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Both Taylor and Piscopo are back this week. I’d expect them both to start. It’ll be interesting to see how our centre back Nathan Grimaldi handles this game. Has looked the part since being introduced to the team. Newy to win.

The Roar's A-League Men tips and predictions: Round 15

Agree with your points on the VAR. It now is re refereeing games. It’s contributing to poor officiating. Great point also on how it’s affecting fans celebrations. I used to(pre VAR)just have a quick look for an assistant refs flag, now we’re waiting for a VAR check. 100% bin the VAR and use that money to improve and bring through more referees.

Would A-Leagues fans rather talk about VAR, or the football on the pitch?

Ah good the three scribes have all gone against Newcastle. Last time this happened Newy romped home with a 3-0 win over Wellington.

The Roar's A-League Men tips and predictions: Round 11

For the record Piscopo is out this week(groin). Risdon is out for Western(suspended). Buhagier will be in for Piscopo. It will be interesting to see what Aloisi does with his defence. Garuccio is nailed on at left back, but does his shift Tratt to right back and put Vidmar in at centre back? Confident of a Jets win regardless.

The ownership rumours are rife in Novocastria at the moment. Expecting a major announcement very soon.

The Roar's A-League Men tips and predictions: Round 10

I think you may have hit the nail on the head with the ‘so much going on’ comment. We do live in a country with usually great weather and an outside living culture, wether that’s the beach or the bush. I grew up in England and loved the terrace culture. In saying that I visited Middlesbro’s Riverside (a relatively new stadium) and the concourse was narrow and there was no elbow room having a pre match beer. The seating was tight and I yes it was freezing cold!! All the grounds I’ve been to in Australia are roomy and you can sit back and enjoy a beer in your seat. You could even pick a hill at Newcastles Turton Road ground and put your picnic blanket out if you like. I’m one of those A League die hards, heading for Ballarat for Newy’s game against Western United. The sunblock and beer money are at the ready!

Australia's football fans still don't appreciate how spoilt we are by our A-Leagues

Obviously it’s very, very early in the season, but our season has started well. Picking up points away in Perth is always tough. I think that’s a game we would have lost last season when we conceded so early. Liking what I’ve seen and heard about coach Rob Stanton too. Reno and Archie should be back in contention for squad selection by rd 4. It looks like Hoffman will remain at centre back. He surely won’t make the same schoolboy error this week! O Neill back from suspension and will definitely start against Victory rd 2. Nice one buying membership too. Worthwhile investment if you can get to the games.

Jets flying under the radar: Newcastle don't mind being underdogs, just don't neglect them completely

The fact that they’ve engaged the same business that has recently sold Glory is an encouraging sign. They managed to do that deal in 3 months, so fingers crossed.

Jets flying under the radar: Newcastle don't mind being underdogs, just don't neglect them completely

Firstly thanks to all the above writers for mentioning every team. I’ve just read an article on another site that failed to give an opinion on either Phoenix or Perth and Newcastle only rated a mention because Western Utd have signed Penha. I’m fine with people writing off my team(Newy)I’m used to it. Not to mention teams at all in a twelve team comp is just plain rude.

ADL v CCM draw
MAC v BRI home win
MEL CITY v WES UTD home win
SYD v MEL VIC home win
WSW v PHOENIX home win
PER v NEW away win

Can’t go against Newcastle regardless of the fact we have no owner and have a young squad. Watch out for Clayton Taylor this season, very quick, strong and will be starting come Sunday in Perth.

The Roar's A-League Men tips and predictions: Round 1

100% correct on the Newcastle Jets. The ownership has almost been the elephant in the room this season. It’s an issue that has rarely been talked about. The fact that we have been close enough to a finals spot is remarkable. Those calling for Papas to go aren’t really thinking this whole process through. Get rid of the coach and the player/staff/academy merry go round starts all over again. Things have been put in place with Gary van Egmond in charge of the Academy and Damien Zane the NPL side. Sack the senior coach and this would undoubtedly unravel again. Stability is what the Jets need. Money won’t buy a championship but new ownership cannot come soon enough for the Newcastle faithful.

A-League Round 25 talking points: Wild scenes in the west, Macca makes history, Jets going nowhere without new owner

I take it back Redondo, because he was behind Goodwin when the ball was played forward he IS onside. Bizarre rule.

A-League Round 20 talking points: Goodwin masterclass, and where are the crowds?

If he was level when Goodwin kicked the ball forward of course he would be onside. He clearly wasn’t. Offside 100%.

A-League Round 20 talking points: Goodwin masterclass, and where are the crowds?

The VAR was put in place to fix the clear and obvious errors. The third Adelaide goal was offside. I was at the ground and they showed a replay whilst the players and crowd were waiting for the review. Everyone in the ground(who understands the offside rule) was expecting the ‘goal’ to be wiped out. You see the referee move and the crowd cheers expecting the correct decision. The referee books Jurman and then the game restarts shortly afterwards. Yes I’ve just watched the after match analysis and they quickly moved on from the ‘green line’ still shot. Jovanovic’s leading leg is two meters in front of the second last defender when Goodwin plays the ball forward. I can only think that the VAR system failed. That end of Turton road must be cursed!!

