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I just re-did my selections, with JOC at 10.

I hope that’s allowed!

The Wallabies team Dave Rennie should pick for Bledisloe 1

Throwing in both JP and NL against the ABs (even with experienced JOC in the middle) – seems a gamble, but no one is expecting the Wobs to be competitive – so why the hell not?

Five talking points from the Super Rugby AU final

Yes, it is as if White is just going his own way regardless of coach – instructions. The reaction from the other Wallabies when he box-kicked away a Bledisloe win was palpable.

Five talking points from the Super Rugby AU final

Soapit, did you notice White’s tendency to box kick it back to the Reds in the last few minutes? It brought back a very bad memory. Do you think McKellar told him to do that?

Five talking points from the Super Rugby AU final


No thanks – let’s have someone who can pass there.

Five talking points from the Super Rugby AU final

Given they might well pick Rory Arnold & Will Skelton, it is looking like there is no way their French clubs will voluntarily release them before the international window. In fact, the LNR is going to court in typical selfish fashion to try and evade WR’s temporary change to the international windows for this year.

It is also possible that Rennie might want some other players from O/S in his RC squad (as opposed to this Bledisloe squad); possibly Kurtley Beale who qualifies on the 60 test/7 years rule. However, he is on record saying that ” I’m not a big fan of trying to pluck guys out of France.”

So overall, it may be that he wants a couple of experienced locks, despite them coming back from France, and they will only be available during the RC – depending on how the French court case goes.

New Zealand Bledisloe Cup fixtures confirmed for mid-October

I agree, this is a good move. We are weak in the 2R, so why not?

Adding the Arnold Amendment to the Giteau Law makes a hell of a lot of sense

Bristol definitely wont release Morahan that’s for sure

They don’t have a choice, during the regulated international periods.

Adding the Arnold Amendment to the Giteau Law makes a hell of a lot of sense

Look at the competition size, the population growth, and the inexorable progress of history Redsfan. The Kiwis can run their own race, without RA having to kow tow to them telling us what to do. In 20 years, they will still be in the same population zone, while the ARU will be onwards and upwards without them.

The Brumbies just don't have the tools to compete with the Reds

2005… OK you are trolling, because you know two Aus teams have won it much more recently. A TT comp where it’s tough at first, but there is sufficient content generating financing to retain young players who might otherwise be lost to the lite code, and to invest in multi-level coaching improvements, is very much in the best interests of the sport in this country. Reducing it’s footprint back to the 1970s is not.
I find it amusing that the Kiwis here keep lecturing us about reducing the scope of rugby in this country – because it helps them keep the AB’s strong. Australia’s population is increasing by 1 million every 2-3 years on current projections. In 15 years, even as a minority sport here, where will we all be?
Probably losing to the USA after they start taking the sport half seriously.

The Brumbies just don't have the tools to compete with the Reds

JD, you do agree, don’t you, that RA should do what is good for rugby in Australia, and that this is not about NZ, right?

The Brumbies just don't have the tools to compete with the Reds

I’m seeing Buck Shelford mentioned a lot here – he went on the rebel tour to apartheid Sth Africa in 1986, didn’t he? Murray Mexted as well, with Grant Fox, and Ian Kirkpatrick (manager) who have also been mentioned.

That would tend to exclude them from my favourites list.

My five favourite All Blacks of all time

Did you see the news article today – a 12 team Super TT in 2022, with private equity funding, is now on the table.

The pieces of the rugby calendar are coming together

13. Samu Kerevi

Only if he learns to pass first!

Picking a combined Springbok-Wallaby-All Black squad

Yes indeed.

There are scents I like. Coffee in the morning. A rogan josh slow cooking. The soil releasing its carbon as the first raindrops hit. Jacarandas in the springtime. And the scent of Kiwi fear rising out of the argumentative posts of Jacko, OT, JDkiwi and the rest, who have been working hard to convince themselves that Kiwi rugby is so much better than any other version, we Aussies should just fall over and do their bidding.

The outrage, when Hammer McLennan told them to jam it, was palpable. And the end result has been a Kiwi backdown in the last week of epic proportions.

A great week for Australian Rugby 👍

Some positives from COVID

Remember that first test in the 90s against the boks when Naas Botha ran it blind and Willy ‘O torpedoed him? I don’t think Naas tried that again. Willy ‘O is a pastor now.

