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Elite Boxing Championship: Week 6

As the second half of this inaugural series came to air this episode provided an interesting contrast with some of the favourites for the titles on display, as well as some of the less fancied combatants who are making a name for themselves under the TV spotlights.

Great analysis of Woods

Just one month out, the NSW Origin puzzle is crystal clear

“His team at Golden Boy Promotions is happy to sweep this test under the rug right away, though.”

And unfortunately, that’s all she wrote

Canelo is getting off scot-free in boxing's latest drug scandal

Agree wholeheartedly – there is a lot of sense in Canelo taking it….the response especially by the WBA in response to the two cases was chalk and cheese

Canelo Alvarez tests positive - for gate receipts and PPV buys

Why so?

Watching independently (heart said Jeff – Cash said Manny) I thought that Jeff won clearly but not by a landslide.

My summation of that fight was textbook changing of the guard as young lion fought out of his skin while old lion showed he is clearly in decline

Jeff Horn at Madison Square Garden: Coronation or crucifixion

Tonight jeff is like the guy climbing mt blanc after conquering Everest. Those in the know see the challenge, pitfalls and risk. Capital observers say if you beat Everest this should be a walk in the park
Of note well be how much he has evolved from that fight

Jeff Horn's clash against Gary Corcoran is an all-or-nothing fight

Yes this elite division really is good at providing the action.

Skye made the Comm Games team, but the other winners missed out through the vagaries of selection processes and some ‘very close’ decisions.

That said – this series showed that they’re very TV worthy. Hopefully one of the broadcast channels will at least pick it up for one of their digital channels!

Elite boxing championship Week 10: The finale

Thanks Mike,

The fighters for this series came from AUs, NZ, Fiji, Nauru & New Caledonia.

If we can keep getting sponsors the long term aim is to give international tournaments so Amateurs can get the ‘big show’ experience with good crowds,Tv coverage etc.

Elite boxing championship Week 9

Hi Big J –
One of the aims of the series is to help elites build a profile before turning pro so we might be able to build a pathway that gets Aus boxing out of the rut where the first 3 years of being a pro are begging your friends and family to buy tickets so you can get on a show.
Out of the crop in series one there are probably about 10 that have the right combination of raw materials (skills, drive, experience, age) to make a good go of it on the world stage.
At the very least out of this they have the experience of fighting to a larger crowd, tv cameras in your face, running to set schedules and conducting interview, as well as broadcast quality footage they can show prospective promoters/sponsors.

Elite Boxing Championship: Week 6

no dramas – watching the fighters evolve during it has been a great experience. Hopefully enough people tune in for the last few episodes to guarantee its return in 2018

Elite Boxing Championship: Week 6