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Suspend him on half pay & make him work for 2 months in a labouring job!

Broncos lash NRL star Haas after arrest

They need a 17th team in case one falls over in the next few years; this is more than an even money chance btw!

The 17th NRL team? There’s only one answer

You have nailed this! Lets see if the NRL also agree? PvL is normally the smartest bloke in the room when it comes to Sports Admin so lets hope he doesn’t get sidetracked by the usual RL politics!

The 17th NRL team? There’s only one answer

Maguire wasn’t picked for the same reason Klemmer wasn’t picked by NSW: discipline! Wallace is the same. They give away too many penalties & re-starts.

Queensland State of Origin selection surprises (Part 1)

Phillip Sami was on the smart peoples list; AND as a centre. He should have been playing there all year. He was picked as a centre in Qld U20’s & has played there most of his underage career. He has the skill, size & speed to be a long term player for Qld.

Queensland State of Origin selection surprises (Part 1)

Hoffman faster & more heart than Milford & Boyd & can actually play FB. Milford doesn’t have the chops for FB anymore.

Time to remove the dead wood: Who should your NRL club let go?

None will ever be as good as Hoffman is right now! He scored a double this time last year against the Broncos & a 90m try against the Cows for Parra. He has 2 things the current FB or Milford don’t have: Heart & speed. Barely an ISP Player? Ran for over 200m & scored a try in the last 4 games at Wenty last season; as captain. Came back to Qld with his wife & 3 kids but couldn’t go into the Cows bubble this year because of Covid. A Porky Morgan medal winner……would be a great leader for the outside backs at Broncs.

Time to remove the dead wood: Who should your NRL club let go?

I watched State Cup, underage & School footy every week (when I could) over the last 15 years & there is plenty of talent out there….but it is undeveloped talent. It takes about 12-15 months to develop the 18 & 20 year olds into A grade standard. That is why the squads should stay at 30 + 6 for the moment & then drop to 28 + 4 when the 17th team comes in. ”

The Roosters, Storm, Broncos & Raiders keep pushing through plenty of good young players because they have great development pathways from 17/18 years. (The Broncos have failed to fire over the last 2 years because of squad imbalance; not talent.) There are also plenty of great young coaches coming through so “Build it & they will succeed!

For all the problems of expansion, player quality is not one of them

Agree Milford not worth the money… read my article on moneyball type contracts & salary caps Footy Fan. O’Sullivan is a good stop gap but not a regular….too slow & poor defence. Lets remember he & Dearden missed 7 & 6 tackles respectively, on Thursday Night.

Time to remove the dead wood: Who should your NRL club let go?

Unfortunately Christian Welch has re-signed with Storm so they missed an opportunity there. I would cut Bird, Croft, Isaako, Kahu, Kennar, Luke, Palasia, medically retire McCullough, & try to trade Lodge for Papalii (apparently wants to come home). A new coach like Kevvie would turn Pangai, Milford & Joe O around. If not then they go next year. Buy an experienced fullback: I don’t think Johnston is available now (not a FB really) so Josh Hoffman would work coming back home to the Club where he was forced out by Darius. If Papalii not available then make a pay for James Tamou.

Time to remove the dead wood: Who should your NRL club let go?

Good letter Crow. The players you mention were great along with Geno & Brick but the bloke who brought the real steel to the club was The Axe. He trained & played whether injured or not. Gilly was only the size of a pit pony but his heart & training attitude really lifted the Broncos in those grand final wins and the World Club Challenge victory; particularly his defence.

A letter to Broncos fans

These ideas are not “changing the game”. They are about some players being paid too much because the Clubs must spend the money. This means the market has been “skewed” over a number of years and is out of control. This is not about minimum contracts and some players may still receive fixed salaries. Many Clubs want to play some players more but they have been snookered by a ridiculous deal for a so-called superstar and the game is littered with them at the moment. Of the 15-20 players on close to $1M per year there is only 6 or 8 who are worth the money. The rest are injured or lose form or are simply not worth it.

Simpler solutions for the NRL salary cap, recruitment and contracts

No this is about avoiding players being cut & Clubs having to pay players what they are NOT worth just to spend the money. However some front offices are crap!

Simpler solutions for the NRL salary cap, recruitment and contracts

The reasons for the suggested change in SC % spent is so that the numbers of players don’t drop! The Coaches are wanting players cut so that it becomes 28 & 4 not 30 & 6. So the head of the RLPA is actually representing ALL the players not just the top few.

Simpler solutions for the NRL salary cap, recruitment and contracts

You still get paid if you are injured: you just don’t get the match payments.

Simpler solutions for the NRL salary cap, recruitment and contracts

Thanks. Good point Barry about bringing forward the unspent funds, perhaps on a rolling cycle every 3 years.

Simpler solutions for the NRL salary cap, recruitment and contracts

IMO you are wrong & I will explain why.

There are plenty of good players out there through the Juniors & the grades…..Talent is not the problem. Some of it is undeveloped talent and needs to be properly coached. There are semi pro players in the Qld & NSW Cups who just can’t get a go because the recruitment managers at different clubs won’t look at them or take a chance. They are 22/23/24/25 and mature experienced players but because they aren’t currently in “the system” they don’t get looked at or signed. These recruitment “gurus” would rather stick with an ordinary player who has played a couple of NRL games than give a top State Cup player a chance. And there are plenty of them. Yet when those ordinary NRL players go back to State Cup they get belted by the top Cup players again & again. The Clubs argue there is no room or they can’t take the risk. When we see a club who is forced to put an “older” rookie in, they fire!