My five favourite Wallabies of all time

White had a decent game in Perth last year, but his kicking game was not good. In fact he he kicked 4 times in the first half – which was 4 times too many. Three of those were box kicks straight to AB players (and one resulted in an AB try two plays later). The third was a box kick to Ben Smith which Reece Hodge got up and stole from him, making it look better than at was, but it only went about 25 metres and didn’t achieve much. The fourth kick was a chip, not a box kick, behind the AB wing – but it was too deep, and the AB player was able to miss it, slip over, and still reach out to get hold of it and dot it down before Koro arrived to put any heavy pressure on.

It was perhaps unsurprising that White did not kick once in the 25 minutes of the second half before he was replaced. Genia then came on – and you guessed it, did a box kick straight to a defender and threw away a perfectly good possession like his predecessor.

A box kick should be placed in behind the winger when the fullback is standing centre field so it has a chance to bounce while the blindside winger and the 5/8th (or possible the 12) steam after it, preferably with a couple of back-rowers up their collective clacker. It should also be a surprise move. It has a place when you are way ahead and pushing to shut down the opposition for sure, but we’ve all seen what happens when the 9 (White) kicks away possession to the ABS when they have 90 seconds to get a score to win a series.

Dave Rennie's Wallaby XV: Who gets the nod from countless options from Super Rugby AU?

Good stuff Gatesy.

In retrospect, rugby here needed a re-boot. It is unhappy that it has come on the back of a pandemic that has caused economic dislocation, illlness, and more tragically deaths. But we are seeing a bit more engagement, now that we got to miss it for a while.

I also think that we should offer some thanks to NZR for the arrogance – telling us we were rubbish, didn’t deserve more than a couple of teams allowed to play in their comp. Nothing like a common enemy to pull together against. And now, their bluff called, they are backing down and talking about a 5+5 TT in 2022.

Hopefully in 2021 RA can, working with the broadcasters, turn the 5 team Super AU into a six team competition, to give them games on Friday, Saturday & Sunday afternoon – 10 weeks double round robin, and a couple of weeks of finals.

This will require some deft handling, though, because that 6th team is a temporary vehicle to provide another high quality game per weekend. The best option would perhaps be to beef up the Fiji Drua and have them play based in western Sydney.

What will happen in 2022 is a long way from clear, but it’s looking good.

Some positives from COVID

Not playing, but looking forward to seeing some games if the ticketing restrictions are eased.

Todd Louden embedding a one-club mantra at Southern Districts

NZ doesnt have a deadline…
Yes they did Jacko – end of August – which is why they were looking at EOI’s last week, from such high quality outfits as the BOP-Shanghai Lions, and possibly an internal 6th NZ team based around Tasman if rumours are true. They were even trying to get Twiggy Forrest to fund a team there (allegedly). Which is unsurprising as he received $2 billion in mining dividends over the last year.
There is supposed to be some sort of announcement on September 1.

Let's add some sizzle to Super Rugby

” It would also do to remember that there are still existing contractual obligations with SANZAAR in place”

No there aren’t. Frustrated contracts are terminated. The Super Rugby agreement is gone.

Let's add some sizzle to Super Rugby

Jacko, you need to pay attention to what NZR is now saying through the press – this week in articles in Stuff (by Paul Cully) and in the Guardian (by Matt McILwraith) .

NZR are no longer trying to dictate to RA what it should do, and have backed down.

Let's add some sizzle to Super Rugby

That is a pretty poor post woodart. Apart from parroting a line which NZR has abandoned, you don’t have your facts straight about the Sunwolves.

The JRU decided they would no longer financially support the team, and SANZAAR as a whole declined to replace the funding.

Let's add some sizzle to Super Rugby

Terminator, you need to pay attention to what NZR is now saying through the press – this week in articles in Stuff (by Paul Cully) and in the Guardian (by Matt McILwraith) .

NZR’s attempt to take control of SR and dictate terms has failed, and they know it. They are backing down, trying to claim the reduction in Au teams was just a “suggestion”, and saying they have no in principle objection to 5 Au teams in a TT comp starting in, probably, 2022.

They even rolled out Ian Foster to give a presser and say that the AU teams have all been improving and their standard isn’t so bad afterall.

Please try to keep up.

Let's add some sizzle to Super Rugby


Are you, at the end of the day, more of a league or rugby fan? It’s hard to tell from your article. (Good discussion, by the way.)

I am interested because for this concept to take off in a positive way, it needs to engage not only rugby tragics – but the occasional fans. The ones that basically like the loig, but might watch a Bledisloe.

For the league fan, how should it be marketed?

Why rugby risks getting the State of the Union all wrong