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You can be as euphoric as you want but truth is that was only a poor field goal attempt away from a tragic ending for the Dragons..Broncos tries essentially were all against the grain..a Bird strip,a Jet pluck,a Milf dribble and the Widdop wrangle..yet still,were a heartbeat away from a win..

Big shout out to the grunters in the Dragon pack,Vaughan,Latimore,Lawrie,James G. and especially Korbin Sims who laid the foundations..well done..

No Widdop, no worries - Norman will win the comp for the Dragons

Pretty disappointed in the Dragons forwards last week in not returning the vigour in spades to the Rabbitohs..looks like they’re going to get all shook up again tonight..what possible benefit could Aiken get in spraying Milford and Nikorima on camera like that ?

Brisbane Broncos vs St George Illawarra Dragons: NRL Thursday night forecast

Sure,the e mail’s the interpretation,the embellishments from Rothfield that cause doubts.

Why would Luke Lewis break silence and come out so vehemently ?
He claims contrarily to Rothfield he has never had a 3rd party in his life..never ever received a cash payment..

Not sure if Lewis would publicly perjure himself without cause..

Flanagan denies links to Cronulla cap rort

According to the Daily Telegraph who even as we speak have a front page online apology to Lachlan Lewis for falsely reporting his drunken involvement at a function he didn’t even attend..

Flanagan denies links to Cronulla cap rort

“But I had nothing to do with the salary cap. Nothing whatsoever.”

How more unambiguous can he be ?

Flanagan denies links to Cronulla cap rort

Robbie needs just 23 more Dally M points to equal RTS’ winning tally of ‘18..a point a game…50/1 on the TAB on Sunday…for those who remember Scotch and Dry and love the thrill of being on a front runner over 2 miles..

NRL team of the week: Round 2

Maloney saved that game for his club no fullback Gutherson and Moylan were both best on ground..Darius was solid..

NRL team of the week: Round 2

Is there confirmation on Pangai jr’s NSW availability ?
He destroyed the ‘best pack in the comp’ almost single handedly..the fearsome thing about it is he’s still carrying injuries..
Couple of months under a decent coach was all that was needed to turn him into marquee..
Fifita will rep. this year and the Flegler next year…
Paul White and Locky must be crying themselves to sleep at night for drop kicking Benny out of the joint..

Storm and Broncos win on the back of the NRL’s greatest showmen: Suliasi Vunivalu and Tevita Pangai

Exactly,it wasnt an announcement,it was a confirmation..

Paul Gallen to hang up the boots at the end of the year

If the entire pack doesn’t suck it up and play hard,more than just James Graham will be wearing that tag..and yes,I know what round it is..

Love to see some ‘follow me’ thru deeds leadership from Ben Hunt tonight as well,they won’t win without it..not a fan but hope they have a dig..

St George Illawarra Dragons vs South Sydney Rabbitohs: NRL Thursday night forecast

I’d be very very disappointed if Tariq Sims,Paul Vaughan,and James Graham don’t come out fired up at this Rabbitohs pack..
Jimmy G would be on a mission to nullify Sam who was the deadliest player on the field last week..Tariq needs to hammer Codyand discourage Reynolds from leaving things late…and the Dragons need Vaughan’s meters..yeah,they’re weakened but let’s view that as an opportunity to show rivals some heroics and contender worthy character..and it’d also be nice for Gareth to have a huge game at fullback just to get ‘irrelevant’ Wayne to hold that flapping critical of other coaches tongue he’s let loose of late…

St George Illawarra Dragons vs South Sydney Rabbitohs: NRL Thursday night forecast

Couldve just picked up the phone..

Gallen: There was no need for Nathan Brown to bring my name up

There’s no tougher player in the game,I’ll gladly give I’m that,but his body has been absolutely smashed of late,Gus ought to bring up SOO retirement with him..before the doctor takes it out of his hands..

Maloney intends to see out Penrith deal

When even Josh Jackson plays disinterested things aren’t right..front row was too soft and the halfs showed zero creativity..the centers defence was abysmal..praying for Pay that that ‘wasn’t us’..

Five massive overreactions and scorching hot takes after Round 1 of the NRL

Now there’s a precedent..referees are now obligated to follow, you’d expect team doctors to be dragging their ‘to be assessed’ players off immediately to influence the referee..the clear message is stay right away from the head.

Sending Michael Jennings to the bin was the correct call

There were some good center plays over the weekend,but Jennings wasn’t one of about the Raider duo,Croker,wow,where did that venom come from..Ricky’s promised hardened defence in the three quarters and he got it by keeping the Titans to zero..
On defence,didn’t see any winger influence the game in his teams favour more than Edrick Lee..heroic..

NRL team of the week: Round 1

If the rule states that the injured player must leave the field for an HIA (10 mins) at minimum (if Gutho needed one then Edwards would have gone too), its perfect sense to have the offender off for the same time..Jennings was having an unhappy afternoon up to then and was clearly emotionally frustrated enough to throw out a stiff really needs to be both players leaving or it’ll get too murky..

Sending Michael Jennings to the bin was the correct call

Robbie F. gets a line break,couple of tackle breaks,3 forced drop outs,45 tackles at 90% and… 2 tries.why would you be finicking with that in the fresh part of the season ?

Seven talking points from NRL Round 1

‘The Cronulla custodian had a night to forget ‘ he didn’t…those 2 incidents amounted to a total of 1 minute out of 80..there was no damage to the scoreboard and from an ensuing drop out he got a return of the football..

Only an opinion but I thought Moylan was the Sharkies best in a very,very even contest..Moylan had 40 receipts at fullback ..more than the Rooster halfs,which is odd..double Tedesco touches..even more than RTS who was working with a rookie half..he worked extremely hard for this side..he may forget the game quickly,but this fan won’t..

A pat on the back is cold consolation for a dropped ball

I think that was just poor expression from the ref said ‘would have scored’..regardless,Lee must have thought similarly or wouldn’t have so coldly and patently violated..

Bennett plucks the Roosters while the Sharks' touch footballers head sideways

Yeah,once Johnson and Dugan find their groove on the right points will come..pack hasnt lost any of its toughness and Moylan was the most active player on the ground..the new Knights were everything we thought theyd be..onya Brownie..

Knights kick their campaign off in style with thrilling win over Sharks

Broncos have a number of issues to get thru to be a true contender,but I just don’t think coaching is one of them..
Matt Lodge could be the new Gallen in a Blues jumper..most hated…sounds good.

Melbourne storm to victory in NRL season opener

Seibold explains his bench use in the press all went pear up when Jimmy was gone in 60 seconds and the possession ratio in the first 40..he’ll improve,hes just finished his one and only season as a head coach,where,personally I think he did a wonderful job..

Melbourne storm to victory in NRL season opener

Coach Seibold told the press he’ll still be running lines..just tackling more..have to see what that means.

Melbourne Storm vs Brisbane Broncos: NRL Thursday night forecast

Wishing him well.

Melbourne Storm vs Brisbane Broncos: NRL Thursday night forecast