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Sharks be ambitious



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If those 5 or 6 games are enough to get them into the semis he’d have done a hell of a lot better than Guerra or Glasby .
Think they have a classy 6 and something classy out wide priority before a backrower at this stage.

Will Tyson Frizell go to the Knights?

Yeah but only 2 new faces ( Val and Marsters) guaranteed a run on role in the starting 13..Reece Robson gets onto the bench, so four changes (Bolton’s gone) makes them ‘ a totally different side’ compared to their Round 24 or 25 17 from last year ?

Cowboys claim second NRL Nines title

After a 13th and 14th ladder finish the past 2 years and zero imagination in attack when does the overly cautious coach walking the line finally move.
Holmes alone won’t save this side.

Cowboys claim second NRL Nines title

Probably getting too carried away by the 9’s but left side of Drinkwater Marsters and Hama and a right side of Clifford Morgan and Feldt with Val out the back looks pretty darn sharp to me..why not shift Morgan out one to get both playmakers in ?

Cowboys claim second NRL Nines title

Thought Cotric really lucky to make the Australian team last October, 4 tries all year for a GF team winger is miserable, he hasn’t come on much in 3 years.
Simonssen is currently the best winger/ three quarter in the club.

Raiders season preview by the fans

How about that Tolman. 10 years a Dog coming up, huge stats as good as those when he first arrived. He has more running meters than his fullback and wingers and more post contacts than anyone at the club. A prop who rarely misses a game, or a tackle, not a cell of grub in him and is unusually articulate for a person of his position.As a player, seeing that, I’d follow him into battle more than any other player. A true Dog of War yet not a word about him from the kennel above.
Napa’s been a let down, Elliott never realistically rose to expectations since first debuting, Ogden, Tualau and Fualolo haven’t returned dividend on investment. Raymond F. excellent when fit but that’s too rare and CHN just doesn’t play flat out enough, gets lazy in games to befit that salary he takes home.
Give them the year to show or go, times up.

Bulldogs season preview by the fans

They had Mason Lino play there for the entire second half of the draw in ‘19, very average, but wasn’t his fault they missed the semis..point the finger at Shaun Kenny-Dowal, jinx of a man. Crossland sounds like he’ll take over eventually. And Brailey is definitely an upgrade.

Why your team will do better in 2020: Newcastle Knights

Probably, but that was at Pongas own request so he had no reason to pout about it, nor did he, and lo and behold he was just chosen to represent Australia there so that idea is not completely dead amongst some coaches.

This years (less) radical rumoured experiment of Connor Watson at 13 is exciting, an abject failure at full back and five eight, too much of a block head, hope to see him being a cross between Radley and Murray..

Something radically wrong clearly upset the team leaders off field around the time leading up to the West’s debacle then the Panther stomping that zapped all hunger from them so one final benefit of doubt from me.

Bradman Best for all the accolades he got with the ball was the obvious target from Benji in the Tigers flogging and the Panther halfs as well in his debut games so that’s a worry.

I’d be flicking Sione off the bench for Shibasaki and Moga out to the wing for the Cowboy Enari T. to freshen the place up.

A big, fast, skillful side new coach O’Brien just needs to whoop the sook out of them for Top 6.

Why your team will do better in 2020: Newcastle Knights

Yeah, absolute dearth of outside backs..I got 10 wherein even the ‘kids’ have experienced NRL and can all play…Oates, Staggs, Bird, Kahu, Boyd, Arthars, Coates, Farnsworth, Isaako and Perese. Which ones aren’t ready or competent enough for first grade ?

A bunch of ‘kids’ ? Pretty much loser talk..Sharks outside backs for Round 1 will probably be Xerri (19) Ramien (22) Ronaldo (20) and Katoa(22)..have every confidence in the world that these players can do the job.

If Birds fit he’ll go straight in and he’d be dead unlucky not to be, (who else is ‘constantly injured’ ?)so will Staggs Isaako, and Oates.
So, 6 remaining candidates for 1 spot..and the clubs ‘not remotely’ …?

Seiboldt ought to rush out and buy some more then.

Broncos season preview by the fans

Similar to the Sharks the Broncos are over stacked with outside backs and have a brilliant 6 who for whatever reason didn’t explode as hoped in ‘19.
Dugan and Moylan are to the Sharks as Boyd and Bird are to the Bronx.
Both are Top 4 lists depending on relative rookie coaches, I believe..

Broncos season preview by the fans

Never forget the day Grub speared himself and won the penalty against Jake Turbo a few years ago..looks like he’s done it again.

Josh Reynolds highlights the 'complex' nature of sporting fandom

That’s true a $350k penalty.
The rest went on contract extensions and upgrades to among others
Brailey Nikora Townsend Williams Hamlin -Uele Wilton and Graham..whilst Xerri has a huge money offer on the table.

