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Smith and Hoffman certainly put a few extra kilos on the saddle…but Bankwest.. in 2 games they put 50 on the Tigers and 30 on the Dragons..hopefully there’s something in that..

Parramatta Eels v Penrith Panthers: NRL Thursday night forecast

If you saw Kurt Mann’s binning on the weekend you’d be with the many who doubt whether referees can discern what’s obvious and what’s,up till then, been the games norm..

Two simple ways to solve the NRL’s creeping penalty trend

Line 2 Stirling ‘star forward’…never been a forward and rarely been a star..

Dallin Watene-Zelezniak granted immediate release from Panthers

Maybe, but I can’t see the coach making massive, like for like changes to a series winning team..Peach’s duties will be much narrower than in’d think..

Mitchell Pearce deserves his shot at Origin redemption

Pearcie is absolutely killing it at the Knights..but would fall over if Fred didnt stick with Cleary..

Ditto Cody Walker,he was the best number 6 in the NRL last year as well,he’s a factor in every game and doesnt disappear in the arm wrestles like his biggest rivals do…but the media push for Keary is overbearing..

Keep Peach..really doubt he’ll choose the Ferg after he blew up his own bridge, over Cotric..

Qld centers are Chambers and Morgan ?

Goodness,..blood Ramien..

Mitchell Pearce deserves his shot at Origin redemption

Well gee it’s going to be another long travel trip of say,90 minutes door to door for the Roosters…make sure the little princesses take their car sick pills and put on their eye masks for the treacherous journey awaiting them..and SKD’s been taking his angry pills all week, I think that’s what they were…so use that left side of Teddy Latrell and Keary on him at your peril..

Knights face a tough task against the Roosters this Friday night

Not a Parra fan so can’t speak for them but spoon to finals you’d think offers a little ray of sunshine.

The Parramatta Eels cop a reality check

Gutho’s been quoted saying that coach Arthur has had a massive influence on his career and greatly influenced his decision to re-sign the day after Arthur did..
They look border 8 to me roster wise if we fling the Storm game as an anomaly..Sivo’s been a revelation, Lane was a good buy and Manu Mau’u is getting stronger and scarier by the game. Tepai has also been enjoying his football more than he has for the past few seasons..the sooner the Browns get back the better..

The Parramatta Eels cop a reality check

I dont know if hes going to get a bigger test or hotter preliminary cauldron than against the World Champions and NRL premiers,where he exited the best forward/best player on the field. He was whacked hard, yet he whacked back harder..he looks as exceptional a front rower as Ponga is a fullback..bring him on and set him loose after the first 20..

Six talking points from NRL Round 10

I’m hardly a Bennett fan but I thought he was terrific in this interview..nothing of the usual surliness and really approachable..

Wayne Bennett's stunning advice for NSW over out-of-form Penrith pair

Theyre not going to England,its a jet lagged full one hour flight..

The Warriors are loving Kodi Nikorima and the Broncos are better off without him. Go figure!

A sweet, sweet win for the Seiboldt true believers against the biggest guns in the NRL..
Payne Haas cleared his rites of passage ritual administered by JWH on behalf of Freddie.
And hopefully backing it up next week will put the big ‘shush’ on the likes of Tallis and Lazarus..

The Warriors are loving Kodi Nikorima and the Broncos are better off without him. Go figure!

Pretty sure Cotric been named at right center this week…wouldn’t be surprised if that’s a Freddie request,he’s a known fan…Wighton at 14 for me as back line cover..

The NSW armchair selectors Origin team

Radley over Murray on size ?
Really nothing in it..Murray is taller and Victor is just 2kg heavier..
To be honest I’ve noticed nothing above the normal from Radley all year..

The NSW armchair selectors Origin team

If Freddie stays true to his word and picks primarily on form and injuries he’s going to need to make around 5 changes…the halfs,Turbo,Debellin Peach and the number 10 jersey shared by RCG and Matthew Prior..
Murray looks the goods,Matterson has that coverage appeal and is a reliable, smart player…but Haas in the number 10 that’s the bold tip I hope the Blues chance.

Matterson and Murray in Blue? The perfect one, two

Just 2 days ago Chairman Penn told the media that he ‘is in favour of stand downs if someone is charged..the game has to take a stance..’

and on the ‘falsely accused’, the chairman of the very same club that endured the Stewart saga tells those beying for Greenberg blood ‘my personal belief is that if the police believe there is enough to charge an individual with,then something has happened..’ from the Chairman’s lips !!….virtually confirming what most believed…he did it but couldnt be emphatically proved..

NRL clears Manly's Dylan Walker to return

Nailed it Matt..that final conversion by the G was a virtual scarlet letter on the foreheads of the Titans..their fans ought to be pleading for relocation so they can get on with their lives..

No banana for Gold Coast Titans because they are just not that good

Mostly roots,shoots and leaves ( eucalyptus)…

The Roar's NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 9

you’d think the omen bet for the week would be puff the..
magic dragons..

The Roar's NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 9

The best winger in the club is playing reserve grade..put Thomo back there and bring back Nofa..

Seven talking points from NRL Round 8

How ’bout those Knights wingers.. Skids and Eddie not a single error between them,image changing, 190 and 156 meters run respectively and of course Shauns spectacular try..they really got in there and got dirty today..
Still on wingers and best in the league,Fergo and Sivo ..Fergo has been the best winger in Milky Way for some time now and Sivo ball in hand,no bigger excitement machine anywhere right now ..
The Roosters bench are the unsung heroes. Butcher and Collins add starch when they come on and Sitili Tupouniua,what an athlete,over 6′ and 100 kilos running down Mahe F. then putting Latrelle over..he’s special..

Seven talking points from NRL Round 8

At the risk of being charged with sacrilege against the clubs only Churchill winner…Briton Nikora ….hadn’t played a second of NRL before Round 1 this year.. still only 21 but doing everything Lewie used to do just as hard,just as fast..

The depleted Sharks shock the Storm after the Cowboys finally find some form

They ‘can run out 2 running halfbacks, a slow hooker and a fullback who needs a zimmer ‘..exactly, why oh what possessed Seiboldt to throw away what he created so beautifully at the Rabbits for this..every Bronco player seemed to be inferior to his opponent in skill sets..particularly the halfs and the backrow….well,throw in the fullback, the hooker..even Ethan Lowe and Liam Knight looked better than anything the Broncos had..
Above all players want their coach to develop their game….nothing yet..Round 8 and this is worse than Wayne’s last match when the Dragons put 40 on them…we’re starting to edge towards Nathan Brown like scenarios of how many more hidings can be sustained..

Bennett versus Seibold is less interesting than many, many, many things

Fainu is just naturally talented you unwrap the potential of Elgey and Suli and you’ll have a much stronger argument.

The Des-surrection of Manly

‘better coached by one of their own’ does that work DP considering the only local players in the squad this week and the coming weeks are Jake Turbo..and Brad Parker,who up until last week even the Manly fans had turned on .. its basically a team of imported hired most other clubs admittedly, who you think, only function well when instructed by one of their ‘own’ ? How does their ‘own’ relate to the other 15 match day players ?
Genuine question,I dont begin to understand the mechanics of this..

The Des-surrection of Manly