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A former rugby lock, cricket no.11 bat and no.10 bowler, and surfboat rower. A fan of the major team sports in Australia.




Perhaps you didn’t notice that I wasn’t talking about a national comp, but two separate state comps.

It’s not the same thing.

Joey and Freddie are right: There are too many teams in Sydney

Thanks Max,

And all the same to you!

Joey and Freddie are right: There are too many teams in Sydney


They’ve also got the Bridge hotel (app. where the leagues club used to be), which is one of the few remaining pubs for rollicking live bands in Sydney.

Joey and Freddie are right: There are too many teams in Sydney

Or simply add another regional team & make it an 18 team comp.

Forget about Adelaide & Perth for the moment.

Joey and Freddie are right: There are too many teams in Sydney

Damn it, I forgot Melbourne Storm.

Maybe Melbourne can fit into the NSW comp in place of one of the country teams.

Don’t care about NZ, they can have their own comp.

Joey and Freddie are right: There are too many teams in Sydney

I say stuff the NRL! In fact, let’s go fully retro.

Let’s go back to separate NSW & Queensland comps, with both operating under the same salary caps. Maybe you could argue Sydney gets a bit more for being a bit bigger, but not much more.

Also keep the state of origin so players aren’t inhibited about playing in Queensland, even though they qualify for NSW.

NSW state comp (including ACT):

Balmain Tigers

Canberra Raiders

Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs

Central Coast Jets (or Bluebags)

Central North (NSW) Bulls

Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks

East Sydney Roosters

Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles

Newcastle Knights

North Sydney Bears

Parramatta Eels

Penrith Panthers

Riverina-Bidgee (NSW) Rams

St. George-Illawarra Dragons

South Sydney Rabbitohs

West Sydney Tigers

Queensland comp:

Brisbane Brothers

Central Queensland Capras

Darling Downs Clydesdales

East Brisbane Tigers

FNQ (Cairns) Pride

Fortitude Valley Diehards

Gold Coast Titans

Ipswich Jets

Logan-Kingston Scorpions

North Brisbane Devils

North Queensland Cowboys

Redcliffe Dolphins

South Brisbane Magpies

West Brisbane Panthers

Wynnum-Manly Seagulls

16 teams in each comp, 10 metro & 6 regional. Also have a super-grand final between the respective NSW & Qld premiers.


Joey and Freddie are right: There are too many teams in Sydney


It’s true Sheffield Shield struggles for interest.

But is it any wonder when the leading players are rarely seen? What’s the point of a premier domestic comp when so few of the top 20-25 players are missing most games?

if you want to destroy a domestic comp, this is precisely how you do it, by removing the cream of its players.

Imagine for a nano-second, if the AFL, to prove my argument, removed the top 50 players from the Premiership Cup for the entire season. It would still go okay, but nowhere near as successfully without its best 50 players.

It wasn’t that many years ago the marketeers were apparently sprouting, & perhaps the administrators hoping, that Sheffield Shield would be dead by 2018, & test players could successfully use BBL as a preparation stage for test cricket.


What genuine cricket fans have always known, those not caught up in hype, that test cricket & Sheffield Shield go hand in hand. Even the Indians, who liked abandoning test cricket a decade ago with their obsession firstly with 50 overs cricket, then T20, now realise the importance of the Ranji Trophy to their test cricketers.

My point has always been this, & I use these figures purely for the sake of the argument.

Instead of CA seeking 100% revenue & perhaps 60% welfare/wellbeing from its illogical domestic structure, why not aim for 90% revenue & 90% welfare/wellbeing.

It’s what’s known as an old fashioned win-win scenario. Give up a little in one direction to win more in another direction.

Structurally, it means accepting the SS must be run concurrently with test cricket, wherever you wish to place it in the season. BBL then gets its own slot, either prime time, or somewhere else less optimal prime time.

But running test cricket & BBL both concurrently in prime time, will eventually seriously impact on the quality of test cricket, & perhaps also do BBL no favours either in the long run.

Yes, the BBL is slightly long. But does it matter?


Great stuff & I hope later I can further read other responses.

I always thought if I were a high level coach, or even a schoolboy coach, I wouldn’t be smart enough to think of complicated long-term strategies & game-day tactics.

I would concentrate on just two fundamental things:

1. Excellent overall basic skills & techniques honed through constant repetition.

2. Situation awareness development allowing players to see & grasp opportunities as the occur in the moment.

You might say this is the “Kiwi way”, & on the evidence of the past decade, it works much more often than not.

There is a lot to be said of the ‘KISS’ methodology.

