla, Wests Tigers and even the Rabbitohs should/might/will relocate to Perth.

The WA sporting public won’t accept a relocated or “shared” team from Sydney. “Perth Sharks” just because there’s lots of sharks off the WA coast? Get real. “West (no ‘s’ on the end) Tigers?” Yeah right. “Western Redferns?” No way!

It needs to be an expansion team.

Head to Perth, Dave, you won't regret it

Assuming a Perth team joins the comp AFTER the current broadcast deal expires, it would all depend on the rights-holder of the next deal as to whether a Friday night game in Perth would be shown LIVE into the eastern states.

If the next broadcast deal is basically the same arrangement as the current deal (ie Channel Nine showing 2 Friday night games, 1 live and one on delay), then Friday night games in Perth WON’T happen. If Nine don’t show any love to teams such as Canberra, then it’s hard to see them doing it for a Perth-based team.

Head to Perth, Dave, you won't regret it

It’s a shame that they no longer have reserve days – or the flexibility to reschedule – but thanks to broadcasters, and a packed international schedule, that’s cricket in the 21st Century for you.

Until all matches are played in indoor stadiums (or in those with a retractable roof), then you’re going to get games where – thanks to rain – teams are going to win games they don’t exactly deserve to win, and teams are going to be bundled out of tournaments or lose finals.

It’s just not cricket… but that’s cricket.

Last night’s game highlighted one of the big oddities of T20. Had the game started on the scheduled time, the Proteas batted their 20 overs AND THEN play stopped due to rain, Australia would have had a higher total to chase down. But good luck finding a new formula or that will please everyone for games that are affected by rain at the start, middle or end of a game.

Last night's seven-over farce in Durban

Is Old Trafford ready?

Going by the ridiculously short in-goal areas (as seen at the RLWC), you’d have to say NO.

Is Old Trafford or Wembley ready for the NRL?

If you believe your proposal is “very realistic”, then please take your idea – and your millionaire businessman mate – and sell it to the NRL, broadcasters, player managers, clubs… and the players. After the mixed response you’ll get from them, here are some other people / key stakeholders you will also need talk to:

RLPA – they’ll understandably have concerns about player welfare of a fast & furious tournament with players on tired legs after a tough season and ahead of international matches. They will have – and will get – a big say in whether the tournament goes ahead or not
ARL (Kangaroos set-up) – See if they’ll give the sore bodies of JT, GI, Cronk, Slater et al their blessing to play 2 days of Nines just weeks ahead of Kangaroos duties
PNGRFL – A Nines tournament would likely put and end to the annual PM’s XIII game in PNG (usually held the week before the GF) – where else would you fit in on the calendar?
RFL – The ESL season will still be going, so which teams/players from the UK would take part? Do you really think they would send over any players in contention for England duties in November?
NZRL – Again, the matter of battle-weary bodies in a fast-paced tournament weeks before a 3-4 week international program in November. Do you think it will have the Kiwis unanimous support?

After you’ve had a proper chat with all these people, please come back and tell us that your idea is still ” very realistic”. That ALL the “stars” will play. That your rich mate would still stump up the cash.

And that I’m being negative.

We can have the best players in the Nines