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He did explain recently. Whether you believe him or not than that’s up to you. Lets not forget Angus wont be on the books until 2019.

From Rabbitoh to Rooster? Angus Crichton to leave South Sydney

Isn’t the cap increasing over the next few years?

It's official: Cooper Cronk inks two-year deal with Sydney Roosters

Hi Chris,

Completely disagree with your article here. Although there were some dubious calls throughout the season, for Flanagan to suggest that it’s the refs fault that they lost is just pure childish.

I did not hear him make reference once to their 60% completion or their 17 errors. He thinks the refs weren’t up to standard for a finals game, well Flanno your team was not up to standard for a finals game. Pure and simple as that.

In fact, the refs helped you stay in the game. 30K is a light punishment especially when the sharks club is posting the same crap on their website. Greenburg was right (for a change) it’s time to grow up!

Shane Flanagan is right

Hey Baz,

I agree and have been saying it since before game 1. Why have fullbacks playing centres and have one of the games best centres on the bench?

It doesn’t make sense.

Does Loz have a crush on Hayne and Dugan?

If they can’t make the team in the positions they usually play, then don’t play them… simple.

I was calling for a young side to take the field for this series.

People saying “Not old enough to play origin” Well as NSW has shown even after 20 origins you’re still not good enough.

Cordner, Klemmer, Jurbo, Jackson, Peats, and Teddy are the only safe ones for mine.

The rest need to go, simple.

Turbo, Mansour on the wing, Cleary, Austin in the halves, Bird, Roberts in the centres. Moylan as utility. young side with speed skill and heart!

Hang your heads in shame, New South Wales

He had two kicks in the 20 from memory. One that was caught on the full by a brilliant catch and the other was into someone’s legs. He put fifita in a hole to set up the first try and backed up for the second try. He had good kick metres and found the grass twice from memory. Not sure what people expect of Pearce but he played well. 98% of the rugby league world said he played good. People just wearing ‘pearce hating’ glasses obviously.

State of Origin 2017 Game 1 player ratings: New South Wales Blues

As a Chookies tragic i can’t wait to see Hastings slotting in full time in the halves. He played really well towards the back end of the season. Also i think Ferguson may be similar to an “inglis” type full back. Big and strong, however, he doesn’t have too much speed. I am not writing the boys off yet. Before Aussie day I had them in at 6th. Even now, i think they will get there.

Are the Roosters ripe for the plucking?

Futhermore, the players you listed above:
Blake Ferguson – Happened at Canberra, roosters had him back after counselling and helping out around the club. Nose has been clean since

Jake Friend – Had a few indiscretions ill admit, so the roosters sacked him for 12 months and since he has been back his nose is clean.

Shaun Kenny-Dowall – Still innoccent until proven guilty, besides that DV charge, has been clean since being at the roosters.

Michael Jennings – One indiscretion of kicking a boom gate, not exactly reckless behaviour

Nate Myles – Can’t defend his actions

Joel Monaghan – Happened while he was at Canberra

Sonny Bill Williams – Not to sure which incident your referring to when he was at the roosters in 2013 and 2014?

Sandor Earl – Wasn’t at the roosters when the drug charges were laid.

Todd Carney – He was sacked by the roosters for off field behaviour.

Don’t really see a problem with the culture here? Pearce was inexcusable but aside from babysitting every player in the squad and stand guard outside their house i don’t see much more the roosters could of done?

Do the Roosters have a culture problem?

A lot of other clubs have had several indiscretions off the field. The roosters are i admit, not the best, but far from the worse. Bit short sighted to claim that there is a cultural issue when there is only ONE player currently in their squad that has had more than one indiscretion in the past two years.

Do the Roosters have a culture problem?

Thats the same at ANZ. Train queues and hours to get out of the parking lot.

Will bigger and better Sydney football stadiums deliver bigger NRL crowds?

