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I've been living in Mendoza, Argentina for the past 8 years and have been coaching rugby here for the last 4. Very pleased to see SANZAR open up to Argentina. Favourite player of the past 10 years would be Agustin Pichot for work both on and off the field.



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Six Nations - but for how long?

There has been much talk and jostling about the status of the club championships in Europe. The way I read it, France and England are not overly content with teams from Italy and Scotland qualifying so easily for the Heineken Cup.

Agree IB, add that to the list.

The changes World Rugby must make after the World Cup

Thanks for the comment Grats, sounds like you have a lot of refereeing experience.

I’m not adverse to penalising players if they are not in a position to take the intercept, it just seems even when they are in a good position but fumble it the penalty has become automatic.

The changes World Rugby must make after the World Cup

Nicely written piece Gatesy and a great reflection on how sometimes we can go over board in the comments section.

I’m also one of those ex League fans. Used to love the game but it has become so dumbed down I find it hard to watch these days.

The Roar of my favourite crowd

Yes, truly bizarre statement. Lynagh started his apprenticeship at IC but is one of Australia’s all time great 10’s. Wasn’t that flashy but probably the best game manager we’ve ever had.

The Hooper blooper: Re-form the Pooper and bring back Cooper

I’m with you Fionn. I was at the match and in the second half the crowd went deathly silent. I was silent with them. There were no winners in Salta.

The Wrap: What the Dickens does Australian rugby do now?

Thanks for the encouraging words Chook. So far I haven’t seen anything that might indicate that there is another Aussie within 500km of here.

Barrett, Hooper, and Beale join Team Santa, and Cheika is the gift that keeps on giving

Any roarers in Salta this weekend?

Barrett, Hooper, and Beale join Team Santa, and Cheika is the gift that keeps on giving

Yep, definitely a remote venue for test match rugby, I’ve passed through there briefly but that was 15 years ago. If there are any roarers that will also be present, be sure to let me know! I doubt there will be too many gold jerseys in the crowd.

The Wrap: All Blacks seal 16th title as Wallabies stare down wooden spoon

Was BB carded? If so that’s very harsh. As I mentioned above I would only have awarded the try for the first stretch.

A slippery slope indeed – could have, should have would have! My point was though, a decision that would be impossible to argue against at the 70 minute mark could have seen a really close finish, which wouldn’t have been undeserving.

The Wrap: All Blacks seal 16th title as Wallabies stare down wooden spoon

Hi Kane,
I didn’t have the luxury of commentary but the Puma try I would have awarded on the first stretch (immediate placement) where it appeared to touch the line. The second stretch is clearly grounded over the line but illegal in my book. Without commentary I don’t know how they came to a decision.

Barrett was always onside but Sam Kane and another All black were a good 5 metres in front of the kicker and they immediately made a beeline towards the goal line after the kick. Never onside, clear penalty.

The Wrap: All Blacks seal 16th title as Wallabies stare down wooden spoon

Hi Geoff, as always a good wrap. I think the pumas will be disappointed at their effort this weekend. They really should have had more points on the board at half time.

Ref I thought did a good job, especially considering the emotion. At the 70 minuite mark though, instead of a 5 metre scrum it should have been a penalty near halfway for the black players advancing in front of the kicker. I don’t think Argentina had the mindset to win but a correct call then could have lead to an entirely different outcome. A loss within 7 would have been a big result.

As for the Wallabies, I’ll be in Salta next weekend (not driving) and I’ll keep an eye on the car park for line out practice!

The Wrap: All Blacks seal 16th title as Wallabies stare down wooden spoon

Yes, very frustrating.

Melbourne Rising centre mows through Quade Cooper's lacklustre tackle attempt

Thanks Huw, wasn’t sure how it worked.

Michael Cheika's loyalty is now to a fault

Excellent suggestion NB and if I were coach I’d be taking the exact same approach. I wonder though, if Cheika’s hands are tied by the RA contracts? RA are already paying some players whether they play or not. Does dropping these players in place of fresh faces result in extra cost?

On a side note, it would have been a travesty if te Wallabies had won. I still couldn’t see how the Bofelli try was disallowed. I couldn’t see any evidence of a forward pass which would have put the Pumas 10 in front at the time.

Michael Cheika's loyalty is now to a fault

With you in the new site, last one was much better.

Fan abuse is never great, but the message to the Wallabies is clear

I was referring mainly to the NSW and QLD unions.

Fan abuse is never great, but the message to the Wallabies is clear

Nice touch at the end there Brett. I haven’t been commenting much lately but I always enjoy you articles and it is great to have such talent on be Roar. I hope you’re good for another 10 years!

The Wallabies are on the receiving end of the discontent amongst fans, which we saw in ugly fashion on Saturday. However, I believe the real anger needs to somehow be directed towards RA and the state union structures that are dividing the sport across the country. Until the sport is managed in a professional manner, attacking Wallaby performances are just having a go at the messenger.

Fan abuse is never great, but the message to the Wallabies is clear

It is easy to assume that playing los Pumas are the easier matches of the championship and there is truth to this if you look at the rankings. The fact is though, with the exception of NZ, these days any of the top 10, even 15 teams can beat each other on their day. So really, there are no easy fixtures in the RC or the 6 nations for that matter.

I don’t recall the Pumas beating the Boks in 1993??

How to avoid getting the bulldozer in Mendoza

I’m with you DA. Change for the sake of change.

Michael Hooper is delusional and must be benched

Very scathing about the Boks but credit should be given to the Pumas. They were outstanding in most aspects and played very smart in the second half to not allow SA to get back into the game. I think they’ll bounce back against the Wallabies next week.

A new Louw

I’m in Argentina, won’t be getting up as I don’t have access but I’ll be attending the Pumas v Boks!

All Blacks vs Wallabies Bledisloe Cup Game 2 preview and prediction

Nice analogy.

Andrew Forrest ramps up political and PR war against Rugby Australia

RL will need to be wary of law suits with this yep of policy. I too am glad RU is steering towards Amore cautious path.
Haven’t seen the game but the Tahs result definitely surprised me. Hopefully they can go two more games.

The Wrap: ‘Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch you know that I love you’

A near impossibility, but if the Sharks win the travel plans of most teams will be thrown into complete chaos. I’d hate to be a Super Rugby teams’ travel agent.

Super Rugby qualifying finals: What counts as an upset?

It just isn’t that simple. If POM jumped/was lifted directly up no contact would have been made, but he’s leaned back into an almost horizontal position to collect a ball that he was never in a position to contest, which is against the law also.

From what I saw it wasn’t the hand (which looked bad on the still frame) that upturned POM, but the general collision. It isn’t as simple as “don’t play a person in the air” because nasty falls can happen from contact alone. Stander clearly plays the man in the air to the point of flinging POM into a dangerous position, why was he given a YC?

World rugby need to be much clearer as to what is and isn’t allowed regarding aerial contests, which must include guidelines well before players leave their feet and well before the ball nears the ground.

Folau suspension: Let's applaud, not sanction, skilful feats