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Not much to say about this other than people need to shift past “admiring the problem” and on to practical problem-solving.
We’re in a fortunate position of having a huge community to work with, and tremendous opportunities presented by being part of the world game. What we lack is the finances to capitalise on opportunities.
Fortunately, it looks like FA has moved beyond navel-gazing and is setting about the reforms needed to turn things around.
Progress will be slow for a while, but will accelerate

Why the A-League and Super Rugby are so far from matching the AFL and NRL

I think we should be grateful not to be in Rugby’s position of having no control over their principal talent pathway

What should we do with private school football?

Australia’s self image of being nation descended from larrikin ex-convicts is undercut by all the petty authoritarians descended from the convicts’ prison guards.

There's a fine line between active support and anti-social behaviour

FWIW I’m enjoying the conversation

How Football Australia can uncork our talent production pathway

That makes sense. If you look closely at South American cities on your favourite satellite mapping website there’s not much greenspace at all. Full pitch football is a luxury over there

How Football Australia can uncork our talent production pathway

I actually wrote an article about 11 years ago under a different username, but yeah not common practice for me

How Football Australia can uncork our talent production pathway

What would be the best model for balancing youth development and first grade results?
(I just read your article from a couple of weeks ago about scouting. have many things to ask
eg/ what is Adelaide the metro area doing differently to have generational talent coming through all at once?)

Adelaide has a bright footballing future

The only response to Hadley should have been “OK Boomer” and left it at that. He shows no respect, he shouldn’t expect any in return.

Seriously, these people are only powerful because we give them that power

What does Ray Hadley have against football and why didn’t James Johnson ask him?

Great article. Exciting times in SA. If every state was set up like you guys we’d be getting somewhere.
I like the conveyor belt metaphor because it acknowledges that for each kid to get a chance in the AL, someone has to make way for them. And ideally that would be through moving to a bigger club for a fat transfer fee!

Adelaide has a bright footballing future

Thanks mate, I’m on the same wavelength as you. I deliberately steered clear of making recommendations as discussion tends to get bogged down quickly in favourite models for the NSD and which clubs should be included. But there’s still a rump of people who want to put NSD and NYL reform in the Too Hard Basket because they don’t understand why reform must be done. This was really an article for them

How Football Australia can uncork our talent production pathway

I’m hugely in favour of more futsal playing time. SSG and small-sided summer football leagues have been a decent step in that direction.

Oddly though, FA not treating futsal as a sport in its own right, and just as a training mechanism for outdoor football was a driving reason for so many futsal clubs/centres disaffiliating from FA and the state feds.

How Football Australia can uncork our talent production pathway

Whatever we think of the current curriculum, we need 2 solid things to happen:

1. A curriculum, of whatever description, is needed to show the vast majority of clubs and coaches how to teach the game. Without a textbook, most clubs don’t have the wherewithal to teach effectively.

2. We also need to give the most capable clubs the latitude to teach football in a way that they think works. A cookie-cutter curriculum is risky in of itself. We don’t want young players only getting experience playing against teams that play just like them!

Also, we need to avoid a cycle of curriculum-scrapping. If we scrap the current curriculum, there’ll inevitably be haters wanting the 2nd curriculum scrapped. And five years after that, more hatred for the 3rd Curriculum. Adjusting and adapting educational curricula is what we do in mainstream education. It’s very damaging to scrap things and start over with a batch of whole new mistakes.

How Football Australia can uncork our talent production pathway

That’s fair, agreed. Talent development is a complex topic, hotly debated among experts all the time. From what I’ve heard from people who should know, SAP has definitely been an important innovation. And like you said, we still haven’t seen its full benefit yet.

Complex challenges require a suite of responses. There’s no one answer. SAP in isolation can’t achieve much on its own. It’s the lack of follow through in reform and innovating the top of the pyramid that is ultimately letting us down – hence the “uncorking” metaphor. The talent bottle neck is at the step into the A-League, and within A-League clubs themselves.

How Football Australia can uncork our talent production pathway

That’s kind of the thrust of the article.

SAP is an improvement over what we relied on previously, and it has raised the standard of semi-elite players, but it can’t translate to higher standards in pro football without a big restructure of the layer immediately below the AL

How Football Australia can uncork our talent production pathway

nah it’s this:

I love that we can work while we're on cocaine.

Flying kites about a ‘Sydney conference’ makes the NRL look idiotic