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Ramy has been excellent so far and an absolute pleasure to watch. Newcastle really are not that far away from the rest of the A League teams either. Newcastle really have to go after opposition teams from the very start of games.I’m really hoping for a massive three points on Wednesday against a fancies Roar team. It’ll be an interesting one considering they haven’t played since January 2nd.

Ramy Najjarine was wasted at Melbourne City, the Jets have set him free

It’s Ben Homer and he’s an avid reader of the Roar.

Mark Bosnich: Expert or ego?

I feel your pain Franco. My first year in Newcastle,1995, there was no team then in the NSL. They sat out for a year due to financial difficulties. It’s very much like a rollercoaster ride. Lets hope we’re on the up from now on.

Fan loyalty tested in Newcastle

The easy thing for Lawrie McKinna to do would have been to walk away. The guy has massive respect in Newcastle and I hope he stays involved in the club in some way.

I’ll agree we’ve blown money on some foreign players in the past. Mario Jardel is the classic example.

Fan loyalty tested in Newcastle

I contacted the club direct. Not sure about other clubs. I’m guessing their own club websites.

Fan loyalty tested in Newcastle

Glad you enjoyed the article Chris. Testing times here in the Hunter. To be honest though with everything that’s going on in the world I feel lucky that we can get out and watch the game. Upwards and onwards from here.

Fan loyalty tested in Newcastle

No, tickets are cheap as chips for non members on Friday night $10 adults $5 kids. Members in as normal.

Jets owner Martin Lee stripped of club licence

The Papas rumour has been going around for a few weeks. So I think we can officially call it now as a trumour. Anyone who thinks the Newcastle licence will move to another city is way,way off the mark. Good positive news for the Newy faithfull. Laurie and the back room staff have done a fantastic job keeping the club going. Upwards and onwards from here.

Jets set to announce new owner, coach and hope

One win for Sydney FC since the resumption is very ordinary. Can’t see them making the big dance , never mind winning it. I had Rudans Western United down as very dour earlier in the season. I’ve changed my mind since. They were good on the weekend. Even with an inexperienced line up for the latter stages of the game they they stood up to the challenge and got a deserved late winner. I’ll continue to watch games even though my team, Newcastle didn’t make the finals. Western United for a fairytale GF appearance.

Would the A-League be better off if Sydney FC weren't crowned champions?

Saw something pre the A League restart that gave Newy less than 3% chance of making the Finals. Not sure how accurate that was but surely in such a small league some results will fall our way. Just keep performing and winning.

The feeling's sweet as the Newcastle Jets defeat Sydney FC

Nice article Ron. One of the best players I’ve seen live played for Leeds. Eric Cantona, a maverick of sorts, but a genius with the ball. Welcome back to the big time Leeds United.

Welcome back Leeds United

Definitely a rivalry that goes back many years for sure. How sweet was that win tonight though?

The Jets versus the Sky Blues: Another A-League rivalry

In the Northern NSW comps clubs are given a breakdown of fees. In my time involved with registration days these fees are clearly there for all to see. I thought this was a requirement. If not then it should be Australia wide.

The football community is its own worst enemy – but it doesn't have to be

Agree with you there on the Foxtel . It’s the only reason I got it. They gave me the movie channel for free when COVID hit . Haven’t watched it yet. If Foxtel pull the pin they’ll lose my custom too.

FFA chief admits he can't say if all A-League clubs will survive

Well we’ve heard from the FFA today, but nothing really of any substance. The deafening silence over the Fox money is a major worry. Surely discussions must be going on behind the scenes as to wether Fox are going to stump up the cash and continue on.

Reddy: Players want A-League certainty

Hmmm a 50/50 split on the Newcastle v Perth game. Newcastle have to win to have even a glimmer of hope of a finals berth. Think Wanderers will step up and give The Smurfs a hard game, but a draw will be the outcome. Likewise for theVictory v Adelaide game. Melbourne City to beat Brisvegas. Toss a coin almost with Western Utd v Mariners, but WU experienced players will probably get them over the line…just. Wellington are looking like real contenders so I’ll pick them for a surprise win over Sydney.

A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 21

Basically Ernie kept giving other players too many chances/playing players in the wrong position. That is though water under the bridge. I really believe Newcastle will continue to climb the later. Maybe too late for a finals surge…but you never really know.

An interview with Bobby Burns

Nobody know for certain what money Wes Hoolahan is earning, but it is rumoured to be only 250k. Newcastle definitely do not have an official marquee player this season, that’s fact. Arroyo is a loan deal and I think the O’Donovan deal involved Brisbane paying some , if not all, of this season wage. There would be few, if any clubs that will go on record with exactly who gets paid what.

Carl Robinson wants Jets to stop conceding early

Hmmm, not sure how many A League games you have watched but the football Newcastle are playing at the moment is streets ahead of some previous seasons. The Stubbins tenure and GVE mk Two were abysmal. We’ve played well for many games this season but scoring goals has been a big problem. We’ve had a terrible run of injuries too. Kantarovski is the now the next added to that list, out for a month at least. I disagree that we’ll be fighting it out with the Coasties in late March for the spoon. We’re heading up the league now. They are terrible, and barring a miracle will retain the spoon. I honestly wouldn’t swap our attack for any other in the A league. Now Roys back(he should have never left!) we’ll win more than we’ll lose. Yes I’m a one eyed supporter and proud of it.

The state of the F3 Derby

Injuries and the lack of depth were massive factors. Not sure where Deans has gone backwards. No one has blown us off the park since he took the caretaker role and we should have had six points from the last two games. Hopefully ROD will go a long way to fixing the goal drought.

The crazy rollercoaster ride that is the Newcastle Jets

No to Hoffman, keep Koutrombis in the back three. Probably agree with the rest, the big one is wether or not Wes starts, and if he does then I think Dimi goes to the bench. Really looking forward to this game. Enjoyed Deans comments in todays paper too.

The crazy rollercoaster ride that is the Newcastle Jets

The formation for Sunday’s game will be highly anticipated for sure. Will Hoolahan play? Roy O Donovan will surely start. Will the coach, whoever it is, stick with a defensive 3? Yeah I agree Hoffman should be replaced. ROD will replace him. If Wes starts then does Dimi go to the bench also or is Kanta sacrificed?

The crazy rollercoaster ride that is the Newcastle Jets

My glass is half full concerning the Jets. We’ve been much, much worse than this in the past. Remember the Stubbins debacle, the Cullina sacking and GVE Mark two. I was going to write about how tough it has been this season to be a Newy fan, but I honestly believe we will get better results. Stating this weekend by beating the Coast.

The crazy rollercoaster ride that is the Newcastle Jets

Ah yes…way too technical for me.

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 17

Looking at 37 Saturday for the jets game. What temp do we need for a delay?

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 17