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Obviously I’m a bomber but I live on the Gold Coast and go to suns games with my kids a fair bit so it would be nice if they win some games. I hope they take Rozee at 3, he is much closer with Lukosios and is a tradional mid. Obviously Rankine is a gun but an outside type the suns can add that style later. later.

AFL mock draft 2018: Top 30

Lloyd and Lucas.

The greatest key forward combinations of the modern era

I’m fine with all of them except the banana after the siren crap, that’s a joke.

What will the rule changes mean?

You can have him. Only problem is that the bombers win a flag every decade.

2019 is the last year of this decade so you guys are all playing for second.

120 years of history doesn’t lie.

The 2017 pick swap that could set the Eagles up for back-to-back premierships

I’ll be shocked if we don’t get Shiel, hawks don’t have the picks or players, Carlton are miles from finals.

Plus they need a ruckman and we don’t need Leuey anymore.

A club-by-club guide to the 2018 AFL trade period

I think Schofield stood out becaus we all expected him to be past it and useless, but useless at west coast is probably best 22 and heaps of other teams, Bombers included. He played really really well but I’m not sure norm smith worthy.

Five talking points from the AFL Grand Final

Only thing better than a Carlton wooden spoon is Colingwood loosing a GF! Great season, finals here we come next year!

West Coast changed everything - and won the premiership

The Preuss thing makes no sense! He would be number 1 ruck at GWS, why not go there?

If Melbourne are going to trade Jesse Hogan, here's how to do it

I actually like Razor, he is fast on the scene and makes a point of not being overawed by a home crowd. Generally a good ump.

'Razor Ray' misses out as AFL names 2018 grand final umpires

Should be a good game, whoever wins better beat the pies next week! We can’t have those blokes on 16 flags!

West Coast vs Melbourne: Preliminary final forecast

Daniel Metropolis wce – freo
David Cloke rich – Coll
Aaron Hamill Carl – stk

What old days do you speak of?

Is supporter loyalty a lost commodity today?

The VFL under Gil…..

Dee-molition job: Melbourne end Hawthorn's September in straight sets

I can’t tip against Toby Greene, he is simply the best non Essendon thing about football!

I want to see him in a GF!

Collingwood vs GWS Giants: Semi Final Forecast

There is absolutely nothing stopping the WAFL and west Australia in general from starting there own comp, both Freo and WCE could launch a comp with some sad sides, Willy, Coburg and Port plus the Neafl Sides that are not reserves teams.

Sell the rights and own the comp.

But people in WA like to complain and not do.

You get half of what you deserve in GST but do nothing about it. Everyone on the east coast knows your state is a toothless tiger.

Dee-molition job: Melbourne end Hawthorn's September in straight sets

Why does the new format take out all the spaces and paragraphs? Make me look like a child.

AFL rule changes are coming: The good, the bad, the indifferent

Any time change will be worked out by coaches, I hate the giant goal square and like the rest though.

Interesting the the 50m line is actually going to be used when initially it was just for looks.

If they want to fix the scoring they need to do it with out rule changes.

3 points a win
2 points a draw
1 point for scoring 100 or more if you win or draw.

Problem solved. Let’s see the first borning Ross Lyon type miss the finals with more wins! Game on!

AFL rule changes are coming: The good, the bad, the indifferent

Peter you can’t count Hawthorn as a “BIG” club. They are a successful team, but a big club wouldn’t nearly merge a few years after a flag, they wouldn’t not turn up to an awesome players 350 game because they are out of the 8. Hawthorn are successful despite there shocking lazy front running fans.

Could you imagine an empty stadium for Buckley’s 250th? hirds last game? Richos 250th?

Seriously nothing annoys me more than hawthorn being called a big club. Our crowds were bigger the top up year than the hawks crowds the 6 months they were out of the 8.

I miss Carlton being good though, I have almost stopped hating them.

The advantage of certain Victorian clubs

You call it the silly season, we call it the Dodoro season!

Sydney are set to turn Dan Hannebery's departure into a big win

I do like the idea of Goldy moving clubs, everyone wants to see Pruess play every week for the kangas.

But didn’t they recruit Zac Smith to play ruck? What’s the point of picking players and then leaving them in the twos?

In five years the Cats could be Carlton - so go hard now

I love Toby Greene! He is like the Boris Bewick of the new generation! You either love or hate!

I love!

Also how amazing is Whitfield below his knees? I know I’m very slow on the uptake here but Jesus Christ he is so clean! I was transfixed watching him!

Anyway, go Giants!

Five talking points from Sydney vs GWS

I would imagine I’m a similar age to Carnage, I had my spot at windy hill too, just behind the opposition cheer squad!

At the G, second level of the old ponsford!

There are plenty of these blokes at the bombers and real bombers supporters all have Bags as there favourite player! Does it for the jumper! I had commented on another story saying if we delist him the bombers better lock the gates At true value!

Great read!

Supporter series: Essendon Bombers fan ‘Carnage’, part 2

So if Geelong don’t have a first rounder to use they should have to forfeit the next draft.


What now for the Geelong Cats, the AFL's most interesting team?

Obviously I hate Collingwood but I agree they will win over there. I actually like the way they play this year and have some real exciting players to watch. As weird as it sounds I have enjoyed Mayne becoming a regular, the media was shocking in the way it talked about a 25 year old bloke last year so good on him. I only wish Dunn could have made it!

Mega finals preview column: Who can topple the Tiges?

Guaranteed they can fill the stadium in Darwin.

If the AFL wants to keep the pre-finals bye, it has to make more of it

They have to trade Goldstein! It’s crazy to loose Pruess when he is a 10 year ruckman and Goldy is declining but still worth something. Chuck him in as part of the Polec deal, he is better than Lycett.

Otherwise they were great to watch this year, enjoyed they way they played!

Andrew Gaff's next move will shape North Melbourne's future