The under 20’s was not the answer as the younger players need to play against men and learn from experience. Some players also get “branded” and no matter how much they improve & mature, the Clubs won’t look at them again.

As I said plenty of talent out there: the Clubs just need to look for it. I know of 6 players who could all have been signed to the Titans; all played junior rep footy or Residents; but they won’t sign them. They wanna rehash ordinary players; not the answer. I say to the recruitment managers at the bottom clubs: work harder!

Hey NRL, where did all the talent go?

I strongly disagree with Smithy’s comments Mary. He is a player not an administrator & at the moment we have one of the best administrators in sport Peter V’Landys. Lucky the media tart isn’t there. I think everyone should lay off everyone but his & other negative comments are unhelpful.

V’Landys idea to quarantine the players & sell the product to the US & UK; who have no live sport now; is brilliant.

The NRL should test the players ASAP & get them into camp. Each Club can take 10 support staff & 30-35 uninjured players & it will work. They will be away from their family for 2-3 months: just like the old Kangaroo tours. If they can sell the product everyone will get bonuses….happy days!

Lay off Cameron Smith

What about David Nucifora!!!!????

Who should take over as the next Wallabies coach?

Elvis is correct.

It's evolution, baby! Why the NRL needs to go back to the future

Dwayne, the commentators a lot those “ex Players” are not in & around the game….they just watch the NRL. They have a “NOW” mentality. There is an enormous depth of talent just in the schools, juniors & the State cups, At the moment it is currently largely undeveloped. It takes around 12-18 months in a full-time system to develop that talent to their real potential. There is no “headroom” for those players to push up to NRL with only 30 players in each squad. Anyone who says there is not enough talent does not know what they are talking about. And that is not taking into account the Pacific Island talent or NZ. Elvis is correct there is plenty, but the NRL aren’t interested in developing it through 2 additional Clubs.

It's evolution, baby! Why the NRL needs to go back to the future

For a 2nd team in Qld, Redcliffe Dolphins are a no brainer! They have the infrastructure, funds & facilities that most other NRL Clubs can only dream about. They should have the Falcons & Wynnum as the 2 feeder clubs from the Intrust Cup (given that they will not be allowed to have a team in the Q Cup). They can play their big games at Suncorp: play their lesser games at the Sunny Coast Stadium & Dolphin Oval. They cover a large growing geographical area on the Northside of greater Brisbane & are far enough away not to affect the Titans. As I said it’s a No Brainer commercially & logically & they are ready to go NOW!

*Ipswich does not have the infrastructure or the funds & facilities & encroach on Titans territory.
*Bombers starting from scratch, don’t cover the geographical area & encroach on Titans territory.
*CQ – good idea but will struggle to get the commercial support & don’t have the infrastructure of funds.

Perth would be odds on for the other team; they have work to do but have a development system in place already & they can be commercially viable.

As to the talent; there is plenty of talent but it is as yet undeveloped talent…. There are a lot of quality Australian players in Super League & the State cups who would jump at the chance to train & play in the NRL & it would take 2-3 years to bring them through. Look at the long term picture; not the must win next week scenario. The AFL has 18 teams with more contracted players & they have a great development system; but the RL one is better. Talent is not an issue!

The NRL is expanding… to Brisbane!

Mary is correct & so was Ashley Klein. Could have pulled out. It was a frustrated shot from a guy who was having a “Barry Crocker”! It was a cheap shot & he should get 2 weeks for it. At the time I wasn’t happy with the decision (I tipped Parra) but it was correct. Shoulder charge on Gutherson should be on report. If it was high then he should have gone: but it wasn’t high. Push on Moses wasn’t much….penalty was sufficient.

Sending Michael Jennings to the bin was the correct call

Tim you want some rules: Try these two!
3.1 (g)(ii)(A) Schedule ONE – NRL Code of Conduct & 3.1 (k) at all times act in the best interest of the Club & the NRL.
And for those who are concerned with his attacking the civil liberties and rights of the player, what about the civil liberties and rights of the victim?
The NFL have got this right; they stand down the player until it is dealt with by a Court. The NRL have done the correct thing. Lets remember that the DPP clearly have sufficient evidence to charge JDB with an extremely serious offence. He is on full pay and I’m sure his legal team will want to bring the matter on ASAP. Also he has brought the game into disrepute; there is no doubt about that so he has broken more than a few rules!

When sport attacks civil liberties: The NRL’s no-fault stand down

Did you get a lawyer to read your comments before you made them? You obviously didn’t. Lets get some facts right. Bolton pled guilty to Common assault which is NOT a serious criminal charge. The result was no conviction recorded. I am not saying the incident wasn’t wrong & shouldn’t have happened but the degree of criminality is minor. Some degree of penalty from the NRL is warranted. Case closed! The other 2 charges against De Belin & Walker, which ARE serious criminal charges, warrant stand downs. You cannot declare they are innocent; that is up to the Court to decide. There is clearly enough evidence to go to trial on both matters. While they have the presumption of innocence (a point you don’t make very well) your comments border on contempt of court and could be called an attempt to pervert the course of justice. Being an editor (alleged editor) you should know better than making outrageous comments like that while a matter is before the Court. In any event, the NRL is attempting to finally clean up the behaviour of players off the field and comments & articles like this do nothing to assist that. I believe it is the correct line and it follows the NFL who are all over this type of behaviour. So why not try supporting the game we all love and stop criticising the NRL when they finally take some action.

Rape, assault and a sex tape: One of these things is not like the others