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Michael Hurley to be All Australian
Roar writers to apologist for leaving him out of the top 50

Other than that let’s get cracking!!

My 23 crazy, fearless predictions for the 2019 AFL season

Kill me now!

Joe Daniher set to miss the start of 2019 season with nasty calf injury

I honestly would be over the moon if we finished 6 or higher! I think it’s a bit harsh on hep too, better than ordinary but not top 50. The fact Hurley wasn’t in the top 50 is a disgrace! was top 50 the year before and was in the AA squad and should have been in the aa side.

To all the people saying silly things like we look better without Joe ect, seriously grow up! The guy was AA at what 22? As a key forward! He would be worth millions on the open market and will be a gun for us for a decade!

I think as long as T-Bell stays fit we finish top 8.

2019 AFL season preview: Essendon Bombers

It’s not maths, it’s convention.

Back in the 1920’s flapper dancing was popular. When people say that they mean 1920 to 1929 not 1921 to 1930.

The big question hanging over the Essendon hype train

No it’s not, the 1920’s start at 20 not 21 you gronk.

The big question hanging over the Essendon hype train

Absolutely I did, I thought it was disgusting that he was suspended without being caught.

Drugs in football: Why am I supposed to care?

Wait, Hurley not in the top 50? FFS.

The Roar AFL Top 50 2019: 10-1

Ryan use your stat about Rance vs Hurley and I will change my mind if you are correct.

The Roar AFL Top 50 2019: 10-1

Maybe watch the prelim again and see if he is top 5. he might scrape in to top 5 ruckman.

The Roar's 2019 AFL Top 50: 20-11

Harris Andrews, McGovern and Hurley all ahead of Rance.

The Roar's 2019 AFL Top 50: 20-11

Expectation is what makes Essendon Essendon, we expect to win flags. If we didn’t we would be St.Kilda or Footscray.

The big question hanging over the Essendon hype train

If they don’t make finals I will be shocked, yes I can be a little too glass half full at times but that’s just passion. Hooker to start and stay down back now, probably last line of defence in the true full back man up role. Hurley is a gun, not sure he is an anyone lite!
Ryan I have always loved your articles but can we give the doping stuff a rest? My youngest son could read this article and he wasn’t born when it happened, time to let go maybe? After all it’s you who said we should be more positive this year wasn’t it?
Joe will be number 1 by the end of the year, mark my words!
Oh and a quick stat, Essendon win a flag every decade, from the 1890’s to now. Only time it didn’t happen was the 1970’s but they won 2 in the 80’s. Last one in 2000, 2019 is the last year of this decade so lock it in baby!!!

The big question hanging over the Essendon hype train

This is how I feel too, it’s not legal but it should be, who cares what players do. Most people have had a blast on the gear and still make it to work on Monday.

Drugs in football: Why am I supposed to care?

Hey Mate, I’m back today, I stay off sports pages during summer but today is my return.

The Lions v Suns paractice matvh I went to on Saturday has got me primed!

Looking forward to 2019b

It's time to bring the fun back to AFL in 2019

Obviously I’m a bomber but I live on the Gold Coast and go to suns games with my kids a fair bit so it would be nice if they win some games. I hope they take Rozee at 3, he is much closer with Lukosios and is a tradional mid. Obviously Rankine is a gun but an outside type the suns can add that style later. later.

AFL mock draft 2018: Top 30

Lloyd and Lucas.

The greatest key forward combinations of the modern era

I’m fine with all of them except the banana after the siren crap, that’s a joke.

What will the rule changes mean?

You can have him. Only problem is that the bombers win a flag every decade.

2019 is the last year of this decade so you guys are all playing for second.

120 years of history doesn’t lie.

The 2017 pick swap that could set the Eagles up for back-to-back premierships

I’ll be shocked if we don’t get Shiel, hawks don’t have the picks or players, Carlton are miles from finals.

Plus they need a ruckman and we don’t need Leuey anymore.

A club-by-club guide to the 2018 AFL trade period

I think Schofield stood out becaus we all expected him to be past it and useless, but useless at west coast is probably best 22 and heaps of other teams, Bombers included. He played really really well but I’m not sure norm smith worthy.

Five talking points from the AFL Grand Final

Only thing better than a Carlton wooden spoon is Colingwood loosing a GF! Great season, finals here we come next year!

West Coast changed everything - and won the premiership

The Preuss thing makes no sense! He would be number 1 ruck at GWS, why not go there?

If Melbourne are going to trade Jesse Hogan, here's how to do it

I actually like Razor, he is fast on the scene and makes a point of not being overawed by a home crowd. Generally a good ump.

'Razor Ray' misses out as AFL names 2018 grand final umpires

Should be a good game, whoever wins better beat the pies next week! We can’t have those blokes on 16 flags!

West Coast vs Melbourne: Preliminary final forecast

Daniel Metropolis wce – freo
David Cloke rich – Coll
Aaron Hamill Carl – stk

What old days do you speak of?

Is supporter loyalty a lost commodity today?