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Sharks be ambitious



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Madge made DWZ captain of his country last year..

Cronulla Sharks vs Penrith Panthers: NRL Thursday night forecast

the ‘hilarious scorpion’ playing on the left is genuinely very very funny..great tackle.

NRL drops referees involved in Cowboys injury clanger

Just on some other points in the article Mary..Herman wasn’t signed in 2019… 2018.

In his 3 games at 5/8 K Ponga made 11 tackles, that’s 1 every 7 minutes….he made 8 on the’s that fatiguing him ?

Is Nathan Brown's time up as Knights coach?

Herman Ese ese was one of the best if not the best forward at the club last year. Played every game and got a run for NZ in Denver.

Suddenly after a spat with Brownie he’s ranked below Josh King and James Gavet..there’s no doubt they’ve got a stronger roster it defies logic to see them going field rumblings, is another matter.

Is Nathan Brown's time up as Knights coach?

Ricky’s made no secret of the fact that his main priority over the off season was stiffening up the sides defense and Wighton became the sheriff..a quick glance at their ‘against’ column shows it’s working..a few Eels will be aching today..on the other side of the ball,Jacks not so good..

Is Nathan Brown's time up as Knights coach?

Coach Pay cant ignore some of those performances today,he has to wont happen but would prefer the best fullback in the club (Hopoate) to play fullback,Meaney to wing and Okunbor his center..dunno why he was dropped but RFM is surely better than a lot of the forwards pecking ordered ahead of him..Holland last chance..

Eight talking points from NRL Round 5

Totally agree..Glasby brought in apparently for factors other than on field skills, because he doesn’t have any of those..Gavet for power at the line, yet to see’d almost be tempted to swap Sione and Ramien to get some real starch in the center and Barnett has to move back there too.

Levi’s been a let down again this year…
Disappointments galore in the back line..Brownie would have to have buyers regret on Lino, Hymel Hunt, Connor Watson (what happened here ?) and SKD is plain awful..not good at all..just about thru sticking up for him..

Has Newcastle's recruitment drive been flawed?

Do you reckon Uncle Wayne is laughing ?
Tom Turbo goes off and his side still can’t beat the Manly B team..
A Rey can’t ice under pressure,gets the thick red line thru him by Freddie..
The GI rumblings,not a good feeling about this one..
Kyle Turner in the centers..
Burgess boys are back dropping the ball again…
Walkers shoulder…dunno if the coach would be smoking cigars with this..

The 2019 Brisbane Broncos are struggling and it won't get any better

Couple of more quiet games,some bad press and the Broncos might be ready to throw Milf. back to where it all started…then,reinvigoration complete,they’d be a true contender…how good is Bateman going..

Pack of English giving Raiders the rub of the green

Had Parra lost their two main spine players Gutho and Moses (SJ and Moylan) and ultimately match winners, in addition to those backrowers ( Brown and Mau comfortably covered by Gal and Graham) you’d have reason to excuses though,on the day Eels were far too good.

Knights havent begun to solve their halfs problem,terrible..Junior has been off all year and Lino was the invisible man..

Still a long way to go so stand by for the next team to get the ‘where has that been all year ?’

Eight talking points from NRL Round 4

If that’s all he was ‘enthusiasm with limited skills..without nous ‘his peers wouldn’t have voted him best player in the game,his SOO coach wouldn’t have debuted him at lock and we’d be talking more about Jack Wightons equal disappointing opening 3 games at 5/8..

Is Kalyn Ponga a 1 or just 21?

Actually Matty Moylan did something similar in a game couple of weeks ago..but for some reason I couldnt pick up from the referees mike,it went against him..

Ferguson dusts off NRL rule book

Couldn’t agree more..

Nathan pinches two points from Ivan’s old mob after the Warriors trump the Titans

Which Penrith or Tigers run on players exactly do you think aren’t NRL level ?

Judging general ability on a poor game or two isn’t a good method of evaluation..particularly the current Blue/ potential national representative halfback..

Nathan pinches two points from Ivan’s old mob after the Warriors trump the Titans

Did anyone laud camp critized from the start,the other said let’s have a look first..
Pretty sure this is the first week Lino’s been available for selection and Watson has had a dismal opening few has has’s not just Ponga who’s been off..

Keep the faith, Newcastle

If Nathan Cleary is powerful enough to influence the coaching at Penrith then you’d think Jason Taumalolo and potential incoming Val Holmes would be rubber stamping the coaches contract up in the north..he stays as long as theyre happy…
On SJ, non attached fans generally think letting him go like that was pretty strange but I havent read of many real supporters of the club displeased with it..

Big off-season decisions already haunting the Panthers and Warriors

You could almost see the smoke coming out of Cleary’s enraged ears during the presser..rumors are flying thick and fast about how he was actually brought back to the club and if true Gus must have a pretty ravaged tongue from the self inflicted bite marks on it..sounds pretty toxic out there..doubt that Origin is anywhere near their radar right now..

Cleary and Maloney face Origin axe

I’m blaming Edrick Lee for this..that long thin streak of pelican poop holds onto the ball over the line last week,Knights would be 2 from 3 and Brownie would be smoking a cigar.

When does Nathan Brown’s future get questioned?

Hasnt the coach only recently been extended ?

Eight talking points from NRL Round 3

Dunno if Jack actually was good against the Knights..still hasn’t troubled the statistician in the TA or LB column, tactical kicking part of his game is too rough for this level,and has a new tattoo of Ramien’s palm on his you pointed out his butts been saved by Charnze and the eye divergence on Bateman.

When does Nathan Brown’s future get questioned?

For whatever reason and maybe irrespective of position Ponga’s not playing good football..defensively he was close enough to help prevent a few of those green tries the other night and let Bateman dance right by him..he’s only taken the line on 10 times in 3 games,Maloney has doesnt help when your halfback is going worse..not to mention the current non impact,non threat of your full back and hooker..additionally,Pearce and SKD are the only three quarters remaining in their ’18 positions,so this early you need to expect some clunk in your offence..but thats no excuse for lack of mongrel.

Brownie is under the pump,no doubt he needs to spark the entire side up which neccesitates KP going back,if Lino’s near right this week chance him..

When does Nathan Brown’s future get questioned?

Lino’s been carrying injuries..

When does Nathan Brown’s future get questioned?

Not only an exceptional backrower,he plays like you could put him anywhere..he’s fast,he’s elusive,he offloads and has strength to take him thru the line..venture to say if the knights had him last night they would have won..well,just about..

Finally Parra matter, but they haven’t got Ferrari-like Bateman

Raiders defence was far better end of story..rushed up all night and were all over them..stinging green blobs of wasabi..

2 incidents that didnt seem consistent refereeing..if Jennings gets sent for an accidental dangerous act then BJ needed to go to (knights lost Glasby)..and the Edrick Lee rickshaw ride over the sideline..they’re kidding..

Anyway,coach Brown needs to have his players better prepared than that..its a top 8 roster playing like bottom 4..

Finally Parra matter, but they haven’t got Ferrari-like Bateman

Oh,I’m far from a Korbin fan but he grunted harder and dirtier than anyone last night, carrying three Broncos over the line was all the ‘good luck’ the club needed..

No Widdop, no worries - Norman will win the comp for the Dragons