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I feel as though his nerves took over on his Socceroos debut. Plenty of woeful crosses on his behalf and what not. Deep down when comfortable on the pitch, his a great footballer. Once nerves are calm, he could be great for the Aussies.

Socceroos must pick Risdon: Lazaridis

His a talented manager. Very smart. Technically, he brought Liverpool title hopes back to life and Klopp, although taking the reds all the way to the Europa League Final, has taken over a team already buzzing with motivation for the league. Rogers gave the Kop a fighting hope, specifically the 13/14 season. I hope he does well at Celtic as he deserves it.

Brendan Rodgers promises to change Celtic's Champions League fortunes

Germany have just too much fire power. They will dominate each team in every statistic available. Surprises can happen, we all know that. However Germany are extremely likely to finish top of this group.

Previewing Euro 2016 Group C

If he wants to improve as a growing influence in Australia football as well as a reputation of one of the best in the A-League he should stay for one more season and use it as experience and what not for his career overseas.

Mooy set to leave Melbourne City

Interesting! Unique and different read.

What’s the fun in journalism if something different never popped up!

Thanks for a entertaining read.

Haiku review: A poetic assessment of every EPL side's 2015-16 campaign

I really hope Liverpool win, they need this trophy to secure Klopp’s position at the club. Although I don’t think he’ll be going anywhere soon, this will do good things for him and the club.

No matter what EPL club you support, it would be great to see an English team with this major European tournament.

Good read.

Europa League Final preview: Liverpool vs Sevilla

Reading the title, I’m not sure it’s true.

Many say if this specific player stayed, he would’ve been great. But who is to know if that player stayed that could have been a flop? They could have been a one season wonder?

Gareth Bale is an example, he is playing good football at Madrid.

We’ll soon find out!

Good read.

To become even greater, Mahrez should remain a Fox

I do hope Atletico win. Many complaints of the side playing slightly dirty, however what Leicester have shown this season is excitement. We need excitement in other leagues and need more underdog stories to tell the grandchildren!

Real Madrid advance in Champions League to secure all-Madrid final

Boring league.

How can anyone argue that the Premier League is not diverse and is boring when Bayern Munich smash the Bundesliga year in year out. It’s unfair, loads of money, 10x more than any other team.

I don’t intend to even bother watching the Bundesliga next season. The only time I’ll be watching German teams is in the Champions League or Europa League.

Bayern Munich win Bundesliga title

Good article. I like your analysis of the big teams.

Only point I’d comment is the title, every transfer season always seems like it will be the biggest and best and most surprising in EPL history and et 90% are rumours. We’ll soon find out. Who isn’t linked with every club these days?

Awaiting the most exciting transfer window in EPL history

Long piece!
Good piece!

What can I say, how many things I’ve read on the foxes since they’ve won the league.

Nothing else to say, but an incredible fairytale. One of the greatest in sporting history.

Leicester City: The fantastic Foxes, the impossible dream

Good article. I also agree.

Southampton have done incredibly well to be placed where they’re from being promoted only years ago. Think about the majority of promoted teams, they either get relegated, or just escape it. And yet, I feel southampton, who go close to or even make Europe each year since they’ve been promoted are rarely spoken about?

Southampton: An underrated success story

Defoe should have been included in the Three Lions side. His experienced, yes, he is ageing, however an in-form Defoe is a lot better then some of the other players they’ve included in that side, if we’re being honest….

Sunderland owe Defoe and Allardyce a debt of eternal thanks

Your 4 points you’ve stated could be correct. It could create a new era for United that will be an improved era. But let’s be realistic, that could destroy United and bury them an even deeper grave. How many players under achieve and rise again? I wouldn’t release players once they have half a bad season?

Surely United fans must have saw that when Sir Alex left, nothing would be the same? They couldn’t keep up such an excellent streak like Fergy did. He was incredible.

