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I’ve also read that but I’m still vague on the info. My understanding was TAB picked it up but it makes no sense at all to put it on Sky Racing… wait and see

The two-minute drill: NFL Week 2

Apparently, those numbers fell off a cliff after Brady tweeted during TNF. The league also had a meeting about it but it’s funnier to think Brady gets whatever he wants

The two-minute drill: NFL Week 2

This looks like the best Pats team since ’07. Not even Eli can stop them this year!

The two-minute drill: NFL Week 2

😂 My apologies, Will. Sensitive subject!

They looked quite good though. Gruden might be as mad as they come but he knows what he’s doing.

The check down: NFL Week 1

Cheers Chop. Good point on the lack of pre-season reps – something I didn’t give enough credit to.

The check down: NFL Week 1

Me too mate. The flights north cost an arm and a leg but it will be worth it. Bias aside I maintain there’s no better stadium in Australia when the Gabba is rockin’

A decade to forget: A long time between finals drinks for Brisbane

It’s all about the next hire for the Jets. The two examples you use (Trubisky and Goff) have arguably two of the best offensive minds in the NFL at their disposal. Maybe getting DeFillipo in as OC or QB coach could do the trick, or swooping on McDaniels. I don’t think flavour of the month Zac Taylor is the answer

Is Sam Darnold the next Jared Goff?

Great comparison with the Giants and how they built the foundations through a surplus of talls. You could throw Cam McCarthy into the category as an asset they flipped, to borrow NBA jargon.

However, the suggestion of trading Zorko is laughable. At 28 he has hit the pick of his footy but he has the potential to play a permanent role in our F50 once the next generation midfield comes along. As a Lions’ supporter I marvel at how opportunistic he is in front of goal, playing him as a 80-90% forward could see him average two goals a game. Plus he’s noted tackling pressure. You also noted that he came late to the AFL system, so there’s an argument to be made he has more run in the legs than your average 28yo mid.

Furthermore, part of GWS’ model was to surround young talent with experienced wise heads (Power, Brogan, Chad Cornes, McDonald ect.) Trading away our only experienced players (Rockliff and Zorko) would leave us devoid of leadership. Personally I hope we seek out Hodge or Mcveigh in the off-season in a playing-assistant coach agreement.

Brisbane’s next move is uncertain, but incredibly exciting

Yeah, for instance the Lions got called for a rubbish forward pass while NZ had a player in the bin. Actually, the reffing was pretty poor

All Blacks and Lions play out an epic, creating a drawn series for the ages

No one seems to have noted the fact Liam Williams was offside during the last play of the game (after his damn good tackle)

All Blacks and Lions play out an epic, creating a drawn series for the ages

Now that I think about it you guys are probably right. I was too worried about Kreuzer falling too far, but in hindsight when you compare the two rucks you’d take Mumford first… well spotted guys.

Ten years on: Revisiting the 2007 AFL draft

I don’t think any draft will ever compare to 2011. Kelly and Bont are probably the only genuine Brownlow chances, followed by Cripps and Merrett.

As a Lions’ fan it’s pleasing to see the strength of this draft in retrospect, as our team’s next shot at finals will be built around this and the draft hauls from 2015 & 2016. Although we obviously could’ve done better than Aish (Cripps, Merrett or Salem would be great in hindsight), Taylor, Gardiner, McStay, Cutler and Robertson is a solid nucleus to complement Hipwood, Schache, Keays & Mathieson (and hopefully Skinner).

Is the 2013 AFL draft the next 'SuperDraft'?

Funnily enough, I’m led to believe she’s moving to get away from the attention. She didn’t enjoy being a marquee player and the spotlight that it entailed. By leaving the Lions she will make less money (not being a marquee player) but will be like any other AFLW player. Of course her talent will ensure there’s naturally still hype around her, but I’m guessing her new club will shield her as much as possible.

AFLW star Tayla Harris biggest story in AFL trading period

Bradford was solid for the Vikes, with little-to-no support from his O-line. We’re getting into semantics now but technically he’s the starter. Minnesota traded valuable assets for him to replace Bridgewater, who is still injured – reportedly going to miss the entire 2017 season too.

