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Carey scored a ton the week he was selected. Guess you don’t watch much cricket. Only Harris, Root, Warner scored well at the MCG. The pitch favored the bowlers to much.
Last year showed what fresh bowlers can do when introduced later in a tough series. Australia has learnt quickly. Fast bowlers get worn out.

I told you the sky wasn’t falling on the Australian Test team

This same Pommie team beat this Australian team in England. The England A side probably wouldn’t. A rubbish article of chest beating and b/s. You can speculate anything until the cows come home and it is still totally meaningless drivel.

Could Australia’s A team beat this English rabble in a Test?

The Kiwi spinner who got 10 wickets in an innings, I think got dropped for the next test back in NZ. Jamis Vince is a better bat than Billings and is also playing BBL here.
With four of the top 10 ranked batsman playing at the MCG only Root looked like he could handle the wicket. James Anderson looked great as well. You have to think the wicket was doing to much. The English lacked red ball cricket and the ability to pick the right teams. But given the form Starc is in we could beat everybody here at home currently.

Ashes Scout: Ponting backs 'staggering' Boland call, England legends bay for blood, left-field batting option emerges

If you turned on your TV today you would have seen Anderson all over the Aussie batsman. A spell of 6 overs, 5 maidens , 1 run, 1 wicket. The run was from a dropped catch.
So over the hill!

No More Mr Nice Guy: Why Chris Woakes is not the answer to England’s selection woes

Yes, you’ll need to make it easier JFK. Catching is that easy for a Pom.

'Do we really want to risk going to Sydney?': FOUR England COVID positives throw Ashes series into turmoil

99 won’t allow facts to blind his ramblings. There’s no-one home.

'Do we really want to risk going to Sydney?': FOUR England COVID positives throw Ashes series into turmoil

There’s still grass on the pitch. I doubt it will wear down as in previous times. Possibly won’t need to bat a second time if the batters hit gear.

'I stuffed up there': 'Perfect human' Pat's Starc truth, Root blows up as ton wait continues: Talking Points

Seems like lotsa talk about nothing. Boland was included as a precautionary measure. Richardson is an exceptional fast bowler while Neser is on par with Woakes, probably Boland and a host of others. Its great to watch Root bat while I find Labuschagne, Smith unwatchable due to their lack of acting talent. It’de be great if Labs, having achieved number one, could get unlucky for a change, get dropped and disappear as quickly as he arrived. If Head consolidates his position he should also take over vice-captaincy in future and leave Smith to bat.
Green looks to have the potential to be a great player in the history of the game. A rare talent but of course he is at the beginning with tests and lots of hurdles along the way. So there really isn’t a spot for Marsh barring an injury to someone.

Ashes Scout: Watto's scathing Stokes review, Root says 'I can bang out a hundred', Vic quick firms for MCG debut

Ricciardo needs a top season in 2022 to save his career. So does Vettel. Perez ‘s star keeps rising. Losing the Force India drive was the best thing that has happened to him. It’ll be interesting to see if his qualifying improves next season. Tsunodo could have a breakthrough season at Alpha. He seems to have the edgy pace required and while we can expect a few more crashes, he may also score a podium. I wonder if the Alphas are allowed to beat Red Bull. I’m not sure of the setup there.

F1 season review: The tale of the No.2s

You forgot to mention they are playing a backstop (Buttler) as a wicketkeeper instead of playing a wicketkeeper, Foakes. That’s the coachs incompetence and he should be sent home on a rowing boat.

Ashes Scout: Crawley to open after England's 'brutally honest kick up the bum', Haddin calls for Stokes to captain

England were underdone and Australia batsman rightfully targeted Leach in Brisbane. It worked a treat and now their coach is grasping at straws.
Foakes has been Englands best option behind the stumps for a long time. Eventually they’ll realise that but probably not under the current coach who is a failure.
Woakes is good with a Dukes ball but offers little threat as a bowler here and is obviously a pet of the failed coach, Silverwood.
I expect the Poms to do better from now on, but having a coach as a handicap doesn’t help.

Lewis fronts up for Silverwood's failings

A ball just prior pitched similarly and went over the top, when Carey expected the batsman had been bowled. The only byes Carey has let through. The commentator Brayshaw is rather limited and due to his huge ego has never bothered to do his homework on DRS.
Cummins captaincy in the first test was much better than Smiths. Bowler use, attacking fields, reviews and obvious backing from the players were all superior in the first test.
I expect the Poms will improve a lot now. They have a couple of red ball games under their belt. Harris deserves another shot and would cement his spot with a ton.

George Bailey’s tough decision and other thoughts from the second Test

Straight back to the first test line-up for me. Richardson will get plenty of opportunities probably as soon as the fourth test, to replace Starc. I’de rest Starc for the third but he was done over before for the Boxing Day test so deserves a shot at it, being the biggest test of the year for our players

FLEM'S VERDICT: Selection battle 'put to bed,' Starc's new challenge and England's 'insane' blunder

The South African Philander had an outstanding bowling record and rarely got over 125kmh. Speed matters more depending where you are and the ball being used.

