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I've been living in Mendoza, Argentina for the past 8 years and have been coaching rugby here for the last 4. Very pleased to see SANZAR open up to Argentina. Favourite player of the past 10 years would be Agustin Pichot for work both on and off the field.



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Six Nations - but for how long?

There has been much talk and jostling about the status of the club championships in Europe. The way I read it, France and England are not overly content with teams from Italy and Scotland qualifying so easily for the Heineken Cup.

A near impossibility, but if the Sharks win the travel plans of most teams will be thrown into complete chaos. I’d hate to be a Super Rugby teams’ travel agent.

Super Rugby qualifying finals: What counts as an upset?

It just isn’t that simple. If POM jumped/was lifted directly up no contact would have been made, but he’s leaned back into an almost horizontal position to collect a ball that he was never in a position to contest, which is against the law also.

From what I saw it wasn’t the hand (which looked bad on the still frame) that upturned POM, but the general collision. It isn’t as simple as “don’t play a person in the air” because nasty falls can happen from contact alone. Stander clearly plays the man in the air to the point of flinging POM into a dangerous position, why was he given a YC?

World rugby need to be much clearer as to what is and isn’t allowed regarding aerial contests, which must include guidelines well before players leave their feet and well before the ball nears the ground.

Folau suspension: Let's applaud, not sanction, skilful feats

Money is important, but it isn’t the only thing that decides where a pro rugby player plies his trade. Maybe QC puts his home life in QLD higher on his priority list than playing at the elite level?

Brad Thorn should be backing himself to get the most out of QC (something McKenzie was able to do) instead of just dumping him.

Michael Cheika's 2018 Wallabies need another captain - and some new talent

Thanks for a better insight into the rugby scene there. Like I state above, I’ve never been to WA but going by the passionate pleas to survive it was the saddest moment in what was already a very sad year for Australian rugby. I genuinely hope the Phoenix rises from the ashes.

Force are better off without Rugby Australia

My sister is a keen rugby fan and just moved to WA. I told her to get tickets last week, I hope she listened.

Force are better off without Rugby Australia

Thanks Crowd, I think women’s rugby is one area which RA are doing a solid job. Good report.

An afternoon at Ballymore with the women

“Why exactly should the amateur game and the professional game be close?”

Pretty much sums up what is wrong rugby in Australia. TWAS, you and your RA (ARU) cronies are destroying the game in Oz with this sort of attitude. I don’t think there is much I can say to convince you that you’re on the wrong path. Cutting the the Force was a prime example of making sure the professional and amateur game miles apart. I have very little hope for rugby in Australia with you guys at the helm.

Five things we learned from Super Rugby Round 6

I agree totally with your argument Harry. I believe Australia is the best place to provide a platform for a great rugby comp that would incorporate NZ and the PI. I think SA and Argrentina would also have to provide a similar base and then both comps combine for finals (not regular season). Just like some Aussie comps have benefited from bringing in NZ teams, NZ has to use Australia as a financial tool to keep their players.

Unfortunately Harry, the elephant in the room is the absolutely disgraceful organization that is Rugby Australia would need to be completely overhauled before any of this would happen.

Only Australia can save rugby in the Southern Hemisphere

He has his arm behind Koribate and his legs in front, so to say he his beside him is a pretty fair assessment. If Robshaw was making a front on tackle because he was coming from an onside position he would have easily been able to make a two arms tackle. The fact that he was coming from an offside position (though not offside when he makes the tackle) was the reason Moore was in the way.

The Wrap: England gets the rub but Cheika gets it wrong

Spot on with those comments Highlander.

The Wrap: England gets the rub but Cheika gets it wrong

No short of controversy in this one! I thought Moore was very harshly done by for obstruction for being “in front of” Koribate. Moore was actually beside Koribate and the fact that Robshaw was racing back to get onside meant he was initially attempting to tackle from the side. If he was tackling him front on there is no way he would have been obstructed.

Hooper definitely slowed down when he saw the kick put through. I find it pretty harsh to expect him to stop dead in his tracks. There are plenty of refs who would have let that go. To the letter of the law he is meant to stop advancing but it is physically impossible if you’re already moving at pace. Still, the Wallabies should have finished off the opportunities with much more precision.

