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The ABs have no responsibility to ‘take the game’ anywhere right now – they are there to win a RWC! They have suited their game-plan to overcome other teams who have done nothing but work on a rush defense for the last two years. Do we consider those teams a disgrace too? Or do we just expect less of them, and their contribution to the sport as a spectacle?

Can Japan repeat the Brighton Miracle at the 2019 Rugby World Cup?

Apparently both of the favourites to take over the ABs (Razor & Foster) have both already made calls to Tony Brown – as a possible assistant. And that is absolutely fine by me!

Can Japan repeat the Brighton Miracle at the 2019 Rugby World Cup?

Some national airlines (and major sponsors) prefer to make light-hearted videos to support their teams – rather than demanding the termination of players who don’t agree with them!

Air NZ takes the mickey out of Ireland's hopes ahead of All Blacks QF

Perhaps Rieko Ioane needs to start spending more time in different positions (e.g. Inside/Outside Centre) as this appears to be the ‘Top team’. And given the youth of that starting backline, he may be forced to compete with Jordie as the impact substitute, before he gets another genuine chance!

Retallick right to go again as All Blacks unveil formidable quarter-final side

Thanks Dave – I actually just saw that report, and was on the way to correct myself! 😂

CONFIRMED: All Blacks vs Italy, England vs France both cancelled due to Super Typhoon Hagibis

I saw this too Mike; however, I believe NZ suggested that they would be happy to bring the game ahead to Friday (tonight) – but World Rugby refused this idea. They insisted any re-scheduled match would have to be on Monday (because the always know best). NZ then turned this down, as it cuts their QF prep to only 5 days!

Typhoon Hagibis has everyone stirred up at the RWC

Apparently NZ suggested moving their game forward to tonight – but WR would only allow a push-back to Monday (giving only 5 days prep for a QF)… NZ refused the latter, as any of the top contenders would!

CONFIRMED: All Blacks vs Italy, England vs France both cancelled due to Super Typhoon Hagibis

I think it would have been really impressive if Joe Schmidt had the nerve to take a moment to address some of these Irish reports coming out recently (in front of their media) – to simply remind some of these guys that he is also from the land of “cynical cheats”, and that they have benefited quite well from our rugby IP! It’s also a bit rich to claim a moral high-standing in the game when you devise an intentional system of gathering ‘project players’ from around the world, to eventually represent your team!

Why Ireland will still win the Rugby World Cup

Where’s the option for a ‘draw’? As far as I’ve been reading, the real winner of the ENG/FRA game will be Typhoon Hagibis!

Rugby World Cup tipping Week 4: now we're getting serious

It worked out pretty well in 2015, with only Argentina posing a serious test in pool stages – so I’m sure they won’t mind a similar run through to the playoffs!

All Blacks need to show up with the right attitude

And then there’s Todd Blackadder! 😂

Deans Theory: Attack is the key to win the Webb Ellis Cup

The sooner our officials decide to stop the clock during scrums/goal-kicks, the better! And if guys conveniently go down several times, each time play stops – then officials should warn players that they may be subject to a ‘mandatory substitution’, if they clearly can’t continue unhindered!

The battle of the hemispheres: Who's feeling the World Cup heat?

How about that 1991 effort from Scotland?! 👍

Deans Theory: Attack is the key to win the Webb Ellis Cup

Cheers Geoff, certainly some quality contests so far… However, I can’t help feeling the disappointment of watching yet another closely-fought game, petering-out by way of the scrum! IMO, the amount of time that was lost in those final scrums robbed us of any chance to see some final drama in that Wales/Australia game.
And there are many more games like that, in every competition. The fact that this seems to happen every time a team has a small lead with 5 or so minutes remaining is an oddity – and yet WR and officials seem to simply accept it?! I’ve harped on about this before, but genuinely feel we are missing some of the most exciting, and desperate rugby across the game, that comes from teams trying to steal a win with time running out.

The Wrap: World Cup thrown into beautiful, glorious confusion

You’d also think when starting Foley (who has been roundly criticised for his poor kicking game), that White would be the logical starting partner to ease some of the pressure/responsibility!

Wallabies make major changes for Wales Rugby World Cup match

Richie almost looked like he was considering another go when leaving it behind during the ceremony!

Relentless forward movement: The All Blacks are on course for the three-peat

Garces and Poite were probably assured their places in the tournament after their ‘stellar’ work during the 2017 lions series! But of course, back then the mistakes were basically celebrated as officials ‘finally giving the All Blacks a taste of their own medicine.’

The Wrap: Why the All Blacks are ahead of the game in Japan

Who knows, but astoundingly some people think he favours the ABs?! 😂

Springboks coach has a message for referees ahead of RWC clash with All Blacks

By all means, keep asking the guy who has become notorious for red-carding ABs, for equality!

Springboks coach has a message for referees ahead of RWC clash with All Blacks

Not putting the words in your mouth BB – just playing devil’s advocate! I know we all hope the refs aren’t a factor in the big games in the tournament (fingers crossed).

Rugby World Cup tipping Week 1: unprepared

Do we really want the cards to stay away for the sake of it – even in the instance of foul play? Personally, I just want consistency in the officiating. If World Rugby are satisfied that Scott Barrett’s contact was a justified red card, then that’s fine. But that then sets a precedent. I want all of those acts to be recognised and treated equally for ALL teams – just as the Boks coaches have publicly pleaded!

Rugby World Cup tipping Week 1: unprepared

Aluminum?! C’mon Jonty, we all know it’s pronounced “Tin” 😂

Rugby World Cup tipping Week 1: unprepared

I’m afraid to say he did, indeed fall for it. He and Stick have both gone for the tried and true ‘we hope the ref watches out for the cynical All Blacks’ route for their media comments – aside from mentioning the deep ‘respect’ for the ABs. Full of irony, it seems!

All Blacks set to punish 'risky' Boks

Agreed, Handre is surely the most crucial, and his health status completely alters how the Boks are viewed in this tournament (IMO). While there is great depth elsewhere, I feel the drop-off to Elton would be huge if a change was forced!

Rugby World Cup 2019 preview series: South Africa

“…as France shocked the All Blacks in arguably the greatest Rugby World Cup upset ever.”
I’m pretty sure we all know the argument for the greatest RWC upset was well and truly settled in 2015. Thanks again Japan!

The Roar’s 50 greatest players in Rugby World Cup history: 40-36