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He is not a typical English…He comes from a different ensemble and their brand of cricket may not be everyone’s cupp a tea.
And his abilities with bat and ball,,are great addition for England team..
He isn’t hyped up for nothing..He is raw but talented and hungry..And,atleast he is backed by the management…
Aussies are a good team but aren’t like the previous greater teams…So chances are good for Archer..He has done well so far,why can’t he do now??

Why Jofra Archer won't be England's saviour

Neatly written..valid points;
Some were also putoff by Indians boasting about “taking home the cup “too myself.
NZ played good, sometimes sedate but competitive Cricket.
England were no bullies by mouth either, they played brilliant,Dashing cricket before and during the Cup..
I have nothing against the teams..
As an Indian fan,losing to NZ was a heavy hit but it was a close contest won by a better team at that day.
But in all fairness,,if a washout or no play can force a tie,surely after all these onfield issues and a tie in both the match and superover, Wouldn’t a shared Worldcup be much more appeasing saving grace for ICC??
England got the trophy but NZ deserved too.That’s what my gripe as a neutral fan is..
Yeah in sports you need a Winner,but here no one would argue..Neither team lost.
This could have been a great advert for the sport but at the end ,by awarding strokeplay vs circumspect play,ICC kinda botched it.

The curious case of the Sunday night angst

Absolutely…If not for the match result atleast after a tied superover,,,NZ and Eng both were worthy…

Darren Lehmann laments 'crap' rule that decided 'the greatest game of cricket' he's seen

Really nice to read..Just one gripe..You could have waited till the final…Climax matters!!?

This World Cup had everything

Jadeja is underrated…So good in the field that Kholi just can use him as a sub fielder alone (overlooking his two or three firstclass 300s and tight bowling).Wonder why he wasn’t considered for No4 ,might have clicked like Steve smith…

The two best balanced bowling attacks have reached the final

It’s much more than media..India have 1)an invisible quota system..
2) Captain’s favorites are always preferred…
Mayank agarwal would be first choice in any team but not here.
Case in Rahul,Chahal,Kuldeep,Vijay are all Kholi’s& Ravi’s picks..
Ashwin,Jadeja,Raina,Rayudu etc were Dhoni’s and as worldclass they are, India don’t have a place in playing 11 for them..

It’s how it goes.

The two best balanced bowling attacks have reached the final

You’re spot on reg. Jadeja.
But Jhadav unlike Karthik cannot go boom boom at the outset..
Jadeja,Pant, Karthik, Pandya et al allows Dhoni settle into his groove.
And Shami/Bhubaneshwar are much alike in picking wickets up early but Shami leaks runs at the death.

India on top of World Cup 2019 table despite selection blunders

Not sure kettle or pot, but calling out India for shoddy play??
Even Pakistani team doesn’t know how they’ll play on a given day.
Imagine Pakistan turned it all around,Made it to the Semi or finals itself… Can you confidently say they wouldn’t bundle out for 132???
For a team that constantly sells out its fans by collapsing in mysterious ways, they got what they deserved.

How the ICC robbed Pakistan of their semi-final chance

I am curious..why is it that
when its an Indian win, the pitch is pre-conditioned,opposition is meek, etc but when your team wins it’s brilliance, and fairplay..??

Wounded Australia fall to South Africa, drop top spot ahead of World Cup finals

If I saw the same game as you guys and If indeed Cricket is a team game
1)Granted Dhoni /Jhadav never showed “fire in belly” but Dhoni bad luck or not,got hit on his thumb while batting.
2)Shami gave away vital runs in the end overs.
3)Pant,Rohit gave chances which if taken would’ve let Dhoni in earlier.
4)Rahul batted as if it was a minefield.
A review was missed.
4)Even Kholi and Rohit didn’t just smack it,they had to fiind their feet.
So others are gonna be watchful.
And India for the most part,are cruelly keeping out Jadeja and Dinesh. Either of those two would have eased Dhoni’s work.
Lastly,,Man..Dhoni much like sachin in Later days is struggling but still is a vital cog..So chill.
And for those who say India batted slowly to edge Pak out, was Pak surely near the final4 in the firstplace ??? They should win their matches first..

England end India's unbeaten run in CWC

I am not deeply into stats.I am a simpleton and an avid Cricket fan.
I am baffled at your article.
We at India,had a bloke called “Shewag” who had myway or the highway attitude and it was put to use in a handsome way by the then Captain and Management.
And the rest is history…
Maxwell may or may not do a Shewag, but he can disrupt a team’s morale so easily.
And for that he should be a opener.
And if you’re happy being 2 down by 3rd or 4th over anyways,losing him early shouldn’t really bother you.
India are so spoilt with riches that DK bats at 7 but Aussies don’t have such luxury.
The selectors go onto make Finch,an clueless out of form player, your Captain of all roles,
A player who could be a Captain is not only denied that but been publicly told to make runs to prove his merit (Maxwell).
Last I remember,Cricket still is a team game,so when your team fails, why Choose Maxwell alone??
Siddle -single handedly did far worse damage.
Finch-1)Was annoyingly short of runs, 2)excusing himself for lack of runs, 3)was giving away easy runs,
And the list can go on and these were in plain sight.

Is Glenn Maxwell the Big Show or a no-show?

I like it as an Indian fan to see our batters getting hyped, but be realistic.

Any bowler with decent pace and good basics can and will castle out batsmen irrespective of their past accolades.

So yeah,India has an enviable batting attack but basics still matter.
If they play ball per ball on its merit,yeah they’re gonna be hard to stop or they could fold within 100.

India's ODI batting is monstrous

You say Aussie team is short on resources yet India can only face those on the field.
Ifs and buts can be manipulated either ways.
Are Smith/Warner worldclass batsmen?? Maybe.,
But don’t fool yourself by saying they two alone could’ve reversed the result.

And leave out Pujara/Kholi ,, there’s an entire brigade ready to fill their shoes.
If they’d done the same, that’s another story.
Indian team had shoddy openers and tailenders from 8 at one point.
Indians dropped dollies too,
if Aussies can’t utilise those opportunities,,even Bangladesh could beat them..Oh!! They once did!! albeit in ODI against a team stud with much of your superior legends.

At the EOD results alone count.
And India are better because records say so

Border-Gavaskar Test series player ratings: India

Mayank should have debuted long back..
Pritvi shaw was included out of nowhere when Mayank was actual squad member.
It’s another that Pritvi is a prodige.
Mayank was constantly overlooked for Rahul, coz Rahul had ” potential”.
Indian selectors got lucky since Pujara,Kholi et al covered their idiocracies.
They’re worse than Aussie selectors.

The Liebke Ratings: Australia vs India, Third Test