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Was Jennings in competition or out of competition last year? From memory they pulled him from the team the Saturday morning of the game – so probably not relevant.

How is the NRL still getting Mad Monday so wrong?

A false positive? Not sure what that means. Hooper I think famously commented after a very unsuccessful trip to SA that “the team had trained very well” and copped a caning for it. Is that what you mean?

Why Nic White should be the next Wallabies captain

“Fijian centre Levani Botia has a 30-kilo advantage over Nic White in contact, but White does just enough to get in his way for help to arrive and finish Botia off.”

I think Botia tripped over him but at least he was in the right place.

Why Nic White should be the next Wallabies captain

“capturing the interest of Optus, who reportedly offered upwards of $30 million”

Not sure about this. The head negotiator from Optus says they weren’t even close to making an offer.

Raelene Castle's demise was not in the best interests of Australian rugby

Might depend if we can afford to turn the lights on?

I personally would love to attend a Reds vs Waratahs at Ballymore (given an unlikely easing in both social gathering protocols and board closures). It is a shame that a move back to afternoon coincides with restrictions on crowds as I think people would really embrace a return to afternoon rugby at this point in time.

July start for an Australian domestic comp, and it can’t come a moment too soon