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spot on with this post AGO74

Japan is the template, but does our football culture allow us to follow it?

spot on with the neanderthals Post hoc. robbie slater personified.

Japan is the template, but does our football culture allow us to follow it?

we seem to rely heavily on launching crosses into the box. teams park the bus and have tall defenders. we should look to play more combinations in and around the box to break them down. and one other thing i would try is some bus parking of our own, draw teams out and hit them on the counter with the likes of mabil and leckie – that is what we are forced to do when we get to world cup.

Australia's Asian Cup defence comes to a bitter end

Yes Muscat was definitely a thug. He was also a pretty good player and I think he has done well as a coach. I don’t think his record as a player will mean he never progresses in coaching – i think his record in coaching will determine how far he progresses.

Kevin Muscat and Mark Rudan have put Australia's coaching potential on centre stage

i am with you post hoc. $1.40 is nothing today.

Where does all the money football generates actually go?

i am with you on that James H – we certainly created opportunities but do not have the skill to finish them

Football in Australia is in desperate need of change

mark – you are spot on here. maybe we bring Ange back when we have players that have more technical ability which i think is our biggest problem at the moment. we should study belgium’s rise – they developed players and as a result their world ranking increased and did it over a relatively short time period.

Football in Australia is in desperate need of change

vin – i assume that you are saying that under the curriculum that kids are not allowed to express themselves individually. i do not think that your assertion is correct in that respect.

Football in Australia is in desperate need of change

Yes – football is the only truly world game and no other code can come close to that worldly reach. There are many leagues and matches to watch all week – hence the A League struggles with that sort of competition for local followers. We just need to keep growing by investing money wisely in our marquees to slowly lift interest – it will be a slow and, at times, difficult slog but the game will eventually triumph due to its world reach. Look back at the progress since the A League commenced and you can see progress over time.

Riley McGree's wonder goal proves no sport can match football on the world stage

Stuart – i too share the heavy heart of Stevo. Timewasting is not part of the spirit of the game in my opinion and should not be encouraged. Setting up to be very defensive is a tactic that you may wish to execute. Having coached a side with 9 players in one instance i set up to defend narrowly rather than park the bus – somehow we managed to win the game. I would agree with Stevo on attacking as a better tactic.

To 'park the bus' or not 'park the bus'. That is the question

William Hill are masters of the banning. Offer promotions and when you win consistently they ban you.

Victorian minimum betting framework doesn't give punters a fair go

terrific article. I have never liked Sydney and have not been a fan of goodes. However he won 2 brownlows so must be a decent player. hayden ballantyne is probably the most disliked player in the game but he does not cop the booing that goodes gets. In my view it is mass bullying.

Adam Goodes story comes back to one question: Why?

i might be a cynic. every time someone has a book release coming up they generate some media interest by getting one controversial issue highlighted so everyone talks about it and hopefully book sales get boosted.

Reflecting on the Alex McKinnon interview

definitely supply and demand. sponsors won’t throw money at a sport unless they reckon they can get some sort of return. not as many people want to watch womens sport therefore not as much sponsorship and $ are in it. it is why brad pitt gets more money for a film than say nick nolte – more people want to watch brad.

Matildas undervalued by billionaire

double touche

Matildas undervalued by billionaire

Here are my thoughts:
– packed crowds – I am not sure this is the case when the cameras pan
– diving, cheating etc – cannot agree more that this is a purer form of the game that the men should admire
– goalkeeping and general defending – pretty amateurish
– spectacle – i don’t mind watching but it ranks second to the mens game

If only the men played like the women

David – you were beaten to the punch on this topic about 2 weeks ago by a Roar Rookie. I hope you have not been plagiarising!

Is Thurston the greatest ever Australian rugby league halfback?

Spot on GPH1980. Thurston is streets ahead and by the time he finishes he may almost rise to King Wally status.

Is Thurston the greatest ever Australian rugby league halfback?

spot on Len. Hawks took it too easy especially when they hit the lead in 4th quarter and tried to play too cute. they also may have read too much of their own press during the week. clarkson will give them some curry this week.

Last-gasp Bombers shock Hawthorn

Only hope is if the english can swing the ball profusely while the aussies bat like doofs and then the aussie bowlers fail to swing it.

Recovering Trott will face Ashes barrage from Aussies

They’ll start wearing their underpants on the outside of their trousers – quicker to change them that way.

Recovering Trott will face Ashes barrage from Aussies

snot face

If your captain is a grub, it is going to cost you

Hear hear. You would think that australia are the only sledgers and send off merchants in world cricket – i reckon a seasoned umpire’s opinion on that should be sought not Peter Fitzsimmons.

LAIDLAW: Sledging is a sign of weakness

a few issues we discussed at work today:
– hasler and toovey by far the worst coaches for always blaming refs
– gus gould is just as bad
– the game is very gladiatorial so is always going to be hard to sell to mums and a proportion of players don’t return to “normal” behaviour outside of game time

Don’t shoot the writer (David Lord) for expressing an opinion.

Where is NRL boss Dave Smith?

compare this with the rubbish at the end of the nrl match between the bulldogs and souths the other day with refs running for cover. afl has them covered easy.

Oh footy, it's great to have you back again!