You could sack the manager, release players, buy new players and so on but United have actually already done some of this and look how it turned out. Time is key for the rise of Man Utd, but to be frank, they will need loads of it to return to their success during the SAF era.

How Manchester United can rise again

This title will do good things for the security of Klopp’s position as head coach,

Any Premier League fan, no matter what team you support, want Liverpool to win the Europa League.

They constantly show determination, commitment and never give up and this is evident when you take a visit to Anfield.

Good luck, reds!

Klopp's Reds ready for Sevilla

From a Sydney FC fan, any player who remains with one club through good and bad times deserves nothing but a momentus send off.

Loyalty is key and should be respected amongst the fans.

Congrats on a great career Archie, good luck!

Departing Archie salutes Victory fans

Not taking it that seriously, mate. I guess we just have a different opinion of ‘all due respect’ and ‘constructive criticism’ compared to plain criticism. Although I learnt from what you said, I word things differently.

Have a good one mate.

Aussies abroad: Where are all the Socceroos?

Thanks for your constructive criticism Kaks. I do see where you’re coming from. Like I said, in other comments if you read them because I’m just repeating myself now, I write articles in my spare time, what little I have left of it, just to give viewers a quick read. This was a brief indication of where Aussies are. I may have mistaken 1 or 2, but as you can see there are a fair few players I’ve included, it was bound to happen when my sources were the internet. What other sources do I have?

I thank you, however disagree that you should have brought my Journalism degree into it. I really do know what you mean, I don’t want to be that journalism. I should take time to get it right, hey you’re not wrong! However may be word your comment a little less harsh next time and tread lightly with what sort of seems to me like questioning the degree I study. I know it you’re not implying anything, but it was just a unnecessary thing to say.

Cheers mate.

Aussies abroad: Where are all the Socceroos?

Thank you Mister Football, it was a genuine attempt. Like I said, a hobby. I gave readers pretty much what they need to know besides maybe 1 or 2 players re-signed, or went or load or whatever. That’s correct, I provided an indication of where Socceroos are. Kaks makes a good point, I should only post correct info, however bringing in the degree I’m studying may be taking one step too far.

Thanks mate.

Aussies abroad: Where are all the Socceroos?

Thanks for the comment madmonk!

As said, mistakes are evident in this piece. My sources were used on various web links and other than that, that’s all my knowledge of those particular Australians abroad. Therefore, I don’t know. I couldn’t spend a lot of time researching. Cheers for picking up the mistakes.

Aussies abroad: Where are all the Socceroos?

Hi Freycinet1803, thanks for the comment!

Some mistakes are clearly evident, and yes, the internet was my source for all this information. May I remind you this is a hobby, ontop of University and a job I come home and write as a passion of mine and don’t spend 1-2 hours a day researching overseas Socceroos and there whereabouts. So thank you for pointing out the mistakes, It was appreciated. As for your defenders comments, of course defenders rarely score but I wrote it up anyway as I did for each player. It’s not necessary but it’s there. Apologises if it’s a large problem for you and affects your life in any way shape or form. Cheers for your comments and pointing out what is incorrect. I used various web sources as references to give people a BRIEF idea of Aussies abroad. Don’t stress too much about it mate.


Aussies abroad: Where are all the Socceroos?

Hi Steve, thanks for the comment!

Your opinion is appreciated and I agree with you on some levels.

Thanks again.

Is it time for a change at Arsenal?

Hi Albo, thanks for the comment!

You seem to know your stuff!

Thanks again.

"LVG Out!" Is this his last season at Old Trafford?

Hi Liam, thanks for the comment!

Mourinho ‘apparently’ has been in talks with the club. Who knows who the next coach will be? Speculation is amongst a few top flight managers.

Thanks again.

Who will take over from Martinez at Goodison Park?

Hi Peter, thanks for the comment!

The Argentine did good things for the club this season. He re-established the Spurs as contenders for the title.

Thanks again.

What do you make of Pochettino's five-year contract extension?