Dugan slams fitness story

Let him play..where?
Fullback is settled.
2 young guns in the center are settled.
$900k of the cap unnecessarily on the wing isn’t going to happen..then, even if fit he realistically just doesn’t have near the athletic finishing ability of Mulitola or Katoa whose time has come.

Dugan slams fitness story

You’d think any prospective buyer would be scared off by that 9 months out and his manager wanting to go for a medical retirement report.
Dugan may have started in 23, but he didn’t finish at least 4, and was his usual slow to get up in about 10.
Looks like his done his dash at the Sharks, buyers remorse from Day 1, who would probably pay to any club willing to sniff around..

Dugan slams fitness story

Doogs an $800k / year Bluebag.

Under pressure: Who needs to perform in NRL 2020?

He only started in 11 games last year and in 4 of those didn’t last the 80.

Just when he looked right, finals were looming and was beginning to play hard Sam Burgess criminally ended his season.

SJ sounds like he also played under injury duress for the bulk of the season.
Once these two get themselves right, they’ve got some exciting still blooming talent outside of them this year in Xerri, Ramien and the soon to be new sensation Mulitalo.
Keeping the faith..

Under pressure: Who needs to perform in NRL 2020?

Effort will only get you so far till talent kicks in and there’s not enough of it in vital positions right now at this club. Is there a worse looking spine on paper than DWZ, Cogger /Lewis and JMK ?
Hoppa had an outstanding season but the rest of the back line flopped or failed to live up to expectations set the previous year when they also finished hard..particularly Reimis Smith and Kerrod Holland.Both very talented footballers who flat lined. Okunbor is the ray of sunshine, very big and very fast.
Pay gets this lot hovering around the 8 he’d have done exceptional.

Why your team will do better in 2020: Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs

Gee Nigel sounds like whoever’s in charge of retention has let the club down badly.

The backs have been replenished and look better than most it’s the forwards, two in particular, that really need to step up and get this side into the finals.

McLean needs to find a couple of more gears. The season before last he was playing for Australia..last year he was behind Daniel Saffiti in Blue pecking order and not good enough for Freddie’s 34 man squad for this year. You know he’s better than that.

Dunno who that princess was masquerading as Coen Hess last year but 1 try and 1 try assist in the entire season Is 2 less in the former and just 2 more in the latter than Bryce Cartwright.Let him enjoy his football coach, unleash him on an edge for 80 mins..all season no matter what..

Clearly, a better list than last year so Greenies under immense pressure to get these two man mountains and hence this side playing good football and avoid being ‘Nathan Browned’.

2020 is a defining year for Paul Green

Weighing up Shaun Johnson’s bang for buck at the Sharkies , let’s not forget he suffered the ignominy of being hooked late in one game and there were others where he should’ve been, Kearney wasn’t wrong in letting him walk.

Have they ever ever won a game on a 50 50 refs call ?

Haven’t done anything in the player market, Egans only played in 29 NRL games and at this stage doesn’t look any better than Roache or Lawton..where did Johnson’s saved money go ?

Times up for Adam Blair, Jazz and Burr cover him easily, Bunty and Paasi are playing stale as well and along with the entire three quarter line hopefully copped a pre season training rocket.

Can’t see them going any better than last year, it’s more of the same.

Why your team will do better in 2020: Warriors

Didn’t want him the same way Souths didn’t want Adam Douhei, if that’s what you mean.

Mark Geyer is wrong about Kurt Capewell

A Cape well is all and good but they’ve already got a bigger one in Yeo.
More Cape fear in the side to do some hammering in defence with Tatevano please.
As for the 6 Ivan ought to persevere with Jerome L. as the runner and Cleary organizing, he’s the only three quarter outside Nathan who potentially scares with the ball..other than the T’oo..where does the apostrophe go in that lads name..

Mark Geyer is wrong about Kurt Capewell

Holmes the best fullback in 2018 ?
You mean the year RTS won the Dally M from Kalyn Ponga ?
‘Single handedly got the Sharks into the semis’..that’s not true but if these are the expectations you have of him week in week out you are going to be in for more than the odd disappointment.
Holmes is a great attacking speed and deceptive player no doubt, but still new to full backing in the NRL and well behind the other two geniuses you pegged him above.

Why your team will do better in 2020: North Queensland Cowboys

For the Knights to challenge for the 8 big years are needed for the newbies who play 6, 9 and 13.Crossland, Brailey and would also be exciting to see Shibasaki partnered with Best in the centre.
You only get 1 breakout year and Ponga, Klemmer Barnett and Mata utiai have had theirs

The Knights who will rise in 2020

Yeah, I think number 6 are the potential standouts on your list kk..gotta love gritty centers.
Staggs is the other one, another Blue, they’d all go well in the SOO thunder dome, and my picks with Bird for the 1,2 positions of top centers in the league.

Manly's much maligned centres could play a major role in a title win in 2020

Exactly, Milford needs to be got into just as hard as Darius for his lack of effort in many games last year, his were just better camouflaged.

What to do with Darius Boyd?