Sliding doors: Wallaby lessons from the 2001 Lions tour

So David,

If BBL form is not proving the silver bullet in providing test cricket with the appropriate form of test players, why do we persist with this scheduling (it’s a rhetorical question; answer is money, money, money).

And whoever were the geniuses who supposed that BBL form would suffice for test cricket preparation?????

Humanity really is incredibly stupid…..

Yes, the BBL is slightly long. But does it matter?

Obviously, it’s not long if you’re looking for a babysitter, or are incapable of entertaining yourself…..

Yes, the BBL is slightly long. But does it matter?


This is why it’s important to have integrity in your life. Someone will always criticise you for something you do. But if you do it for the right moral reasons, then criticism is immaterial.

CA is putting “profits before people”. So naturally they’re going to attract criticism, & it’s difficult to defend their position, because while it’s a ‘profit maximum’ position, it’s not a ‘welfare maximum’ position.

There are much more people in cricket to consider than just the 250-odd professional cricketers in Australia, & the God-knows-how-many suits at HQ.

BBL triple treat has to be the future of scheduling

Sorry Josh,

This is a rubbish suggestion. Apart from money, why?

Very rarely does the winner come outside the top 4. How’s top 10 going to make it better than top 8 except fill the AFL coffers, which are already overflowing.

This is such a millennium idea, give everyone a prize. I know, let’s have an 18 team finals play-off. Everybody gets to win something….. like just showing up in the first finals week…..

The AFL is ready for a ten-team finals series

AndyS – please be my guest.

Alignment and centralisation: Sounds great, but will it work for Wallabies?

Okay Machooka, I’ll pay that.

BBL triple treat has to be the future of scheduling


“BBL will always be in January to coincide with school holidays”.

No, incorrect. Apart from death & taxes, everything else is subject to change.

BBL didn’t exist in 2010. Boxing Day tests weren’t regular until 1980, with the exception of 1989.

Sooner than you or I think, CA must address its lopsided domestic scheduling. Too many key figures in cricket are questioning why it is the way it is.

CA might have to face a situation that what is “maximum revenue” is not “maximum benefit” for long-term well-being of Australian cricket.

Already it is becoming clear that the ridiculous notion that BBL would work as a form guide for test selection is being disproven. Test cricket needs Sheffield Shield.

Also, the boast by marketeers in 2015 that Sheffield Shield would be dead by 2018 hasn’t happened. Test cricket needs Sheffield Shield.

India have realised the same thing. As valuable a money spinner as IPL is, they need the Ranji Trophy to continue producing quality test players.

As this fact dawns on more & more people, things will need to change.

So nothing is forever, everything is subject to change. Some times, or many times, unfortunately so.

BBL triple treat has to be the future of scheduling

Whatever people might think of Alan Jones, he’s an achiever.

He’s divisive sure, but he’s also a doer.

He’s not my kind of person, but that doesn’t mean I can’t respect his opinion or even agree with some of his insights, which can be right on the money.

Even you TWAS, as much as you annoy the crap out of me, with your innane continuous counter-clatter, can say something sensible occasionally.

I rest my case.

Alignment and centralisation: Sounds great, but will it work for Wallabies?

Paul Dawson,

Quite right. If more people thought like me, the world would be a much better place.

BBL triple treat has to be the future of scheduling

So Brett,

Having taken a pile driver to the BBL/T20, here’s a possible solution, although it requires some more thought.

Generally I prefer to have an alternate answer to whatever I’m bagging, but the CA/broadcasters obsession with BBL has made it difficult to see another way.

You can play Sheffield Shield right through December & January in conjunction with both tests & BBL.

Shield matches can be held every Tue, Wed, Thu & Fri, starting at 10am local & finishing at 6pm local, except Friday, when the game will end at 5pm.

The reason for the early finish on a Friday is to accommodate a BBL game at the same ground commencing at 6.30pm, & running through to 10pm.

90 minutes should be enough (hopefully) for ground staff to prepare markings on the alternate wicket for BBL.

Then on the Sunday, you would have a full book of BBL matches around the country, staggered afternoon & evening to allow viewers to watch at least some of every match.

Assuming there are four SS games on the during the week, concluding with a BBL match, then that also means each BBL franchise plays twice a week, effectively every Friday & Sunday.

One obvious problem is the workload. If guys are playing both SS & BBL, then their only days off will be Mondays & Saturdays, & both of these days off will involve travel & transfers.

Nevertheless, the test team’s preparation is helped significantly without needing to move the BBL.

Of course, this is only a compromise suggestion. I agree with Shane Warne, who argues the BBL should be brought forward to October-November. Or conversely, held back for February-March.

