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There doesn’t seem to be a lot of confidence in Luke’s health..Warriors were letting him go to the Knights late last year but they pulled the plug at the last minute when told he wouldn’t be right for the first month of season ‘19..the one year contract he thus took sums up the outlook..main back up Roache must also be a worry with his history of serious injury..

Coach Kearney may be forced to shuffle his cards here..

I like Hiku’s cleverness and would move him in if the kids don’t cut it in the halfs …big fan of Jazz Tevaga,too,who would certainly add some cement if trialed outside Green..

NRL 2019 season preview: New Zealand Warriors

He’s 38 years old in August,but Gal,still racking up stats beyond what the backrowers on this page make,top 50 player for sure..Maguire Jackson,Frizell,Sims Wade G. are all B graders compared to him..but seemingly won’t be..

The Roar's top 50 NRL players: 40-31

Dont want to be pickey (much)..but Ricky Leutele wont be on the left edge at the Sharks this season..

The Roar's top 50 NRL players: 40-31

I suppose the ranking is based on more than just season ‘18 but on that rather than a players’ NRL life,Mahu Fohnua was the most improved surprise packet dangerous was he ball in hand…far more consistent than the jet…and Jai Arrow far more valuable contributions than Maguire..I’m assuming they both haven’t made it..

The Roar's top 50 NRL players: 50-41

As an indicator of cost analysis-profit margins Best and Less online store has NRL ‘officially licensed’ mens jerseys at $30 (not ’19)..theres one at Charlestown..just sayin’..

An NRL jersey rant to get off my chest (again)

Reports have Jack and trialling at 6..J.Tapine was their most dangerous forward last year and played 80,realistically cant see him doing anything but starting and getting better..the 2 new pommies will make them or break them,be fun to watch.

NRL 2019 season preview: Canberra Raiders

St George Bank have to move on the club before we hit the point of no return..

Stand Jack de Belin down until his case is resolved

The ‘come have a go ‘ line has speared him..unrecoverable.

Stand Jack de Belin down until his case is resolved

Comparing their 2017 semi final team with this years Fergo and Gutho come in for Semi and Normie.. main core forwards are essentially the same but seem stronger now with 6′ 8″ Lane,the 120 kg prodigal Paulo and the more intense Mahoney..this same side lost by 2 to eventual premiers Storm in the elimination …..proof that the squad is finals capable…so why penthouse to poo house in 6 months..Alvaro winning the clubs best player award,the punting of Norman and the shopping around of Moses and Jennings speaks of the main let downs the club endured in ’18..

NRL 2019 season preview: Parramatta Eels

Putting Jack Wighton into the front line of defence is hugely more positively beneficial to the Raiders than Ennis’ ‘consulting’.

Michael Ennis will make the Green Machine mean and clever

Tipping Oates to find another gear this year and get back into the Maroons..really looking forward to this pack Fifita and Haas especially,but theres just as much to see from Ofenhague and S’ua ..they’ll be a huge threat ..

Which NRL teams will drop out of the top eight in 2019?

On the other hand,it’s not Dufty who’s walking out on the club at the end of the year,if he’s regarded as the clubs long term fullback,then the club should start with the committed ones and let him prove his value..Widdop sits down.

Dufty on the outer at Dragons?

Will mean nothing if they don’t fling Walker with him..

"Find a new vocation": Barba officially deregistered by the NRL

Tell me how they’re going to get JDB,for example with no digital or forensic evidence..being unfaithful,as woeful as it is,is all they’ve got without it.

NRL left with no choice but to impose tough stance on player misbehaviour

It’s time for clubs to get on the front foot themselves,don’t wait for the NRL,like the Knights have done with J.Saf. and now the Cows here to disqualify players internally..
Inaction by clubs for poor player conduct has to be damaging their brand value to sponsors and investors..

Cowboys sack Ben Barba for 'significant' breach of contract

Agreed Walker should also be life banned..physically striking a woman is the line in the sand..but Bolton and JDB are lighter infringements imho..De Bellin went no further than exposing himself to the young woman (as far as I can gather…whered you get the gang banging from ? ) and Bolton touched a ladies genitalia..sure,both poor form needing compensation to the victim,community service,suspensions and heavy fines..but life bans ?

Cowboys sack Ben Barba for 'significant' breach of contract

Hope the club goes well for Deano but your paragraph on Klemmer is a bit smelly..what else did you want him to do as a prop forward/club player of the year other than get the team huge yardage and discourage the offence from running near him ? He will be very sorely missed with the front row as it is..RFM might end up there to fit all the backrowers in.

