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Franks’ tackle was late as well, so Lolesio was more vulnerable to a dangerous tackle technique, which wasn’t taken into account it seemed.

The Wrap: Super Rugby seedings hold steady as final four confirmed

I, as a Wallie supporter, was rather emotional when they happened TS, but no, not excited, but I did feel the need to calm myself down with more beer.

The Wrap: Rugby’s world in conflict becomes a world in standstill

I think the TT as a spectacle has been engrossing. I think the delivery of it by Stan & Nine has been good. It engages the casual spectator much more than their predecessor. The school person who may not have a tribal allegiance would be drawn to the clash of the 2 cultures, of the Ozzie battlers pitting themselves against the style, grace & power of the Kiwis. I think it’s an enthralling narrative & one to develop & persist with. I think it’s a winner!

Too little, too late: What we needed to see more of from the Aussies in Super Rugby Trans-Tasman

Jeznez, are you still in Hong Kong? Any ideas on how we can watch SR AU, or Aetaeroa? Rugby Pass have lost the rights?!

The Reds should put a bounty on Jack Dempsey’s booty

After any orthopedic procedure a horse will try to bear virtually full weight on the effected leg. Amongst other things that’s way too much weight for the implant used in the repair of a relatively small stubby bone like a fetlock. The biggest stress on the repair & the implant(s) holding the fragments together is when the horse is waking up from the anaesthetic while the horse is particularly wobbly. So yeah, the success rate of such surgery is zero, effectively.

Melbourne Cup horse Anthony Van Dyck euthanised after breaking fetlock

Izzy’d be one of them for mine.

The ten best league-to-union converts

Nicholas, thanks for this.

On legacy, mortality and life's purpose

Maybe the Wallies need a prefix at this point in time?

The Wrap: Japan’s Blossoms do rugby and their people proud

Who does people think’ll start at halfback?

Wallabies set sights on Jones

When it’s all tied up at the end of a golf tournament the combatants play a playoff hole, & if it’s still tied up they play another, & another if necessary. It’s only a few more minutes out of people’s lives. And I take Piru’s point about the team who bats last has an advantage. Maybe each team alternates who bats last in each consecutive set of super overs.

New Zealand were robbed in the World Cup final

Maybe Coach Wessels thought this game was an opportunity to experiment with an alternative halves pairing, in a game that the Rebs were long odds to win. It wasn’t a raging success though.

The Wrap: The Super Rugby cream rises to the top

Chiefs, Bulls, Sunwolves, Jags, Crusaders, Stormers, Sharks

Super Rugby Round 15: Time for some cream

KP, UH, I agree. That’s where IF’s coming from. Would he be willing and able to to clarify it to the satisfaction of RA who might be able to be a little bit flexible or accommodating of IF’s “hamfistedness”?

Israel Folau has been unfairly hounded out of Australian rugby

Jags, chiefs, bulls, reds, Highlanders, saders

Super Rugby Round 14: What follows a good round?

I agree, Baylion. After watching other Aussie teams getting creamed by various comers, I thought the Brums had a serious chance of winning right to a couple of minutes to go, so for mine it was riveting. The ball was slippery, & it was cold. Had the rugby gods been a nanometer more Brumby friendly they would’ve got up. To their great credit the Lions held on.

Lions roar to victory in Canberra