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From my point of view the standard of refereeing in NRL is excellent. Way better than the quality of commentating which is ok but no outstanding commentary or commentators on TV. Occasionally Gould pops up with gems but not as many these days.

I don’t see the on ground interviews or dressing room scenes add anything to the game at all.

Picking on the referee is always the sore losers out. Its only the mediocre coaches that blame the ref but crowd ref abuse is always a problem right down to junior level

Respect for NRL referees? Let's start with media's role in making every decision a drama

This will be a hell of a fight. The challenger has a huge reputation.
George is the best but is not well known in Australia.
I’de never heard of him prior to the Lopez fight.
I would say it’s up to the promoter to fill the stadium and I think the crowd will get their monies worth in entertainment.

George Kambosos Jr: The unheralded king of Australian boxing

I reckon every decision went against them in that Doggies game, which I thought
was epic. Sometimes that happens but it was close and so I think was a Premiership
Flag. I’ve found GWS to be an entertaining team prior to this season.
It’s a good time for Cameron to go.
We’ll see now McVeigh goes. There is time for him to make a mark on the comp. if he’s up to it.

With Leon Cameron gone, GWS finally have a chance

The current Broncos coach had a worse coaching record at Brisbane than the ridiculed Siebold. But the one man wrecker called Reynolds has gelled the team and they now defend like their lives depend on it.
With Canterbury I wonder why they still look so disorganised at this time. Obviously confidence isn’t high but they should watch Penrith play and copy their attacking style. Surely they practice these drills every day. But even so I reckon Barrett should have stuck it out. The only way was up.
The team need to play as one and for each other. Their livelihoods depend on it.

Barrett's successor will need to tread warily unless Gus can clean up Bulldogs’ mess

Nice article. I’ve watched him a few times and thought GGG comprehensively won the only fight I watched between them and the Russian was way better last weekend. In fact Bivol looked ready to go again at the end whereas Alvarez was wasted. The stats say Alvarez threw only 5 jabs in the fight something Mike Tyson says he has to change if he wants success.
Apart from these two and Mayweather, Canelo Alvarez has been to strong for the others.

What makes Canelo so compelling?

They moved McKenna on when the Suns were finally up and playing good footy. Then made the dumbest appointment in AFL histort apart from Freo appointing Damian Drum.
Dew finally has the team performing after the first few games and having the worst Board in the game is likely to get punted now. Ther is nothing the Suns management hate more than success.

Don’t let the Sun go down on Dew

Nice article. The pure boxers Muhammad Ali, Wladimir Klitschko, Tyson Fury would be my top three with the others all capable of upsetting them on a lucky day. I’ve never seen a heavyweight get up after being flattened as Tyson Fury did against Wilder, and then box better.
It was like he got switched on, not knocked out.
Tyson Furys footwork is amazing for a guy of his size.

Why Tyson Fury is the greatest heavyweight of all time

It is what they do in soccer. A bunker guy brings something to the referees attention and he adjudicates the foul or penalty ones after checking on a ground monitor

‘I faked it’: The spiteful morning-after admission humiliating the NRL

Just put the replay on the big screen and let the onfield referee adjudicate by himself with no input from anyone.

‘I faked it’: The spiteful morning-after admission humiliating the NRL

I would have Hazelwood over Starc in the best ODI and T20 teams. He has been outstanding in the IPL. The best team looks pretty straightforward and with good backup.

But so much can change between now and then.

No Finch, but Australia will be very strong at the 2023 World Cup

Mike Tyson was dominant and brutal for a period. Certainly a great boxer. I think Tyson Fury now would annihalate Mike Tyson at his best. He’s just to big and uses his size to bully opponents.
But there’s a whole Era of Ali before M Tyson and he really brought Heavyweight boxing to the forefront of the world due to his being articulate, something which Fury is excellent at now as well as being a great boxer. The guys before didn’t live in the public eye as the current crop do.
A great womans fight for over a $1m each at MSG, New York on the weekend will be a historical event in the sport.

Why Mike Tyson isn’t close to being the greatest heavyweight of all time

I reckon small 15-30000 seat stadiums should be the go. When enclosed you capture the atmosphere which is better for Spectators and TV watchers.
They cost much less. I reckon the new Perth Stadium should have been way smaller (45000).

Everyone wants to be there for the Grand Final so the taxpayer pays through the nose for govts
big-noting themselves as they build the latest and greatest.

I’m not going to many more NRL games. They blow your ears out with loud music even when the game is on, and you get flame blasts if you’re close to the flame throwers.

