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Why can we beat NZL at youth level but not at test level? Do the players or the coaches not grow up?

It's time to go all out for Eddie as Wallabies coach

Campo was great against weaker sides but never really made it against Sir JK. When at fullback he would commonly drop high kicks and sometimes did bizarre things that cost games.
I really don’t know why he is regarded so highly here in Oz.

The Wrap: Five lessons Australia must learn from the World Cup

Eddie Jones would be a disaster. What has he ever won? He wins some high profile games from time to time but there is no consistency. Jamie Joseph’s record with Japan is clearly superior and he hasn’t pissed off those that run the game in Japan. Everywhere the Mouth goes he ends up at war with the authorities.

It's time to go all out for Eddie as Wallabies coach

Clearly 2003 was a statistical error. The two worst coaches to ever emanate from the Superior Hemisphere gifted the Orcs a RWC Lottery and then were rewarded as coaches of the 2019 choke.

Collective failure of the Six Nations

Owen Farrel missed a tackle my granddaughter would have made because he has never had to use his arms before. Lol.

New tech captures breathtaking angles of that Cheslin Kolbe try

Sorry! The Bokke of 1937 must be the greatest. They were the first to win a series in New Zealand and they did it without their own referees who kept them without a loss at home for sixty years. Since 1937 only France and the Bleating and Cheating Lions have won one series each in New Zealand.

This is the greatest Springboks team of all time

Who cares. They won!

Springboks out-Eddie England to claim 2019 Rugby World Cup

Well Done Bokke. The SH, (Superior Hemisphere), rules. You have reiterated that 2003 was a statistical error caused by the gifting of the Lottery by The Mouth and that other traitor; Mad Mitch. They both sold IPR to the highest bidder. Any relation to Moscow Mitch?

Springboks out-Eddie England to claim 2019 Rugby World Cup

What about the other tier two teams England and its Celtic colonies. They don’t usually play in the knockouts. The Pink Poppies have only won one of four appearances in the final and that was because they were playing an Unsteady Eddie coached team that should never have been in the final. The All Blacks had an even worse coach in the form of Mitchell. England now has the two worst coaches in history Eddie and the Boiled Egg. It could only get worse if they had QC or Spencer playing.

Second-tier rugby by the World Cup margins

When SH sides play each other we generally have continuous play. When a NH side is involved it’s like watching American football. The number of extended stoppages in the Irish game was disgraceful. Apparently they got tired chasing the elusive Kiwis and the match officials allowed it.

The changes World Rugby must make after the World Cup

Truth at last. Choker Murray and his mate Serial Choker Sexton showed their true colours. T’s okay at home with your own referees but on neutral ground, and a full-sized pitch, even bringing your own referee is not enough.
If the Blackness overcomes the English Orcs next weekend and we have the only final that was probable after the first round. A 6N-free Saturday.

No luck for the Irish: All Blacks into semis with 46-14 win

What’s with the trash talk? You state an opinion. He has an opinion, a worthier one I might add, and you do a Trumpian melt down and insult him.
If you don’t like his response then stick to ice hockey with your Russian mates.

Five talking points from New Zealand versus Ireland

There is only one TMO who is valuable enough to feed and coincidentally he is English. Graham Hughes should be stuffed in a bunker somewhere and made to officiate on all internationals.
Anyone who thinks that Whiney Barnes can spot a knock on or forward pass should be locked up in Bedlam.
The poor French once again are subject to rule by the G&T crowd who rule rugby. SH teams are subject to the same racism even by French referees. Karma is such a bitch.

Should Wales' winning try have been disallowed?

If you realised what a corrupt society we live in here you might understand why such moronic theories emerge. We have a government of religious nuts whose secondary religion is a budget surplus. In addition our Minister of Immigration has been preparing the electorate for the notion that Kiwis are Mexicans in order to win a Trumpian-style election.