The Wrap: England gets the rub but Cheika gets it wrong

I’ve never even been to WA but I’m still absolutely appalled at the situation and I’m actually hoping RA or ARU or whatever are completely over turned with the board and management all be made to resign. Unfortunately there is little I can do but hope that Super rugby is soon disbanded and a comp with a national footprint that includes the Force is started.

The silence surrounding RugbyWA's demise

The Hooper off side is a tough one. The real question should be if he made an attempt to slow down because it is impossible to stop dead when you’re running like that. I believe he did and when he saw Koribete pass him he started to run again. A very marginal call and like many other decisions on the day it went against the Wallabies.

Wind your necks in, England; you didn't deserve to beat the Wallabies

I agree and disagree with you both. I believe despite the power of URBA, a sustainable national pro comp can be formed in Argentina. I live in the provinces so I have to believe it! I also believe Argentina has a place in the Southern Hemisphere along side NZ, OZ and SA. It is the cornerstone of rugby in the South American continent and if administered well it fits in with the other countries in terms of player base and market potential.

The current path isn’t sustainable and if super rugby continues as is, another team in Argrentina is an absolute necessity for the both the super comp and the national team. I don’t think Super rugby will exist however after 2020 and this is where Rob, your model is 100% the way forward.

Hope this makes sense, it has been written under the cloud of Malbec.

Argentinian Rugby is in search of a change of path

Hi eeds,
I’m of course going to the match on the 7th. Perhaps a cerveza before the game is in order?
I don’t know BA that well but can tell you it is too big and fast for me to live, awesome place to visit though! The rugby set up there is very passionately followed.
Rugby in Mendoza is strong but still amateur.
All the best for you move.

Argentina: The perpetual rugby oddity

Fantastic read Chris. The work done at junior level is where the majority of investment should be. Programs like yours should be the cornerstone of rebuilding rugby. While I applaud Shute Shield for getting their act together they aren’t “grass roots” clubs unless they they are also involved in developing juniors, which of course some are.

Supporting Australian rugby starts at the grassroots, but what exactly is ‘grassroots’?

Worth the trip Geoff and you can kill two birds with one stone. Most kiwis I’ve seen here cheer for the All Blacks against the Pumas in BA and then the following week get right behind the Pumas in Mendoza against the Wallabies!

The Wrap: Bledisloe Cup restored to past glory

Just wander across the road and watch it at the North Sydney Hotel Dave!

The simple, forward-thinking way we can empower rugby's grassroots

CH, I’ve never been to WA but I hope you guys lay the ARU to waste. Not just for what they have done to you but the mismanagement across the country. The whole structure of rugby in Australia needs to be leveled and reborn to accommodate the game throughout the country. As it is, those with the power are very distant from the reality of the game. I believe these dark times can end up being an extremely positive thing for rugby in Oz but a prerequisite is the dissolution of the ARU.

Out west, the anger continues to grow

Must be a conspiracy Ken. I also read in the Betoota last week that they were building a side entrance into ANZ stadium especially for Richie McCaw!

I found out I'm a Kiwi citizen - can I justifiably support the All Blacks?

In the same boat Liam with parentage Liam and I have always followed the Wallabies and love to hate the AB’s yet also prefer to see the black caps win over the Aussies. I think it was growing up and being a big Richard Hadlee and Lance Cairns fan!?

Word of advice regarding travel, the NZ passport is way better than the Aussie one. Lots of countries requiring visas or entry fees for Australian passport holders often don’t apply for Kiwis.

I found out I'm a Kiwi citizen - can I justifiably support the All Blacks?

I don’t believe a mark is rewarding the ability to catch a ball, but to stop endless bombs and disadvantage kicks that have gone to far.

Law reform: Why the mark and maul rules are outdated

It was a great game to watch. Roos badly need a goal kicker as easy points were forfeited and a kicker that can gain more than 5 meters on penalties. Big swing in the game was when the Roos coughed up an easy turnover after their second try and Ireland hit straight back.

Still, better than a lot than I have seen from the Wallabies of late.

Wallaroos lose to Ireland in rugby opener


Argentina's rugby conundrum

The boys first ideas of a second team was that they’d call on all of the regional players to represent the new franchise (bear in mind they’re only 12). The professional reality is quite different but the concept of a regional team is definitely viable.

Fue clase de ingles, no rugby!

Argentina's rugby conundrum