Six reasons why the Patriots can go back-to-back

If he’s not THE best he’s certainly in the conversation. Who would you rather takeover under centre if your starting QB went down?

Six reasons why the Patriots can go back-to-back

The @ Denver and Oakland in Mexico back-to-back will be tough too. The AFC East might be crap but this year’s schedule is definitely tougher than previous years for the Pats

Six reasons why the Patriots can go back-to-back

No question it’s going to be tough, but I there’s a pretty strong argument to say we’re well placed to do it. Being in the AFC East helps with that too, and we’re nearly a certainty to advance from the AFC. No matter how good the Steelers are Belichick just has the wood over them. I know Bell got injured in last year’s Championship game but history shows Pittsburgh just can’t beat New England. Texans will be good if Watson can be solid at QB too.

Six reasons why the Patriots can go back-to-back

I think you underestimate Tampa – they were damn good last year. Had they started the year better I think they would’ve gone deep into the playoffs. They were in form down the stretch, led by a staunch defence. You’re right on Winston, but Jackson should be able to capitalise on Evans getting double-teamed OR lessen his load.

2017 NFL pre-draft primer: NFC

As a Brisbane fan pick 12 would be a fair result. Worth remembering we also got pick 22 (moved to 23 after compo and ultimately used on Alex Witherden). Subsequently, Pearce has played one game for the Suns and recently got injured in the NEAFL…

But that’s all beside the point of the article, which is a great idea. Hopefully you monitor and update this piece regularly throughout the year… it’s certainly an interesting side plot to the season

Future pick dealers: the winners and losers

The problem with the Richmond game is we used Robinson to negate Dusty – this season he has been primarily forward for his pressure. Robinson did really well on Martin, but we robbed Peter to pay Paul, and our forward pressure suffered.

We asked Cedric Cox to perform that role (he replaced Jake Barrett who I thought had been doing okay), but he probably doesn’t have the physical presence to fulfill it… which resulted in just two tackles for him.

Robinson pretty much HAS to play forward this week, because we’ve also omitted Tom Bell…

Deciphering Chris Fagan's Lions

The delivery I50 was appalling against Richmond – so frustrating to watch.

Lester has actually been pretty solid this year. He’s contributing to our better phases of play and really doing the roles asked of him, which have been a variety of back, mid and forward. He’s never going to get 25+ touches but you can count on him, which is what we need. He also brings leadership qualities, evident but his elevation to the leadership group.

Bewick I agree with you more, especially considering how well he played through JLT. After his preseason I backed him in for a really solid year. I think there are more pressing players on the chopping block (particularly McStay), but Bewick would want to find his feet soon.

Deciphering Chris Fagan's Lions

I wrote this before that news came to light. It’s a damn shame, because Bundy would’ve slotted into Fagan’s plans nicely.

Deciphering Chris Fagan's Lions

It’s a good point, Paul. Watching the Dees recently has made me realise how far Brisbane have to go – not only do we have to develop our young players and improve as a team, but we also need to learn how to win – which is something Melbourne are clearly struggling with at the moment, blowing two games against Geelong and Freo.

Instilling those winning habits and attitudes is something Fagan is clearly conscious of, if his messaging to the fans and players is anything to go by.

Deciphering Chris Fagan's Lions

Yeah this seems like a bit of a reach.

Granted he had a very good Shield campaign but his batting simply isn’t up to scratch yet. Australia are going to be tempted to play four seamers with Pattinson or Cummins batting at 7, which means you need a reliable keeper-batsman at 6.

Paine was dropped by Tasmania during the Shield season and seems a long way down in the pecking order, but Nevill literally didn’t put a foot wrong for NSW. If you were to drop Wade, having performed solidly in India, it would be for Nevill. Carey isn’t coming from the clouds to play in the first Ashes Test.

Australia must pick Alex Carey for the Ashes

Well written, Anindya! Shame his record for the fastest century (since been eclipsed) couldn’t get a mention! Further enhances the genius of Misbah

The Zen Master of Cricket lays down his bat