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Cyclist, Archaeologist, director of Ride and Seek Bike Tours and presenter for BBC documentary On Hannibal's Trail.

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Newcastle, Australia
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The Tour Down Under versus the Tour de France

The Tour Down Under versus the Tour de France

30 Jan 2013

The Tour down Under 2013 (TDU) was a fantastic event and has come so far since starting 15 years ago. It was amazing to watch a packed weekend of cycling, talk to the crowd and note just how impressed everyone was.

Are you a stravasshole when you train?

22 Jan 2013

For a lot of us, cycling and running used to be fairly independent things. We’d train, enjoy the pedalling or running, and if we were serious maybe keep time.

Is this the Golden Age of cycling?

8 Nov 2012

A number of weeks ago I began writing an article on the popularity and rapid growth of cycling worldwide. Then the Lance saga struck.