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I don’t think the decision of the French government should have any bearing on the outcome of the post though should it? They are two very different topics.

The French government funding was not forthcoming after the organising committee failed to meet the extended deadline for minimum numbers of cities expressing interest to host and supplement costs of hosting. Nothing to do with utilising the RLWC as an Australian government diplomatic relations exercise.

Australia given a golden opportunity to host the 2025 World Cup

That’s what we call a Roar Rookie Error.

Changing NRL points system worth a try because current ladder format is flawed

I agree the points for a bye is stupid, but, that percentage table is an atrocity. I would need to run mental calculations to determine how many wins I am behind. At the latter end of the season, that’s difficult.

The better method with percentage is to note how many Games Behind a team is from the team above them. If you are behind on the table by one win but have an extra game to play in hand (because you had a bye earlier) then you would show as 0.5 game behind.

If you had played the same number of games and still one win behind, then… you guessed it, your team is 1 game behind.

Changing NRL points system worth a try because current ladder format is flawed

A commercial decision to capitalise on the GF product for the betterment of the governing body is by no means a decision that warrants the negativity it has received from the supporters.

If you want to follow a sport that capitalises its assets and attracts more financial interest and commands more media attention and pays its players more, then these are the commercial decisions that need to be taken. If these guys can’t understand that, then they need to go support park football instead.

FA vow 'strongest sanctions available' after 'unforgivable' A-League scenes, Victory fan group issue statement

Bunch of pigs. No doubt soccer tragics will blame the events on the MCY goal keeper and the A League.

These people have mental capacities little more than an adolescent. Pathetic.

FA vow 'strongest sanctions available' after 'unforgivable' A-League scenes, Victory fan group issue statement

Strange comment from a person calling themselves Redcliffe Fan ????

Rugby league pioneers series: The 1967 Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks

It’s going backwards significantly faster than even the fastest competitive walker

What is Australia's most popular sport?

Similar, I am a long term AFL and NRL fan. I used to favour AFL but up until around six years ago, I have found myself favouring RL as a product.
I never remember as a kid thinking an AFL game was too long. Now I can easily skip to the last ten minutes of the second quarter, or even to half time. Check the score and perhaps turn it off for the rest of the night. Rugby League however usually keeps me glued until around 60-65 and for the full game if there is only say 12-16 points in it with 15 to go.
Rugby Yawnion on the other hand hasn’t figured in my interests for about 20 years. The lack of ball in play. Teams persistently kicking the ball for territory and sweating on the opposition to make a mistake, rather than playing positively with ball in hand. The referees waltzing around the pitch getting involved as much as they can and acting like private school headmasters. It’s no wonder the sport is dying here. Yawnion should consider themselves lucky that NRL only exists in Aus and NZ, or they’d be losing many more code wars.
League is the best product for me, but I would like to see the halves extended to 45 minutes each way. 40 minutes can fly by sometimes.

What is Australia's most popular sport?

37 nations have their own independent league, give me a break hahahaha

What is Australia's most popular sport?

Ditch Super Rugby altogether. At least Australia’s involvement in it. Concocted rivalries between NSW and some team that can’t pronounce Jaguars properly, or Qld and some Japanese works team have been accepted by the general Aussie sports public for the fake, plastic rivalries that they are.

The sport needs a national league urgently where long standing Australian rivalries can be utilised to address Rugby’s dwindling profile.

Add your centralised contracts to that Spiro and we will see the fortunes of Australian Rugby rise once again.

What do we need? Centralised contracts! When do we need them? Now!

Was watching this match in a beer garden in UK with only the hardened football supporters caring to give it a watch along with my UK uni mates and I.

The short of it is, when the third goal went in and I pulled my shirt over my head, danicing in the beer garden, all cheering as one (I was the only one cheering), a plucky Scotsman called out in a thick accent: “Who gives a shite Aussie?”, I responded “At least my country is playing!”

Why Australian football fans will never forget Kaiserslautern

Yep, great game. Sat in a packed workers club in Hertfordshire as the only Aussie amongst all Poms. They were very friendly but patronising before the kick off.

I fondly remember the first goal going in and I leapt from my seat screaming “Yeeeaaaaah” spilling my pint and swiftly realising that everyone was looking at me with daggers in their eyes.

By the time the third goal went in, I pulled my shirt over my head, running in front of the big screen, screaming “Gooooaaaaal”. Fortunately by that stage I had made a few friends and the kicking I may have deserved was not forthcoming!

England 1, Australia 3: A scoreline Aussie fans will never forget

C’mon Womblat, use your brain. If players don’t break the rules, they won’t be penalised or be sent to the bin.

