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I think like all footy fans I love Robbie Gray, that knee looked a worry, hopefully he is ok even though we might end up playing them.

'Finals pressure's different:' Four talking points as Hinkley masterstroke cuts down Cats

I agree Clarko would be perfect up here but can we please stop with the rugby heart land stuff? The Gold Coast has more afl clubs than rugby and rugby league clubs combined. Has for years. The highest ranking club on the coast ran by Gold Coasters is southport who are second in the VFL.

Clark-Sun? A move to the Gold Coast would make perfect sense for Alastair and the AFL

Ill see you back here next week. Hey didnt the dogs lose to the Saints this time last year?

Start times, key match-ups and predictions: Ultimate guide to the 2021 AFL finals

Harry Jones heading to the surgeon which is a shame, Langford wont play, tipper will. I cant wait, our % is strong which shows we are a decent side. Lids off brother! Also i said we would make the finals at the start of the year!

Essendon Round 23 review: The Bombers are finals bound

We are still going to miss the finals, all because of round 1.

Bombers Round 21 review: 'Easily the best win of the season'

Yes, we were tipped for the spoon, Carlton tipped for the 8. It’s been a good year.

'It’s been a good year, but they’re not ready': Why the Bombers won't play finals

Easily the stupidest thing we have done.

'Proud history is under siege': The Tigers of old deserve better

Hooker will get one more unless we can grab a key forward from somewhere that is younger with more upside.

Stringer re-signs, but future cloudy for teammate

I can’t believe firstly they would want to tear it down and secondly the supporters would let it happen!

'Proud history is under siege': The Tigers of old deserve better

I feel like Parish could do some damage if we can get in! Huge week this week, my guess is giants at the Gabba Sunday night! Could be huge!

No more Dusty, who is going to own the finals this September?

Why water am would pass to snelling inside 49 was beyond me! I was there at everyone groaned when it happened, a largely pro bombers crowd. Good day at the office though! Got the job done! Always good to the bombers live!

Bombers Round 18 Review: Baby Bombers bank another win

I agree Shiel has gone down the list but why trade? Bulldogs have shown that with heaps of midfielders you go up the ladder. Having everyone fit in the same side will help us out. Key forward is what we should be chasing. One that can kick as we have heaps that can’t. Any available?

The four off-season moves Essendon must make

Commentators after round 6 “he is the beat small forward in the game” spare me.

Demons hope to play Pickett back into form

Goodes was an absolute jet, one of the best I have ever seen.

Let me tell you as a Dad who sees bad parents on a daily basis I hate that the little girl gets the blame for her shocking parents. She is always brought up when it’s not her fault. She was a child.

I hope other aboriginal players refuse the hall of fame on the basis Of Goodes not being in.

Power has always come from solidarity.

I wish them luck. Stay strong.

We need to respect Adam Goodes' Hall of Fame rejection. Here's why

I like Buckley which is rare for a bomber but I do. If you were him, why stay? New Girl, will get a new part time high paying gig at 7 or fox. plus can be himself again. Seriously pointless to be a coach at this stage of his life. I can’t wait for him to replace anyone at 7 as they all suck.

Buckley stepping down as Collingwood coach

I agree with the words in the article, the blues have been terrible for a long time. But they aren’t the saddest club. That’s hawthorn. 4 flags recently and still no one turns up to watch them, only get in the news when Jeff gobs off. A pointless rabble with fair weather supporters that waste all our time. Can’t even pack a stadium for A Roughy fairwell or Silk 350th.

Carlton are this century's saddest football club and it's not even close

Tippa? Bloke has never been AA and is flying.

The mid-year underrated All Australian team

Robbo cops it because he is the last of his kind. A public school, non uni educated media member. The whole AFL system is now ran by eastern suburbs private school knobs. Thank god the other states are still giving us talent from outside that bubble because the amount of vic working class kids getting drafted is through the floor.

Lyon vs Robinson: This round goes to Robbo

Geelong are gross, no chance to win a flag with that garbage.

Six talking points from AFL Round 11

Nearly 20 years without winning a final and not one side has caught our 16 flags. We coming, maybe not this year but we coming.

Dreamtime at... Optus? AFL announces big change for marquee match

Finals are calling for the Flagdons!

Dreamtime at... Optus? AFL announces big change for marquee match

The Giants worked because of Chocco, The demons are finally working because of Chocco. The AFL should give him a 5 year deal as senior assistant to Dew, they would work it out together. Chooco can fix the talent.

How the Suns can salvage their 2021 season

Is there a roar comp?

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 10

I picked 9 last week, which is only possible when the bombers win as I always pick them.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 10

I’m happy to pay him whatever he wants to stay but to guarantee leadership roles, he has a bit of the quiet Coniglios about him so to make him skipper would ruin the joint like it has to GWS. McGrath must be captain next year no matter what.

The case for Essendon: Why Zach Merrett might stay at the Bombers