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I've been living in Mendoza, Argentina for the past 8 years and have been coaching rugby here for the last 4. Very pleased to see SANZAR open up to Argentina. Favourite player of the past 10 years would be Agustin Pichot for work both on and off the field.



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Six Nations - but for how long?

There has been much talk and jostling about the status of the club championships in Europe. The way I read it, France and England are not overly content with teams from Italy and Scotland qualifying so easily for the Heineken Cup.

Nice piece Matthew and I agree entirely. Many players are slandered horrendously in forums like these for playing a certain way when they have no idea what the game plan is. I came from an era when game plans were very loose and my plan as a no. 7 was just follow the ball all day. That isn’t an option these days in pro rugby.

Modern rugby, more seagulls than Bondi Beach

I was amazed that Messi went to Australia. Good on the promoters!

The Wrap: Sun shines on Wallabies and Lions

Spot on Carlos, conflict of interest doesn’t mean squat in Arg. Legal disputes often see lawyers on BOTH sides take a percentage of settlement payouts. Go figure.

As for the future of Argentina rugby, they need to change tack in regards to Super Rugby or they will end up with the same mess that Oz has.

The Wrap: Sun shines on Wallabies and Lions

Reckon you could count on one hand the number of Tahs as a second team Bob, well done!! Obviously a glutton for punishment.

The simple joy of having a second team

“It isn’t as though anything has changed in rugby on a global basis in the last 40 years”

That has to take the prize for the most outrageous statement on the Roar this year!

NRC sponsorship loss must convince the ARU to return to its grassroots

It comes to me as no surprise that Saracens are front runners. They were very innovative at the start of professionalism when I worked in England as a teacher 20 years ago. Sarries offered a bunch of free tickets for the kids to promote the club (even though our school was in Henley). I think it was Nigel Wray who was driving the show and it was a pleasure to see Pienaar, Sella and Lynagh playing on the same team.

It would be nice to se some of this cutting edge conditioning in Australia again.

The curious case of Will Skelton shows the south can learn from the north

I agree this attitude that the North have towards professional rugby including diet, fitness and physical preparation etc. is very evident. I can’t help but think NZ also have this same attitude and it is just Australia who seemed to have drifted behind in rugby (not other many other sports) and not since the Macqueen days have we strived to be better. I remember seeing a typical Waratahs week I think last year and I was very underwhelmed by their program. Some players, Lealifano comes to mind, have gone to play in the NPC and returned much better for the experience.

The curious case of Will Skelton shows the south can learn from the north

The Wallabies really should put in a better showing than the “super” teams but I can’t say I’m brimming with confidence. At least the selections seem to be more promising than last year.

Cheika’s biggest challenge this June

I’m not so sure BB. The tier two nations have gradually crept closer to the traditional powers and the nature of RWC is unique because it gives these teams a solid window of preparation which is not so common in regular years. Will Georgia beat Australia? Unlikely in 2019, but upsets like Japan v SA (probably not the same magnitude though) will be more frequent as the world game continues to grow.

Can Georgia beat Australia at the 2019 Rugby World Cup?

Nice photo NB!

Is rugby in Argentina following the right path?

He wasn’t turning to chase the ball, he was tracking TJP to tackle him. It was a very clever kick and it was done at the last minute which is why at normal speed it doesn’t look that bad. DHP stepped across as the kick was made and in that split second he realized he couldn’t make the tackle so he braced himself for the impact as anyone would.

The Wrap: Ash Dixon stands tallest in a ‘wow moment’ weekend

Hi Geoff,

Good wrap as usual but I can’t agree with the DHP yellow card. Equating this action with other YC offences is setting a bad precedent. I saw nothing to believe it was intentional or late and when moments happen so fast in games like this there needs to be a consideration for being committed, which I believe DHP was. I’m a big fan YC as a sanction against foul play but refs need to also have a be careful not to overuse them.

The Wrap: Ash Dixon stands tallest in a ‘wow moment’ weekend

Apart from the last sentence, I didn’t really see the relevance to the rugby section on the road either.

On the game they play in heaven

I assume you’re a doctor IF? McMahon will be a big loss if it is career threatening.

Brumbies with one hand on the Scott Fava Cup

Wow Jeff, for someone who hates rugby you sure dedicate a lot of effort writing negative comments on here.

WATCH: Aussie young-gun selected to represent US college team

I bet you are fascinated Nick, I can’t imagine any sports administration let alone rugby administration in the world quite like the ARU.

The horse that bolted: How Australian rugby fluffed 'project players'

Carlos, interesting insights. I understand that many Argies would find leaving difficult but this is why so many have gravitated to Italy and to a lesser extent France because the Latin “culture” and language are easier to adapt to. Of course most have Italian passports also!
I think Is now a lot easier for young Argies to travel abroad because the pathways have been set by many you have mentioned above.

The challenge for Argentina is to try and somehow convince the talent to stay so prospects like Isa aren’t lost.

The horse that bolted: How Australian rugby fluffed 'project players'

I’m hoping they’ll back flip by going back to SANZAAR and saying we’re not going to cut a team.

ARU madness! Pocock earns three times more than McMahon for not playing

Sorry, NRC. I hope it isn’t too late either but I if something similar was set up in 2003, or the the other comp that was only given a year to work was persisted with Oz rugby would be in a much better place.

Another avenue could have been the ARU giving charge to the clubs of Brisbane and Sydney to form a competition that had a 15 year plan to extend around the nation, much like RL has done. The reality though is the ARU has done almost nothing to cater for the future except hope that the Super rugby would be the silver bullet solution. A we are seeing now, that ain’t the case.

The Wrap: The owner, the divorce and the laughing goosestep


I think that is exactly what Geoff is saying in point 1.

The Wrap: The owner, the divorce and the laughing goosestep

Yep, regardless if it is a good or bad deal it isn’t Spiro’s business. A typical spiteful Spiro rant that also includes some very pertinent points.
I think his lone wolf theory is a little far fetched also. There have been plenty in the media and across the rugby community condemning the Pulver ruled ARU.

ARU madness! Pocock earns three times more than McMahon for not playing

My thoughts too Harry. As a ref I would have pulled the quick tap back but I e seen worse let go.

Blues blow finals hopes in Stormers loss

No, RG is coaching Georgia!?! That will set them back years.

The Wallabies will reach the 2019 Rugby World Cup final

It is of course too far from the comp to predict much but if we are going to get the crystal balls out here is my 2 cents.

Slowly but surely we are seeing the “minnows” of the sport closing the gap. I think it will close dramatically this time around and although we might not see an upset of the scale of Japan beating SA, I think the days of triple figure thrashings are over. I believe World Rugby has done a solid job of growing the game, especially in Europe, and besides NZ who are far ahead of the pack, every game will be a genuine contest.

The Wallabies will reach the 2019 Rugby World Cup final

Hola NB, did you see the Wallabies are playing in Mendoza again this year? 7th of October, I hope you can make your way over here. In fact, I would have thought the Roar would shout you a ticket across from BA and to the game…how about it Brett??

Super Rugby Round 12: Where’s the upset?