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Well that’s what happened !

Why either team could win the fourth India vs England Test

True. But purely from cricketing point of view, Ind outclass Pak!

World Cup 2019: India vs Pakistan preview and prediction

Today’s Sri Lanka win precisely the reason, why I believe Lankan are fav over Aus, SA in WC.Too much talent to write them off.

Analysing your country's World Cup chances (Part 1)

Fair enough!

Analysing your country's World Cup chances (Part 1)

Yes, semi-finals is what will be the most important match for India.It could be a close contest like NZ-SA last time.If India gets through it, they could beat England in finals.Hopefully, they don’t face Eng in semis.

A lot off the field was happening too. Coach -Players disputes.India especially Virat didn’t have the body language like he always does.
I don’t think CT final kinda loss will happen again in big matches for India .

World Cup 2019: India vs Pakistan preview and prediction

Did u forget Bumrah no-ball? Add Kuldeep-Chahal in the mix. MS Dhoni back in form. Pak is never reaching 300 again.
Ind should win contest easily.
If one off day was choke, then Pak has choked n number of times since the 2000s.

World Cup 2019: India vs Pakistan preview and prediction

For God sake,this is 2019.

Shane Warne has named his Ashes team, and it's actually not as ridiculous as we'd have thought

It’s one thing happening one time around and another doing rounds, rounds as with South African team.

Analysing your country's World Cup chances: Part two

Yes, I did miss out Rabada. And under the leadership of Faf, this has done some great things but there is a much better team than SA. I don’t expect them to go beyond semis. They just lack that spark. Faf, the captain, and the batsman will be the key. But even if they do surprisingly well to go till semis. I am not sure if their current players can withstand the pressure of the chokers tag.

Analysing your country's World Cup chances: Part two

Excelled during different points in series at home.Mark Wood had a good series against SA back in 2017, if he stays fit no reason he cannot repeat those performance.Willey, Plunkett as well have done well in when it mattered.
It’s not England of old where ball will do a lot.Times have changed.Average, economy rate isn’t true indication of what they achieved.The fact that they are still in team shows how greatly they are valued by Three Lions.

Analysing your country's World Cup chances: Part two

Don’t expect Indians to be outclassed like they were in Eng,SA.
Australia if they have to win the series have to make tracks which aid swing and that’s death knell for Australia too .
So while all may look glommy for now but change in playing 11 and more practice should help India.
Like all Indian I understand what’s the hue and cry has been. This was best chance for us to beat Eng in their own backyard in generation.

Get ready Australia - an Indian Santa is bringing Christmas early this year

Why is zampa ill treated ? Zampa turns at pace at his best

O'Keefe's Test career looks over

From the top view the restructuring looks fine. Hope it’s user friendly.

The Roar has relaunched! Welcome to a new Roar

Rats-India had enough time and men to make it 2-0.But losing momentum after ODI and wrong choice of team in both test caused our downfall.

At Lords any team could have been bowled out for 100 but when Eng were 124-5 a third seamer could have spelled death knell for England.

Similarly ,7-87 in the second innings R Ashwin who averages 19 against left handers was taken out of the attack and those extra runs were the difference.

Team selection from captain has let us down.

India's likely line-up for the third Test against England

Pandya is he took 3 wickets but when match was out of India’s hand.

India's likely line-up for the third Test against England

Anindya- I see Vijay being out of national team never to return again. If he ever goes back to domestic cricket. We have invested enough in Vijay. It’s time to move on. We have been hard on Dhawan dropping him after one failure which affects players morale.
Virat playing was certain after the second test loss. But is it worth to play him looking at an important year with Oz, NZ, and WC coming up?
Karthik didn’t practice much in the net session and there were injury issues so Pant will make his debut.
Bumrah is the X-factor and I hope he doesn’t waste the new ball for India’s sake.

India's likely line-up for the third Test against England

ABD i hope he comes out of surprise retirement like Lionel Messi and plays World Cup 2019. He has the lucky charm in Faf and ABD could spur things up for SA and surprise everyone.

AB de Villiers delivers BBL black eye

That’s some information.

South Africa's spin stock is blooming

If batting unit clicks then South Africa from being a team with outside chance to firm favorite for the next year World Cup.

South Africa's spin stock is blooming

If you look at SA-SL series you know how good their batting form is.

South Africa's spin stock is blooming

“Since Kohli became Test skipper his on-field behavior has often been wildly aggressive. So much so that barely an Indian Test series has gone by without his antics coming under the microscope, similar to banned Australian bad boy David Warner.”

Why would you write the first line? If at all, anything, Kohli has toned down his wild side on the field as a captain you need to. But you can’t expect Kohli to be quite if his team is under the pump from the opposition.He is naturally aggressive and energy of his has rubbed on other player’s as well.

But to compare David Warner, a guy who is serving the ban for playing against the spirit of the game and influencing youngster in a bad way, to Virat Kohli, is absolutely rubbish.

Ricky Ponting was much worse than that. The Sydney Game against India in 2007/08 series a gentle reminder.

So don’t agree with anything about it.

Kohli will bring controversy to Australia this summer

I think given Warner’s character he will be back with a bang whether that’s doing well in IPL or international cricket remains to be seen.

The 2019 World Cup will save Warner's career

If India is competitive in their first innings, I think India has a better chance to compete in the entire test.

Shaky Indian batting gives England the edge

If at all it makes the battle even.

Shaky Indian batting gives England the edge

Smith had his time under the sun but its time real king takes the crown. It could be either of three- Virat,Root or Kane

Can't play, can bat: Steve Smith still the world's best