BBL triple treat has to be the future of scheduling


Yes, prostitution is a better word than cancer. I’ll accept that. The prostitution of administrators to their sport.

BBL triple treat has to be the future of scheduling


See, here we go (again). When someone says something that you don’t like, “you”, as in the masses, then you call it negativity.

Have you heard of the devil’s advocate, or the alternate voice? Humanity are like sheep, full of ‘confirmation bias’ & populist jingoism.

Often what is missing is a voice that challenges the primacy of the status quo. It takes much more courage to disagree with something, than to just meekly go along with it.

Me Trumpish????? Fake News!

Be careful of tarring everyone with the Alan Jones brush (or like me & the millenials above). Often Jones is sensible, but sometimes he can be ridiculous.

It pays to listen to the message, not the messenger. This way, you avoid prejudiciously pre-empting your feelings about somebody, or something worthwhile they might say.

BBL triple treat has to be the future of scheduling

No Christo,

It wasn’t a loaded question. I explained my position. If you can’t or won’t accept that, then it’s not my problem.

BBL triple treat has to be the future of scheduling


Thank you. As long as we live in a democracy, I’ll feel free to express my opinion.

Bad luck the word cancer distresses you. Maybe you should ask the moderators to add it to their list of ‘alert’ words.

They already seem to be spooked by half the words in the English language.

BBL triple treat has to be the future of scheduling

No Brett,

Again you’re misrepresenting what I say. Maybe I’m certainly suggesting players won’t be as rich, but they’ll still be rich enough.

I’ve said this before, I don’t have a problem with T20 in isolation. In fact, it’s not T20’s fault at all. It’s the fault of administrators who are so greedy for T20 money, they will probably kill test cricket in the process.

The irony for me is that the domestic scene can be structured wisely to cater for all, but of course, revenue maximisation trumps practicality.

It was interesting Lawson made a comment in his article about attending a seminar several years ago where the marketeers gloated that Shield cricket would be dead by now.

There are plenty of people out there who all want to kill something off & replace it with something else in their haste to line their pockets with gold…..

BBL triple treat has to be the future of scheduling

Thanks Brett,

It wasn’t a loaded question. You oughta know I don’t need loaded questions, because I’m very forthright in my comments anyway.

Even so, you missed my point about “without thinking about it”. It wasn’t a trick question.

If you asked me for my 5 favourite cricket, ODIs, rugby union or rugby league test matches, I could give you 5 examples of each before I need to “think about it”. In fact, I could probably give you 10, except for the ODIs.

That’s the whole point, if it’s memorable, you shouldn’t need to think about it.

As a professional journalist, your recall is probably better than most. I would wager most BBL fans couldn’t remember 99.99% of games once they’re finished. Oh okay, let’s make it 99.94%, just to fit in with Bradman.

You haven’t responded to my main comment, which I wouldn’t expect you to, because we’re not going to agree anyway. Not that it’s problem for either of us.

Just today, ex-test fast bowler Geoff Lawson alludes to the problems of domestic structure in the Sun-Herald. During the week, it was chairman of selectors Trevor Hohns who gave just the faintest hint of his frustration, but he couldn’t say he what really thought.

And in recent weeks, the ex-test coach Darren Lehmann & respected journalist Gideon Haigh have hinted at the problems of co-scheduling both test matches & BBL in the same months. I’m sure there are others.

Australian rugby has discovered that the top-down approach hasn’t worked for them, because down-below at the grassroots, the garden hasn’t been sufficiently nurtured to produce the next generation of uber-talented players.

Australian cricket might discover a similar problem in coming years. While the BBL might delightfully fill their coffers , a lack of due attention to red ball cricket will eventually kill off both test & Shield cricket because the players coming through will have lost the requisite skills.

BBL triple treat has to be the future of scheduling


One comment & one question for you.

Comment: I can’t wait for the BBL bubble to burst & for T20 to be consigned to where it belongs, as an intro to cricket for youngsters. I uncharitably hope CA & channel 7/Fox Sports will gouge BBL with their voracious greed to the point it will all implode in a fiery mess.

Of course, I could/would probably die well before any of this happens. But I live in hope.

BBL/T20 is a cancer, although a very profitable cancer for the many ordinarily skilled players who play it, & for the broadcasters & CA who flog it.

It’s a cancer which will probably kill test cricket, because test cricket (in Australia) is suffering due to illogical scheduling. Test cricket & Sheffield Shield go hand in hand, they need each other. But heck, what would I know?

Question: Without thinking about it, can you give me 5 memorable BBL matches from the last 7 years? Can you remember great innings or bowling feats? Perhaps you can give me just 3 matches?

BBL triple treat has to be the future of scheduling