You can nit pick a lot of things in the NRL to complain about but in all honesty i feel the game has more pros than cons. In regards to your main concerns:

Shoulder Charge complaints:
Firstly, why are you only selecting roosters players here? Since the rule was changed after the Evans/Kasiano hit i have seen numerous shoulder charges that weren’t charged and this may come as a shock to you but they weren’t wearing a red, blue and white jersey? Not that it matters, just curious? You as well as i and every other NRL supporter out there knows that the judiciary is about as consistent as our government. It is a problem, yes, but hardly “dire”. First people complain that the shoulder charge is illegal and now people are complaining that not enough people are getting charged, there’s always something to complain about.

Gambling Ads
When are parents going to take responsibility for their own children? I understand that advertising plays a major role in the development of children from smoking, drinking, gambling, bad food e.t.c but it’s up to the parents to tell them that it is wrong. I hate those gambling “updates” as much as the next viewer, however, just mute the TV or change the channel. This is not the NRL at fault here it is the government regulations.

NRL is in a great position and with a few changes it can become great. Although i dislike the current administration it doesn’t look like its going to change anytime soon (unless Smith stuffs up the broadcast deal).

With the grand final around the corner, the NRL is in poor shape

There are too many rounds. 24 games is just ridiculous plus the nines, the all stars, origin, WCC and then international footy. I’ll probably get shut down for this but might be an idea:

– To reduce it to 18 rounds, each team plays each other once (home ground alternating each year).
– Top 8 is reduced to the Top 4 (i’ve never liked how you finish in the middle of the table and get a chance of winning a GF).
– The Top 4 is played and the winners out of each game play off in a 3 game final series over three weekends. The team that finished the highest gets two home games while the other gets the one.
– Origin is played post season over 3 weekends. Then international footy after that.

This will not only reduce player burnout but it will also mean less saturation of the game over the year.

They say the NRL is a business nowadays so why not act like a business instead of adding more teams we need to look at relocating and disbanded clubs that aren’t financially viable on their own. This will free up more money for players and less that the NRL need to spend on dying clubs.

MASCORD: Another day, another rugby league catastrophe-in-waiting

The roosters haven’t had the rub of the greens with the refs for years. Why will this change now?

PRENTICE: Will the referees decide this year's NRL title?

I hate all this grading nonsense in the NRL judiciary system. Get ridf of them, if you trip/kick someone then thats the punishment not a grade 1 or 2 blah blah crap.

It’s quite simple, any offence no matter who commits it carries the same punishment. For example:

Tripping/sticking leg out/kicking = 1 week
Shoulder Charge: 4 weeks
Spear Tackle: 6 Weeks
Head High (no matter whether it was careless an accident or a coat hanger) = 3 Weeks
Crusher, chicken wing, hairy bean bag grab, the eyeball poker, the hopoate e.t.c: 2 Weeks

As a player all you have to do is try and refute video evidence of you not committing the offence.

PRENTICE: Will the referees decide this year's NRL title?

my mother was….

One billion reasons not to attend an NRL game

Yeah i like using your phone to watch replays and get commentary. That’s an excellent idea.

One billion reasons not to attend an NRL game

Attending games can be really cost effective. Get a membership! I paid $150.00 to see my team play all 12 home games this season. Take into account of each ticket price say $20. 20 x 12 = $240.00 so i am saving $90.00 right there. Plus i got a “membership kit” with it. I haven’t purchased a new jersey since 2008 so i am saving money there. I never eat at the footy always have lunch or dinner pre or post game depending on the time of the game (aside from a bag of smiths and a couple of party mix bags that i sneak in). And with the new opal system i travel to the game for free and to avoid the crowds i get there early to watch the NYC and head to the pub afterwards for a sneaky beer or two and wait for the crowd to disperse.