Not the first time the Big Willie has had a shot at Tolman.
Being tough is well and good but not if its going to mean missed tackles and a broken line
Tolman is second to no one in that pack for tackle effectiveness in spite of his numbers.
Certainly not noted hard men Jackson or Elliot.
Its a close race for 6th down..after that they’re all injury dependent 50-50 chances..

Canterbury fans see their Pay day coming

If you’re going to sack a coach you do it in the belief that his replacement will do better..doesn’t seem to be any sort of decent unemployed line out there..Musical chairs could become the fashion…but who would want Ricky,Kearney BA or Mary?

Manly look stuck with Dessie cause Tooves is the only other one desperate enough to want to go there..would love to see the Sharks stick solid with Morris.

Is your NRL coach set for the sack?

It’s zero tolerance..cant be any clearer.

The same player was in front of the board less than 12 months ago for misconduct.

Fans should revolt if marquis players are given (I have complete faith that they wont) preferentials.

The NRL ought to be supporting clubs who sack players for misconduct by not allowing them to be picked up immediately by preying clubs..anywhere.

NRL players union vs Newcastle 'sledgehammer' fines

Never at any stage said that Saffiti did anything worthy of a police charge..all I’ve said is that if he hadnt have been on the turps for 12 hours,leading to him being in a place with heavily clouded judgement and making fateful decisions, the sliding door wouldnt have you really think the club slapped him with such a fine for ‘trying to help someone’ ? It’s a tip toe thru the BS…and you seem to have picked some up on your shoe.
Support the club 100% on this..this kind of behaviour has gone on for far too long..time to start deregistering.

Will Phil Gardner's tactical nuclear strike keep the Knights in line?

No club has ever fined an innocent player $ work backwards from that premise…
Its not about being out at’s about 12 hours of public binge drinking that lead to a potential contract termination incident..
Wife and son is an illustration of the thoughtlessness and recklessness..his loss of income from this for this season and any future even minor indiscretion will be the end of him here which cruelly damages the lives of the true ‘innocent bystanders’ ..his family..
Not contradicting the police,it was the club statement that used the term ‘diffusing’..clearly the club is attempting to attract some sympathy for the player..
Well,what do you think ‘innocent’ means in the context of 2 league players pushing and shoving in the street ? Again,to me it’s the clubs flowery language garnishing public mitigation for the dumb predicament he got himself in..
Coach Brown was reportedly furious as were other board members on hearing this,so wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Moga marched..

Will Phil Gardner's tactical nuclear strike keep the Knights in line?

Firstly the incident occurred at the 12 th hour of J. Safs farewell bender to Yates..most of the others had the sense to go home long before..a rep.of the club at his 3rd pub of the day/night..bending.What club would turn a blind eye to that ?

Secondly,Saffiti (the one with the wife and young son ) and Cordener were wobbling outside that pub at 1:30 a:m because they had just been thrown out by security for pushing and shoving inside.This is where he just had to get in a cab,respect the game,the club and his income..but nah..

He attempts ‘to diffuse a situation’ the same situation he’d just been kicked out for ?..why didnt security just separate them and throw Cordener out if Saf. was blameless..after all hes the local identity here..’innocent bystanders’ is clubspeak for ‘gathered mob’, and where theyve tried to temper the incident.

The fine is justified (25k suspended) and fair,the player ‘very remorseful’..fortunate his contract wasnt torn up in the environment the game is currently in..I wouldnt blink an eyelid if Moga gets Newie ‘nuked’..kudos to the club..we should be thru playing with these guys..

Will Phil Gardner's tactical nuclear strike keep the Knights in line?

Clearly the punt by voicemail tells us the Broncos weren’t..and we’ve done Newcastle to death so not going there,suffice to say they were far from satisfied with their bang for ‘master’ coach buck.

Who will emerge the beneficiary of the Seibold-Bennett swap?

No Bennett, no Maguire, no Sims…kinda don’t mind that club anymore..

The great NRL coach-off

Coach Brown made it pretty clear that he wanted more strength in the outside backs and further hardness in the front row..well he chased and got one of the best young prospects for the former and two rep junk yard dogs for the latter vacancy..

Knights fans wont be getting ahead of themselves though..they only won something like 4 of their last 16 games in ’18….inc. 2 against spooners Parra and 1 against the Titans..dont know if that was totally acceptable,certainly not this season..

The Newcastle Knights are rebuilt