A-League Round 20 talking points: Goodwin masterclass, and where are the crowds?

Dane Ingham can be a very frustrating player to watch. Whilst I agree this was one of his better games, he still moves forward and then passes back when there appear to be options available to keep the ball moving forward. He is playing much better than last season and his defending has improved. A true test is looming this Saturday night against a certain Craig Goodwin.

Who made the cut? A-League team of the week: Round 19

Reno Piscopo will be out for at least the next three games.

The Roar's A-League Men tips and predictions: Round 18

I agree, seems to be a little more resolve with this squad of players now. The Piscopo injury is a big blow but Manabu Saito is a BIG signing. You have a good weekend too, all the better of course with a Newy win.

The Roar's A-League Men tips and predictions: Round 17

Can someone ask him to but the Newcastle Jets…please!

The Roar's A-League Men tips and predictions: Round 17

I honestly believe people are missing out by not turning up to support/watch Newcastle. Where have all those members from 5 or 6 years ago gone? I do appreciate that cost of living, interest rate rises maybe having an effect but the kids go free with a paying adult, 3 game passes and membership in general is reasonable. Full marks to all those attending. I just hope our undefeated streak holds and the Newcastle/Hunter Valley public wake up and show up.

The A-League is back in red-hot form - so where are the crowds?

Wow, I hadn’t realised until now how bad the figures are. I was at the Newcastle game and for our low figure to be the second highest for the round is mind boggling. In saying that I really don’t understand the football fans in Newcastle. That’s now 5 games on the bounce undefeated and still only 5 and a half thousand. 5 years ago when this happened there was 10 thousand plus easily and some significantly bigger crowds for Derby games. Tbh I’m pretty sick of peoples excuses…oh its too hot, it might rain…didn’t they lose the other day…why don’t they play local etc. Just turn up and support your team.

The A-League is back in red-hot form - so where are the crowds?

The Newcastle Jets have definitely turned a corner and will beat Melbourne Victory on Sunday inspite of the predicted 35 degree heat and as long as all the VAR cables are plugged in!! I’m sure we have more match winners than Reno Piscopo(he is playing well now injury free and in a more preferred central role). Archie Goodwin has scored 2 goals in the last two rounds with very limited game time.I expect another goal this week from the Cooks Hill tyro. Don’t write off Beka Mikeltadze, his goal scoring boots will return, especially with the addition of Japanese import Manabu Saito(who no one mentioned above). The new recruit will get game time this week. Throw Super Gus Thurgate into the match winning equation too.

The Roar's A-League Men tips and predictions: Round 16

I really hope you’re right on the F3 Derby. Surely plenty of Coasties will want to see their Socceroos. I’ll be there supporting the Jets. 10k plus would be great for the atmosphere.

Now that the Socceroos have proven the A-League's quality, it’s time for football fans to show up

They should have thrown the VAR straight in the bin directly after THAT Grand Final.

The Roar's A-League Men tips and predictions: Round 5

It didn’t take long, did it. Every tipster going against Newcastle. Yes Newy did not play well last week and both sides will be desperate for a win. Beka Mikeltadze will be in from kick off and WILL make a difference. Hopefully Archie Goodwin’s back and will come on to good affect late in the game. Putting all my Melbourne Cup winnings on a Newcastle Jets win.

The Roar's A-League Men tips and predictions: Round 5

One of my most pleasing aspects from last season was that my two youngest adult sons starting attending Newcastle games again. Two reasons, exciting football and local prospect Archie Goodwin. His two goals against Sydney still bring a smile to my dial. Not sure FIL if you noticed the full page membership ad in the local paper this Saturday, but Archie was THE player that the club chose. He reminds me of Mark “Sparky” Hughes (Man U, Chelsea). By all accounts he’s fit and firing, so expecting big things from him and the Newy Jets.

Unifying Australian football starts at the grassroots level

I have been told about that John/Johnston podcast before. I’ll have to chase it up for sure. Got to listen to the great man speak at Boolaroo Bowling Club a few years back. He was guest speaker at a fundraiser there. Unfortunately I had to leave half way through. He did make mention of some interested parties wanting to make a movie out of his amazing story.

What is the best football book ever?

Very hard to find books here in Australia on our beloved sport. Got to agree on One Hit Wonder:The Jimmy Glass Story. I haven’t heard of The Bottom Corner before, so I’ll have to chase that one up. For those that like Non League Football I’d highly recommend The Far Corner and The Farther Corner by Harry Pearson. On the Australian side Walk Alone The Craig Johnson Story is a truly inspirational read. Be My Guest: Football Superstars in Australia by Jason Goldsmith and Lucas Gillard is also an informative and entertaining read. Mr Cleansheets by Adrian Deans is a book of fiction that’s so well written you could almost believe it could happen. A very bizarre but funny read.

What is the best football book ever?