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Football and AFL fan, 4th generation Port Adelaide supporter, lifelong Liverpool fanatic. Port season ticket holder, to be found behind the goals or on the Hill! Travelled to Anfield in 2012 for a Premier League game. Post Graduate Student in English at the University of Adelaide.



The conditional nature of your ‘support’ is embarrassing mate, I wouldn’t be proud of it.

Port Adelaide: A divided and confused fan base


Scott Lycett and the Power of the unexpected

They jumped them in the first quarter without rain and to be honest only the second quarter was seriously wet so I think to hinge the whole result on it is overdoing it. Nonetheless, I agree the jury is out, they look like they could just as likely make the top four as miss the eight, which is utterly ridiculous.

Port's best win in years expands the contender circle

He’s been very good! I wasn’t so sure his recruitment was a good idea at the time, but happy to say I was wrong. He’s been owning the ruck contests and for such a big guy he gets around the ground really well, working very hard.

How Scott Lycett became one of the hottest ruckmen in the game

Yeh I’d agree, Wines has had a few decent moments but definitely can’t impact games for any length of time at the moment.

Port Adelaide: The heartbreak kids

I’m focusing on a good moment but its only as good as it is because frankly there were some serious disappointments at the end of last year and over summer. I wouldn’t say I’m convinced either if you mean as serious contenders…

Port's potential is limitless

My point is that its an exciting moment, not that we’ll walk our way to the premiership. First year players will drop off, loses will happen, I agree far more difficult challenges await!

Port's potential is limitless