So if you break it down a day at the footy…

Admittance fee: $12.50
Food: $2.50 party mix and $3.00 bag of crisps (Coles).
Drinks: $6.00 a schooie at the pub after or before the game. (i refuse to pay $7.50 for warm cat piss, but then again i don’t need to drink at the game).
Merchandise: I buy a jersey every 5 years or so.
Transport: Because i use public transport to work and i use the opal system by the time the weekend hits ive got free rides all weekend on any transportation system.
Weather: Get there early enough and you can find a seat undercover, i always do…

Total cost of the footy: $42.00 (including the beers pre and post game, 4 in total).

I know this is not for everyone but if you want to get there for cheap you can.

One billion reasons not to attend an NRL game

Yeah ken my bad lol.

I deleted the comment i was mistaken with the years. Apologies.

And the coach of the year is... Wait for it!

Yeah fair enough TB but all i am saying is that these players weren’t exactly established first graders when Robinson came into the team. Maybe an oversight to say he built them to the players that they are today. But i think he had a massive influence on them, even some of them say it themselves, not always directly but by the culture he has built at the club.

And the coach of the year is... Wait for it!

i think robinson will be good as i said it will be good to see how he goes next year without what i think are the two best players this year in Maloney and RTS.

And the coach of the year is... Wait for it!

We signed a lot of these guys earlier than 20 and most of them played NYC for the roosters before making the first grade squad of reserve grade squad.

And the coach of the year is... Wait for it!

Top 6 of their position? ok lets go through them…

– Guerra: Made his Debut for the Roosters in 2010 and played 42 matches between 2010 and 2012. Did not play rep football until 2014. QLD SOO player now
– Cordner: Made his debut in 2011 and played 29 matches up until 2012. Did not play rep footy until 2013. NSW SOO player now.
– RTS: Made his debut in 2012 and played 6 games that year. Again did not play rep football until 2013. NZ player now
– Topou: Made his debut in 2012 and played 3 matches. Did not play rep footy until 2013. NSW SOO player now.
– Moa: Unwanted at the sharks and went to the super league where he was forgotten Debuted for the chooks in 2013. Played rep footy in 2008 onward for Tonga and then made the kiwi side in 2013.
– Maloney and Jennings were already stars to be fair but maloney didn’t play rep footy until 2013.
– Liu: Made his debut in 2013
– Napa: Played 7 matches in 2013 same year he made his debut. Up and coming QLD SOO player
– Takaieaho: Made his debut for the warriors round 26 in 2013.
– Evans: Played 5 matches in 2013 after making his debut for the roosters.

At the start of 2013 i’d hardly call these players top 6 of their positions. My point was robinson built them all up to the players they are today.

And the coach of the year is... Wait for it!

Top 6 maybe but there certainly weren’t origin or rep players prior to coming to the roosters. They were fringe players, they certainly aren’t now.

And the coach of the year is... Wait for it!

I think tooves is way off the mark here. Roosters have firepower all over the park and can attack both sides and the middle with ease. They tend to go into a period of lapse in games which is a worry come finals time but we hammered the Storm 24-2 in our last meeting at Allianz so hopefully that form continues lol

Roosters lack firepower: Toovey

Yeah but Stuart walked onto an already premiership winning side after Graham Murray built it. Robinson walked into a team that finished 12th in 2012 and actually made stars out of a lot of no names:

– Guerra
– Cordner
– Topou
– Moa
– Friend
– To some extent Maloney and Jennings as well
– Liu
– Napa
– Takaieaho (can never spell that one lol)
– Evans

He has a Bellamy aspect to him (getting the most out of fringe players), and as a rooster fan i can’t wait to see how he goes without Maloney and RTS and see how he goes with mentoring Hastings, Latrell Mitchell e.t.c.

And the coach of the year is... Wait for it!

It’s not…

If you are a sharks fan im pretty sure you’d want to play your first final at Allianz as opposed to Suncorp. Also, i wouldn’t want to play the storm in melbourne in a knockout final. Also the cowboys would prefer to play brisbane at suncorp rather than sydney.

The stage is set for a blockbuster final round of NRL