The Wrap: Good coach, bad coach; the winning (and losing) of the World Cup

I will be very interested in who are named for the semi-finals. The only competent TMO is an Englishman, Graham Hughes, and he will probably be appointed to the second SF.
I have no doubt that the English, who control the appointment of referees, and etc, will push for a UK citizen. Peyper is on the outside because of a stupid photo, and of his neutrality, which resulted in the All Blacks giving the Bleating and Cheating Lions their usual bath in the Antipodes. French referees, who now are subservient to English authority and willfully ignorant of laws that disadvantage the Brits like offside, will no doubt be selected to blow the Kiwis off the park.
The Kiwis must be grateful that Whiney Barnes cannot stand in their SF. I hope that the final between the only two Tier one teams is not awarded to him and it should not happen after his ridiculous performance in the QF.
@ Fionn I am at a loss to explain why Beale has been selected ever since his dreadful SMS about a female member of the Wannabes auxiliary team.

The Wrap: Good coach, bad coach; the winning (and losing) of the World Cup

An Englishman with short arms and deep pockets? Who would have known? The English are notoriously cheap. I don’t think that the Lord of Whingeing has paid for his knighthood yet.


I have forgotten who said it but, “some people should stay silent and risk appearing stupid rather than confirming by speaking”.

Ireland vs New Zealand: Betting against the greenback

Scotland has never been a tier one nation. They can only beat Islander nations when the best players from Pacifika are paid not play.
World Rugby has announced proceedings against the team that wears nothing under its kilt because it has nothing to hide. They should have been banned after the last RWC when they called Mr Joubert a cheat. Lets hope they get four years for threatening the tournament with lawyers and sacking a coach because he was not racially acceptable.. They should have taken the draw because now there is Scotch Egg all over their non-faces. No face is the worst thing that can happen in Asia and Scotland did not merely lose face; they threw it away. It is worse than being criticized in public which Herr Dutton showed clearly is not the thing to do last week.

Whatever happens next, the Brave Blossoms have changed Japanese rugby forever

Mr Owens is the only Celtic referee in history who has been worth feeding.

Law of averages could be a worry for New Zealand

South African s and Kiwis, the only tier one countries, think Barnes is a dreadful referee who is biased against SH, (Superior Hemisphere), sides. He is selected by the Gerrymander voting system that World Rugby uses. He has more All Blacks losses on his belt than all other present day referees combined. Has anyone forgotten 2007 when he overlooked 3,473 French assaults upon the laws of the game? He once spotted a forward pass but alas he was wrong. He also once had to ask the TMO if a field goal was successful.
Owens is the only Celtic official who has been worth feeding in the long history of the game.

A rare pat on the back for a World Cup referee

There were two ugly incidents of poor sportsmanship in the Fukuoka game. Naturally the perpetrators were both Scots. One was a knee to the head another was a forearm to the throat of a prone player.
Lengthy bans anyone?

Push and shove in the players tunnel after diabolical first half from Wales

Hah ha ha ha ! No face Pal.

Ireland vs New Zealand: Betting against the greenback

Scotland like the other Celtic colonies is not a tier one side.

Ireland vs New Zealand: Betting against the greenback

You are right that SH (Superior Hemisphere) teams have an unfair advantage because they can and have read the rules.
I thought that Scotland got away with murder tonight but Japan was still far too good. When will they start policing the rule about not tackling a player on the ground?
I just saw Brian Habana at the ground and he said that he was scared of the Brave Blossoms. They were awesome tonight.
PS Scotland got rid of their Kiwi coach because he was racially unsuitable. Tonight their second rate coach was out-coached by another Kiwi. I love karma but it must suck if you are a Celt. Can’t wait for a Kiwi Bokke final in three weeks. It would also be great if the Wannabes could give the Slave Trading Opium Pushers the sharp shift next week. Go France too! That would mean no STOPs or any of their Celtic colonies in the last four.

Ireland vs New Zealand: Betting against the greenback

Give Schmidt a break. He can only work with the cattle he has and the smartest Celts, Robbie Burns, Dylan Thomas, and Oscar Wilde were hardly known for their temperate behaviour.

Ireland vs New Zealand: Betting against the greenback