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OKC vs Dallas was a fun game to watch but both teams shot terribly; okc from the floor and Dallas at the line.
I wonder what it’s doing to Giddey’s psyc that he was only subbed in during the 4th quarter to pass the ball in. Doesn’t help Daigneault starts him and then has to pull him out after 3 mins when okc go 10 points down. I think Giddey could be better used pushing the pace off the bench when SGA sits rather then looking lonely in a corner.

Giddey struggles but Shai shows the way for Thunder as late barrage sinks Mavericks

The game today may been a turning point in the series. As much as I enjoy watching Brunson make defenders look silly with his ludicrous footwork, give the man a rest! The Knicks looked tired. Lots of shots falling short and not hustling on defense. You can’t play your starters 45mins a game and not have them collapse. The Knicks need 3-4 players Tom Thibodeau trusts to play 15mins a night off the bench

A laughing stock no more, Knicks' magical playoff run manna from heaven for tortured franchise

Required by the ICC, the organization running the sport at an international level. Sri Lanka were recently banned due to political interference and had it lifted when the ICC were satisfied they were meeting their obligations.

'Succumbing to political influences': Afghanistan rips into Cricket Australia after abandoning tour

Considering that to be a full ICC member (and enjoy the financial benefits associated with it) Afghanistan is required to have satisfactory women’s pathway structure in place. There is also the requirement of the Afghanistan board to manage its affairs autonomously and ensure that there is no government interference in the governance, regulation and/or administration of cricket. I think the Taliban’s ban on women’s sport might violate this. The Afghanistan men should be thankful they are playing cricket at all.

'Succumbing to political influences': Afghanistan rips into Cricket Australia after abandoning tour

Starting Kevin Love and moving Buttler to Murray was a good adjustment. Deciding to shoot 49% from 3 also helped 😛

NBA Double Dribble - Finals Preview: Why Jokic's golden run with Nuggets will be too much for Heat to handle

Denver are too big, as well as crafty. The starting centre for Miami, Bam Adebayo, is listed as 6’9. Jokic is 7′ and Porter jnr (wing) is 6’10. They will eat up the offensive rebounds.
I can’t see how they will defend the Jokic Murray pick and roll / hand off action as well. A six game series is generous to Miami

NBA Double Dribble - Finals Preview: Why Jokic's golden run with Nuggets will be too much for Heat to handle

NZ have 2 games against Eng in June

‘Fab four’ or not, Joe Root is a modern great

Fair enough, I don’t do either.

Brisbane Roar ditches its base and heads north

I would say predominately owners, triple the sale listings over rentals. 2016 census had North Lakes as the fastest growing area in QLD.

Brisbane Roar ditches its base and heads north

There is a lot of housing development in nearby inland suburbs (North Lakes, Deception bay), I guess the club are hoping for the young family demographic to attend.
Redcliffe itself is dull. Waterfront parks on rocky beaches and not much else.

Brisbane Roar ditches its base and heads north

LA clippers last year. Somehow managed to win two games against the Warriors, including running down a 30 point deficit.

My favourite NBA 'against all odds' teams

I can see England making Curran the new Anderson. Lethal at home. On tour swinging the new ball then holding up an end with medium pace accuracy. He doesnt have the relentless accuracy yet but he’s young.

The next three superstars in the making

Good article Thomas. Maybe the answer to load management is to simply reduce the NBA schedule to 65-70 games with no back to back nights. Make the all star weekend in the middle of a week break.
The clippers also need a new home. They will always be the 2nd team at Staples Centre, so if they have the funds they need a place of there own (with or without a banner)

The Leonard load management conundrum and the cost of resting in the west

Good article, however I would play both. Archer in for Anderson, Curran for Denly and Leach for Moeen. There will be a few all rounders, but I would rather have Woakes batting at 4 than Denly.

Should England consider Sam Curran ahead of Jofra Archer?

Ali seems to have lost all form. Do England even need a front line spinner at edgbaston? 4 frontline seamers + stokes and root. I can’t see the innings passing 100 overs (for either side), so the bowling load won’t be high.

Jack Leach could be of more use to England than Moeen Ali

Lakers haven’t signed anyone yet, looks like they’re going for Kawhi :/

Why did Anthony Davis turn down $4 million?

Good breakdown of the options John. I like the Kempa Walker option but leaves them vulnerable to injuries due to depth.
I think JJ Reddick would be a better fit then Buttler or Harris though. He will spread the floor for Davis and LeBron who like to work inside. Plus he is cheaper and they can bring in another wing player, maybe Danny Green, or a shooting big like Lopez.

Why did Anthony Davis turn down $4 million?

I would consider Root, Buttler, Bairstow and Stokes genuine batsmen. They are all in the test side and they’ve shown that they can graft runs in difficult conditions against the white or red ball.

Uber-flat English pitches would mar World Cup

Nice analysis James. I think the 76ers Nets series will be very close. The 76ers don’t defend quick point guards well and D’angelo Russell may carve them up like Trae Young did a couple of weeks ago.
If Embiid is fit they win, otherwise I’ll tip the Nets.

NBA Eastern Conference first-round play-off analysis