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Reigning backyard cricket, soccer and touch footy champion 49ers by birth, Chelsea FC by family, Storm/Geelong by impression. Aspiring sports journo someday maybe.



Have a great time for me Willie. I’m lucky I finally got to see a Storm game- which happened to be both the finals games in Brisbane this year. Make sure you start the ‘Melbourne’ chant and lead a chorus of ‘Harry, clapclapclap Harry’, the latter of which went around Suncorp during Origin 3 a week ago.

Return of mid-year Origin, Magic Round and regional games all confirmed in NRL 2021 draw

I do agree Cronk has had superstar team around him- went from the premiers to the prelim finalists and went back-to-back, but I’m not sure what that has to do with my comment about big-game performance?

Sorry universe, but Cooper Cronk is superior to Johnathan Thurston

Cooper’s high effort plays go highly un-noticed. The 2016 Origin decider and 2017 prelim final come to mind as examples- in the Origin dead rubber, Tedesco finds open space with 60 metres to run, a minute left on the clock and that’s game/set/match 99 times out of 100. Cronk is level with Tedesco and keeps pace over 50 metres to actually drag him down. One of my favorite Cronk moments.
And the 2017 prelim- scores level early and Melbourne coming from a tough set of 6 in their own half. Smith kicks on tackle 4 about 40 metres out from his own line and the ball finds grass with no-one around. Corey Oates is tracking back and there is little kick chase. Suddenly the Melbourne No.7 appears on the screen and pumps his little legs furiously. Oates collects the ball 10 metres out and attempts to beat Cronk but Coops wraps his legs up and clings on for dear life. Brisbane now start their set 10 metres out.
Two examples, but Cronk’s underrated in his efforts and determination. Laser-focused like very little others.

Sorry universe, but Cooper Cronk is superior to Johnathan Thurston

I dislike the constant mentioning of Cronk’s 2016 GF disappearance; as if he wasn’t the BOG in 2 other GF’s he played (was unlucky to not get it in 2009) and JT was mysteriously gifted the medal in 2015. Big game record is in Cronk’s favor IMO.

Sorry universe, but Cooper Cronk is superior to Johnathan Thurston

QLD by 4, DCE MOTM and Frizell for first try scorer.

The Roar’s State of Origin expert tips and predictions: Queensland Maroons vs NSW Blues, Game 3, 2020

As long as people click, he’ll be in a job. Sadly this means he will be around for a while.

'Worst team in Queensland history' will give Origin decider an almighty shake

Would love to see this ‘debunked’ article given a series. Funny read!!

Most nauseating Maroons moments debunked

Can bet there would be a future world class replacement in the wings though.

Addo-Carr to remain with Storm in 2021

My fault, honestly. The quote was relevant, humorous and (maybe) applicable to this situation but it was political, and we know a certain kind of commenter detests any free speech against their idols.

The Roar’s State of Origin expert tips and predictions: NSW Blues vs Queensland Maroons, Game 2, 2020

Despite the relevance of the quote’s application, and the humour of it, I should have known better to mention politics on here, and also to slightly aggravate the completely non-snowflake Trump fans. My bad.

The Roar’s State of Origin expert tips and predictions: NSW Blues vs Queensland Maroons, Game 2, 2020

My fellow Queenslanders; To quote philosopher and human rights activist Donald J. Trump- “We will win this, and as far as I’m concerned, we already have won it”.

The Roar’s State of Origin expert tips and predictions: NSW Blues vs Queensland Maroons, Game 2, 2020

Titles help separate individuals without looking at other factors. Brenko Lee has more NRL titles than Andrew Ettingshausen, Jarryd Hayne, Mat Rogers, Stacey Jones and Manu Vatuvei but most likely won’t go down in history over them.
If comparing legendary players, such as a debate in the year 2050 about who was better between Darren Lockyer or Johnathan Thurston, they’ll look at Dally M’s, Golden Boots and NRL titles. It’s a factor but shouldn’t be THE factor.

Do titles matter to the GOAT?

Extra point here for mine- In the last 4 games Christian Welch has played he’s been up against forwards widely accepted as his superior- Paulo and Campbell Gillard , Papalii and Tapine, Fisher-Harris and Kikau, now Saifiti and Paulo (again) and the guy has come out on top everytime. He aims up with the best of them. Looked phenomenal tonight even after he got the wobblies.