FLEM'S VERDICT: Selection battle 'put to bed,' Starc's new challenge and England's 'insane' blunder

If you read Richardsons comments he was struggling with seeing the big screen saying he was bowling at only 131kmh. So he said to Starc. “I’m just going for airspeed”.
And Starc is back after a forgettable season where things outside cricket affected him.
But hearing our fast bowling stocks are so great is a furphy. Neser is next and he is a long way back and certainly not as good as the best English fast bowlers.

FLEM'S VERDICT: Selection battle 'put to bed,' Starc's new challenge and England's 'insane' blunder

We’re missing Joffra Archer as spectators. Having him targeting Labushagnes lower lip would be excellent, and even better if he cracked it enough to shut him up. Archer vs Smith was the best Ashes cricket TV viewing of recent times. Such a pity Root bowls his quicks to death. You’de have hoped he’d have learned how to use them by now.

BRETT GEEVES: Marnus, Smith schtick is infuriating and must be countered by impactful verbals

So Paul, What leadership qualities have you seen in Labuschagne. You seem to be alone in that judgement. He comes across as an immature incomplete fruitcake.

Lack of outrage shows Smith’s Sandpaper punishment was way too harsh

“Hopefully that means instead of fighting for third, they’re both fighting for the championship.”
That would be all F1 fans hope for 2022. Four teams fighting for poles. But even three would be great. Hopefully, Mercedes domination of the manufacturers’ prize will end this next season.

What a very poor loser Wolff turned out to be. Sooky baby can’t handle losing at all. His behavior during and after the race has been woeful.

Formula One season review: McLaren vs Ferrari

The Pakistanis were best at reverse swing and trained the rest of the world via English county cricket. Smith/Warner/Bancroft penalties were for deception as the ball wasn’t tampered with. The umpires inspected it and found nothing, so the plan wasn’t enacted noticeably.
For sure the most they would have expected was a two game penalty, or demerit points as the South African captain got. But the media outrage went international quickly and with a PM (Turnbull) big noting himself while his mate was Chair of CA, heavy action was politically required. There was high tension between the teams because of Rabada, and the pitifully weak NZ judge review, plus Warner being a fool with De Klerk.

Lack of outrage shows Smith’s Sandpaper punishment was way too harsh

That was a hell of a season. The biggest surprise was the McLarens doing so well early and then not doing so well later and though Ricciardo won a GP a lot of his season was forgettable. They lost out to Ferrari for third spot. Alpine were also inconsistent while Gasly was consistently good at Alpha Tauri.
The hope is that next season Ferrari will be on par with Red Bull and Mercedes and because its a new car it’de be great to see McLaren and Alpine in there competing at the front.
The problem is if they’re not nothing will have changed, despite everyone being in brand new cars. Vettels career looks to be continuing its downward spiral and I think next season should be his last if no upward trend is apparent.

F1 season review: The best of the rest

Burns is playing across the line and closing the bat face. He looks to be a walking wicket. Harris and Green may be to but they got out so quickly I missed there innings. However Green looks our best all-round prospect ever, when his technique gets sorted.

UK View: Poms react to 'doomed shambles,' Rory burned, as lightning strikes twice

You’re a bit out of your depth Son. FIA runs F1, not the other way around. We saw how Wolff and Horner were continually trying to interfere, eg Wolff going “No Safety car Michael, whatever, no safety car”. If that’s not trying to influence a decision what is.
On the lapped cars, Masi stated when quizzed that firstly he is dealing with the Latifi accident and getting the track clear for racing. It was common sense to make the decisions he did.
No Christmas hampers for Latifi from Mercedes this year.
Hamilton got incredibly lucky several times during the season, and this time he got unlucky.
He’ll carry on. They’re both fantastic drivers and we saw Perez not afraid to have a go either.
It was interesting before the race that the majority of drivers interviewed wanted Max to win the Championship. He is obviously liked and respected on the grid. Some did add that really it was for something different.

MUST WATCH: Unbelievable drama as Max Verstappen wins F1 title on last lap

According to Lando Norris letting 5 cars through is not unprecedented. It happens, changes most every race. The drivers are all used to it. It wasn’t a big deal and most obviously it was to let the title contenders fight it out without the riff raff to get in the way.

MUST WATCH: Unbelievable drama as Max Verstappen wins F1 title on last lap

Great write up Jawab: thankyou.
Obviously, Masi has been under intense pressure but seemed to be making too many errors . The Brazil decision stands out as plain wrong and similarly, Hamilton should have given back the position at the start of the final race. When they were being stupid in Saudi Arabia the direction needed to be to both camps at the same time.
I doubt the Mercedes protest will proceed as it will fail anyway . It is pure sour grapes.
It turned out pretty much perfectly as the new World Champ won by overtaking the old World Champ on the last lap. The crowd roar was huge. It doesn’t get any better than this season.
Lets hope more manufacturers can produce winning cars next season.

F1 season review: Verstappen victorious amid historic and controversial battle

A great write-up, thankyou. He was my hero at school and I saw the try at Lancaster Park vs the Lions, so clear in memory. Also I was at the airport when the Ranfurly Shield came to Canterbury. We all ran onto the tarmac as the plane pulled up with propellers still spinning.
Interesting to hear his views on the modern game.

Beer with an All Black: Ian Kirkpatrick