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Hi Woody,

Thanks for reading my article!

Yeah I agree, a bit high but I reckon they’ve definitely grown as a list and could push for 4th to 6th but maybe a bit biased coz I’m a Crows fan, but watch them be out of the race by round 12

Who makes the top eight in 2024 - and why the Pies are still the team to beat

Thank you!! It’s been quite a while since I’ve written an opinion piece, but you are spot on about it being a bit optimistic, I’m just basing my opinion on the fact that our team definitely has developed since last year so hopefully we can win those 50/50 games to push ourselves up the ladder, I don’t think I’d be surprised if we slide down to 5th – 8th due to inconsistent performances

I (hopefully) will be posting previews for the other teams so be on the lookout for those too

One kick away from the top 8 last year, can the Adelaide Crows continue their AFL ascent?

Very well written Nado, hope to see more in the future

SA U19 State Championship squad: Tomorrow's talents

I’m not the biggest fan of Tex but I believe that this upcoming season is his last chance to prove that he is worth the role of captain.

2018 Adelaide Crows wrap up from the eyes of a die-hard fan

Even with Gibbs and Smith in the team, I still believe Seed and Rat have a place in the team, but it is very hard to dictate who has the right to be named in the best 22 after this year’s performance. But I will be coming out with my best 22 for the Crows after the draft has concluded, so be on the lookout for that.

2018 Adelaide Crows wrap up from the eyes of a die-hard fan

Delly is at best a back-up point guard, I don’t think he has a place in Milwaukee anymore and should look elsewhere to a team who has a shallow lineup at point (Orlando, Phoenix or Miami). As for his contract, they may trade him to a team who has salary cap available and take a second round pick in return as a salary dumping trade.

As for Maker, playing well in garbage time will be the only way I see him progressing, I remember in the playoffs a couple of seasons ago he showed glimpses of potential, but if there is no spark this season, Milwaukee may have to cut him in free agency.

Could Thon and Delly look to buck Milwaukee this season?

I reckon Adelaide should prioritise moving up in the draft, we need to secure home talent and not let Port Adelaide pick the players that we so desperately need.

2018 Adelaide Crows wrap up from the eyes of a die-hard fan

thanks man, this is my first time uploading here and I really appreciate the feedback 🙂

2018 Adelaide Crows wrap up from the eyes of a die-hard fan