Second-half stunner powers Maroons to Origin Game 1 upset win

Agree Willie, especially Proctor and GI. 2007-09 GI is his peak- unstoppable and youthful, a juggernaut in flight. Crime he can’t make this list due to the author’s eligibility rules.
Also Proctor- his line running off Cronk and Slater was lethal- one of, if not the best Storm combos.
It’s hard to choose based on Storm legacy or peak form- Matt Geyer was leading pointscorer and had the most games but wouldn’t make centres above Inglis, King or Chambers.

Melbourne's greatest NRL team

“There is no way they will all fit under the salary cap”
Never stopped us before!
Agree with most of these picks, good to see some love for Hoffy, Dallas and Bai. Maybe Kevin Proctor makes the bench, he and Cronk were the most lethal half/forward combo for half a decade on the right side.
I have Inglis there in spirit.

Melbourne's greatest NRL team

Actually excited to see this QLD team work. Also love the Blues’ fans confidence. Not like they’ve ever been red-faced 3-0 by the mighty Maroon underdogs, right?

REVEALED: NSW Blues and Queensland Maroons teams for State of Origin 1

Thank you for sense and rationality on the ‘controversy’ of Melbourne being gifted the match. All the Storm’s ’50/50′ tries were, as you said, tries no matter which team scored them and the Panthers didn’t help themselves in trying to get back into it. If anyone should feel dudded tonight by refs it’s the Storm, as the try that got the Panthers rolling was a clear no-try by the rules of the game. The momentum shifted on the back of an incorrect call.
But sweet,sweet relief! Barely 24 hours after watching Geelong tip their lead down the sink, I was storming around like Bellyache as the game swung quickly in the opposite direction. So proud of the team for digging in.
This will be the sweetest of GF wins. Commiserations to the Panthers, incredible season from them. Such a hard year for all the players involved.
Congrats Purple Rain!! ????⚡

Four talking points from the NRL grand final

Two very suspect defences collide in the Blues and Red Devils- but only one of those teams has a world-class midfield/attack combo and that’s Chelsea. United have a good record against Chelsea lately but won’t be up for it. Moderately confident as a Blue.

Games to watch out for in Week 6 of the EPL

Considering that the world class players around him were developed alongside and by him, not purchased, I’d say it’s down to him.

You don't have to like him, but you do have to admit Cameron Smith is rugby league's greatest ever

A few major points-
1. The team with a bigger Prelim win has historically translated that into a GF win. (Except Melbourne in 2018, read into that what you will.) Form seems to stick.
2. I like Cam Munster’s chances of redemption for his appalling 2018 GF showing. Two sin bins? He’ll be primed and ready- but not at the cost of the gameplan.
3. The height advantages enjoyed by the Storm wingers should come into play often. Both are 9-10cm taller than their counterparts. When Daniel Tupou lined up against Will Chambers instead of Suilasi Vunivalu in the 2019 Prelim, they sent kicks his way all night. Plus a hefty speed advantage.
4. Penrith may reap the benefits of the underdog tag. Although how they’ve got it is weird. How odd is it that a team with one loss all season and a 17-straight win streak are the outsiders here?

The Roar’s NRL expert tips and predictions: Grand final

I hope you are right. Melbourne come in with much more form and have so much more finals experience. They should set ANZ alight.

Penrith Panthers vs Melbourne Storm: The unstoppable force meets the immovable object

Addo-Carr and Vuinvalu may soon love their notable height advantages over their opposites. (192 cm v 183cm, 183cm vs 174cm). Please boys, send some kicks Vuni’s way.

NRL grand final teams revealed

Kikau will be a big in for the Panthers, not keen at all to see him run at us again. But I can’t wait for this game. Their only encounter this season was in Round 6 or 7 and even back when the Panthers beat Melbourne it was touted as a Grand Final preview. Can’t wait. UP THE PURPLE RAIN!!!

Panthers make it 17 in a row to advance to the decider

Welchy and LeBrom have been phenomenal for us this year, and they’ve certainly done their jobs when coming up against premiership forwards packs. I think they’ll be up for it tonight. You can also bet Cheese will be taking it to Tapine tonight, that’ll be my favorites on field clash

Raiders and Storm to be decided by epic battle of the forwards

I might be the only Storm fan on this website that thinks that game was never ours. I thought the decision at the end re. Vunivalu was a bit dodgy but we never sunk the boot in and got punished for it. It just happened to be a last-minute heartbreaker.

The Roar’s NRL expert tips and predictions: Preliminary finals