I go to watch the game not any of the other stuff.

AFL and EPL do a much better job than NRL. NRL is a TV product.

Build it and they won’t come: Why Sydney doesn’t deserve more stadiums

Well it is well documented by both if you can be bothered to look it up.

Ange Postecoglou's latest triumph proves what can be achieved with a bit of self-belief

Well Pep Guardiola regards Ange Postecoglu as one of the best football coaches/brains out there and I think he knows more than any old Mark.

Ange Postecoglou's latest triumph proves what can be achieved with a bit of self-belief

If you think it was bad watch first half Sydney under Eade vs Freo under Drum. It must be the worst AFL in history. And the Eagles were better which isn’t saying a lot.

AFL Friday Footy Fix: Putrid Eagles hit rock bottom, Tigers feast on the carcass

She’s great but she has missed more shots this recent last 6 months than in the rest of her career. I hope its just a blimp on the radar.

'Phenomenal': Kerr romps to major award after her goal-a-game season

So the main teams are predictable and the A team is a rewards team for the last Shield season with some test players thrown in. Apart from Murphy.

No room for Ben McDermott as Australia name full strength squads for Sri Lanka series

I’ve written Ben Simmons off as a bludger. Good ol Ozzie bludger. Happy to take the money and not perform on the big stage. The current team needs him to perform to recoup their investment but he doesn’t care. That will not be lost on any professional basketball team in the world.

NBA WEEK: Ben Simmons' to-do list: Fire whoever's handling his PR, then get to work this off-season

Finch was a shoe-in after his cross bat slog to get clean bowled last night after being dropped from a sky ball the previous ball. Of course he did manage 3 off 7 balls, so that’s an improvement.
Just compare him with the real deal, Dhoni, long retired, and still winning IPL games for his team.
Maybe Todd Murphy is the surprise selection. Never heard of him so I’m guessing he’s SA or Tasmanian. And nowhere for Jason Sanghar who looks to be as talented as anyone outside the test Xl.

No room for Ben McDermott as Australia name full strength squads for Sri Lanka series

Cornes would do well in politics. He loves to make a headline with meaningless drivel, a polly special. And he’s not to bright so the Americans would back him into the PM position.

AFL NEWS: Gastro hits Pies guns, boom Blue blow, and Eagles coach's brutal Cornes clapback

Gotta love the way the Fijian girls played. It looked like they were enjoying it a lot. The winger was laughing as she caught the crossfield quick and ran away to score. NSW did well to stay close. The quality of the game was as good as the Womans NRL grand final.

What we learnt from Super W this season

I didn’t see this previously but I agree mostly. I would really like to see the French GP return as well. The answer I think is biannual events or two out of three years for many races. It seems the drivers want a maximum of races around 20 and Liberty thinks 24 is a good figure. So 24 will probably win out. The Australian and Singapore GPs should go together as it’s a shorter hop and was previously a best seller. Hamilton wants a South African GP which is a good idea for the continent and America has three races from next year and has a big market.
It seems F1 is in a growth spiral and the Holy Grail of Monaco is no more.
It’s a good move for Liberty because most of the Europe GPs think they are indispensible and want lower fees than each other. I think they could race 30 times to sort out the boys from the men. It would mean less media commitments for the drivers are possible but its worth a try.

In the battle between heritage and modernisation, F1 must keep the Australian Grand Prix

Thanks for the article. I’m hoping to see an article from you on the Super Netball. The new CEO came from the Gold Coast Suns the worst run administration in AFL, and her first move was to lose Free to Air TV to Pay TV, a guaranteed killer for every sport.

So we now see less of Super Netball than ever.

The NRL has issues, but the player transfer system isn't one of them

This is the go to story for feeble writers who are out of ideas. They have no idea because they aren’t up to speed. The big signing was Wayne Bennett.

Maybe the writer can list Bennetts failed teams for us?

I note the writer doesn’t use his name. No wonder.

Wayne's in for world of hurt if Dolphins can't sign marquee star: 'Missing Ponga is a big one'

Worse still when they’re attacking their own team. We go there to support. But attacking umpires is entrenched at AFL. One of the AFL first games I went to I arrived just in time to see the first bounce while getting to my seat and a must have been 14 year old kid stood up and yelled “Shocking bounce ref”. I just don’t like to see them get booed when leaving the ground. It’s poor form.

The AFL's ump dissent crackdown is fantastic- now it's time for the fans to be fixed