My first paragraph refers to the article if you read it. The author suggests penalties be restarted with a play the ball. I’m suggesting that any person with half a brain would prefer to kick for touch if rewarded with a penalty only ten metres off their own goal line. Maybe you have less than half a brain…

How the NRL can please everyone with penalties

Interesting concept on the zero tackle PTB restart for penalties, however, if my team gets a penalty ten metres out from my own line for an offside defender, I would much prefer the kick to touch.

For me, I would abolish the warning altogether. Teams know if they are giving away too many penalties. So there is no need to bring the captain over to chat. Call out to them if they have to, but let’s not interrupt flow for a captains speech.

The only other thing I would like to see is referees continue to punish shortened teams for infringements. If teams start losing two players to the bIn at the same time, the coaches and players will get the message.

How the NRL can please everyone with penalties

You make all the obvious points about the limitations of SOO, most of which I agree with, however, it is a very naive narrative to suggest the SOO be reduced to a single fixture. Certainly without offering a solution for what would be a significant reduction in financial benefit, corporate relations and media attention the sport receives (albeit on a local stage). SOO is still an event that eclipses the RL World Cup in all three areas.

Whether playing SOO or a mid season international, the risks of players not returning to club duty are identical, so that argument will always be of little value to anyone proposing more mid season internationals which it sounds like you are.

I think the sport does require a representative period, mid season to NRL and SL. It should have room for inclusion of other international sides from Eng and NZ to Lebanon and Italy, certainly if the sport wants to grow it’s international footprint.

But how many weeks does the representative schedule run for and what to do with NRL and SL? Fielding 16+ international teams with players from both competitions will decimate most clubs both sides of the equator. Furthermore, try proposing to clubs in Europe or Australasia to close their season for three or four weeks while internationals take place. This is the riddle that needs solving in a sport that is financially dominated and propped up by the club scene.

Origin is bad for rugby league

The show was terrible for a long time. The title “Footy Show” is far more relevant this time around and I like Channel 9s attempts to sharpen the show up with a little more sense than humour (I use the word humour loosely, when considering previous seasons of the show).

Beau Ryan is a goof and passed his expiry date a long time ago. Maybe when there was no chair for him in week one, that was a subtle request that he jog on. I wish he had.

Ryan Girdler seems to have about as much personality as an un-used toothpick. I have trouble with Erin as primary host, in my opinion she is a glaring example of Channel 9s lazy attempts to satisfy some sort of gender equality, rather than include a panelist of obvious RL skill, knowledge and/or pedigree to be insightful to a programme like this. There are a good few females that they could have chosen for sure that would fit that criteria. In fact, I think Fatty would have proven to be a great host in this style of show.

Will the NRL Footy Show get the boot?

I felt the line of questioning by professional journalists was very… ummm… questionable.

He must have said a dozen times he was here to accept responsibility for his part in the ball tampering episode. Not one professional journalist in the room then followed that response up with the all too obvious question “So what was your part in the ball tampering episode?”

It was as if the journos were happy with their story of Warner as the bad guy and had little intent to learn any more about the incident except to clarify if Darren Lehman or any other team member was involved.

Why we want Warner to be the culprit

Couldn’t agree more with the “Out of Touch” point.

The referees aren’t ruining the game, the stubborn players are

It’s mystifying conundrum.

Round 1 in the AFL: A gratifying start, and a high hurdle to clear

Fine him again. The guy is a serial offender.

I think Ricky’s attitude (whether different or not to his players) does have an affect on not just the playing group, but the staff and the fans. I would be happy to see the back of him.

Stop complaining about the refs, Ricky, and answer these questions about the Raiders

We don’t need the introduction of a 5 minute sin bin. We have a 10 minute sin bin that can be used when players are regularly offending.

From penalties to panic stations: NRL trends in 2018

Couldn’t be happier. The guy is an absolute waster.

Bernard Tomic out of Australian Open

Well they were partly funded by the respective state governments which is no bearing on NSW public funds.

Furthermore, which AFL stadiums were not required? The difference is that the SFS does not need to be demolished and rebuilt. Simple, more affordable cosmetic changes is all that is required.

The SFS rebuild is a complete waste of money

In my opinion, the NRL should evolve to become the governing body for the entire South Pacific region and the ARL, NZRL, PNGRL and all the other governing bodies become act as NRL representatives in each nation.

That would be the way to get the NRL on board with complete funding of representative teams other than Kanga’s and SOO.

To grow international rugby league, we must kill State of Origin

The problem is, maybe Samoa v Tonga aside, few players that represented these “tier 2” nations you speak of and the rest of them are unlikely to play for those teams unless it’s a World Cup.

To grow international rugby league, we must kill State of Origin